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“Well, we finally got a roof on this old gazebo. Carrcassonne’s been sitting in the rain for quite some time now. Maybe 1/2 a year.”

“I doubt if she minded,” responds Karoz. “Being inactive and all.”

“We’re working on *that* as well,” Baker Bloch replies. “Not Perch unfortunately.”


“No, Wheeler has had a talk with him. He doesn’t want to give up his independence after being removed. Eyes are picky like that.”

“At least it’s better than a picky nose.”

Baker Bloch doesn’t reply to Karoz’s weak joke but continues. “Obviously not the abberant one you found on the fake Mars… LeMars, the one that really doesn’t exist.”

“No that wouldn’t be good (for Collagesity). Must be a place you can, er, place an ad. ‘All Seeing Eye Monthly’ or something.

“Maybe. But things are changing around here. Wheeler’s seen the light. She’s been assimilated (in turn).”

“Amazing,” says Karoz back. “And I seem to not work for her. Maybe we should call it an opening for a full time position with Tom Busker. Closer to home (since I live in the mall and all). Less travel… can stay home with the pet.”

“You have a pet?” Baker Bloch asks.

“The parrot… remember?”

“I think so. The Ancient?”

“No. Just a parrot. Wheeler Wilson is doing good by her name now. TILE may move forward. Pretty sure of that, actually.”

“We’ll see how it develops,” Baker ended.

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