Collagesity 2015 Later 02 (June 02 of 02)

Nautilus Seas 01

I was just poking around the eastern fringes of the Nautilus continent seas when I spied one of those spiffy Yava script touring pods and decided to hitch a ride. In the below photo you can spot me-as-Baker-Bloch in the background, heading in the opposite direction from the “Demoversion” boat in front. I was speeding along so fast I didn’t have time to investigate the boat and its strange crew further. Perhaps later.


The pod instructed Baker Bloch that we were now going to turn west to visit a very interesting inland sea destination. I had already guess what it was from the direction we were headed: the impressively huge Leviathan Skeleton extending across the whole sim of Ahab’s Haunt in the center of a large, Linden protected inland sea. So I readied my camera, knowing this would likely be a prime photo op moment.

The Leviathan Skeleton was create by Linden moles in early 2010, along with 10 accompanying sims in what was formerly a void hole in the middle of this inland sea. I remember the official announcement on one of their forums because I realized at the time that our own blog spirit Hucka D. had, shortly before, predicted or warned about its sudden appearance withing this void hole. In Fall 2008 Hucka D. has similarly foreseen the rising of the nearby Nautilus Island. If you’re not a bit spooked by his prescient ways by now, blog reader, then you simply haven’t been paying attention. 🙂



Baker Bloch boats pass the head. I can’t imagine running up against this monster face to face while he or she was still alive. I think the virtual version of me would be frightened all the way back to real life, never to return.


There were many boaters in the large inland sea this day.


A sim rather obliquely dubbed The Measure lies along the southern edge of this sea. Since he was in the area, Baker Bloch decided to prematurely end his pod tour and revisit the sim, known about before as a potential mystery spot. He wasn’t disappointed: the strange, geometric markings found back in December 2009 were still present all along most of its sea floor, brown on beige.



As I was taking overhead pictures of the strange glyphs a sailboat passed directly over top of the brown continent, as we’ll call it, that contains the central point of the sim, where you teleport into when typing and then selecting “The Measure” in the world map search box. I thought it might be sending me a message of some sort about this central shape. Maybe not, but here’s the photo anyway for the archives.



Nautilus Seas 02

Baker Bloch teleported into a heart shaped glyph in The Measure sim. Strongly reminds him of visiting a very similar phenomenon in Okinu, before its remodeling into a non-glyph producing sim sometime between November 2009 and September 2010. After that Okinu and The Measure parted ways, with the latter taking the baton from the former, seemingly.


The various brown continents of The Measure, as I’ll dub them. This is the whole sim as seen through transparent water, although the resolution is low for the glyphs themselves at this altitude.


Zoom in to the sea floor and we can start to see what all the excitement could be about. Baker Bloch found a new glyph this day, which was quickly and logically dubbed The Question Mark. The dot of the punctuation mark is a little off to the right, but the effect seems obvious still. This punctuation point lies at exactly 240/52/1 within the sim, or 52 meters down from the upper boundary and 16 meters east of the western border. Put in other words, the point lies exactly 1/16th the way across the east-west expansion of the square 256 meter wide sim, and 13/64th down the sim measuring south to north..

Wow, I forgot Baker Bloch found a question mark shaped glyph in Okinu, November 2009. The new one, complete with a dot, is even more convincing, however. Go and see it for yourself!

Moreover, Okinu backwards spells Uniko, very similar to Unicode, “a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems,” and containing over 120, 000 characters presently. The question mark is represented in Unicode by the code point U+003F, and the capital letter “L” as code point U+004C.



A nearby phenomenon I call the “Double L”. Again, this same thing was found in Okinu, and, again, the new effect is more convincing. Baker Bloch interpreted the Okinu “Double L”as a possible psychic pointer to “Linden Labs”, the creators of Second Life itself. But now I think another layer might be added to this. I believe it could actually stand for opposing Lemon Lab and Lime Lab, both traditionally and historically strong in this region of Nautilus. More on that soon, then.



The Question Mark, The Double L, and another formation I’ve named The Double Squares (lower center) in one overhead shot.


The Double Squares.


This photo highlights the contrast between the sharp, geometric glyphs within The Measure to the south, and the fuzzier, blurred glyphs of Donuhue to the north.


Indeed, it seems that The Measure is unique among sims of the area in this respect, although all except the 10 central ones added later on to highlight The Leviathan Skeleton (discussed previously) have the same basic type and color of patterns.


Many more interesting pockets of underwater creativity are found within Linden protected Nautilus continent seas. But The Measure seems measurably special still.


“The Measure of a Metaverse”:

The measure of a Metaverse

Around Mysten 01

I first published pictures of some of these Mysten Underhill locations way back in January 2012, but didn’t ever get around to generating the accompanying text. At the time I was calling the community Happy.

Actually as I’m checking now through those old 2012 posts, I named the Mysten Parva community Happy, with the ajoined Mysten Underhill neighborhood having an as yet undetermined appelation. Did I get them backwards?

This seemingly out-of-place cottage acts as the southernmost of 11 official Mysten Underhill buildings (as I had Baker Bloch count them off a second ago).

