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“We have… 03

“Hucka D., this collage just gets deeper and deeper potentially. First off, the middle of the collage seems to create an animation, since I can’t decide whether to ultimately keep the Green Man and Painting Woman w/ easel within. That’s the first odd thing. But then today, this morning, decided that this middle can be overlapped with the 4 Sticks phenomenon of Maryland/Pennsylvania. If so, the collage acts as a window into GNIRPS, um, a portal. Let me insert the little overlap I came up with. The original discussion of the 4 Sticks MD/PA material is here.

Then I did some editing, reduced the overall picture to 75 percent, and overlapped it in the most logical way I could find with “Rock, His Story.”


Then I recreated the 4 Sticks in a clean picture.


A clue for doing this, or a cue I suppose, was that Russell, the child in Up, uses Kevin as stilts in the middle portion of the collage. It was a small, logical jump to incorporating Stiltz, Pennsylvania/Maryland, since I’d already assoc. that town with stilts — up and down sticks as it were. But the cool thing is that you can align the central line, with the upper part at *Sticks* (Pennsylvania), with the central stick of the collage, the one Rock emphasizes by climbing up it, and also, now, acts as a symbol of the Green Lego Man’s spinal chord, it appears. Roller at the bottom then also becomes a stick, but a large one, more commonly called a log, which, because of its breadth, can often *roll*. Roller = green lined log at the bottom of “Rock, His Story”. Hucka D.? Hmm, maybe not awake yet. Anyhoot, then Lineboro is to the left to complete the 4 compass directions. As Kevin is equated with Boss Moss, since both donate one eye to a composite being, then the angular, similarly sized Freakie peaking out from behind the tree to the left would represents his double and opposite, as we’ve already spoken about before. This is Lineboro.

If we simply reverse the collage [and toggle back and forth], more interesting things happen.


The pivot point of the 4 Sticks insert becomes not the center of the lines, but Sticks, Pennsylvania at the top. It waggles around this stable point. The 4 Sticks dude revolving around himself is overlapped with the actual 4 Sticks region of Whitehead X-ing to the right in the original. Dorothy finds an obvious double in Wythe’s Christina, Baker b. coming out of the rocketship overlaps Baker Bloch on the bottle — direct hit there.


Hucka D. (now studying this information as well):

The colorful Kevin bird seems to double for the likewise colorful Contraption behind it. I think it’s a comment on the latter — former to latter. Kevin is a unique, exotic bird. The world at large does not even believe such a bird exists. Yet Charles Muntz has devoted his life to prove otherwise, in his vanity. He wishes to capture Kevin to show the world that he’s not a fraud. Kevin is the Contraption. (pause) Kevin is freaky like Boss Moss, then. 2 Freaks; a composite one freak, each donating an eye. Eye eye. Boss Moss freed from his box existence represents Kevin in the wild, his home, and not captive like Muntz would desire. He’s a Tall Cool One, so another Lead Zeppelin, Robert Plant Variant reference. Nice. Like Big Log, which will come later[ in a later carrcass, Hucka D. probably means here]. Boxed Boss Moss (and by assoc., a captive Kevin) stands for slavery, like in the South below the Mason-Dixon Line in the antebellum times. Opposite of freedom.


“[Elton John’s] Philadelphia Freedom, Hucka D., must represent freedom of the African-American peoples. *This* collage will be in GNIRPS.”

Hucka D.:

Has to be[ now].


Rock climbing up the stick is like slaves climbing north to freedom. A struggle, sometime Herculean, but ultimately worth it. Climb up!

Hucka D.:

Rock straddles the line. Elton John in Philadelphia Freedom mode assists. Can I be of assistance today?


4 Sticks dude somehow manipulating the colorful contraption beside Elton probably represents Muntz again and entrapment/slavery. 4 Sticks plays in Carrcass-3 as Kevin escapes Muntz and his dogs, lead by a Black Dog.

(to be continued?)

