Baker Blinker Blog Book III: Jeogeot I 03a (July/Aug 2009 01 of 03)

Origin of SL?

As I was telling my friend Flynn, I’m admittedly having a hard time getting re-interested in the Atoll continent, despite being quite pleased with my Horisme property and the remodeled Sylver Forest Galleries there (Gallery at the Temple of TILE and Edwardston Station Gallery in the main). Found myself just teleporting around the edges of the continent in an effort to get pumped up about it again. Beautiful underwater scapes, admittedly, but most look just like the other from water sim to water sim.

An exception to the same same pattern is this strange semi-circular ridge found around the center of the Piegler sim on the north edge of the continent.


It’s always fun to pop over to the Okinu sim to see what the mysterious glyphs there might have to “say” about any given, hot topic. Here we see Baker Bloch has teleported directly to 2 glyphs that might represent a square and right triangle respectively, which happen to be the 2 shapes or modules that the old Ubertemple (enlarged Temple of TILE) in Neith and the following Otherland temple were built with. For the new version of the Temple of TILE, I’ve replaced the right triangle design that comes from the old b_hivia of Gliese with the circular dominated design of the new gallery tower (formerly a separate but empty gallery in Noru).

Does this mean I should rebuild the Ubertemple soon? Simply don’t know yet.


Then when Karoz (there’s Karoz!) teleports to a pool with an interesting looking island in the “Lake District” of Maebaleia, he finds a hen sitting upon it. So many hen/chicken sightings in this district already! The Bill *must* be involved, somehow. This would be on the upper edge of Mabenogion.


Then just to the north, after crossing over into Lycanthorpe (a name I subsequently learned is another word for werewolf), Karoz gets his first view of what we are presently calling the Bluedrake Sea*, for the sim it partially lies within and whose name obviously resonates directly with the nearby Blue Feather Sea in my estimation (and Hucka D.’s and Plant’s as well). In short, I think Hucka D. is going to soon propose that, even though the Maebaleia is actually the 4th completed mainland continent, this particular area is even older than Sansara itself (the original SL continent according to the Linden timeline). How can this be? It has something to do with, again, master explorer and storyweaver Salazar Jack’s idea of a pre-Linden grid called Urtahra. I haven’t given a link to his blog in quite a while, so here it is again. To me, he’s a kind of father to all this SL-mythology stuff, and someone you have to deal with and know about and fully grok before moving on into your own theories on the subject, as a number of people have now (thinking of my friend Headburro Antfarm in particular — again a blog link if you’re not familiar with the tall, orange, horned dude yet).

But I’ll save more of that most interesting story until Hucka D. has a chance to unveil what I know is some kind of packet of information. We’ve already chatted a bit about the idea of a rebis, and that the sea is a rebis in itself, divided into light and dark regions, or male/sun, female/moon halves. I know this also might have something to do with the twinship of Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch (or what Headburro has called “The Bakers”, which I think takes in all of my extended SL family actually, in his way of putting it).


Not yet knowing the importance of this Bluedrake Sea yet, Karoz is still impressed with the surrounding landscape, with its nice, forested hills. Most of the land in the area appears to be owned by one group, offering rentals. Baker Bloch actually now rents from them — more on that coming up…


… Yes, here Baker is standing in the front lawn of his new rental, a small cottage. He has 100 prims to work with, but doesn’t plan on opening a gallery or anything, except maybe inserting some kind of pointer to the Sylver Forest Galleries and perhaps the Something To Chro About Gallery still in Healy as of this writing (going on 1/2 year, actually!). No, he just wants a base of exploration. I was impressed with the nice vantage of the surrounding region the property gives here — a specific selling point for me.


A nearby gazebo providing an excellent view of the small inland sea partially in Bluedrake. As far as I can tell, the lake is wholly owned by the same rental group that I rent my cottage from. Might be important.


A long, cascading type waterfall dominates the west coast of the sea, below the lookout gazebo.


An overhead view of the cottages/houses on the north side of the sea at dusk.



* Hucka D. has now indicated to me that the name of the sea is actually Rebisee, particularly indicating the ending letter is “e” and not “a”, as you might imagine it should be.

** Sorry for the continued updates. Hucka D. states that he picked up on the wrong letters, and that it may not be Rebisee but Rubisea (one word), pronounced Ru-bi’-se-a. And now he thinks the sea was actually the color of blood at one time, hence the inference to ruby. May have had the nickname “Sea of Blood” at first. That’s all for now… stay tuned.

Different BFG?

“Hey Mr. Plant… you a werewolf by chance?”