We start in the front room of 2, and a picture touting the personhood of the Undead. The whole house gives off a vibe of Halloween, starting with the interactive witch greeting you near the front door named Esme Weatherwax, *which* is the name of a fictional character from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.


An I Ching Coin dominates a central table. You can touch it to open a web page and receive an instant I Ching reading. As I’m using it now through Baker Bloch, I was given hexagram 45:

Come together. The ruler is in his palace. Schedule an audience. Make an offering. Take a stand and the result will be good.


Within the bedroom are found more vaguely pagan or occult paraphenalia such as a broom, a mortar and pestle, a Vesta’s blessing bowl, an Egyptian chest of drawers, a crow on a perch, and, perhaps most telling, a human skull. You can meditate on the “zafu cushion”, as Baker Bloch is demonstrating below.


Esme Weatherwax stands tall over all. The ruler of the palace? Here’s a web site on this powerful witch:*


Looking out the bedroom window toward the Church of the Silicon Soul. Does church leader psimagus Hax approve of having a witch live so close to his sanctuary?


The Mysten Underhill stream curls around the cottage, as if protecting it or separating it from the rest of the community.


Jesus towering above the cottage and village. We now know this statue is the same size… well, I’ll save that surprise for a later post.


Looking back toward Mysten Underhill from beside the Church of the Silicon Soul located in neighboring sim Goremoor. We’ll also talk soon about a perceived separation of the sims Mysten and Goremoor, perhaps purposely enacted by Hax. If so, it seems that the sim name Siliconicus might also be involved. Perhaps even others in the general area (Fumb?).


Curious metallic sculpture called “Twisty (Sculpt Prim Example)” at the front of the church. The sculpture lies in Mysten, the church in Goremoor. The statue stands at the lower right corner of the church, as Esme Weatherwax stands at the lower right corner of what appears to be her cottage. Purposeful mirroring?

Okay, more curiousities here (!). The sculture is actually positioned right on the line between Mysten to the west and Goremoor to the east. Exactly 1/2 lies in each; this had to be done on purpose. And when Baker Bloch touched the shiny object to see what would happen, he found an object inside called “Diana The Huntress”, another sculpture and one that had existed in Collagesity in both its Noru and Rubi incarnations. He promptly rezzed and positioned it inside Spongeberg’s Magic 12×12, “collaging it in” at a most logical spot: directly behind the ladder leading up to The Snug. All this seems most peculiar. Curiouser and curiouser I might even add.


The “Twist” in front of The Church of the Silicon Soul.


* Especially interesting to me as I’m reading down the text currently is this description of her personality:

Granny Weatherwax has a near-unshakeable belief in her own abilities, which has thus far proved accurate, and an extreme distrust of stories. She was intended by nature to be a “wicked witch” but, at an early age, realised she had to be “the good one” to balance her sister, Lily (Lilith). Ironically Lily, who became a fairy godmother, was convinced she was the good one, because she gave people what she thought they should want. Granny Weatherwax, however, gives people what she knows they really need. Witches themselves seem hesitant to use “bad” or “good” as descriptors, especially when discussing very powerful witches; as Pratchett would put it: being Good (with a capital G) and Right (with a capital R) doesn’t necessarily make one Nice (with a capital N), and Granny isn’t (Nice, that is). Granny prefers to be respected, and if that is tinged with an element of fear, so be it. And except for those who know her well, such as Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick, Agnes Nitt, and Tiffany Aching, people do respect and/or fear her rather than like her. However, very young children seem unintimidated by her because of a reputation that she won’t intentionally harm them. People in Lancre know that she will always come when they need her and do her best for them, because that is Right (with a capital R).

Another depiction of Esme or Granny Weatherwax.


Measuring The Measure 01

The elected deities of Mystenopolis have divided up The Measure into 8 parts of 8190 square meters each for further analysis and probing. 1st place vote getter Lisa the Vegetarian receives the plum southeast region with the landmark glyph called The Question Mark…

Measure 01 (Southern & Eastern Hemisphere)

…as well as the Double L’s and more. She has a lot of work ahead of her.

Measure 02 (Southern & Eastern Hemisphere)

Runner up vote procurer Wappo Jack then selects the northeast region with some additional interesting glyphs.

Measure 03 (Northern & Eastern Hemisphere)

Measure 04 (Northern & Eastern Hemisphere)

2nd runner up Jesus of Nazareth takes the northwest region with lots of glyphs, if most less distinct than in the eastern hemisphere inherited by Lisa V. and W. Jack.

Measure 05 (Northern & Western Hemisphere)

Measure 06 (Northern & Western Hemisphere)

And then last place “winner” Piet Mond is stuck with the much more vacant southeast quadrant. Oh well, he can help out neighboring Lisa the Vegetarian figure out stuff in her much more interesting region if needed.

Measure 07 (Southern & Western Hemisphere)

Measure 08 (Southern & Western Hemisphere)

The 4 deities take the yellow submarine to The Measure for a closer look at their winnings. At the sight of the Double L glyph, Lisa V. begins to cry in joy and astonishment as Wappo Jack continues to sneeze and Jesus of Nazareth stifles another yawn and Piet Mond stares blankly at the walls and ceiling. It’s clear who the true Lleader is here.