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Kevin 01

The Fugitive Slave Law or Fugitive Slave Act was passed by the United States Congress on September 18, 1850, as part of the Compromise of 1850 between Southern slave-holding interests and Northern Free-Soilers. This was one of the most controversial acts of the 1850 compromise and heightened Northern fears of a “slave power conspiracy”. It declared that all runaway slaves be brought back to their masters. Abolitionists nicknamed it the “Bloodhound Law” for the dogs that were used to track down runaway slaves.

Oh, Baby, it’s cryin’ time, Oh, Baby, I got to fly.
Got to try to find a way, Got to try to get away,
‘Cause you know I gotta get away from you, Babe.

Oh, Baby, the river’s red, Oh, Baby, in my head.
There’s a funny feelin’ goin’ on, I don’t think I can hold out long.

And when the owls cry in the night, Oh, Baby, Baby, when the pines begin to cry,
Baby, Baby, Baby, how do you feel? If the river runs dry, Baby,
How do you feel?

Craze, Baby, the rainbow’s end, Baby, it’s just a den
For those who hide, Who hide their love to depths of life
And ruin dreams that we all knew so, Babe.

4 Sticks within Carrcass-3 is about crossing a line to escape, symbolically the Mason-Dixon line as slaves flee the south after 1850’s Fugitive Slave Law or Act. Dogs were often used to track down slaves. The safe labyrinth equals the North, where slaveowners cannot follow their “property.” Dogs will be lost in the canyon of the line. Although free, slaves are often injured in the escape. Legs need mending.


This line (Mason-Dixon) is also dividing point between US tiles 1 (Pennsylvania) and 3 (Maryland). In-between we visit Washington, Oregon, California where we return to Twin Peaks and Blue Jay at the end.

Black Dog is the lead chase dog, also a Zeppelin song and coming immediately before this in Carrcass-3.


When watching the movie, though, something stood out to me that I couldn’t put my finger. It wasn’t until I searched IMDB that I realized what it was. Did anyone else notice that Beta, the Rottweiler, was Black? He is “played” by Black actor Delroy Lindo who some of you may remember from Romeo Must Die (he was Aaliyah’s Dad). I had to laugh because of all the main dogs in the movie the Rottweiler was black. What is more, in looking at the credits, it appears that out of the dogs, Lindo is the only real actor. The rest already work for Pixar as sculptors, writers, or directors like Jerome Brandt, Bob Peterson, and Josh Cooley. In other words, they actually sought out Lindo to play Beta but stayed in house (and white) for the rest of the dog[s] of note in the movie.

Kevin used like *stilts* in Up.,_Texas

The city is built around a 18-hole golf course and the city’s main water tower resembles a golf ball on a tee.

(continued in?)

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Whitehead X-ing Notes 01

The Emerald (seemingly permanent green grass atop Little Whitehead Ridge) changed from Evergreen at some point.


Thinking of carving an image into 4 Sticks’ Stick’s End, inspired by some pictures here:

The area is directly related to the “4 Sticks” song by Led Zeppelin from their ZoSo or 4th album:

“4 Sticks” is also a track used in Carrcass-3.*

So the 4 parallel sticks in 4 Sticks can be directly related to drum sticks per the wikipedia article on the track.

Only US Sticks near Stiltz in PA. Both are on Lineboro topo map as well, and are alphabetically next to each other in the total list of 62 pop places of this map.

Sticks and stilts are both lines. Lineboro on Mason-Dixon Line, hence name. This line is the same as the MD/PA border. Stiltz is on this same line. Whitehead X-ing’s 4 Sticks sticks or limbs are *lined* up in a horizontal row on the forest floor. Stilts in contrast are vertical when in use.

Playing drums w/ 4 sticks and walking long distances with stilts are both remarkable and improbable feats.


NOTE: Create or xerox/copy Mythos map with Emerald Province and Edwardston, Green Turtle, Sealson, et al.

