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two spots in one

He transforms and walks two floors up.

“Oh. It’s just you Karoz,” says a relieved Billie. “What are you doing here?”

“Playing with my ring you gave me.”

“No. I mean, what are you doing *here*? In my spot?”

“I was just parking my ring, er, my truck at the most logical spot in town.” He turned and looked at the latest post as well. “Nifty, eh? Found it on the SL Marketplace for free. But — strange thing — I found it through Casey.”

“Who’s Casey?” asked Billie Jean Kidd

“I white out in that direction,” Karoz admitted to the child. He looked around. “So this is where you live.”

“Yeah. Kidd Tower. Lower 1/3rd anyway.” The Kidd, who is not really a kid atall, tries not to stare at his Green Lantern underwear also found on the marketplace for fear of giggling. “So you were just parking your truck, eh?”

“Yeah. And your house came crashing down on me. I could have been killed!”

“Not possible.” Billie finally couldn’t restrain herself and bursts out laughing. Karoz was standing just too close.

“What’s so funny?”

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game over

“What the??…”


“420,” curses Billie Jean Kidd two stories up, sitting in her brown suave chair as usual and glancing over the latest blog post. “Someone is (already) here.”

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“Why did I come here Casey?” Duncan asks of his colorful fellow inmate next door. “Why oh why oh why?”

And a quick jail break wouldn’t be happening now that Tiny Tina is dead.


Luckily for Duncan Avocado he was only dreaming, his actual location being just behind the police station in Central Park. And fellow homeless person Casey, before he got too drunk and passed out, had filled him in on all the details about Gaston’s 2 sugar houses past and present. More soon…

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