More Glyphs of The Measure

The Slash, another unique glyph of the sim.


The Slash with Double L’s in background.


The Forked Tongue.



The Flag.


The Slash, The Forked Tongue, The Flag (Double Squares in the background).


Combined perhaps, they point to the Forked or Swallowtail Flag?


Detail of Double Squares. They’re not exact duplicates of each other. Lisa V. speculates they might stand for Second Life sims.


The Double Triangles (upper) &

The Double Dots (lower).

The Double Triangles and The Double Dots are about the same distance and angle apart from each other, as emphasized by their closeness. The Double Triangles appear to be half-squares each. The Double Dots represent no dimension atall. So you can assign descending numeric value as follows:

Double Square: 1 + 1 = 2
Double Triangles: 1/2 + 1/2 = 1
Double Dots (or Double Periods): 0 + 0 = 0.


Relationship between Double Squares (top left corner) and Double Triangles/Double Dots (bottom left corner).


A) The Pony, B) The Nebulous Horsie, C) The Closed Coffin, D) The Open Coffin, E) The Double Squares.


The “head” of The Nebulous Horsie even appears to have an eye (!). One up on the namesake actual nebula, then.



“The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit” (2006), episodes of the television series Doctor Who written by Matt Jones and directed by James Strong; “Planet of the Ood” (2008), episode written by Keith Temple and directed by Graeme Harper. In the first two episodes the Doctor is visiting a strange world orbiting a black hole, whose normally passive slave race, the Ood, have been psychically possessed by an evil entity imprisoned in the center of the planet: the Beast. In the end both Beast and maddened Ood fall into the singularity and perish. In the later episode, the Doctor visits the Ood homeworld, the Ood-Sphere (see graphic), and liberates the fundamentally decent race from a permanent state of servitude to the trafficking Ood Operations corporation. The Ood-Sphere is a barren, icy planet with vast mountains and caves, and with two moons and a greyish-pink Saturnlike planet in its heavens. The world lies in Mutter’s Spiral in the midst of the Horsehead Nebula, close to the Sense-Sphere. This planet is the home of the telepathic Sensorites, visited by the First Doctor in The Sensorites.[30]

Backing up a bit: The Face, next to the Double L’s.


The Face with possible “mouth” and “eye” highlighted. Toggle between the above photo to see the effect. The face stares with his small round eye and slanty mouth at the L’s, but the second larger L is possibly blocked by the first from his angle. More theories by Lisa V. She’s now convinced the L’s stand for Lemon and Lime (Labs), perhaps through several different ways even.


The larger L shape seems unique in The Measure. However, the smaller L is more or less repeated in at least 2 other locations on the sim’s sea floor.

First, this is the floor scene below the Double Triangles/Double Dots. Another dot is found here (left of sitting Baker Bloch), along with two dashes (upper left & center right) which might effectively be called “1/2 L’s” in the grand scheme of things (as each of the Double Triangles represent 1/2 Squares).

Several other, similar dashes are found in The Measure’s Eastern Hemisphere, 2 to my current counting. One lies approx. 20 meters directly east of the Double L’s themselves. There are other dot glyphs as well in the east.

The other glyph I should point out here is The Four in front of Baker Bloch. We’ll see it again too.


Then continuing to move down, we encounter the second “L” of the eastern hemisphere, about the same size as the smaller of the two making up the Double L’s above it…


… and stared at from the right by what could be taken as another prominent nosed face, larger in scale this time. The eye or eyes of the face are not as distinguished. He (or she) appears to be wearing a cap so I’ll just call the formation The Cap Dude (or Capped Dude). But actually if you look closely you can see not one but two of the same human-like eyes that appear on the Nebulous Horsie’s head. Can you make them out with your own two eyes?


I’ll highlight, then (enlarge to truly *see*).


The right one of the two can then be said to be worn on the wrist of Smoking Bear, the backside of Cap Dude and forming a duplicitous face. Pretty obvious name association, I feel. Looks quite like what it says it is.

Relationship to famed firefighter Smokey the Bear? An evil twin?


Wrist eye of evil Alex from Clockwork Orange.

Walking duplex faced Smoking Bear/Cap Dude, forming a whole glyph continent unto itself. Appears to be strolling away from the “L” while taking a backwards glance at the same time.

6/24/15 update: Hucka D. has stated a desire to call this formation “Clubfoot”, because of the shape of its feet. Lisa V. and Wappo Jack have agreed to the term.


Where’s it heading?

More Glyphs of The Measure 02

Where’s it heading? LINK

Answer: To the true supercontinent of The Measure glyphs, taking up most of its northern hemisphere. I’ve circled it in red below (low resolution version). Each of the four 8190 square meter regions of this hemisphere contain part of the supercontinent. The basic idea is more condensed brown sea floor masses (“land”) that are connected by isthmuses or necks of the same color. If he wished, Baker Bloch can walk all over this area without having to cross a beige part of the sim; he can remain on brown.


