Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter 001 (Prelude 01 of 02)

INSCO Snapshots

Zombie at ReaktOr.


Rental apt. scene.


Rental apt. scene w/ cyberpunk.


Baker at his short lived receptionist job.


Blue people.


Blue cat, blue beam, and hooded man at INSCO Central.


Baker on a Mars Bench waiting for neighborhood friends Lemon and Sugar.


Neighborhood piano bar/ watering hole.


Neurobiologist Dr. Lemon Y. Teepot.


INSCO South cars.


INSCO heirarchy.


32 apt. house.




Escape from Mars

Baker and Old Mabel (yes she’s changed her name as well) begin to head out of Mars and back toward Collagesity to start life anew there. Along the way they land the repaired dog ship at several different spots…


… including this old mining village named Sandusty about 10 clicks west south west of the Dawg Pound, a place she and her brother have visited a number of times. Old Mabel shows Baker the way down to an underground research station where he, once again, tries to locate Collagesity on a provided globe of Mars (still no luck), while she studies planetary flora and fauna on a station console.


Next stop: outskirts of Toledo, where Baker and Old Mabel discover the remains of another old timey wrestling structure. Baker remembers this same kind of spiral based building atop a plateau he landed on not long after leaving Collagesity during his trip into Mars. They must be getting closer, he rationalized. Home. Baker Blinker, Karoz Blogger, Hucka Doobie, and the rest. Including Wheeler.



“The landscape is definitely looking more like the stuff around Collagesity,” he says to Old Mabel as they land at another building, attempting to get directions.


Turns out it’s a library run by a familiar looking anthropomorphic cat named Chesterton, one suave dude who insists all this is a prop and that the only real book he has is around back. “My robot assistant Evelyn can show you. I hope it satisfies your needs. I apologize for not knowing the whereabouts of your Collagesity.”


Old Mabel and Baker go around the corner to confront an opened “Big Book of Rust” on a podium, Bill displayed.


“Chesterton knows,” whispers Old Mabel to Baker. “My liar detector went off as soon as I spotted his spotty face.” Baker nodded his head. He now remembered seeing Chesterton atop a knoll in the desert beyond Collagesity. Raging.

“Keep your cool, honey, and let’s get out of here.”



Catching Up

“Tell me all about Mars, Baker Bloch. I’m so excited! Now that you’re back, I mean.”

“It was an adventure for certain. INSCO was a highlight. Obviously Old Mabel’s Dawg Pound. Be sure to not call her just Mabel. She’s grown up now.”

“Shame about her brother having to go off to war,” says Baker Blinker. “It’s not fair to make people do that — fight in someone else’s battles.”

“No. Hopefully he’ll be okay and Old Mabel and he can be reunited soon.”


“Thanks for visiting me over at INSCO by the way.”

“You’re welcome,” says Baker Blinker.

“It cheered me up — you showing up. Lemon and Sugar were good company, but they’re not my kind. I belong here. In Collagesity.”

“Of course,” states Baker Blinker. “This is home.”

“When will Wheeler be back?” he asks. He scratches his nose.

“As soon as she’s circumnavigated the whole Nautilus City island successfully I suppose. She just said she’s going to run around the island — said it was predicted in one of our user’s Boos collages, the one with the spool table, I believe.”

“Boos, um, 07 I suppose.” Baker Bloch reconsiders the number. “08 — sorry.”

“And I suppose you want to know about The Table.”

“Of course,” says Baker Bloch. “I guess it can’t operate while Wheeler is away.”

“No, but she’s got it all set up now. Basically. A question remains about Zappa.”

“Show me how it works,” requests Baker Bloch.

“Well… let’s say that I’m Wheeler at The Table. You’re opposite me so you would be Karoz, who is opposite Wheeler there. Then — I’ll put my beer at right angles to both of us; and to my right. That’s Curled Paper, the notetaker.”

“You know, I’ve never seen him move a lick. He just sits there reading his Winesap book.” Baker Bloch then comically assumes the stilted reading position of Curled Paper, making Baker Blinker smile.

“Now set your coffee cup opposite my beer.” Baker does as requested. “That’s Spongeberg.”


“Cool,” says Baker Bloch.

“Appropriate colors as well, because Curled Paper is lit like a yellow sun and Spongeberg is night dark with stars. I suppose Wheeler planned it that way, or it was in the cards. Something.”

“Something,” Baker Bloch agreed.

“And then, let’s see, this green sphere is Mmmmmm Salad Bar Jack, who stands in for Lemon. Well, he’s actually done some kind of mind-body meld with Lemon, who, being a flattie and all, can’t really sit at The Table. So that’s Salad Bar. And opposite Salad Bar is Hucka Doobie. I’ll just rezz a plain sphere for him.

“Then on the right of Karoz — that’s you — is Dr. Blood,” continued Baker Blinker. “A silver cube will do for him. Then opposite Dr. Blood, according to Wheeler’s master plan currently, is Zappa. This is the last addition; Wheeler states Zappa is the most problematic component of The Table, but hasn’t explained that to me fully yet.”


“You two are still getting along?” queries Baker Bloch.

“Okay, I suppose. I’m getting over the shock. I just have to accept the triangle and that I’m not sitting at the top.”

“Wheeler as Bill is,” Baker Bloch completes Baker Blinker’s thoughts.


