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Whitehead X-ing 03

A new batch of toy avatars now make their  home at Red Head, near its South Rock. I bought these at the Mythopolis flea market for 5 bucks total. I think it was a sweet deal. And now I have yet another batch bought from the same dealer since. Nice. But they might have to wait until the fall to join their brothers and sisters already stationed here.




Knotty tree on the hillside west of Whitehead Crossing proper.


South Rock region again. This is a classic Red Head shot.


South Rock region: circle formation on tree.

Brick in the stream here. There are a number of bricks in or around Green Stream as it flows through Red Head.


The Red Head Path again, this time leading to North Rock at the upper extent of the main body of cascades.


Very shallow Grand Pool once more.



And *this* is the projected site of a cabin (etc.) just beside South Rock. It represents the new heart of Red Head, appropriately near its geographic center as well. It won’t be this summer that I’ll start the project, and perhaps not even the following summer or two. But: soon (projected, once more).

What will the construction of a “cabin” mean to this region and the mythology of Frank and Herman Park as a whole? Hucka D. has indicated to me that the cabin already exists there in hypertime, and I can draw on its energy. Hmm.


Twinned carolina hemlocks of Whitehead Crossing, near the new teepee there.


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Whitehead X-ing 02

Another prominent rock in or near Red Head, a bit south of Green Stream. Another no named rock as well.


Here we’re back in familiar blog terrritory in Whitehead Crossing proper, with its two dead hemlocks marking a southern entrance to the Straightaway.

4 Sticks region, sighting what might possibly be another Bee Line LINK formation…

… better highlighted here. More on that soon enough.


Orange Hill, former (present?) home to Falmouth or Dundee Castle, is eroding away. Won’t be around too many more summers. Should I even take steps to preserve it?

Vine circle marking upper end of that Bee Line type phenomenon I mentioned above.


Green Turtle and The Emerald.



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Whitehead X-ing 01

Red Head cascades.


Red Head (main) path. Fairly complicated system here. I haven’t yet created a map. Will I this spring now that it’s probably sealed off from me until autumn?




Looking up Green Stream from the bottom of the main run of cascades. They’re low but still exciting.

Larger rock at bottom of cascades, with South Rock just beyond. This seems to be a mini-center of energy within Red Head. I believe now that a cabin (etc.) will be built just above here.


South Rock.


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Red Head Again

On one of Green Stream’s rocky beaches just below Red Head proper, I found a piece of blue glass. I decided to take a picture because a similar shard of glass was found just downstream on the upper limits of Whitehead Crossing several years back. Comparison picture here. LINK Since water doesn’t flow backwards I’m going to assume it’s not the same piece of glass. Could be from the same bottle, etc., obviously.


Red Head’s shallow but substantial pool, once more. Must get a name for it. Shallow Pool isn’t good enough.


Partially moss covered rock at the top of the cascades region, near the biggest rock. Again — names.


A newly discovered, larger rock on this great day of hiking, in a general uphill direction from the rock pictured above. It’s large enough to have its own type of microcosm on top, as I tried to capture a bit in the second photo below.



A smaller rock beside it with slates of rock on top. Looks like they were almost laid out there in a purposeful manner.


The top cascade, once more.


Interesting stack of tree trunks that can be seen from parts of Red Head — a landmark.


A Red Head side stream in its lower part. I believe this flows directly into that shallow pool mentioned above.


Heading uphill and out of Red Head, I came across this animal skull of presently unknown species. I’ll have to take a better picture when there’s more light, and compare with online resources.


A more interesting rock on the slowly developing path back. I’m not sure I’ll enter Red Head enough to make a stable trail, but, then again, there’s only one feasible way in basically and it goes through here.


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Red Head + Greenhead 02

As I’ve spoken about before, the problem with the name Red Head is that it lies on (and near the source or head of) *Green* Stream, while it is Greenhead instead positioned on the smaller tributary of Green Stream named Red, probably Red Brook or Red Spring. Obviously there’s a bit of a switcheroo happening here. I think of color-blind people who can’t differentiate the colors green and red.


According to Whitehead X-ing mythology, Red Head was named for Leaf Erik’son’s father’s red hair. In the real world, the source of of these 2 Whitehead X-ing figures are famed Norse explorers Leif Ericson and his own carrot topped father Erik The Red.

Thorvald Asvaldsson [Erik the Red] was banished from Norway for manslaughter and went into exile in Iceland accompanied by young Erik [Leif]. When Erik was himself banished from Iceland, he traveled further west to an area he named Greenland, where he established the first permanent settlement in 986….

Erikson and his crew travelled from Greenland to Norway in 999. Blown off course to the Hebrides and staying for much of the summer, he arrived in Norway and became a hirdman of King Olaf Tryggvason. He also converted to Christianity and was given the mission of introducing the religion to Greenland.[13][17] The Saga of Erik the Red and the Saga of the Greenlanders, both thought to have been written around 1200,[18] contain different accounts of the voyages to Vinland.[19][20] The two only known strictly historical mentions of Vinland are found in the work of Adam of Bremen c. 1075 and in the Book of Icelanders compiled c. 1122 by Ari the Wise.[21] According to the Saga of Erik the Red, Leif apparently saw Vinland for the first time after being blown off course on his way to introduce Christianity to Greenland.