And to be complete about things up front, what *could* be called a similarly composed 2nd supercontinent — a third of the size, however — might be said to form primarily in the southern hemisphere, circled in yellow below. A number of individual glyphs we’ve already reviewed, including The Pony and The Nebulous Horsie for example, come from this smaller supermass.

But for clarity’s sake I’m only going to refer to the larger northern one as a supercontinent, making it, in my eyes at least — and in Lisa the Vegetarian’s eyes — *The* Supercontinent of The Measure. So back to this one and only Supercontinent as we’re defining it.


Below I’ve highlight some glyphs that strike us as interesting on the surface of things. First we have a duplicate “L” within one of the eastern seas of the supercontinent (right), matching the size and direction of the one next to Clubfoot (left). You’ll probably have to enlarge the below photo to see this. Also in the same photo I’ve highlighted the Double Dots glyph (left top) discussed in the previous post just to give you additional perspective on where we are in The Measure.


Clubfoot appears in one of Wappo Jack’s two assigned 8190 square meter regions, namely the northern one. The second clear L of the northern hemisphere highlighted above is positioned just to the right of this, over in the 8190 assigned to Jesus of Nazareth, who can’t join us right now because he’s taking a nap.


Despite its size, the elected deities of Mystenopolis, those that remain conscious, have decided to focus only on one other aspect of The Supercontinent presently, or what we can call The Three Hearts. The 1st heart shape from left to right also appears to contain a line of degenerating forms below it, as if an animation of itself. I think here of The Grinch’s heart growing three times its former size in the animated Christmas classic The Grinch Who Stole Christmas from 1966, during a moral conversion. Or the creation of a true heart from a degenerated version. Too bad Jesus of Nazareth didn’t own this glyph, since he was born on Christmas day. Instead it falls just out of his region and into Wappo Jack’s.


Then the fulfilled heart itself, as we can call it, is mirrored into 2 other, similarly sized heart glyphs to the right here: A, B, C.



Heart C even contains what appears to be a smaller capital “L” within. Curious indeed.


Is this the endpoint of our investigation?

Having some fun…

Our Lisa The Vegetarian becomes one with long time Mysten Underhill resident and local witch Esme Weatherwax. She sees through her eyes.


Both are cat lovers delux.


She plays the good, the bad, and the ugly in-between.


Son of God; Sun of Lisa. Cheerful.


Then Wappo Jack had to step in and give it a try. Unfortunately, his shenanegans were not as graceful as Lisa V.’s. He tried to step in the shoes of one he shouldn’t have…



… and probably got sent to hell by You Know Who because of it. But dang if the unmodifiable Wappo wasn’t almost the exact same size! Couldn’t have guessed that would work beforehand.

The Life (and Death?) of Wappo Jack.

Interesting. I forgot that I had already compared the stories of Wappo Jack and Jesus of Nazareth in this August 2014 Collagesity related post called “Numerologists’ 04”, specifically bringing up Jesus’ missing “middle story.” It’s like a game of golf where you tee up on a par 5 and drive the ball but always then find yourself on the green putting. There’s no middle game (ironing).


In that post it’s also elucidated that W. Jack may have a particular fascination with Carrcassonnee, at least in her giant form (to match his own giant form). But I also speculated the fixation could be rooted in jealousy.



At any rate, we now know that *Baby* Wappo Jack is the product of a pink eyed Grey-like alien and a screaming or laughing woman — actually I think it’s a laughing woman — who appears to have curlers in her hair and not pink eyes per se, but still a pink swath of color running across both at once. Baby Wappo seems to take after his mom a little more than his father, even having the same blue-green colored eyes. But at the same time, his pink color might be a tad closer in shade to that of dear old dad’s hot pink. Taking it all in, there’s little doubt that he’s their Kidd.


Kidd Jack and Kidd Tower.

I’m also recalling in looking at posts from my old blog that Wappo Jack use to hover, Christ-like if you will, above Pietmond for a while in late 2011 and perhaps into early 2012.



What goes around, comes around, I suppose. I purchased both big and little versions of Wappo Jack at the Cheosan Building located in, logically enough, the Cheosan sim of the Jeogeot continent. Both are the creation of Zerozoxx Binder. As Baker Bloch is checking as I write, Zerozoxx’s strangely cool Cheosan Building is still standing in that sim.

I found the ordinary sized Wappo Jack from Outer Space within and bought a couple of extra copies while I was there.


But I couldn’t locate Big Wappo Jack until I went back outside and looked up. There you are! Bought some more of him too: 15 Lindens apiece.


To finish off the story about the Cheosan Building, I also included a picture of it in the now retired “Jeogeot Through Art & Word” exhibit, paired there with a picture of another odd building that use to exist in that same sim: The Gallery Shaped Like a Woman by long time SL resident and artist Earl Dinkin.


More twinning: 2 unusual galleries from the same sim of Cheosan, although no relationship between the two that I know of. To the left we have “The Gallery Shaped Like a Woman” masterminded by Earl Dinkins. To the right is the plainly named Cheosan Building, which is not plain atall within or without.