Hucka D.:

I’m back from the 3rd dimensional world. Interesting experience.


Hi Hucka D. Glad to see you back tonight.

Hucka D.:

Well, I might shift again. It’s fun to be plastic. Nice change.


How exactly does that work? I mean, I know that unpainted house is at the end of a road in the center of the art gallery district in Ashville.

Hucka D.:

Where’s the “e”? (smiles)


Oh, I think we also need to talk perhaps about Buie and the train wreck there during WWII. Amazing that I ran across mention of it in researching the Buie name and then the RL wife ran across same because her father mentioned that he had a cousin who was killed in the wreck. Lots of servicemen involved.

Hucka D.:

Phil. Philadelphia.


I think a twin to RS7 is coming up.

Hucka D.:

You need to ask about the Blue Feather Sea, then, once more.


[I’m] asking.

Hucka D.:

I may tell the story again in 3d — did you miss it? — but some of it here in 2d-land as well. You are correct — the lake [that is] half in Bluedrake is the original Blue Feather Sea. It has shrunk. The other, much larger sea that you have presently assigned that name has appropriated it, though, for the sake of the cube and the needed association with the Blue Earth. Cube and circle together — squaring the circle.


Like in my Temple of TILE now.

Hucka D.:

Like that, yes.


Why is it also half in Lycanthrope, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

It is the sun and moon together. Night and day. Sunny, Gold, and Silver. Lycanthrope is the werewolf, ruled by the full moon. But it is balanced by Bluedrake. The Blue Feather Sea, the one you named, is a warping of this original rebis perfection. Syd.


Interesting. Rebis has come up in this blog before, in reference to Kansas City Life, specifically the center of this older a/v synchroncity. (pause) It’s also mentioned in this post from Jan. in connection with the Baker Bloch-Baker Blinker, male/female rebis. Called a Grand Rebis there.

Hucka D.:

That still applies. You must work with that again soon.


But this is the post I was specifically thinking about.


Kansas City Life — Second Life, if you will — represents the *Alpha* or original, first version of this virtual reality, when The Man was The Center. Lindenworld. Lime… Linden.

Hucka D.:

The Bluedrake Sea — that’s not the name but I’ll refer to it as that — is a symbol of this Alpha-state. Not a symbol as much as a bleedthrough. Blood… bleed. Drink Lake?


Was, I don’t know, the sea originally blood?

Hucka D.:

Um, no.


In KC Life, the center, filled by Centerville on the visual side…

Hucka D.:



Alright, the center is 2 minutes long exactly.

Hucka D.:

2 in 1. 4 in 1. Foreign One.


I’m gonna take a picture of that sea split between these two sims and insert it into this blog post before heading back to bed.

Hucka D.:

You do that. You need to ask about rebis a bit more.


I wonder if “Diamond” is involved too? The Bill? 3 lakes which are one lake through Diamond. The Diamonds. Gray Summit. Gray. *That’s* where the Blue Feather Gallery is?


Call that number again. 123-456-7890.


Oh hello Plant. OK, I’ll call it. (bb calls number).

Woman on other end:

Blue Feather Gallery, how may I help you?


Yes, where are you located?


Are you calling locally?


Well, I’m not really sure! I doubt it. Didn’t we speak last night as well?


I don’t recall your voice, but I may just not recognize it. Did you place an order, then?


Yes. I bought a print called, er, what was it Plant?


It was me as a child.

bb (to the woman on the phone):

I can’t recall the name. It had a boy running with a bottle or tube in his hand. In maybe 19th Century type clothes. Maybe 18th Century.


Yes, I think I know the one. It’s by Burly Aspingers. He’s rather famous in the state, or at least in the tri-county area.

(she was thinking of this one, which was the wrong picture)


So this is the woman from Gray, Maine?


Missouri. And it’s Gray Summit. Did you talk to someone in Maine? I’m confused.


So am I. Listen, have you ever heard of The Diamonds restaurant?


Yes. The building is still here. I use to eat there sometimes as a kid. It’s just west of here. We’re closer to the Shaw Arboretum.


Interesting. I’m going to send you a link of a collage I made using images from that area, Gray Summit in particular. They involve a walking stick insect on a screen. Do you have a lot of walking sticks in that area?


Can’t recall any. Do you wish to place an order today? I don’t have a record of that print you mention, the Aspingers, being requested by anyone lately. Are you sure you remember correctly? I don’t mean to insult your memory of something so recent, but it’s odd… the two Grays.

bb (to Plant):

Do *you* know what’s going on?




The Bill?


Two. Yes.


Sir, are you still there?


