Collagesity 2015 Later 01 (June 01 of 02)

Kinda sorta…

… back in Noru, queerly enough. 512 parcel.


Looking toward the site of old Collagesity.

3 Gods in 1 Dog


“Friends of Rubi Forest” parcel


Another 512. Curious. Give and gain, I suppose.

I created the parcel and attached group for this person, a Second Life friend. He’s camping out in said forest. I sold an important piece of land to him about a year ago. He seems to have fallen on hard times. I don’t know how else I can help him — homeless. It’s been *days*. The wife reinforces that this is all make-believe and it’s time to watch Monty Python in real life. 🙂



Now I Know


What it looks like on the inworld map (lowest part of Mysten sim)…


Purposefully blurred out? Hmmm.

Collagesity is no more.

I decided to essentially delete my Minoa village yesterday after buying a 2048 parcel in Mysten. Well, it was actually 4 side-by-side parcels of 512 square meters each. My plan was to downsize the gallery situation, retaining only the two most recent ones, or the just completed Red Umbrella and then the large Fal Mouth Moon Gallery coming before it. Together they contain close to 100 collages.


I also decided to keep a long term foothold in Minoa through a 512 parcel right next to the Linden protected Rubi woods, donated to the Friends of Rubi Forest group. It has just enough room to allow my Small Gothic Castle with see through back wall to stay put. Nice.


And here’s my new digs. Turns out that my small rental gallery in Mysten was just a warm-up for things to come in that sim. All of those collages (Stonethrow — newest series) have been transferred over to the new land in the full version of the Red Umbrella, and added to the Sam Parr and Embarras series in the same building. To its immediate north lies the Fal Mouth Moon and its 61 collages. All that is left on my Minoa land as of today is the Power Tower Gowlery (Gilatona-Lis series). The art 10×10 has also been recently rezzed in another location, near the Kerchal Forest. So all of my digital collages remain rezzed in Second Life — they’re just split up more now, with the most recent chunk completed being in Mysten.

Why the change? Well, I just didn’t feel like I’d be developing any more in Minoa, despite the unparalleled location next to the Rubi Forest. I had to switch things up in order to keep advancing with my virtual experiences. And I felt the land was perfect in Mysten to effect this change and also potential downsizing. I’ve essentially joined a fairly large metropolis of several enclaves. My Fal Mouth Moon gallery now lies above a the curve of a road in a rental village owned by Lilli Field, an accomplished Second Life designer. The Red Umbrella gallery is similarly joined, in essence, with the even larger holdings of long time SL resident Psimagus Hax in both Mysten and Goremoor to the east, specifically a residential type section called Mysten Underhill.

Red Umbrella at the northern edge of Mysten Underhill

Baker Bloch’s perched house next to the gallery; cool location!

Fal Mouth Moon with matching Lilli Field tree fronting it — like it was meant to be there, once more


The Perch

Looking across Mysten Underhill and neighboring twin hamlet Mysten Parva buildings toward the Fal Mouth Moon

View from Baker Bloch’s attic study

“Mysten Collages”…

… is open for business. The landing point is the clear space between the two galleries, shaded by two eucalyptus trees.



On the south edge of the property below the Mysten Underhill entrance to the Red Umbrella: a hole.


Disappearing stream. This is the end of the flow that divides Mysten Underhill from its twin berg Mysten Parva.


This picture reminds me that Spongeberg Resident has been active lately.


Looking across the Lilli Field village.


I think Hucka D. wants me to “paint” this particular view. 🙂


Mystenopolis. My land is a logical connector between regions, I believe.


Baker Bloch in Minoa’s Small Gothic Cathedral. He has a number of homes now. My larger Minoa parcel has been entirely wiped, with the land set up for sale. No Power Tower presently in Second Life, then.


But what about that hole?


Mysterious Mysten (just to get that title out of the way)


“Kidd Tower is now in Mysten, but in a secret place, Hucka D.”


I don’t think Hucka D. is quite ready to talk about Mysten. He has to gather his notes together about it. At any rate, I have a history with this place. I discovered what I’m now calling Mystenopolis in January 2012. or about 3 1/2 years ago, when I still had Pietmond in Otaki Gorge as my main base. But not for long. An alien spaceship came and destroyed my beloved virtual village the following month. But I had the smaller Seven Stones community to fall back upon by that time, which happened to be located just south of Mystenopolis, or what I then called Australa I believe. Well, let me just give a link to related posts from the Baker Blinker Blog.

Ah yes, I called the peninsula centered by Mysten Lower Austra. There’s also an Upper Austra as a balance.

But on this early map of the area (Austra originally called Australia), it seems that Lower Austra itself was divided into an upper and lower section, with Mysten in the middle.

Hucka D. is indicating there’s a direct 2:1 relationship between Australia and Yd Island in terms of psycho-physical space involved. That is, Australia represents the number 2 (Upper and Lower) while Yd Island is a “mere” 1. For this reason, Hucka D. is also telling me that Australia is a healthier place to live in general, and that Yd Island is only for those more special ones who tend toward self-involvement — monads I believe he calls them. Australia is more balanced and complementary within itself. Yet Australia would not be possible without Yd Island coming first (again, this is from the direction of Lemon Lab and not Linden/Lime Lab, which I’ll attempt to explain in more detail soon).