Compare with here:

First person — perhaps a Mossman — to visit The Crossing was Leaf [Erik’son]. His father was Red who became the Redhead Father of All. Father God that is. Leaf came from the east — Greene Knob, which we may now call Greenland Knob (still working on that name). All the land to the east, after that, became known as Redhead, however, after The Father. Whitehead was named for the white headed God the “Christians” of the region worshipped, and perhaps Leaf himself per the history of his real life double Lief Erickson. Then the Bees inexplicably had a Greenhead, perhaps just a joke to balance out Whitehead and Redhead. Perhaps something to do with Washington Co., Fla. and its Red Head, Greenhead, Whitehead Crossing, Poplar Head, and Orange Hill and Norum.

WH X-ing also has a Vinland region bounded on the “west” by No Title Spring, the “south” by Weed, the “east” by Five Points/Mall area, and the “north” by [Markland perhaps?].


It is fairly clear, I think, that Greenland represents the mountain known as Greene Knob south of Allen Knob. Both of these lie on the western edge of Frank Park, and are of similar elevation. Green Stream runs between the two.

Leaf Erik’son established himself at least temporarily at Vinland in what was later to become WH X-ing. This would be the ancient past. A time blind person could not differentiate past from present and future, however. At any rate a monolith remains, telling us of his presence (presents?) there.


“You got it. Leaf was blown into [and through] Whitehead Crossing a number of time.”




The sadness of sophistication has come to the boy. With a little gasp he sees himself as merely a leaf blown by the wind through the streets of his village.

When the moment of sophistication came to George Willard his mind turned to Helen White, the Winesburg banker’s daughter. Always he had been conscious of the girl growing into womanhood as he grew into manhood.


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Red Head Mysteries 02

A snapshot from land above the cascades, where Green Stream flattens out and collects a number of side flows in the process, like the one pictured below. I know — I’ll get some better pictures soon. Just wanted to chronicle the exploration for today’s post.


I wandered through this more constricted area quite a ways before turning back. Complicated! I can’t wait to map it all out. So this flatter area is above the 2 blocks of cascades we’re talking about. And then there’s flatter land below them, which would border Whitehead Crossing proper to the west and south.

The second section of cascades represents a somewhat steeper descent of Green Stream through Red Head. It also marks the place where Green Stream experiences its steepest elevation change anywhere along its approx. 1 1/2 to 2 mile long route, most likely. The topmost of the cascades is here; again we’re dealing with some very interesting looking rocks…


… such as pictured here in an earlier blog post…


And this stone I dubbed South Rock on my initial hike in the area did indeed turn out to be at the bottom of this stretch of cascades before the stream flattens out again. It is the southernmost of the larger rocks, and perhaps makes a nice balance to the rock at the top of the first cascades above it (the “Billrock parallel”), which I might call North Rock, then. But don’t commit me to that.


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Red Head Mysteries 01

I didn’t go down into Red Head yesterday. My back still isn’t completely healed up, and apparently walking on uneven ground for lengthy spells still irritates it some. Explorations in and around Red Head do *not* involve long stretches of level ground. It’s all uneven to a degree. Which gets to my news today. I *did* find a pretty easy way into Red Head day before yesterday, through relatively open woods. But it’s a descent toward the end, because the stream probably lies 250-300 feet below the top of the ridge I hiked along to get down there. I’m going to give it a name even: Martin Ridge. The side trek peels off from the Maine Trail before it too takes a sharp turn downward in heading toward the direction of Whitehead Crossing proper. And it was also reinforced to me the same day that there really seems to be no easy way at all to get from one to the other. Red Head is effectively blocked from Whitehead X-ing. And that’s good in a way, and how it was “designed” I’m sure, let’s put it. That person or those people constructing and using the WH X-ing teepee, for example, probably can’t get to Red Head, even if they heard me over there walking about.

Interesting grouping of tree trunks encountered while heading down the ridge to Red Head:


Remember: When Allen and Martin switch places with each other, all will be revealed about Whitehead X-ing, Red Head, and all the rest. But that switcheroo is probably a considerable distance in the future still, perhaps decades and decades.

And I believe my intense focus on Middletown is over for the moment because of the Red Head findings. My attention is fully on Frank and Herman Park presently and the Blue Mtn. region. For now.

Red Head: general areas.

Green Stream is the spine of the area. Two blocks of cascades help define its passage through Red Head. The first block creates an area that reminds me of Billfork in character, with a standout-ish rock and also a side spring, like Billfork has Billrock and Billy Spring. This block really only has 2 well defined cascades if memory serves — at its beginning and end. The first or top one starts around the place where the largest rock of the area is encountered. I still do not have a name for this rock. I’ll give a picture of it again…


The second cascade, a mossier one (Mossy Falls?), comes right where the side spring empties into Green Stream. Unfortunately I still have not created a blog worthy photo of it; will try again quite soon (today? Sunday?).

Rocks near top of first cascade:


Interesting rusty piece of metal jutting from the ground there:


Manmade rock:


First cascades. Esp. interesting seeming, squarish rock in the middle of the mossier ones here; can you spot it?


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