Bigfoot Early July 02

Picture of the still central object of Chesterton, which appears to be a pot of some kind, perhaps the remains of a pressure cooker. If so, the missing *top* of the pot may be the same as the “Smelting Plant” of the original Bigfoot happening last fall. In this symbolic way, Chesterton may extend and complete the first happening of the area. It is more long term and slower to unfold.

Note should also be made of the briar growing up from the edge of the pot, whose stem was accidentally broken this day while moving in additional objects. I’m not sure the plant will live. And that wasn’t the only thing I “broke” this second day of the new happening. Oh no.


A second, smaller root hoop was discovered in Chesterton to complement the one already found the day before. Good thing, because I *broke* the first hoop. I was so mad, but in fairness to myself, it was probably a thing that was doomed to happen, since the first and larger root hoop was right on the main path I continually use in pacing back and forth through the area.


“Second Hoop” from above.


Perhaps mysterious yellow flowers laid out near the center of Chesterton. Where did they blow in from? Is it yet another message concerning the new event? I must keep notes on possible oddities like this, for that is certainly part of the happening as well.


See through leaf. Not as mysterious seeming but making for an interesting blog picture nonetheless.


First hoop before I tripped over it and broke the root. Dag Gonnit! Big clumsy foot.


A more interesting rock I bumped my knee upon while setting up railroad track the day before. Has a red mark on it in the shape of a half circle. Does it represent pain itself?


Four pieces of wire were moved from Third Road down the slope to Chesterton and Second Road. Two pieces were more or less straight (and longer), two pieces were amorphous shaped, and akin to the wire art thingie employed in the Bigfoot fall happening. LINK One of the amorphous wire pieces, pictured below, seems to trap a “native” golf ball in one of its reinforced angles.


I took this picture of fern/rock/rubber object on Third Road while gathering the wire.


Across Third Road from that cluster of objects is the landmark Construction Barrels, also known as The Tigers (I think).


The two straighter and longer wire pieces eventually formed a natural crossroads near that central pot. I believe this should be connected to the 49×61 crossroads mentioned in Whitehead Crossing lore. LINK Tomorrow, supposedly a somewhat drier day here in Blue Mountain, I may found out more information about this and other Chesterton developments.


The longest bit of wire extends from one side of Chesterton to the other. This is 61?

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