Baker Bloch has his nice house set up next to the Rubi Woods and is exploring the forest again. Nifty! First up was the examination of First Square, which has been heavily encroached upon by Collagesity. First Square is one of forty such 32×32 meter squares in the forest (1024 square meters). Baker Bloch has already examined each and every one of these squares during our last stay in Rubi, in Nov-Jan 2013/14. 2 1/2 years back now. More info here LINK. First Square, then E8 (see below) is described at the end of the first of five posts on this subject, one for each “row” of the forest.

First Square



In old nomenclature created in Dec. 2013, First Square was labeled E8, and placed in the complete opposite corner of the Rubi Woods from A1.

8x5 grid_master03
Old Layout

In new terminology, First Square will become A1, with columns and rows numbered/lettered backwards from before.

New Layout

Actually, the new grid isn’t official until the town votes on it, which will be soon. And then another update perhaps related to this: the Table House has come back to Collagesity, replacing the World of Collage building itself only recently moved to make room for Baker Bloch’s forest side Victorian home. Will Table House act as the new town hall? Could very will be.

Table House (center)

Another part of this plan is to disburse collages formerly exhibited in the World of Collages building throughout the village. The town diner could use some additional art, for example.

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