Donald Farr so looked forward to visiting Rosehaven again come winter.

The King was dead but the castle remained. Ingo ruled all now. The Prince who was also King. King-Prince. He liked it that way. He didn’t want to identify with the father too much.

The dryad’s pond on the way to the castle.

It could be that he’s never going back this time.

What’s this? Donald Farr doesn’t remember the object, although he explored extensively in the area last winter.

A wee person’s home(!). Wee people in Rosehaven. “Well I never,” Donald Farr had to utter at the door he couldn’t enter. He’d have to be at most two feet tall, he estimated.

Later, in the gazebo across from the ruined village below the castle, he ponders what he saw there. He’s got two cold feet but he isn’t scared.

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