Yes, I won’t bother you any longer. So you know nothing about a Blue Feather Gallery in Maine, in Gray there?


No sir. Not at all. I’ll look it up, but we have no connection with that gallery that I know of. Interesting about the Grays, though. Probably a fairly common name for a town.




Call me back if you decide to order that print.


I’ll do that. Thank you for your patience on this matter and sorry to bother you.


I want the print.


We’ve already bought the print. From that other Blue Feather Gallery with apparently the doppleganger woman working for them. (to the woman again): Ma’am, what did you say your name was?


I am part owner of the gallery. My name is [delete].


Thank you. I’ll get back to you on that print.


Thanks for your inquiry. (she hangs up).

Hucka D.:

This is the girl.

(to be continued?)

Rubisea Area, 01

One of first hikes during my tenure as cottage owner in Bluedrake. Started at the cottage and completed a sweeping circle through Bluedrake, Mabingogion, Loogaro, Oathkeeper, Lycanthrope, Totem, Carrion, and then back “home” to Bluedrake. Will try to keep descriptions here as short as possible in order to catch up with my now considerable backlog of text generation. Bad me!

Interesting vase found on the steep western bank of Rubisea (that’s what Hucka D. says is the actual name of the lake or sea half found in Bluedrake and half in Lycanthrope, just to remind). Owned by the owner of 3V Rentals, and created by foxmenn Cortes. It’s also only a couple of meters south of the center of the waterfall the Unnasty Branch creates when it nears Rubisea. Don’t think I’ve mentioned Unnasty Branch in blog text yet, but I’ll save more of that for the next series of posts, which will feature this stream more.


50 or 60 meters or so south by southwest of the vase we have this ledge above Rubisea, giving a nice view of the entire body of water.


Another stream in Bluedrake, perhaps the only other one besides Unnasty Branch. This on the border of Bluedrake and Flayer — I’ll get to that more in the next series as well.


Then its on to Mabinogion just south of Rubisea, where Baker Bloch runs into more of those everpresent chickens and roosters. This is actually very near the pond and island where Karoz spotted his own rooster, and owned by the same rental group in fact. This would be just before he subsequently trekked just north to first discover Rubisea for The Bakers extended family (that is, The Bakers, Hucka Doobie, Wilsonia, and, now, Karoz). The whole area around the pond is beautifully landscaped, with many varieties of plants, um, planted.


Then it’s on to Loogaro to the west, where Blochs encounters this nice, tumbling waterfall and decides to take another snapshot.


A nearby lookout, still in Loogaro. Baker is considerably nearer the larger Lake District sea to the west of Rubisea at this point than Rubisea itself. I plan to explore all the lakes in this district further and will report more detail findings in the near future.


An interesting little island, in the aforementioned unnamed sea now lying within Baker’s draw distance. In checking behind Baker Bloch, Wilsonia now finds that 2 of the 3 palms of this islet have been removed in the meantime, replaced by a small, glass gazebo, it appears.


Baker is about to enter a steepish gorge and simultaneously pass into Lycanthrope from Oathkeeper to the west. He’s heading toward the general direction of Rubisea once again.


Rubisea Area, 02

Emerging from the gorge and reaching the top of the hill, Baker is amazed to see an actual cave selling werewolf related items in Lycanthrope, knowing now that a lycanthrope is just another word for werewolf itself. Surely the name of the sim came before the shop, and the owner just picked the sim for the name to help advertise his business (?)


Predictably, a full moon is found inside the cave featuring werewolf related products. The name of the business, by the way, is the WereHouse. OK, yeah, here’s an interview by the Second Life Insider of the owners of this shop. Nifty — looks like they’ve been around a long time since the interview is from 2006.

… one of the owners has his own online comic book series.

… hmmm, and it looks like they have vendors everywhere. Still it definitely seems to mean something that they are located in the same sim as the “moon” half of Rubisea. Have to think about that further for sure.


The view down to Rubisea itself from The Werehouse cave. And those were-dogs are animated — quite realistic, although they don’t actually walk around (thankfully!)


A long ridge follows Rubisea to the west. The Werehouse is situated near its southern terminus. The chapel below is near the upper end, about maybe 350 meters away from the weredog lair. Contrast of sacred and profane or putrefied? Anyway, we’re now in the southwest corner of Carrion, about to reenter Bluedrake from the north.


Not a very pious position for Baker Bloch here.


View of Rubisea from far above the chapel.


Then it’s safe and sound back at his cottage home in Bluedrake.


From a rocky ledge within view of his home, on the edge of Bluedrake, he can see out over an Indian village.


