First/Prime Again

My photos didn’t come out as well this weekend because of the intense sun, but I wasn’t complaining much(!) Another beautiful day in Middletown, with highs in the upper 70s as I recall. All of these except the final pic come from First/Prime again, like a more interesting pebble beach in Secondary’s orange Prime Stream…


… a nearby orange bottle in same…


… bricks in same — this is a natural fording place in the stream again LINK…


… and then the intense orange seepage of Violet into Prime, once more. Compare with here. LINK


We move now to the very center of First/Prime on the main path running through it. Someone has obviously gathered these sticks together, perhaps for the purpose of creating or reinforcing a bridge over Prime in this location.


Downstream, we come into relative wilderness again. This is an interesting photo because of the creek stone on the lower right, which contains a mysterious, central hole. Notice also the rock colored bottle, as if it is trying to fit or blend in with its differently constituted neighbors.


A line of somewhat darker rocks in the same general region. I’m not sure if these were lined up by human hands or not…


Nearby driftwood piece in the stream.


We’ve now moved just a little further downstream where Prime Stream (left) meets up with First Creek (top). Notice that First Creek appears to be the larger of the two at this juncture. Together they continue onward as perhaps First/Prime Creek/Stream, despite the name awkwardness. We’ll see…


An open meadow is found across from the juncture, which up until a year or two ago, contained a small house. A family named Hart may have lived in this house for a short time. I’ll attempt to get more clarification on that soon.


One of two mysterious, brick composed pits found near the Greenway on the southern edge of First/Prime. Since rungs appear on the side of each, apparently for descending purposes, we can assume these were originally much deeper. Did the two entrances, about maybe 50 feet apart, even connect to each other at one time?


A nearby First/Prime gully with large, spanning tree trunk.


Forest Falls, which is *not* a part of First/Prime but still represents a local phenomenon — about 7 miles ne of Future House in this case.


Conclusion for now: First/Prime is just small enough to fly under the radar of hiker/biker attention but large enough to create a super interesting microcosm for present and future consideration.

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