Escape from Mars

Baker and Old Mabel (yes she’s changed her name as well) begin to head out of Mars and back toward Collagesity to start life anew there. Along the way they land the repaired dog ship at several different spots…


… including this old mining village named Sandusty about 10 clicks west south west of the Dawg Pound, a place she and her brother have visited a number of times. Old Mabel shows Baker the way down to an underground research station where he, once again, tries to locate Collagesity on a provided globe of Mars (still no luck), while she studies planetary flora and fauna on a station console.


Next stop: outskirts of Toledo, where Baker and Old Mabel discover the remains of another old timey wrestling structure. Baker remembers this same kind of spiral based building atop a plateau he landed on not long after leaving Collagesity during his trip into Mars. They must be getting closer, he rationalized. Home. Baker Blinker, Karoz Blogger, Hucka Doobie, and the rest. Including Wheeler.



“The landscape is definitely looking more like the stuff around Collagesity,” he says to Old Mabel as they land at another building, attempting to get directions.


Turns out it’s a library run by a familiar looking anthropomorphic cat named Chesterton, one suave dude who insists all this is a prop and that the only real book he has is around back. “My robot assistant Evelyn can show you. I hope it satisfies your needs. I apologize for not knowing the whereabouts of your Collagesity.”


Old Mabel and Baker go around the corner to confront an opened “Big Book of Rust” on a podium, Bill displayed.


“Chesterton knows,” whispers Old Mabel to Baker. “My liar detector went off as soon as I spotted his spotty face.” Baker nodded his head. He now remembered seeing Chesterton atop a knoll in the desert beyond Collagesity. Raging.

“Keep your cool, honey, and let’s get out of here.”

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