Another, longer draw distance shot from the front lawn of his rental cottage. You can see the just visited Carrion chapel on the long ridge beyond Rubisea with this draw.


Rubisea again from above his cottage.



Hucka D.:

I’m here again.


Thank you. I’m wondering if I should consolidate again in Greater Chilbo. Put all the galleries there, except maybe for Something To Chro About.

Hucka D.:

I think it may be time to finally let that one go.


Too much going on elsewhere.

Hucka D.:

Monitor the energy very closely. So you’re sure you want to leave the Atoll continent? You just returned!


I suppose it’s like Azure Islands when I went back a second time. It’s just not the same.

Hucka D.:

Your decision. Noru is nice. Karoz can explore, then. And the Lake District of Maebaleia is directly tied to that particular region. There’s a psychic pipeline… SL will mature and this pipeline will become more apparent. Atoll energy is shifting… same for Sansara. Best you shift with it. Move everything back to Greater Chilbo if you have the chance. You now know that the circle based tower should be part of the Temple of TILE. That’s a big step. You know that it should be further up in the sky now as well, and a part of a sky forest. You know you wish to keep both the Victorian House — which I personally think should be the House of Truth — but also the Where are we on that? Gallery. You want to keep the “E” and expand on it. Very good.


I’ll be back.



Well, let me think this through. I definitely want the “E” gallery with the Temple of TILE now, up in the sky above it. Think it looks good there.

Hucka D.:

Then move it. That’ll be *3* places you have that “E”, then, baker b. (smiles)


The story of the Blue Feather Sea area will continue up into the “E”, then, I’m seeing. Already a new chapter is opening with the discovery of Rubisea. A very important discovery.

Hucka D.:

Oldest part of SL, it is. Good to live in that cottage for a short time.


CV Rentals seems to almost be protecting the area, as a park.

Hucka D.:

So you finally rented in Crabwoo. What are your plans there???


I thought I’d — don’t laugh — put the “E” there again.

Hucka D.:



Where should the “E” be. In Healy? In Noru? In Horisme? In Crabwoo? Nearer Rubisea?

Hucka D.:

You have to get rid of something. You can’t keep all this.


Now I’m thinking I should keep the 4080 in Horisme instead of shifting back to Noru.

Hucka D.:

Can you pry yourself away from Noru?


The Temple of TILE and Edwardston Station Gallery are both *permanent* galleries. And maybe the Where are we on that? exhibit should join them, and then I suppose the “E” exhibit.

Hucka D.:

Put all that in Horisme. Then rent everywhere else.


I’ll have to loose the House of Truth, then. The nice Victorian House.

Hucka D.:

It seems that always has to go, though.


*Oh*. I could put the Where are we on that exhibit in the Temple of TILE (!) Maybe. Since it has the same slum apts.

Hucka D.:

What of Edna’s nice photographs there?


I suppose I could move them to the new wing. The abstract ones, and then maybe the Charleston related ones.

Hucka D.:

You’d have to put Wilsonia’s exhibit on the roof. But, yes, you could move some photographs in the new wing. Maybe your Tile Creek related ones.


*Or* I could put the Where are we on that exhibit in the new wing (!!).

Hucka D.:

There ya go.


So I went ahead and moved the Big E, which I may rename the Big Schwa, to the Temple of TILE. Here’s a snapshot showing the relationship from the Sky Forest.


And another from the top of the temple, where I inserted the Blue Feather Sea cube also found in the “E” exhibit.


I also copied some of the pictures on the upper floor of that exhibit, on either side of this cube, and moved them to the top room of the temple, in the upper version of the slum apt. building I modified for this location. I think it fits fairly well… lemme go inworld and take a couple more pictures…

First, another view of the Big Schwa from the new tower of the temple.


I’m going to go ahead and finish the text for this post, perhaps, and then go inworld. What I think is being set up is a continuation of the narrative started in the Big Schwa, which is opening up into a new area of information with the discovery of Rubisea. Is it connected, then, to the Rubi Forest? It seems to be just judging by the name, but I’m not sure how yet.

So, bottom line, I’m staying in Horisme, and probably getting rid of the Noru properties for good asap. That will free me up to rent in other places, like around the Blue Feather Sea area that I’m so interested in right now. About the Healy gallery: we’ll just have to see if I can cook up anything for another exhibit. πŸ™‚

One more shot, of Baker Bloch sitting at his computer desk on the Bluedrake cottage lawn.


Random Thoughts.

* I see this blog continuing for another year and a 1/2 or so then shifting to something else. 3 years is a good, long time to work on one project such as this. Maybe 5??

