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Little Heaven

Philip Strevor wasn’t available, so Mr. Matrix took his spot at the Watching Booth. He was staking out the place of a guy known as The Rabbit, but The Boss correctly assumed he was just a rat in disguise. Now to dangle the carrot, er, cheese.

Whenever she’s fit and ready.

Sure the giant carrot was pointed directly at his hideout, but The Rabbit was no longer there. Or had he not moved in yet?

Directly behind his past/future hideout lived Lucas Smart, hatch open to his own home. He’d hoped someone would find him down there all sideways before now. Vertical and horizontal had become all smushed up. And the water could be rising once more!


Lemmings existed in the area. Here’s one sunbathing at Bowers Beach.

And here’s another at the same beach raiding a treasure chest of gold bricks and coins. Could this be why The Rabbit is in the area? Treasure, buried or exposed?

There use to be a village of tiny gummy people across the lake from the beach, but they seemed to have moved away in the last 5 years or so, probably because of the variant water levels. Their main street was aligned with the Rodentia Underground entrance seen in the distance here.

But it was not just a town (New Gummton). There was a tiny forest beside a tiny lake with a tiny pier. A whole microcosm for the miniature inhabitants to exist within. They needed no “outside”. I wonder what happened to them?

Back in Rodentia proper, the bait had been set. “Sure hope this work,” Mr. Matrix thinks, checking his daily sports scores.

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