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“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”…

… is completed!


If you’re counting at home, this is the 7th Collagesity related graphic novel of the series, and the 5th completed in just the past year. You can catch up with all the action through the “Virtual” header of Sunklands site:


Top seven links (novel I, novel II, etc.) will take you to the appropriate work.

I *might* be taking a little break in fictional writing now and focus on the outdoors and “reality” again, but we’ll see. So much fun doing these!

Like all but one of the Collagesity novels beyond the first two, “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” is divided into 6 basically equal parts, this time composed of around 16 posts apiece. I like to think it makes internal sense, but admitted this one may be the most abstract of all, having, let’s see, at least 14 locations around Second Lyfe used for settings, as well as employing a myriad of characters again.

I could produce many pages of analysis. 🙂

Thanks to my loyal readers for all the support!

direct relationship: 7 finished novels and 7 finished continents

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