* I need to get back into the analysis of SID’s 1st Oz, if only for the Temple and the TILE g/p/r. I wonder if Hucka D. can help me with this instead of Booker T.??

* The Asheville River District is playing an increasing role in my blog mythology (mythologies?) Hucka D. has become plastic and 3 dimensional there in a central house, at least for 1 day. Karoz may be in this house mainly now as well. Plant claims he grew up there — have I mentioned that? Edna took pictures of it today when we revisited the district.

Plant’s claims that this is the house he grew up in is most interesting. There’s a Sternberg involved in the history of the River District. Just noting here; can’t find anything on the web about more details on this assoc., really.


“Let’s bring in Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Go inworld first.


Thank you.

Horisme: Home For Good?

I suppose Baker Bloch should stay here. Would be hard to beat all this.



Rubisea Again, 01: *Un*Nasty Creek

Since creating the snapshots for this and subsequent posts on the Bluedrake/Rubisea region, I’ve terminated my rent in the small Bluedrake cottage. I may renew in the area, but not at the same, furnished cottage I don’t believe. Anyway, while there I was fortunate to live only 1 parcel north of the headwaters of what I’m calling Unnasty Branch, whose source is the multi-leveled fountain pictured below, and also a location which provided Baker Bloch a very nice, red book for perusing while he rests up for his big expedition this day. Baker Bloch is checking behind himself today, and finds, or remembers I suppose, the book is entitled Enlightened Realms. But the text was too blurry to actually read.*


Baker finds he can comfortably walk underwater in the small stream without poking his head above the surface. Interesting the stream is so deep so near its source, perhaps.


A look back at the literal fountainhead of Unnasty Branch, so named, in part, because it is a very beautiful stream, but also because at one point it may not have been so pretty at all, and instead quite nasty indeed. But now all that seems a remote, perhaps unreal dimension, or perhaps a dimension borrowed directly from Earth and, specifically, Ashville, North Carolina. Much to discuss on that yet.


About 40-50 meters downstream from the source, we find this nice stone block bridge spanning the small width of Unnasty Branch, one of 3 such bridges on the stream. But beware those who tread on this bridge from this safe direction, for they immediately cross over to a parcel which sends you all the way back home, wherever that is, with only 5 seconds warning. Baker Bloch found to his irritation that these home security systems are activated all over the 3V Rental properties. And, to remind, this company owns a *lot* of land in the area, including all of Bluedrake and also all the immediate land surrounding historic, perhaps pre-historic Rubisea itself. The plus side is that the land is very pastoral and pristinely landscaped; no huge malls or Dark Lord castles to be seen. It’s still very irritating, and some of the systems give you even less warning than 5 seconds, which is not enough to walk off their land before heading, ooops!, home once again, as has happened to Baker a number of times now in his treks within the Rubisea/Bluedrake region.


A little further downstream there’s a second waterfall/fountain area, complete with a rainbow this time. Careful not to step on the parcel with the quick trigger security system just on the other side!


The third and last bridge crossing Unnasty Branch just below.


A look west from the picnic table next to the bridge toward the top of the rather large waterfall that both culminates and terminates Unnasty Branch’s flow toward Rubisea.


A century plant near the top of the waterfall. Baker Bloch was very pleased to find he could copy the plant free of charge. He subsequently took it to Noru, planting a copy beside what we’re still calling Bill Hill.


The top of the waterfall. Rubisea is about 50 meters below Baker Bloch here. Quite nice.



* Just to note: Fountainhead is the name of a famous book by Ayn Rand, and also defined as a great source of knowledge, just as a maven is defined as such sometimes.

Rubisea Again, 02: Rubisea

Although Unnasty Branch spans most of the Bluedrake sim, east to west, it is not the only “legitimate” stream in the sim. Second in importance is probably this similar volume creek basically following the southern border of the sim, where it meets up with another sim called Flayer. But mysteriously, this particular Bluedrake stream has no real mouth, or, really, a source. It just starts flowing from underneath the grass at the eastern edge of Bluedrake and meaders, as I said, along its southern border until reaching this dead end at another 3V rental cottage, a rental cottage about 200 meters west of this source, and with still about 100 meters between it and Rubisea, the nearest static body of water. Just saying all this to contrast it with Unnasty Branch, since the 2 seem to be, really, the only full fledged streams in Bluedrake. Unnasty Branch, in comparison, flows through the very heart of the sim, and spans almost its entire length east to west.


Then its down to Rubisea itself from the aborted stream, approaching from the southeast.