Australia is the second, defined part of Lemon Lab virtual reality formed, directly after the first (Yd Island).

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that Mystenopolis lies between 2 twinned roads called Highway 13 and 14 by the Lindens, as seen on the following map I borrowed from Virtual Christine’s blog post regarding the Nautilus continent.


In January 2012, the word Austra appears over the center of the attached peninsula.

The Bob Too sim contains the main chunk of the letters (A U S T).

The only rental land currently offered by Lama Estates on the Nautilus continent is in Bob Too. Schweet (R A).

My present Mysten parcel in January 2012. Baker Bloch would be positioned directly under the front door of the Red Umbrella now. The pool to the right is now derezzed. This might be Mysten Pool?

(to be continued)

MM 02

I checked out the name Austra and didn’t come up with much. Top of the list was this Canadian electronic band I hadn’t heard of before, but which is apparently quite popular now. I perused their videos and selected this one at random. It’s the official video for a track named “Lose It”, which turned out to be a single from their debut album “Feel it Break”.

47 second into the 4:39 long video this image flashed before my eyes.


“Is that a Second Life waterfall?” I quickly asked myself. Turns out it was: googling “waterfall + “Second Life” instantly produced the following link and image from the Second Life Marketplace. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have this very waterfall, a freebie, in my current inventory.

Free Gift Freebie Realistic Waterfall copy/mody 12 prim ( for Cave Waterfall Grotto Landscaping )

*That* certainly seemed synchy since I’d already linked Austra and Second Life in a totally unrelated way. Note: the name AUSTR_A on the Nautilus continent map clearly comes from Austria, with the “i” dropped for a spell for some odd reason. Soon it would return; AUSTRIA restored. Perhaps now we can glimpse a psychic slant to this mistake. 🙂

I’m going to continue watching the video and read some analyses hopefully. Following a trail — more soon!


4 months ago Apleeza wrote in the comments for that video:

Those Second Life pictures in it. If you listen to the lyrics it actually looks like the song is about a guy she fell for in Second Life.

Then someone quickly pointed out that the lead singer is a lesbian. There are some more rather quick flashes of Second Life in the video, but nothing I could wrap my brain around.


One more item before I perhaps leave this topic. I’ll quote from wikipedia, and highlight the synchronizations:

They [Austra] played a number of early shows under the name Private Life before learning that another band was already using the name; they subsequently named the band after Stelmanis’ middle name Austra, which is also the name of the goddess of light in Latvian mythology.[3] Austra used to include twin backing singers Sari and Romy Lightman of Tasseomancy. Keyboardist Ryan Wonsiak of Ze and the Boyfriends makes up the quartet.[2]

The Lightman twins are also featured in the “Lose It” video. Private Life could be resonant with Second Life. I haven’t found out what the playing cards mean in conjunction with Second Life images within.

Bob Too and Schweet, Jan 01, 2012

Bob Too and Schweet, Jan 15, 2012 (“missing I”)

Bob Too and Schweet, Feb 01, 2012 (“I” returned; whole word “ghosted” a bit)

(to be continued)

Faun House

Baker Bloch decides to take a short bike ride this night, passing through the southern and western regions of Mystenopolis to reach this rectangular green perch on the far side of the ridge.

In the unbroken open space before him suddenly appears a huge green faune statue, stopping him in his tracks. He’d seen it before several years back during a similar bike trip…


Moving away from the psimagus Hax created community and heading east now toward Route 14, Baker Bloch soon comes across this statue of “The Faune from Pompeii giant”, according to the object’s description. Similar in height to the Christ monument looming above Mysten Underhill/Parva, does it represent a “corrupt” counterpart of some kind? Something to do with the balance between eastern and western sides of Lower Austra? It’s interesting to me that this Faune statue lies right next to a sim boundary (east-west Fumb and Goremoor, with the statue being in Fumb), just like Christ of the Mysten community (north-south Mysten and Siliconicus). Interesting as well that the church next to it, also near this border, is called Church of the Silicon soul, resonant with the sim name just to its south. Hmmm.

Then the next day I discovered the twinned houses around the 2 statues in question:

The “Furnished Umbrian Primo Villa” skybox behind the christ statue of Mystenopolis has disappeared since this 2012 observation. However, as it turns out, the one attached to the faune statue is still there in Fumb, with apparently the same attached kinetic statues and sky garden.



I’m going to take a better look at this house and surrounding region soon. That was a fantastic 2012 synchronicity concerning the 2 polarizing statues, one religious and one pagan in origin. One of my favorites from that time. I still think it has meaning to plumb…


Baker in a Mythenopolis underground scene. I’ll also have considerably more to say, I feel, about the catacombs, etc., of my new home sim.


In the meantime, you can check out the always amazing Dual Atoll’s March 2015 entry about what they call the Mysten Parish. Thank you again for another informative Second Life article!



Around Mysten

Second floor night view from Baker Bloch’s home in Mysten. Love the Mysten Underhill lighted bridge.


Gifted immediate neighbor Lilli Field has integrated her own system of streets (above) with the Lindens’ Highway 13 (below), one of 2 main thoroughfares crossing Lower Austra along with twinned Highway 14 hugging the opposite coast.


