Updates 05/06/16

Map research is roll’n along but I *might* be at a stopping point, finally. I’m now focusing in on one state, Arkansas, and I’m not sure I want to fully dive into that exclusiveness yet. I can see things illuminated now that I can’t really follow up on. Perhaps time to turn around and look how far I’ve gone so far this spring with the research. A long ways! The information is protected. Probably need to copy out the entire Maps-D ring binder just for safe keeping. And I’ll have a new ring binder for the new map notes. Good to keep a record of how all this developed for writing out down the road. When will I actually write the Maps book? Probably when I have a lot of free time, like 5-6 years. Can I keep the material fresh until then? Yes, I think I can.

All other stuff has come to a screeching halt, basically, as I focus on Maps. Collagesity is still around but I haven’t been there much with my avatars. Back in real life, I’ve visited Bigfoot (and also Rediscovery) quite a number of times this spring and I have some recent pictures to post to this blog, maybe even this morning. Collage creation will start happening again sometime soon. Maybe even an a/v synch.

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