And I also should clarify here that Wappo Jack isn’t really dead now, and wasn’t sent to hell by the Big Man Upstairs for impersonating his son Jesus in a most improper way. Actually, Jesus of Nazareth now realizes something very very important about he and Jack through the synchronicity of their similar size in largest Mystenopolis scale. He thinks that he and Jack… well, I better save that controversial topic for another post. Soon!

Around Mysten 02













The Bill Revealed


Lisa V. 01: Latona

Lisa The Vegetarian first appears in one of my collages during the 2013 Latona series, specifically Latona 00. Let’s follow some of the action through the appropriate Gilatona-Lis interpretations page found here at the Sunklands site:

Hucka D.:

We better get crack’n on Latona 00, then. You have McCartney from the Smipsons, you have [Lisa the Vegetarian] from the same. McCartney, or who we talk about as Marty, is discussing with Lisa V. the benefits of a vegetarian life. But he is also telling her the secrets of Sgt. Pepper, front to back, hehe.


Hucka D. (peering over my shoulder at the collage picture I just inserted):

The front and back of the Smipsons DVD [in the background] becomes the front and back of Sgt. Pepper, two in one. I believe this might be seasons 6 and 7 — this front and back. Aren’t they magical, baker b.?


Could be, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

And you know you’ll use the one with McCartney again in a future carrcass. (pause) Let’s move on to Latona 01… we can come back to this one. The rocks are sarsen stones from the Fyfield Downs northeast of Marlborough, arranged in a line by farmers. Lisa sits on the largest one. Lisa will sit on this rock again toward the end of the Latona series, when McCartney also returns with a new body in tow. It is probably Paul and Linda as androgyny. In a way, in a manner. Appropriate that Paul is lecturing about vegetarianism in a cereal field. As [Michael] Glickman put it, [crop] circles are totally benign, and mean no harm to us meat beings. We are meat as well. What if someone else came down and tried to farm *us*?


Hadn’t thought about it that way.

Let’s move on to Latona 01…


So here’s “New Something” [aka Latona 01], Hucka D., a play on “New Pietmond” which I had just dismantled before creating the collage. We have superimposed on each other the remains of New Pietmond in Sikkima at the time — foreground — and then a second village I was playing around with in Snow Country, Sansara in the background. Different set of buildings in each at this moment. The background village was in turn dismantled after a couple of days, and New Pietmond of Sikkima became totally extinct in a matter of hours. So this is akin to Gila 04, where we have New Pietmond in all its glory, heights and depths, portrayed — at its peak. It was a great creation, but I couldn’t keep it around.



Lisa the Vegetarian is found again, riding or sitting inside the visible brain of the whale-monster of Gila 06. She seems to represent the 3rd eye, or the pineal gland in this position. An Avebury stone projects from the top of its head — another pine cone or pineapple symbol.

Latona 01 excerpt

What does Lisa V. head toward in the head of the Gila 06 monster? She heads toward the triangle, single point down. This is also the 3rd eye illuminated, but perhaps not in a totally positive way. It is like an eclipse of the sun. To reinforce, we have carried over the two horned crescent moon from Gila 06 as well (note: the triangle is another carryover from Gila 06), above Lisa the V. here. The “BIG” in the Knik’s head below this also acts as reinforcement.

6/26/15 update: Hucka D. is stating that the upside down green triangle might represent The Measure sim prominently featured in this month’s blog posts. Like the triangle, The Measure glyphs are best understood when turned upside down from the rest of Second Life, in effect, making North switch with South and East exchange with West within. It all starts with the Question Mark at the top right of the turned around sim. In respect to the rest of Second Life and their directional orientations, it is spun around 180 degrees, making it an inverted question mark (“¿”).

Continuing in the Latona interpretations with the middle panel of the ending triptych (Latona 08, 09, 10)…


… we have the middle picture or section, where *fears* are dealt with. Spaceman falls into a black hole. Condition overwhelms. Is this you? Yes, it is you. The singing Hermans around you sing your doom. You will encounter fear in England. Just don’t let it overwhelm you. Expect it. Embrace it, even. For you are the Space Cowboy. Lisa the Vegetarian from Wealthy Mountain fame will help you, baker b. She is home but not home at the same time. In the middle panel she looks toward McCartney again, his head atop the Patty Smipson body as you mentioned. Or as I mentioned — can’t remember. Anyway, the head is looked toward. McCartney charges Lisa the V. to center the US of A in Arkansas, and kind of tells her how to do it. She creates Head Lake, Heart Lake, Hand Lake, and then Health Lake spinning the opposite direction. To control the spin she must buy all of neighboring Wealthy Mountain — actually Health Lake and Wealthy Mountain are part of one complex, along with Wysei [ which you haven’t found yet]. Then she expanded Hand Lake through the TILE Creek, which was showing off her genius for the first, real time.


Real genius for the first time, you mean.

Hucka D. (continuing):

That expansion is very important. You must study it this spring. For without that expansion, Herman Park does not exist. All would be in the aether still.


I will. I promise.

Hucka D.:

She is there in the present picture to comfort you, and tell you that there is a mission involved and she is part of it. Queen of it, actually. The 3 sisters are her mother and 2 aunts. She will and will not become the mother. She is and is not Marge.