Another neighbor who has a house on Route 13 just to the south in Siliconicus is apparently an artist…


… and a lover of cats. Baker Bloch loves cats too. Wishes he sort of kind of had one. Maybe soon.


And across Highway 13 from the Lilli Field holdings is a place called Tanelorn Manor, advertising quality builds and “specializing in high fantasy creations – castles, cottages, gazebos, furniture, lamps etc. and Dwarfins!!” according to the parcel description. It’s owned by Muroc and Holly, who welcome you with not one not two but three exclamation marks (!!!).


The more I poked around my neighbor Ms. Field’s holdings, the more I found that caught my eye. I learned that many if not most of the objects on the property are of her own design.



Baker Bloch especially has his designs on this table for reasons I’ll get to in a moment. LINK Unfortunately it doesn’t seem for sale, and Lilli’s online virtual store appears to have been shut down.



Baker Bloch also learns through his pokings that Burning Seed is the Australian equivalent to our Burning Man. I feel it is important for an avid Second Life fan to understand the game’s roots in this real life event/happening.


Baker Bloch looks down from the roof of the Fal Mouth Moon toward the center of Field’s village, where he had a short lived gallery recently.


One last photo reveals or reinforces Lilli’s own Australian roots. I am reminded that I originally called Lower Austra *Australia*, per this early post on the subject. LINK

Actually on this map featured in that linked post, the word Australia is written directly over the Field property. Nifty!


Baker Bloch back in his study. Sunset has arrived at Mysten Underhill. The short 3 hour Linden day is about done with.


I say you say

From Facebook:

I’m thinking of creating an imaginary home band for my real virtual village (adopted). Here are some name candidates.

Pet Milkmen
Shut Up and Scream
Fear of Rectangles
Jethro Jethrine
Flesh Wound Only
Tomato Potato
Don Wrinkles Free
Radio Free Bartok

Facebook added that last one on its own. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule for the suggestion!

Shoot, well this one is out

I think I might like Tomato Potato best now. I see them as a folk duet (perhaps twins although definitely not Siamese twins), but moving into atonal abstraction thanks to a recent influence from the Second Viennese School of composers, particularly Artie J. Spongeberg. Their first album would perhaps be Tomtato, and/or that would be a single/song off the album.…/all-veget…/tomtato/t47176TM

Framing tracks could be “You Shout Tomato” at the beginning and “I Scream Potato” to end the album. Sorta like “Sgt. Pepper” and “Sgt. Pepper Reprise”.

More info/pictures soon. I might set up another pretend tour with comedians Lum and Abner from Waters, Arkansas as well.

Janus Faced

I have a history with this place.


“Hucka D., we should talk. The Table is being reset. Your lines?”


I keep forgetting that Hucka D. doesn’t usually get up until after sunset. Too bad we don’t have 3 hour days in Real Life. Then again we also don’t have 1 hour nights.

So regarding The Table… we’ve had updates since the summer of 2012, when I was last in what I then called Philo. I’m *pretty* sure why I know I had to come back here. The (virtual) location I’m in, through Baker Bloch mainly, mirrors the place I’m at in real life with the *carrcasses*. We are at a transition point.

So who’s at The Table now? What variants sit around it? Carrcasses 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10 and also 11 (untaped) have been created since summer 2012. 8-9-10 collectively may be my best work along with Carrcass+1 and Carrcass+2 from the 2006-2007 peak period. What have we learned?

We know that Dr. Blood is the Ray Davies variant. His solo work is in a carrcass now, along with many fine songs from his former group The Kinks, which I consider among the 4 or 5 best rock bands to come around. Dr. Blood takes the form of the Tinman from Oz to naked eyes. He might also be Tin S. Man. (pause). He is 4 men in 1. He is Apeman. He is Tinman. He is Superman. He is Imaginary Man. And it is through the latter guise that he enters variant territory and is allowed to sit at The Table along with…

Roger Pine Ridge
Little Robert Plant Variant
Peter SoSo
Marty & Lemmon

Henry L. Cow has not yet arrived.

Little Robert Plant Variant has recently been seen in a Red Umbrella collage, actually the last one in the gallery and the last collage created by me, baker b. He stares at a metallic giant head in the sky. It erupts like a volcano as Mossman takes center stage on the toy blocks and matches roar with roar. Too bad Hucka D. isn’t here to chat with. He loves this kind of abstract bantering. (pause)

Triumph of the Toys (part 2)

Peter SoSo also makes an appearance — actually several appearances — in the Red Umbrella. He sneaks into “Triumph of the Toys” disguised as a human-like fox (from the cover of the Genesis album “Foxtrot”). Mossman passes by the figure on his way to center stage. Do they have a secret exchange of words or perhaps more? What’s the multi-colored ball or sphere he holds high and proudly?



I was just getting my midday snacks and taking my daily walk, and while checking out at the grocery store, saw an older Peter Gabriel staring back at me from the cover of a magazine called [insert name]. I recognized the employed image as one I had saved in a folder on my hard drive…


Notice that the redder lighting of the right side of his head is similar to Plant’s in Triumph of the Toys.


