Next 02…

“I never had a balance to Monkey City during childhood, Hucka D. Chesterton is simply different. 2 fer 1, as Carrcassonnee put it.”

Hucka. D.:

Am I here? Is this thing on?


Over here Hucka D. Follow the bread crumbs.

Hucka D.:

I’ve been lost for so long. Pantyhose aisle in Supermart, Big Four, West Virginia. Never got my nylons. Still unfashionable.


I remember Grassy being stuck in an aisle in that Supermart….

Hucka D.:

Me. I am Grassy.


Okay. So maybe we should do a SID’s 1st Oz interview?

Hucka D.:

Audiovisual synching is next, true enough.


Who to use?

Hucka D.:

6 Feet Under. Oz. Contact. Hare… Hare Who Lost His Spectacles. Draw from the past. Rainbow Sphere. Tinsity. Wallace3.


Silent Running?

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