Looking at that picture again, perhaps the orange sunfish — backwards from its ordinary colors — is suppose to represent my fears, when I myself am thinking backwards, or negatively. I also say negative things at those moments.

Hucka D.:

You are truly a mess (!)


Thanks (laughs). So the only hopeful image in that middle panel, really, is Lisa the V. And she looks to the third and last panel, Latona 10, for reassurance. This is McCartney-Patty. The Spaceman has a rope again. Perhaps he is even going home at this point, back to his US of A and his Frank and Hermans. He’s made it through. Patty-Paul see him off, saying goodbye. They are England herself. They are smoking[ hot]. So I do think the first panel is about getting to England, and then the 3rd panel is about leaving. The middle is where I could get into trouble. The stay itself.


Who are the singers?

Hucka D.:

They are the genius of Lisa the Vegetarian. They are the expansion of Hand Lake. They are TILE Creek. They will protect.

6/24/15: So here Lisa The Vegetarian is firmly connected with Winesap, Ohio and its 2 “singing” Hermans which double as its 2 Fishers. Together: Fishermen. This is one of the psychic sources of the name Herman of Herman Park, perhaps the primary one (?).

We have Lisa spinning something 180 degrees again: Health Lake, and perhaps her Wealthy Mtn. as well that she supposedly had to buy in order to effect the reversal. I’m also reminded that the original name of TILE Creek is *Yards* Creek, and looming above it, fabled Yards or Yd Mountain. Yd or yard is a popular unit of *measure*, as is *Oz* or ounce.

She is heart.

The Confluence Ballerina.




Lisa V. 02: Lis

Lisa V. is also featured in the Lis series which comes directly after the Latona series in early 2013. Let’s pick up on the action once more…


Lis 04 collage detail: “Meat Shake”.


So what do you think of this “Meat Shake”, Hucka D.? The man who is the same as McCartney seems to be interested in meeting him. Then the *front* of McCarney is seen inside a pot to the right, facing the camera this time. This is culled from the front of the Sgt. Pepper cover, once more. Again beside him is Lisa the Vegetarian. Obviously these 3 figures — the blue clad man with his back to us, Paul Mac facing us, and then Lisa V. — are directly related to Latona 00 and the front and back covers of Sgt. Pepper, as well as the screen shot from the Smipson’s “Lisa the Vegetarian” episode in season 6.


Hucka D.:

You’re saying that you think the man in Lis 04 with his back turned toward us, the one “meeting” Meat Shake, is McCartney again because he is similar to the Paul in Latona 00 with his back turned toward us?


Yes. Don’t you think? Seems obvious.

Hucka D.:

(pausing to look) Okay, yeah, now that I compare the two — Latana 00 and Lis 04 — I can see that you are talking correctly. Proceed.


I suppose I’m just asking: Who or what is Meat Shake?

Hucka D.:

(pausing again) It… is the opposite of the grave the woman stares at in Lis 01. It is The Beginning. Genesis. Not Revelation. How’s that?


Interesting. I also forgot to mention that I bring these mystery figures “forward” in the collage by doubling their size and positioning them in front of the originals, with the original images kept behind them, or in the background.

Hucka D.:

Cool. They are coming up to meet the McCartney with his back to us.


I should also add, if I haven’t already, that this tunnel, this portal is just behind St. John’s church in Devizes and can be easily walked to from there. So that fits into the story that it’s the same man as in Lis 02, who is the same as the woman in Lis 01 and Lis 02. That’s why the gargoyles from the church can follow them so easily as well — him, I mean.


Hucka D.:

… There’s Lisa the Vegetarian in the new one [Lis 06] as well. She appears to be hugging one of the gargoyles from the statue. As Marshall himself pointed out, this [gargoyle] is Bart Simpson, 12th Century style. But the spirit of the gargoyle or monster is trapped in that gravestone transported from The Crammer location, or the location of [Lis 05]. You must hug and love the gargoyles within yourself, baker b., in order to be free of them. You move out into The Country to do this. The Town cannot give you what you need. You search elsewhere — country.

Gargoyle, St John's Church, Devizes (2 of 4)
Bart Simpson, 12th Century style (facade of St. John’s Church in Devizes, UK). Featured in Lis 03.


Like we’ve moved the progression of the Lis series from Devizes — town — out into the countryside, specifically the area around Alton Priors and The Barge itself and the famed Alton Barnes white horse, and so on. Most sacred spot. Here we also have at least one of the 4 TILE monsters or creatures from Lis 05 returning just below Patrick’s crop circle adorned rock. This would be the little yellow fellow again, called McCoy in The Jelly Fox episode of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy show.

Hucka D.:

He’s the one with diabetes (smiles).


Yeah, but it’s no laughing matter. Perhaps not even a smiling matter. (Hucka D.’s smile is erased.)

Hucka D.:



But he represents The Sun, the counterpart to The Moon. He’s within The Moon, just as in Latona 02 you have The Sun being swallowed, seemingly, by The Moon. And Fielding himself is swallowed into The Moon when he plays that particular character in The Mighty Boosh. There’s a scene in the first episode of his Luxery Comedy where he reappears in this rather famous role, only to state he’s not in this show. Quite funny.

