key lost again

One of the oldest tricks in the book, she thought from her observing position. Lure ’em down to the beach with a piece of watermelon, then, BLAMO, instant terrain change in the shifting sand to trap them up to their motherlicking balls, she’d always heard the expression. Or at least knees in this case — enough to do the job.  She saw she could still dance the bill but it must be hard in the grainy resistance. Old habits die hard as they also say.

Time for another agent to take over from this obviously inept one. Another *Venusian*. Welcome back Joey Avatar. Digging the purple hair.

She dug her out and then sent her packing, even taking her badge. We’ll continue this obviously important story soon.

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Filed under **VIRTUAL, 0032, 0115, Long Islands, Nautilus, Wild West

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