Copy same from “Notebook I”, with analysis. In that early or basically “first” notebook (1981), Sealston is assoc. with the number 2, and Edwardston with the following number of 3. 2 represents exteriorization from 1 (Confederation/Mythos), and elsewhere in the notebook connected with Earth’s moon as similar gravitational escape. Sealston in Whitehead X-ing terminology translated to Seal Stone, as Edwardston does to Edward Stone. 3 follows 2 as stabilization of exteriorization. Numbers 2 and 3 may transfer as well. Edwardston traditional 3rd largest city of Wazob, and on 3-4-5 golden triangle with Gillalex (4) and Calypso (5), fully transferring Confederation (Mythos) energy to Wazob, it seems.


4 sticks of PA/MD straddling Mason-Dixon line:


2 lines (2 sticks each, seemingly), horizontal and vertical, are traditional sticks (on ground) and stilts (perpendicular to ground). But Sticks, PA is on vertical line here, indicating stilts, and Stiltz is on horizontal line with Lineboro, and on Mason-Dixon Line (very famous line, or archetypal line). Could represent off (stilts off, thus laying horizontally on ground) and on (stilts in use, thus perpendicular to ground).

Roller is the 4th element here and appears to stand for roller skates (or roller blades), another archaic means of transportation like stilts, but sans sticks in this case.

Mason is north (blue) as Dixon is south through Dixie (gray). Confusion of up/down/right/left(wrong) in our US of A, like during the Civil War.

Very interesting as well that Roller + population place comes up with 5 entries in GNIRPS (new name!), the one near Lineboro in the above map, and then one which instantly stood out among the other four, in a Mason & Dixon County also in Maryland (like Roller), but 1 whole longitude degree to the west. The primary name for this population place is Fairview Mills, also known as Fairview Roller Mills (and hence the appearance). Both are on almost the same latitude line as well. Very funny that Rockdale is by far the nearest village, and Fairview Mills itself is on Rockdale Creek. Indication: rock and roller or rollers, like certainly Led Zeppelin members were in their times. Also on the ZoSo album is the track “Rock and Roll”.

Now check *this* out (just found): “Rock and Roll” and “Four Sticks” are intimately tied together during the recording of ZoSo:

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has said that this song came to be written as a spontaneous jam session, whilst the band were trying (and failing) to finish the track “Four Sticks”.[1][2] Drummer John Bonham played the introduction to Little Richard’s “Keep a Knockin'” and Page added a guitar riff.[3] The tapes were rolling and fifteen minutes later the basis of the song was down.[4] Said Page:

We were recording another number [Four Sticks]; we’d just finished a take and John Bonham did the drum intro and we just followed on. I started doing pretty much half of that riff you hear on Rock n Roll and it was just so exciting that we thought, “let’s just work on this”. The riff and the sequence was really immediate to those 12-bar patterns that you had in those old rock songs like Little Richard, etc, and it was just so spur-of-the-moment the way that it just came together more or less out of nowhere.[2]

Do you sense the synch energy spread’n out??

*I* was having trouble nailing down an interpretation of Sticks/Stiltz/Lineboro/Roller, with Roller the last addition. I knew it somehow represented “4 Sticks”. Then in GNIRPing Roller, found the Fairview Mills “Roller” strongly assoc. with “Rock”, and made the link with Zep’s “Rock and Roll”. Then in googling “Rock and Roll” found the intimate connection with “4 Sticks” from the same album, which was likewise “interrupted” by “Rock” and “Roll” as it were. Make sense?

OH, and Rock and Roll/4 Sticks were released on same single as side a and b respectively. How peculiar!


* Lyrics:

Oh baby it’s cryin’ time
Oh baby I got to fly.

Got to try to find a way
Got to try to get away

‘Cause you know I gotta get away from you babe.
Oh baby the river’s red oh baby in my head.
There’s a funny feelin’ goin’ on
I don’t think I can hold out long.

And when the owls cry in the night
Oh baby baby when the pines begin to cry
Baby baby baby how do you feel?
If the river runs dry, baby, how do you feel?

Craze, baby, the rainbow’s end, Mmm, baby, it’s just a den
For those who hide, who hide their love to depths of life
And ruin dreams that we all knew so, babe.


** Sticks and stilts and rollers!

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