On the shoreline now…


Baker stares at the nicely rippled mountain range on the opposite side of the inland sea/lake, already mentioned and explored a bit in this earlier post.


A look at the ridge as it runs south toward the Lycanthrope cave where werewolf avatars and gear are sold.


Approaching the Unnasty waterfall from the south, where the branch flows rapidly into Rubisea. Again, it’s the historic sea’s only feeder stream.


A view of an interesting blue-green house right on the water’s edge, even extending into the sea itself a bit. The landscape here reminds me of pictures of the Lake District in England, very appropriately since this could be considered the Lake District of the Maebaleia continent of Second Life. It reminds me of Rydal Water in particular, which also, coincidentally or not so coincidentally, has a cave on its side, which I’ve used in several collages now of the 10×10. Again, may mean nothing.





Rubisea Again: Other Side

The only animal sea life I could find in Rubisea. A lonesome fish called a “Roach” in its description.


A tiny raft with a steering pole is the only object floating on the water.


And then the only sea plant life in the lake/sea: some kind of grass (no description found). Perhaps strangely, Baker Bloch, again in checking behind himself today, finds that someone has planted a large pine tree on the sea’s bottom, and right beside this grass. Quite out of place!


A dock on the north side.


Rocks on the west side slope.


Baker finds a nice perch from which to take in the nighttime glory of Rubisea.


Up on the north edge of the ridge, Baker Bloch is able to look down at the neighboring, larger pool of water, presently unnamed. Could this be, though, some kind of parallel with Grasmere Lake, which is similarly near Rydal Water and considerably larger? I’ll have to take a closer look at those Rydal and also Grasmere related collages to get a better grasp on this newish idea.



Dawn breaks as Baker returns to the western slope above Rubisea, with the chapel mentioned before positioned just above.



“Hucka D., I want to go back to this post from June which seems to summarize the story of Karoz in Jeogeot and perhaps Maebaleia as well. There’s so many references to “blue feather” and “blue cube” and blue in general — along with other things — in Maebaleia that I think it’s now indisputable that a… well, what do you think?”

Hucka D.:

What about the Bluecube gallery also being on that continent? You must return there as well. Also Blue Strawberry gallery, the gallery closest to what you call the Blue Feather Sea, although no one else save you calls it this… yet. And the Blue Strawberry has replaced your need to place a Blue Feather Gallery near or on its shores. Instead you can focus on Bluedrake now. What do *you* think, baker b.?


I think Bluedrake is where it all starts. The Blue Feather comes from Bluedrake. It is a manifestation of, um, the positive side of Rubisea that halfway lies within the Bluedrake sim. The other half is the moon, dark. Werewolves… Lycanthrope. The Bluedrake half is the sunny side. Gold, sun. Together they form the rebis, which may be the same as, well, The Bakers.

Hucka D.:

This is true enough. You better talk about The Depot.


Well, my thinking is that there was, or perhaps will be, a “depot” beside the Unnasty Branch that flows almost all the way across the Bluedrake sim, west to east. This depot resonates directly with the one that use to be in the River Arts District of Ashville, which somehow lost its “e” in this blog. The old rr depot of this district use to be right beside what was then known as Nasty Branch, because its color was often red or reddish. And I found this out *after* speculating that the Rubisea’s color was once red, perhaps of blood — which, I’ll remind you, an idea you poo pooed at the time…

Hucka D.:

Hey, I never said I was infullible.


Infallible, you mean. [Both smile.]

Anyway, I think the creeks are directly related now. Rubisea *use* to be red — Unnasty Branch in Bluedrake use to be red and polluted. It’s the only stream entering Rubisea, at least presently. This is just like Nasty Branch in Ashville, next to the depot. So my reasoning is that there was a depot there as well. A depot to RL and not another town, though.

Hucka D.:

You could call it another town. But, yes, it’s a depot connecting SL and RL. There in Bluedrake. CV Rentals now extends that energy, and now protects the Unnasty Branch lying wholly in Bluedrake. And a motel as well, another rental, you see.


Hmmm… yeah.

Hucka D.:

They came from all over to this place, this new place that had just opened and the Lindens later only rediscovered or re-uncovered/ re-revealed. It is important that you write about this depot in your blog. But instead of Nasty Branch flowing into the French Broad River, it flows into the Rubisea — creates it, in effect. There’s only one stream entering this pool, as you stated. Many, many such tributaries empty their waters into the French Broad, in contrast. This is a focusing in on one important stream, then. Nasty Branch is one and the same in both realities. That’s a hinge.


