fantasy man

“There, there Sport,” Uncle Barnacles rattled. “Ship’s gonna come *any* day now.”

“It’s been *five years*,” his hound speaks droopingly. “I’m tired of perpetual motion.”

“There, there. Now, now.”


Black Rain (old ship) will do for now. Craighead Phillips, wearing a combined option 1 and 2 look until the polling’s closed, applies facelight and heads to sea. Patterns he’ll examine today. Maybe walk on the bottom but maybe not. Bottom writing.

“So long, Unk!” he shouts back while steaming forward.

“That ship ain’t going *nowhere*,” Sport slops. “Corralled.”

“Five years,” Uncle Barnacles slips. “Any day now,” he then adds, rocking and staring while the ship also rocks in place.


Filed under **VIRTUAL, 0014, 0111, Blue Feather Sea^, Maebaleia/Satori^^

2 responses to “fantasy man

  1. veyot

    Has Phillips lost his heads? It says, “applies facelight and heads to sea.”

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