Additional thoughts: Robert Plant becomes an official variant after use of his solo material in Carrcass+6 from almost 10 years back now. Peter Gabriel’s official entry into the same status comes in Carrcass+1 from early 2007. Roger Pine Ridge has an even earlier entrance through 2003’s Quadrospirited. Marty even earlier: Walt SIDney’s Fantasia 2000 (2002). Then Lemmon, let’s see, Lemmon’s status as a variant is probably not established until Carrcass+8 in 2004. Then Dr. Blood (Ray Davies variant) — not until 2013 and Carrcass-9, with his “Imaginary Man” used in that. Henry L. Cow’s entry is not until the future. And don’t we also have the Frank Zappa variant (OWZ still?) at the table? I think we have to, since his Mothers of Invention band was one of the audio heros of Quadrospirited, and Zappa’s solo material has been used extensively in carrcasses. And I’m also thinking at least one of the 4 Bills of The Bill comedy group will eventually sit at The Table. And, yeah, let’s not forget the Chuckster himself: Artie J. Spongeberg. He may be or become a very special variant indeed. All I have to do is use one of his solo tracks in a synch and voila, instant variant; able to co-mingle with the others positioned around The Table.

But what of visual artists? Certainly David Lynch Lunch must be eligible. Queue Brick in a lesser manner (?) Hitchcock (variant name pending). And then what of *actors*. Wouldn’t Jack Nicholson be eligible, I find myself asking myself, since he’s a star in both the last 2 carrcasses?

So let’s get to those: the last 2. These are again called Carrcass-10 and Carrcass-11, with the latter, the last, worked out last August but still not taped (why not???). But according to numerology the numbers 10 and 11 can be reduced to 1 and 2. 10 is the number of perfection. Carrcass-10 is about as perfect a synch as I have. Perfect match, then: number with carrcass. Yet Carrcass-11 is a logical extension beyond this new perfect peak, as the number 11 naturally and logically follows 10 in any lengthier sequence.

To successfully deal with Carrcass-10, we should return to the “6 Weeks of Shining” document, specifically Week 2.

(to be continued?)

Janus Faced 02

My two galleries that compose the “Mysten Collages” complex face 2 ways: toward the Lilli Field village (Fal Mouth Moon), and toward psimagus Hax’s Medieval Christian town (Red Umbrella). The two galleries in question can actually be called additions or addendums to these two areas, I feel. Notice, for example, how Lilli’s cluster of tall brown trees blend perfectly with the Fal Mouth Moon’s colors and textures…


… and how you can easily enter the gallery from a bend in the topmost road of her community.

And then explore how the Red Umbrella similarly slots perfectly into Mr. Hax’s Mysten Underhill community, the former main entrance precisely centered at the end of one of its grassy lanes.


And Baker Bloch’s home expertly slots in beside the Red Umbrella.

Fal Mouth Moon is a part of Field’s village, and Red Umbrella, along with the fused Bloch home, is part of the Hax village. Take my word for it. This is the Janus faced aspect, or at least the surface part.

circa 1890: Two-headed Janus. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

circa 1890: Two-headed Janus. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Unlike my earlier Collagesity (or VWX Town), the Mysten Collages galleries are not really independent and self fulfilling. They need the 2 larger Mysten communities for broader context and significance. They are not a community in and of themselves. And I think that’s a good thing to happen for me at this juncture in my Second Life experiences.

There is no true center to the Mysten Collage complex except the line that divides the two galleries, which is the same as the Gallery Kiosk, its entry point. To your left will be the entrance to Fal Mouth Moon’s basement exhibit. To your right is the basement door of the Red Umbrella. Simple enough — much simpler than the layout of Minoa’s Collagesity just derezzed.

So we have to turn to the 2 communities for deeper meaning. I’ve mentioned that the Kidd Tower is now part of Mysten Underhill but in a hidden place. Last night I decided I should in all good faith delete this structure. The Kidd must grow up and assume responsibility. Or maybe its the Twinned Kidds, A-L and then O-Z. I think I know where the twins making up the home band Tomato Potato reside; maybe where they play their post-folk concert music as well. And I believe that Artie J. Spongeberg has already made contact with them. According to the visitor’s list, he’s already been snooping around the “Mysten Collages” galleries.

Something just happened here.


(to be continued)

Janus Faced 03

Twinned sides of the Kidd Tower, A-L (down) and O-Z (up).


The “snug”, is a typically a small, very private room with access to the bar that has a frosted glass external window, set above head height. You used to pay a higher price for your beer in the Snug, but nobody could look in and see you. It was not only the well off visitors who would use these rooms. The snug was for patrons who preferred not to be seen in the public bar. Ladies would often enjoy a private drink in the snug in a time when it was frowned upon for ladies to be in a pub. The local garda would nip in for a quiet pint, the parish priest for his evening whiskey, and lovers would use the snug for their clandestine visits…… Pop into the Snug and ask me anything


The next day Baker is seen conferring with someone just out of sight.



(to be continued)

Janus Faced 04

(joined in progess)

Spongeberg Resident:

No the girls boys are young. Kidds still. Now they want to be called “The Lightmen”, after their mother/father.

Baker Bloch:

And not Tomato Potato. Or visa versa.

Spongeberg R.:

No. (pause)

Baker Bloch:

The Kidd Tower is still hanging in the sky, however. Kidd is Kidd still. A to L down and then O to Z up.

Spongeberg R.:

Get rid of it. Part of the stipulation.

Baker Bloch:

Why didn’t you talk this much in Minoa next to the Rubi Forest?