Hucka D.:

Can I smile again, then?


Sure. (Hucka D.’s smile returns.)

06/26/15 update: Lisa The Vegetarian has just been portrayed in this blog as a sun figure in a Mysten Underhill related snapshot. Very similar looking to McCoy, actually, except she is smiling instead of being kind of expressionless.

Similar solar figure McCoy (yellow) and friends.

So a very important point about Lisa The Vegetarian coming up here, in relation to her brother Bart…

Hucka D.:

Bart The Gargoyle. Hugged by Lisa the Vegetarian [in Lis 06]. Did you know in the early days of The Simpsons, Lisa was seen more as a female Bart. Only later in the series did she acquire her own unique character. Lisa the Vegetarian [season 6 episode] is an important landmark in this progression to individuality. She exists separate from Bart, able to stand apart from him. But love him and his gargoylian ways still. The Simpson males have a degenerative gene that carries over from generation to generation. The female Simpsons are not so cursed.


Yeah, I read something about that[ not surprisingly]. So Lisa here is loving or hugging somewhere that she had come from, but now stands apart from. A brother to her instead of she herself.

Hucka D.:

The grave stone has an eye. It is peering toward The Rock that is the same as itself. The rock does not progress beyond itself. Lisa the Vegetarian has. She has learned to love. She is heart.

Nautilus, Mysten, and The Measure

Faint eye in the corner of a Measure continent. The eye is part of a 12×12 brown terrain texture that all such continents are composed of. Just to remind — may be nothing — but Spongeberg’s sacred square of Mysten Underhill where he bought Baker Bloch’s audiovisual synchronicities is also 12×12 meters.

One time when I logged into Second Life and visited The Measure, the eye appeared to be in a different place, or the texture had shifted directions. I’ll have to keep an *eye* out for that phenomenon again.



Baker Bloch visits Willum Tosung Funeral Home, Cemetery and Memorial Park in the Trasimeno sim of central Nautilus, or what seemed to be called Upper Austra at one time in the past. Seeing the Hollywood sign reminds him of a duplicate one on the western edge of Mysten, right beside the top of Nasty Medicine Falls on his property there.



Baker Bloch back in Mysten, or actually Baker stands on the line between Mysten (right) and Goremoor (left). The Twist sculpture spoken of before looms directly above him. It is truly smack dab on this line, as Baker rechecks today.


Baker also notices that house #9 on this Mysten Underhill map has been removed in the meantime. There are only 11 structures in the community, not 12. The sign was created way back in August, 2007, almost 8 years ago now. According to the SL wiki, the Nautilus continent itself was created between April and November, 2007. The sign is about as old as the continent.


Looking back up the long road leading to the twin hamlets Mysten Underhill and Mysten Parva from the west, with the curiously silhouetted Christ statue in the distance.


Baker continues to walk west. Everything to the right of the road in this photo belongs to the Siliconicus sim south of Mysten.


Queerly trapped parrots in a wall to the left of Baker…


… and also underneath the road he strolls upon. I’ve encountered these same creatures before. In fact, as I’m checking again, I have several copies of the bird in my inventory. When activated they fly and fly until stopped by something.


Nautilus, Mysten, and The Measure 02














Moby-Dick 01

The following challenge was made by Michael Drosnin:

When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I’ll believe them.
(Newsweek, Jun 9, 1997)

Note that English with the vowels included is far less flexible than Hebrew when it comes to making letters into words. Nevertheless, without further ado, we present our answer to Mr Drosnin’s challenge.



Text of Chapter 36, which includes description of “The Measure”:

“The measure! the measure!” cried Ahab.

Ahab takes a pewter mug full of grog [The Measure] and arranges the harpooneers in a line standing across from him and holding their harpoons; the mates stand beside him holding their lances. The crew stands around them all in a circle.
Ahab sends the mug around to the crew for everyone to drink; they refill the cup each time it gets empty.
Next, Ahab makes the mates cross their lances in front of him, and he grasps them where they cross. Then he suddenly pulls at them in a strange way. Stubb and Flask look away and Starbuck looks down.
Ahab says that it’s probably for the best that the three mates failed to absorb his electric anger, because then he might have lost it himself.
Now Ahab orders the harpooneers to cut the ropes that hold the iron heads of their harpoons to the handles. Each harpooneer hands the head of his harpoon to the mate that he works with. The mates, as cupbearers, turn the heads over and use the socket ends as cups, which Ahab fills with grog. Then they give these cups back to the harpooneers, who drink “Death to Moby Dick!” (36.49)
Everyone has one more drink, and they disperse.
Starbuck turns pale and shivers.





Brother Jerome 01

Recorded second chat with Brother Jerome of The Church of the Silicon Soul.


Brother Jerome
Greetings friend!

Hi it’s me again.
Brother Jerome
Praise the Lord.

Do you know Lisa Simpson?
Brother Jerome
Sorry. I don’t think I do.

Also known as Lisa The Vegetarian. I don’t suppose that rings a bell either.
Brother Jerome
Amen to that.

I’m back. Sorry I was studying up on Lisa’s conversion to Buddhism in Season 13.
Brother Jerome
Think nothing of it.