But there’s also a direct relationship between the much larger Blue Feather Sea and Rubisea. Today I estimated that the former is about 12-13 times the length of the latter. But remove the size difference and they’re quite similarly shaped, as well as pointing in the same direction…


Hucka D.:

The direction needs to be inverted and reversed to make it more distinct. That was the plan.


Alright, let’s check it out…


Well, something to think about, anyways.

Hucka D.:

The Blue Feather Sea *came from* Bluedrake. Drake is a duck is a bird. Feather from bird. But the feather is much larger than the bird in this case. 12-13 times as large along one side alone. What does this mean? Is it, perhaps, a RO of ones, then? 12 or 13? CHRO… BROOK… ROOK?


I don’t want to go off on too much of a tangent, Hucka D. I know now that Maebaleia is obviously Earth, with its own Moon as well. Blue Earth — Blue Feather. Too many blues in one area to ignore. And we haven’t even mentioned the Limoncello gallery yet, a huge blimp. Too much like lemon or lime jello, perhaps. Gel.. Gelsomina.

Hucka D.:

You need to understand The Bill still. And find the true ruler of SL. It could be Arcadia Asylum. Probably not, but it’s a reasonable guess. A transformed AA. Her illumination.


I better log off. Thank you.

Hucka D.:

Thank you.


I’ll be back!

Blue On Blue…

Venturing pretty far west on Maebaleia to get this picture from Pumori. Baker is on an overlook above a lake about two to three times the size of Rubisea.


Much higher above this same lake is found the very interesting Limoncello Gallery owned by LastDitch Writer. The art of LDW and many other can be found in this 100+ meter long blimp, complete with a number of internal levels. Quite different!


Yet another gallery on the same continent called Bluebox. Just one of a number of galleries, oddly, that begin with the name “blue” and just happen to be situated on this continent. I’ll write more on that soon. As of now, I have a map of the 3 real or present galleries in question showing their relative location,, as well as a past/future gallery Blue Feather that I’ve mentioned a number of times already in this blog,

Stay tuned!……….


b_hivia gallery (just like that!)

More details soon, but for the past 2 days I’ve been heavily involved in creating a new gallery in Noru called b_hivia on my 2 remaining 1024 parcels there. As of about 8 tonight it’s done! It presents an alternate way of displaying almost all the photographs and collages of the 2 main Horisme galleries, or the Gallery at the Temple of TILE (Edna’s photos) and the Edwardston Station Gallery (my collages). There are strengths and weaknesses to both displays. If the Temple of TILE hadn’t been recently revised itself I might just say the heck with it and go with b_hivia as the main venue for Edna’s photos. I’m still tempted… I’ll have more to say about these 2 display options later. Some pictures for now of b_hivia, and, yes, it uses the old b_hivia from Gliese as its base. There’s 4 of them in this new structure, kind of a mini-Ubertemple. But the Ubertemple was too big, and perhaps its smaller successor in Otherland was as well. This seems to be just the right, and will fit snugly onto 2 side-by-side 1024s (2048 total, of course). This makes it also the alternate version of the stacked cube version of the Temple of TILE and the Edwardston Station Gallery first proposed this Spring (after the demolishment of the Otherland mega-gallery), which also fits snugly on the same amount of property (2 1024s). Very interesting… I’ll give a tour asap. And I want to chat w/ Hucka D. a little bit tonight as well. Don’t want to forget about Rubisea. But I have some more land decisions coming up soon. Do I give up Horisme already, since I have the new b_hivia in Noru at half the prim count (and 1/2 the land)? Do I rent more land in Noru, since I know I want to keep b_hivia there now? (there’s an issue with who can build at each location — considerably more options in Noru since Hucka D. and Baker Blinker can also build/rez things
there). Also the proximity to Chilbo must weigh in here; I simply am not attracted now to the Atoll continent like I use to before the escape this past winter, although I’ll always have a soft spot for the Rubi Forest itself… and the Great Wall a bit. And I have a good SL/RL friend that lives in the immediate area. Difficult decisions coming up. I’ve been in Noru about 2 1/2 months, with 3 months assured since I’ve paid rent through 8/15. And now it will be beyond for at least the 2 parcels that the spanking new b_hivia hovers above in the sky now (it’s at almost 300 meters).
There’s also the problem of where to put the newer narrative, SL photograph based galleries, starting with Where are we on that? and extending through “E” a letter of stories now. Both of these galleries have their origin in exhibits for the Something To Chro About Gallery in Yapland. Do I now keep that as well? I’ve been in Yapland, wow, almost 1/2 a year, an eternity in SL, at least for me. And I definitely want to keep options open for renting in other places as well, especially, now, Maebaleia, or most immediately. I still have my cottage in Bluedrake presently.
But to the preliminary photographs of b_hivia…
First, actually, let me present some pictures I had in my queue re the ground forest of my Horisme property, specifically focusing on a mound on the north side of the property. Not sure why I’m so interested in this; again, the mound makes a kind of convex/concave dialect with the pond immediately south of it, and the 2 represent the most prominent landscape forms of this miniature forest. Is it a remnant of a much vaster Sylver Forest that use to exist in this area, as Hucka D. has proposed? Could be. Here’s those pictures, then…