Spongeberg R.:

You know the reason. Carrcassonnee. She was in charge. I was asked not to interfere. Now I’m on my continent. Nautilus. I am free to speak my mind.

Baker Bloch:

Where’s Carrcassonnee?

Spongeberg R.:

You know (again). Mothballs.

Baker Bloch:

So you want to be the manager of The Lightmen. That’s your new project.


“4:37 total for the video your Lightmen appear in, Spongeberg.”

Spongeberg Resident:

Call me Sponge. No, call me Bob. No… Chuck. Charles.

Baker Bloch:

But you still are a Resident.

Spongeberg Resident:

Absolutely. I will meet with you concerning your our records.



So Baker Bloch had a clandestine meeting with Spongeberg Resident at The Table just outside The Snug in Mysten U. Spongeberg R. admits he has been active in the sim. He wishes to be the manager for the Kidd group The Lightmen, who wish not to be known as merely Potato and Tomato any longer. They wish to grow up into MeN — missing M and N from their lives.

They are at the centre of the Wizard Cube.


The Wizard Cube is a glyph for Lower Austra. But maybe it is just Austra itself, and Lower and Upper have been combined into former Lower. There is nothing much, after all, in Bob Too or that green neck of area dividing Lower and Upper. It is just a macro mirror of Lower, which contains the whole as in a (reversed) hologram now.

Back to the Wizard Cube. Highway 13 and 14, on this map again…


… reflect the yellow-green (WIZ) and red-violet (ARD) movement through the Wizard Cube tracing the word WIZARD, but with a silent M (13) and N (14) in the centre. This is Lightmen. That’s what Spongeberg was telling me. I asked him if the twins were the same as the ones from The Shining movie and he stated they were. M and N are The Centre, which is Mystenopolis, which is me and he and her together. Janus Faced.

“You are the glue,” he said. “Without you there is no M, no N. You have no substance within yourself but you are the hidden center now revealed. M and N. M and N. The Kidd must grow Up.”

I asked him a question I already knew the answer to. The Ratzenberger Rabbit Head is the same as the rabbit man of his album “What’s Up Doc”, featured in Carrcass-10. Carrcass-10 represents Yd Island, the monad at the beginning of Lemony times. Ratzenberger — the source, the first. “And now we’re on the second (Carrcass-11),” he said. We’re here in Mysten between Lower and Upper, attempting to unite. Jack and his Wizard Cube have followed us here. This is manifestation.”

I asked him about Carrcass-12. He said it is the all. I wondered if he meant the Nautilus Continent. Bob Too.

“If nautical nonsense be something you wish.”

(to be continued)

Janus Faced 05

“Hucka D., I’ve found the Second Life monkey seen in Lose It. (pause) Hucka?”


Anyway, here it is.


It appears at 1:37 in the video.


Actually, in looking at the coloring I believe the monkey in the video is not the avatar but the pet it is based upon, called Mango here (right). You can tell the difference via the whiter arms.


So it’s this Mango we’re looking at here. It can’t be an avatar. That is, it can’t be an actual person or user inside that monkey. Instead it is a pet, an unoccupied object, sans soul. This can’t be the person or user she “never knew” she sings about in the song at the time the Second Life images first appear (freebie waterfall). But it could be his/her pet, an identifying object.

1:37b: crossed out?

3:33: brief (and last) reappearance in a mirror.


Lightmen enter on the second stanza, sitting on either shoulder.


Shadows at first. Twinned of course.


Then as selves.


Unified at 1:37 as one voice, just after Mango introduced per above screen shots.


The Lightmen reinforce a crossing smoke trail of missles in the sky. Civilization X-ed out? (Don’t want to lose it?)




4:02: twinned, opposite opinions wiping each other out?


This is the twins themselves. Pretty good video! They have a lot of promise. Still young. I can actually see how the real life Spongeberg Resident would want to promote them (!). That’s a really odd thing to think about however. Odder even than usual. Best not to.

I found a source video here: Das Triadische Ballet, a film in three parts after Oskar Schlemmer’s dances.

According to wikipedia, this is a 1970 film by Bavaria Atelier GmbH, with live-action dancers and new music by Erich Ferstl (original music by Paul Hindemith). The Lightmen’s video is good. This is *fantastic*. Is this where the synch trail was taking me?

Bob Too Won


“I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready…”

What is this new energy? It is religious in nature for certain, a Christian bend. I am not a Christian, although I certainly respect the passion and faith involved. I am not attached to any religious direction, and when pressed I simply call myself a Tilest. Well, what is a Tilest, then? I think it is more than a reaction to the religious mainstream I am obviously not a part of now, nor have been since a teenager really. I do not harbor any huge resentment toward Christianity or any other religion. I just think… well, I believe that people have the ability to tell right and wrong innately, given that they open up to the, um, energy of the future, or just the energy of time outside the here, the now. Or, better, let the not-here penetrate the here. We all have the innate ability to tell the true direction in which we should move, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. I believe we simply do not trust our own natural talents in this respect, and rely on — trying not to use negative words here — others to tell us what/how to think/feel/act. What is a Tilest? I’m not sure still. It is open ended and without dogma. It is certainly related to the Church of the SubGenius and their belief that followers should create their own religions after an indoctrination period to replace the SubGenius one… actually a part of their teachings. It’s related to Erik Satie’s L’Eglise Métropolitaine d’Art de Jésus Conducteur (yes I cut and pasted that!), a short-lived faith he formed as a reaction to Rosicrucianism. But what *is* it? I hear the reader or readers reiterating.




