Whitehead X-ing 03

A new batch of toy avatars now make their  home at Red Head, near its South Rock. I bought these at the Mythopolis flea market for 5 bucks total. I think it was a sweet deal. And now I have yet another batch bought from the same dealer since. Nice. But they might have to wait until the fall to join their brothers and sisters already stationed here.




Knotty tree on the hillside west of Whitehead Crossing proper.


South Rock region again. This is a classic Red Head shot.


South Rock region: circle formation on tree.

Brick in the stream here. There are a number of bricks in or around Green Stream as it flows through Red Head.


The Red Head Path again, this time leading to North Rock at the upper extent of the main body of cascades.


Very shallow Grand Pool once more.



And *this* is the projected site of a cabin (etc.) just beside South Rock. It represents the new heart of Red Head, appropriately near its geographic center as well. It won’t be this summer that I’ll start the project, and perhaps not even the following summer or two. But: soon (projected, once more).

What will the construction of a “cabin” mean to this region and the mythology of Frank and Herman Park as a whole? Hucka D. has indicated to me that the cabin already exists there in hypertime, and I can draw on its energy. Hmm.


Twinned carolina hemlocks of Whitehead Crossing, near the new teepee there.


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