Then here’s the b_hivia gallery in Noru. More soon on that… (it’s 60 meters tall, 60 meters long, and 30 meters wide in case you’re wondering about the dimensions)






Wilsonia at Sylver Forest, Baker B. At B_Hivia… Decisions, Decisions…

Wilsonia makes her first visit, I believe, to the Sylver Forest Galleries. She ponders the mystery of the Tyle Cube, making its reappearance today after a couple of days in limbo.


Then she goes outside to the Sky Forest to look up at the Big Schwa (formerly the Big E… or is it both?).


Baker Bloch at the center of b_hivia, lower floor, showcasing the photography of Edna Blinker.


Is it prudent to have the same approx. 160 piece set of art in both Noru (b_hivia) and Horisme (Sylver Forest Galleries)? Probably not, but I can’t make a choice between the 2 just yet. Will take it, perhaps, week to week. Thinking of redoing the photographs in the Temple of TILE, maybe combining it with the Where are we on that? Gallery. Maybe even moving it down to where the Edwardston Station Gallery presently sits (???). What to do with the Big Schwa, though?

Loose Thoughts…

Hucka D.:

You now know there are 2 equally legitimate ways to exhibit both your wife’s photographs and your collages. The two cube, each equivalent to a 1024 parcel to make 2048 together, can either be separate or together. You haven’t tried the side-by-side stacking yet.



Hucka D.:

I think it may be time to try a 60x60x60 cube. On the Horisme property. Before you leave.


I’m not sure that’s a good idea, Hucka D. It would…

Hucka D.:

No, I suppose not. But to continue. You now know that b_hivia is just as legimate a way to exhibit these two collections, and in the exact same space, almost. 1 2048 composed of 2 1024s. I’m talking about perfectly square 1024 parcels now, of course. But for this second option, the two halves are so intertwined that they can’t be separated. b_hivia is more complex than just the Edwardston Station Gallery and the Temple of TILE separately, for that is what they are. The Okinu glyphs tried to tell you this. Uniko.


I can see that. Strange glyphs! I’m beginning to believe that Uniko is a true language, the language of synchronicity perhaps.

Hucka D.:

Maybe you should do an exhibit just on those glyphs at the Something To Chro About Gallery. For you will keep that gallery. Maybe.


So let me see… Edwardston Station Gallery can be fitted onto a square 1024, and this contains the whole collage 10×10 of 100 pieces, arranged in a very logical order. Same for the Temple of TILE when filled with Edna’s photographs to make the Gallery at the Temple of TILE. Both are cubes in this form, which can exist separately, as I have them now in Horisme, or together, as they briefly appeared in Ichalon… think that’s the only place. Then they separated out again in Noru before moving to Horisme. But the Temple of TILE has undergone a kind of transformation itself lately, with the additional circle based wing in Horisme, which appeared first, separately, in Noru. This broke it out of the perfect cube pattern. Should I keep this new wing? And the Big E is now also seemingly tied to the Temple of TILE. But Edna’s photographs aren’t, necessarily.

Here’s what I’m thinking. The Edwardston Station Gallery now in Horisme, although a very legitimate way of exhibiting the collage 10×10 by itself, must go for now. All the collages will be housed in b_hivia. Same will go for Edna’s photographs currently in the Temple of TILE in Horisme. But the Temple of TILE might remain, the structure itself. If the tower hadn’t been added…

Hucka D.:

And the Big E or Big Schwa. All signs indicate a restoration of your Noru property to its former extent. You must stay peripherally attached to Chilbo. Through Chilbo you are also attached, then, to Crabwoo, even though you now understand you don’t want to live there… neither do you need to live in Chilbo for that matter. Restore Noru. Big E is about Jeogeot, not the Atoll Continent. Rent on the Atoll Continent if you wish… you already are. Syd.


Want to talk about that rental?

Hucka D.:

No. Settle down in Noru again and we’ll talk further about Rubisea. Thank you.


Thank you.