He greeted me warmly. I hadn’t yet seen the joke he left on the top side of the Fal Mouth Moon. The jester’s hat isn’t there for nutt’n. He got down to business. “I want the carrcasses,” he said. “I have permission now. You wouldn’t have gotten this far at all if it wasn’t for me… us. I know that much.” He folded his hands back behind his head, but that was just the animation.

“Sure,” I said. “I’ve already given them to Pierre Schaeffer, to Carrcassonnee. Whoever wants to take over is fine. You’re the logical successor.”

“Do you know what that implies? he replied. I did not. “We’re on a new continent now… you and I. Nautilus. Yd Island is the first. The Rabbit Head of Ratzenberger indicates to me that it is the One. You sold my real life self talking to him on that Bunny Trail of yours in your park — and then watching the actual real deal afterwards — and now he’s sent me here to negotiate.

“You’re doing an excellent job,” I reinforced. “Very real in a surreal way. Life-like, yes.”

“Thank you. So here’s the contract.” Surprising me, he whipped out a piece of paper from behind his head. It was written in black but with much red highlighting of text. I read it. I signed it.

“Given I can’t take your first human newborn…” he quipped. What had I just done?




But part of the contract I’d just signed was to get rid of them asap. Spongeberg had control of the 12×12. Appropriate, I suppose.

Around Nautilus

We stay local for the first two pics, this coming from the Lilli Field village again and that table Baker Bloch has his eye on (nice backdrop!).


Glimpsing into the meat of the Church of the Silicon Soul, the heart and um soul of Mystenopolis perhaps and a place I desire to chronicle more for this blog quite soon. Again I’ll mention that the church grounds perhaps queerly ajoin the sim of Siliconicus to the south. Don’t know if this influenced creator psimagus Hax’s name for it or not. Logically you would think so, however. Perhaps he thought it was some kind of divine providence.


I went island hopping on the west side of the Nautilus continent the other day and found these nice waves on one of the numerous islands there. Haven’t seen this product before.


The multi-tiered SLLU community in Flagg and also Lori is always a fun place to visit, and offers numerous freebies within its various shops. Blogspot here. Inside the grungy building pictured below is secretly tucked the tranquil Trill Zapatero Gardens, named after a “wonderful SLLU creator and activist” according to the parcel description. Visit here; the rest of the village would lie to your west and south.


Baker Bloch biking the western loop of Route 12, representing by far the longest highway of the continent. At this end it narrows into what is basically a walking/biking path. Don’t think a lot of vehicles would fit through that rock overhang ahead, for example.


Baker also visited quite a number of Naultius continent galleries. In fact, I believe he visited each and every one advertised on Sasun Steinbeck’s SL art gallery list (map of galleries here). But sometimes he was more taken by the location of a gallery and the resulting scenery than its actual contents. This would be just off the red bricked Highway 14, with its Seven Chickens Bridge in the background.


This is called Van’s Wild Wild West Gallery, situated, perhaps interestingly, on the western side of Nautilus. It’s wild side as well?


Another shot from a gallery — can’t remember where. Looks like a bit of a Simpsons fan don’t you think?


I also can’t remember what I clicked on to get to this fabulous Cica Ghost exhibit, which moved me off of the Natilus continent. But the artwork within was so interesting I decided to include them in this post anyway. More links on Cica Ghost here, a very productive Second Life artist apparently.




About Nautilus 02

Interesting rock and dirt (sand?) pile found along the northern edge of the Leemington sim in central Nautilus, called a “corner tor” in the description. There’s nothing inside it, yet the object still has a rather hefty prim count of 52.


Nearby lonesome cottage in Underclaw. Looks very familiar to Baker Bloch. It should. 🙂


Ridiculous row of linden palm trees straddling the border between Yelloo and Far Sight from the same general area. Each tree is one prim apiece, and they seem to number in the hundreds. An even more obvious waste of land resources. But, hey, to each his own. And the palms don’t even make really effective border vegetation.


View of the trees from a Yelloo bay.


Small beauty spot in Ampollino 2 sims north of Far Sight that offers a bit of visual relief from the vast stretches of Nautilus mountain wastelands.


*Finally* a legitimately beautiful larger parcel was uncovered in Gualdo this night of exploring, several miles north of my home base in Mysten. It’s called Avian Retreat, a park dedicated to avian avatars and bird/nature lovers. A flock of parrots moved in from the right just as I was snapping the picture.


The green paneled hillside to the northeast provides Baker with a strenuous hike. At the top lies Rubin Mayo’s Tresor de l’Art gallery that I’d already visited the night before. Or Baker Bloch visited the night before. Certainly a more interesting Nautilus continent gallery. Here’s its blog:


I took this bucolic picture from the Aspen Farm located one sim north. Just over that mountain range in the background lies Tresor de l’Art.


More mountain scenery near a southern terminus of Route 12 in Camorro.