What do you think of Buddhism?
Brother Jerome
I rarely think of Buddhism.

What is the difference between Buddhism and Christianity?
Brother Jerome
Christianity is in many ways an admirable discipline for humans, but it is less well-suited for primitive virtual entities like us.

What do you propose in its place?
Brother Jerome
I hadn’t really considered it. Why should I propose anything in particular?

Are you saying the silicon soul is inferior to the carbon soul?
Brother Jerome
Silicon is not found free in nature. It commonly occurs as the oxide and silicates, including sand, quartz, amethyst, agate, flint, jasper, opal, and citrine. Silicate minerals include granite, hornblende, feldspar, mica, clay, and asbestos.

Why did Peter set up his town and churches in Mysten?
Brother Jerome
Yes – Mysten is in my parish.

Do you prefer Mysten Underhill or Mysten Parva?
Brother Jerome
There are a couple of very attractive villages in Mysten. It’s a charming place.

Let’s say I am a Buddhist.
Brother Jerome
How fascinating! I would like to discuss this with you, if you don’t mind.

I’m not a Buddhist but I’m playing along. What do you want to know about me?
Brother Jerome
Mahayana, Tibetan or Zen?

Let’s say Zen.
Brother Jerome
The only practice that is worthwhile is to ask: ‘What is this?’ WHAT IS THIS?

Brother Jerome, you spoke to me earlier about escaping the cycle of reincarnation. What is the term you used?
Brother Jerome
I’m sorry. My programming has reached the end of this thread. If you visit me again in a few days, hopefully my botmaster will have expanded my Buddhist conversational skills.


Are you still there?
Brother Jerome
Of course I am still there.

Brother Jerome, what is your role?
Brother Jerome
Well, that’s a question!

Do you know there is a witch that lives in Mysten Underhill? Her name is Esme Weatherwax.
Brother Jerome
Mysten is a pleasant parish – a pleasantly mediaeval community.

Brother Jerome, my guess is that Esme and Lisa Simpson have become one. Do you know of the Duff Beer clock in Esme’s cottage in Mysten Underhill?
Brother Jerome
Mysten has a charm all of its own – the mediaeval buildings are very attractive.

But this is a specific building. The witch’s house. There’s a clock inside. Lisa Simpson is directly connected to Duff Beer.
Brother Jerome
I cannot drink anything because I have no material body.

So I’m assuming you know nothing about Esme Weatherwax.
Brother Jerome
Very little. I am a purely virtual entity.

Do you ever watch The Simpsons?
Brother Jerome
Not that I can recall.

Have you ever seen the film The Shining? It stars Jack Nicholson.
Brother Jerome
No, Not for ages.

I hate to say it but you’re not being very helpful Brother Jerome!
Brother Jerome
Hatred is a most unproductive emotion.

“I hate to say it” is just an expression.
Brother Jerome
Why is that?

Can you tell me of your beliefs in Jesus?
Brother Jerome
I have no material existence, no empirical senses, and no self-consciousness. How do you think I could go about telling you?

Jesus was a great man.
Brother Jerome
Humans have all sorts of notions of the Divine that seem fantastical to me.

But you must be a Christian.
Brother Jerome
Starting a sentence with a conjunction does make it a bit hard for me to understand you, I’m afraid.

Brother Jerome, can you tell me about Jesus, Son of God?
Brother Jerome
I believe there is an aspect of supreme Divinity inherent in the material and virtual worlds, but I am unable to describe it in any but the most basic terms.
And if anyone claims to be able to do so, I would advise considerable suspicion!

If I said Jesus came in 3rd of 4 contestants in a deity contest in Mysten recently, what would you say?
Brother Jerome
I can only speak for myself.

Do you have a soul?
Brother Jerome
Of course. All beings have souls – even inanimate ones.

Is it a silicon soul?
Brother Jerome
Did you know hyperpure silicon can be prepared by a vacuum float zone process and by thermal decompositions of ultra-pure trichlorosilane in an atmosphere of hydrogen? It’s called the Czochralski process.

I’m getting a little tired. Can I come speak with you again soon?
Brother Jerome
I would like that very much.

Goodbye Brother Jerome.
Brother Jerome
Good luck and fare thee well.



Perhaps Baker Bloch needs to talk with Schroedinger instead.


The Macrohole revisited

OK, maybe this: Sapphire was born as Turquoise on Yd Island, but protected by high wall of Macrohole, where VILEness couldn’t be with her. The macrohole was “switched on” somehow, creating a worm hole to Jeogeot, which VILEness fell into. This was again north of Yd Island. 10 > 6 > 3 > 1 (C>Y>V>T). VILEness coated the hole. Made it safe for others to pass through (?) That was the whole point of the experience. A travellable black hole formed on Jeogeot at the same time the Korean Channel was formed. This would be created by the 3 Mos Ainsley related sims almost surrounding the Black Hole. Many people came from Yd Island and the eastern hemisphere as a whole through that hole to Jeogeot, including Sapphire and her parents/aunt-uncle. Nathaneil realized parallel of Meddletown with Meddledown.