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It’s time for Improvio to strike out on his own.

Hana Lei…

… and Leona too.

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color row 02

“Giant Jiff,” Buster commands, “this morning we need to dismantle this block of houses and attached tiny village. Location change — other colorful houses used for the set, you see. Also: phone Bettie up and tell her we need to start preparing to get the heck out of Dodge. I have to take a shower.”

“Sure thing boss.”

“Shoot,” exclaims the overhearing sheriff down at Tiny Towne.

“Looks like you’re free to go Prisoner Pothead.”

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Casey Memorial

Teebestia sits on the southern edge of Olde Lapara Towne, just beyond the Magill House, and looks out from whence she came: the Atoll Sea. Will she return now to life beneath the waves? “There’s always Story Room,” she says to herself, trying to stay. Teebestia ponders some more. “Yes, I’ll go in that direction next.”

“So long for now, Omikron City.”

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colored 02

The fuzz took over. “Back here Deputy Pot Head,” the sherriff called. “Another one… green this time.”

“Like us,” says the approaching, stoned robot.

Turns out Casey the Alien was only passed out drunk and not dead. Being of suspicious color, though, he got pinned with the O’Donnell murder. 15 years later he was again free to roam the streets of OLT and immediately went to the sheriff’s office and thanked him and his deputy for their support during the trial. “The mob will have their way,” he said, which made both law officers nod their geometric heads.

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red door

“I’ve got to get in there sometime Nance. I have to clean!”

“We better leave Paul.”

“Alright Mary.” He stands up and moves away from the door. His wife follows.

“You need some help getting out of there Pot Head, hehe?”

“Goodbye,” adds Mary to the struggling robot. The couple shoots down Rabbit Hole.


20 seconds later…

“Caught ya you rascal!”

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