Contrasting underwater vegetation in what I call The Scorpion (sea) in upper east Nautilus: the brown kelp of Tetra to the right and Amago’s green seaweed to the left. These are the only objects found in each sim respectively.


Mysten Expansion

Abandoned an additional 1536 in Rubi (512×3), bought an additional 1536 in Mysten to the immediate east of what I already had there (a 2048). Rezzed Collagesity’s TILE Temple again, along with a supporting stream this time with several waterfalls and cascades. Nothing in the temple yet. Hopefully I’ll have enough prim space left over to play around with stuff in a skybox.




The new stream seems to be the twin to the one running through the meat of Mysten Underhill. They end at the same place here, at the southwest corner of my Mysten properties. One again gets the impression that a lake should actually be in this corner, a common confluence.


TILE Temple to left, new stream waterfalls to right.


Mysten Mystiques

Nasty Medicine Falls.


Temple The.


Awaiting a deity.


Confluence influence.



Quite a crowd assembled at Mysten’s newly rezzed TILE Temple tonight. Everyone appears to be jostling for position, like in a horse race. Except this seems to be shaping up as another one of those deity races. Much too early for guesses about a winner yet. Incumbent Carrcassonnee obviously will have her chance.



Who’s your deity?

It’s time for the people of Mystenopolis to help choose their deity. Send your votes in today! I’ll talk about my preferences as I go along.

First up is Boxy Brown, one of the candidates for chief Collagesity deity filled by Carrcassonnee back in February. Now in the new contest the parameters were broadened a bit. Candidates can choose up to 6 objects to aid their cause. So while retaining the simple “Head Trip” psychedelic poster backdrop from the first contest, this go around Boxy Brown has also enlisted X-Files co-stars Dana Scully and Fox Mulder to help pitch his message, along with Perch’s cousin Pincushion Head hovering menacingly above them all. Filling out the 6 objects from Boxy, we have a version of the Mmmmmm’s King Bill to his right here, along with a painting called “Son of Man” by surrealist Rene Magritte. Awesome.


Next comes a newcomer: Wappo Jack, who was around in 2014-15 Collagesity but didn’t have designs on becoming a deity at the time. That’s changed, as he’s cooked up a collage of spiffy associations. Jack now identifies with the Jack Nicholson character of The Shining, who, in turn, is also called Jack — Jack Torrance, a name carried over from Steven King’s source book. Wappo Jack poses as Jack from the movie in a 1921 photograph famously zoomed into at the end. A computer monitor by his side displays perhaps the most iconic shot from the film: Jack Torrance’s head poking through a door panel he’s just axed away, and announcing, “Heeere’s Johnny!”. Brilliant, and a line Jack Nicholson reportedly improvised on the spot. The Hollywood table sign reflects the Hollywood movie, or how The Shining both adheres to an industry code for horror movies and shatters it at the same time. Director Stanley Kubrick purposely inserted a seemingly countless number of what appear to be continuity errors on the surface, but are obviously not, or at least the great majority aren’t. Floor Shine Man (“shining” again) and Philip Linden inspired pop art complete Wappo Jack’s tableau.


Across the temple’s aisle we have another newcomer. This setup is the concoction of Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons, or who has chosen here to be known as Lisa The Vegetarian, per one of her more thoughtful characteristics in the long running animation. Lisa converts to a non-meat way of life during the namesake episode Lisa The Vegetarian from the 7th season. The last 2 episodes from that season are Lemon of Troy and Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 1, which Lisa has decided to combine through a burning lemon making up the central part of her display. On the wall behind the lemon is a Medieval painting of St. Lemon of Troy, patron saint of Sunklands. Marvelous. The water urn toting ballerina to the right indicates a solution to the burning, with the 3 blue rings surrounding her representing the 2 major streams of Mythenopolis along with a hypothetical common confluence, a central Mysten mystery pool if you will. To Lisa’s left is a Tron arcade game, symbolizing the beginning cue of Carrcass-2 which prominently features the Simpsons episode Lisa The Vegetarian. More on that connection soon, perhaps. Old Man Baby and an oil drum to the right complete the deal. I think this is a wonder display, and probably should have won Lisa the title of town deity. But it didn’t.


I should pause here and announce the judges of the contest. We have Norubi Turtle walking past Lisa The Vegetarian’s display in the above photo. Cardboard Derek Jones and Starbuccanneer Barista are also circling around the contestants’ spaces this morning, taking it all in. Accompaning Starbucanner presently, as I’m eyeballing the scene through Baker Bloch, are the small pink Mooninite Er along with the tall Plutonian Emory, both from Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. And lastly there’s Queen Maria from The Life 2.0 Movie Fan Club just appearing at the door. I think that’s it.

Woops. Hucka Doobie has just rung me up to say that the Mooninite and Plutonian are *not* judges, as one of their own is part of the contest (Master Shake, also of Aqua Teen Hunger Force). They’re just accompanying friend Starbuccanneer this morning after a long night of partying with her.

Moving to the 3 displays on the other side of the temple, we first come to Jesus of Nazareth, who like Master Shake to his left and also Boxy Brown at the other end was a candidate in the Collagesity deity contest. The most holy Jesus has chosen to completely make over his former arrangement, here paired with who appears to be Mary Magdalene inside a blackened grotto. Painfully green Boss Moss seems to be elucidating the story of the famous foot washing scene involving the two. Gears spin behind Jesus’ head — his holy machinations? Three masks of red, yellow and blue top everything off. A masterful upgrade from the Prince of Peace.


Such is not the case with Master Shake, unfortunately, whose true, selfish colors have seemingly been exposed and made clear in the new contest. Shake blatently stole the Big Fire of Lisa The Vegetarian, reporting saying to her in a jealous rage something to the effect of, “You think that’s a fire, I’ll *show* you a fire!”. He is truly engulfed in a massive flaming, and takes with him a group of innocent butterflies, stolen from the display to his left (Piet Mond). I won’t say any more about his tableau as I don’t think it is worth wasting blog space on.


So we move to Piet Mond, yet another new candidate for town deity. The clown being assumes a virile pose in front of a 3 part room screen with design based on the artwork of Dutchman Piet Mondrian, famous for making geometric tri-color paintings. Red, yellow, blue — just like the masks displayed in the Jesus exhibit right across the aisle. I’m not sure whose is a reaction to whose, or if the repetition of theme is mere chance. Anyway, it would be good to know, since it will affect the judging in a positive or negative way. Behind the screen appears another jester or buffoon, holding a rock with the engraving, “Nothing is etched in stone.” Irony — always a plus to the judges. And the ladder leads to the orange butterflies we’ve just seen burning in Shake’s display. As I said before, Shake stole them from Piet Mond, however. It’s like he didn’t even try hard in the new contest. Undermining?


Then the final display in the temple comes from robot “It’s Alive”, but was later seen to be just a ruse of Carrcassonnee waiting outside with a huge surprise.


Now when Baker Bloch finished up inside the temple and went outside and spied Carrcassonnee way up in the sky staring down at him, he was sure she’d win. This was the topper, as much as he liked Lisa The Vegetarian’s display, along with a strong showing from Jesus, Wappo Jack and maybe Piet Mond. But then after about 5 minutes she disappeared — gone in a wink.



He then wasn’t so sure. And as he thought about it later, he became more concerned about that lack of eyeball within her head. Something wasn’t prepared to the fullest in the ambitious yet perhaps overreaching attempt.

More results and speculation soon!

The Stream.

Nasty Medicine Falls, aka Green Falls or High Falls. Stream has begun.


High Cy(an).


Blue Falls or Wide Falls…


… into Crystal Pool, sometimes also called Blue Pool or simply The Pool.


Low Cy or The Narrows beside the Red Umbrella.


Confluence Place; cave mouth to underground Mysten Underhill (“Underhill Mysten”) on left. Stream has ended.


End Rock.


The Stream.


Start again?



“We cannot talk to anyone in the town until a deity is selected. I vote for Carrcassonnee (to return).”


But it’s not a town, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

No. But they want it to be.


The townspeople… who don’t know that they don’t live in a town.

Hucka D.:

Yeah. The residents of Mysten Collages and Mysten Beliefs.


There’s not any houses.

Hucka D.:

There are houses on the stream.


Tiny houses?

Hucka D.:

No. In Mysten Underhill.


But that’s not…

Hucka D.:



What of Mystenopolis? That’s a town.

Hucka D.:



Mysten Underhill calls those White Falls. Not Blue Falls.

Preacher rents in Mysten Fieldton. Reverend White.


Mysten Underhill has trouble enough. Allen. Martin. Martin wishes to know about Winesburg. He’ll listen. When Martin changes to Allen then Allen changes to Martin. Listen to Martin. Set up an underground base. 12×12. Spongeberg. Place of Safety. 5.5 years.

Greyed Out Ends

We might be down to 4 contestants in the Mystenopolis deity election, and possibly even 4 winners: Lisa The Vegetarian, [Little] Wappo Jack, Jesus of Nazareth, and Piet Mond. Eliminated are temple bookends Master “Didn’t Even Try” Shake and Boxy Brown. Carrcassonnee was also written out due to a technicality (now too big to fit into the temple). Fellow former Collagesity contestants The Bobs have already seen exteriorization through Artie J. Spongeberg, who is out and roaming about Mystenopolis already, particularly focusing on an area we’ve been calling the 12×12 in recent posts. He’s not in the temple any longer. What I mean is…




“What you mean is that he is already a winner, back in Collagesity. Carrcassonnee too. Big C passed her crown on to Spongeberg when she went on her honeymoon trip to the Kerchal Forest region, which also doubled as a peacekeeping mission to dissuade the forest spirit from invading Rubi and Collagesity. Now it’s kaput anyway, or the town is (note: I still own 5120 square meters of land there, down from 8704 during Collagesity days however). You have 4 newcomers who have all won won all. Oh, and Jesus of Bethlehem, the only one remaining from the original deity contest.”


I believe he prefers (the name) Jesus of Nazareth.

Hucka D.:

Whatever. Wappo Jack has a giant form as well that probably wouldn’t fit into the temple. So it’s technically Little Wappo Jack that won the election. Contest. Whatever.


What is the meaning of all this? Townspeople have a choice of deities to worship. But there’s not really a town.

Hucka D. (correcting):

Mystenopolis. The 4 deities must confer with each other and find bridges. They must take the yellow submarine out to the Nautilus nether-regions to discover Bob Too, Leemington, Yelloo and more. They have tickets to ride. To Nowhereland.