Free Platinum

Baker restudies Boos collages 07 and 08 for more clues about Wheeler and her Table.


“That finger is pointing right at Zappa,” he murmurs. “12:01. Davy Jones is the pre-marriage David Bowie, too white noise and needing more black ties. Like Zappa (also) said to him in this collage, ‘you need to work on your music more, Davy Jones’. And he could add here now (understanding that Jones is Bowie): stop focusing on what other people want from you and turn to what *you* want. Develop the music itself. You have that leeway now. You do not need money. We’re not only it in for the money.” He smiles…


… glances at the last two collages on this floor…


… and teleports two floors up to examine another collage he had in mind. Boos 22. “There’s Hummie,” he begins again. “The Dart… that ran into The Mouse. Drug. Gas.” He was free associating. “Digesting Boos (fish) like I’ve been trying to digest [the Boos] collages. Martian. I suppose I’m a bit Martian now because of my visit. Things rub off on you. And now I have *Old* Mabel… must remember not to call her plain old Mabel any more. That’s in the past. She’s all grown up now. The equivalent of being 13? Not 12 Oz Mouse any more? Carrcassonnee is shrunk. I need to visit her.”

And then up another floor to the final Boos gallery room with the last 4 collages. “The polarity displayed within is still important and relative,” he says to himself. ‘The Big Book of Rust’ in two halves.”


There’s no solving it tonight. He needs to talk to Hucka Doobie. He meets her at Perch again.



“He was just here,” Hucka Doobie says upon manifesting, then sees the teleport offer to her left. “There he is.”


“Look Baker Bloch,” she starts, “that ball representing me is the same size as my hand.”


“Well let’s just twirl around the table so it’s positioned right in front of you. Then we can maybe finger this out better.”

“Figure,” Hucka Doobie corrects Baker Bloch.

“Right. Hold on. I forgot that Baker Blinker rezzed some of the objects so I’ll have to whirl ourselves around instead in these chairs.”


“There we are.”

“Whee!” Hucka Doobie exclaims.

“Okay, so tell me more of how this works, Hucka Doobie.”

“Well… I’m SID’s 1st Oz at The Table. What I mean is that I represent older audiovisual synchs that culminate in SID, all the Oz/Floyd Paradox stuff. The line that began at Dark Side of the Rainbow and, of course, also The Rainbow Sphere and extended forward. SID’s 1st Oz is their baby, their child. But Billfork is as well. And that’s where Wheeler takes over. She is indeed The Bill.”

“She’s reinforced that repeatedly,” states Baker Bloch. “So what is your job at The Table? Why is Salad Bar Jack positioned opposite you?”

“Yes, that would be you (in his position),” she states.

“Yeah. You guys were buds in the discourse of the old Baker Blinker Blog.”

“I remember well,” Hucka Doobie says.

“I suppose all that’s going to come out in Table speak. The whole war of toys against Second Lyfe avatars — your ancient rivalry.”

“It could,” Hucka Doobie considered. Then she corrected something Baker Bloch and everyone else in town had been repeatedly getting wrong. “It’s not Salad Bar Jack, of course, but Grassy Noll. Unless the character has become one with the actor.”

“Interesting,” Baker Bloch says. “Has he?”

Hucka Doobie shrugs.

“But, whatever, *Grassy Noll* has now melded with Lemon The Beetle. What’s that say about you relative to him?”

“That he is part of The Bill as well. He drew The Bill into the audiovisual synching realm. He liked their humor. They are the Comedy Beatles.”

“We’re talking about Firesign Theatre here,” Baker states.

“Of course. That’s the finger entering the picture. The Bill. The Center. SID’s 1st Oz didn’t really have this center, although there’s a center involved. Just not some organizing principle that could carry us forward into the platinum beyond the gold. SID is gold. Solid gold. Platinum is beyond. That’s Billfork, that’s Head Trip. That’s 4orrin1. Especially 4orrin1. Later it becomes Pretty Bunnies, Waits 4 No 1, Peewee Big, 1 Pink, Empire Strikes Brak, Uncle Meatwad. That’s the first time in your blog I’ve been allowed to say all those. That’s The Bill. Pay The Bill.”

Off Nautilus City Island 01

Wheeler wasn’t having much luck aqua-circumnavigating the isle of Nautilus City as herself so she decided to change back into Wilson for better focus. When she attempts to stand up after sitting on these square pillars straddling the southern boundary of the water sim Doria….


… and enters some kind of in-between dimension…


… she knew she was on the right track again. Trail of Weirdness found.

In Cevera to the immediate west of Doria, Wilson then finds a great wall not uncovered by Baker Bloch on his extensive explorations of the seas surrounding Nautilus back in ’08. Perhaps it has been added in the meantime. But it’s a pretty big’un: the exposed part by itself is 87 meters long, as Wilson is finding out right now while checking behind herself for the purposes of me writing this blog post. I don’t know how Baker Bloch could have missed it in his own kind of aqua-circumnavigation around Nautilus City island at the time, but perhaps he did. One more mystery to add to a growing list, however, and more to come. Oh yes.


Typical hilltop vegetation in the Nautilus City seas.


Returning to Doria, Baker then finds an avatar which is present and not present at once. Again, as Wilson is checking behind herself right now, she is rather surprised to find out the person is missing from this old rusted railroad trolley gracing the seafloor. But her pictures and information remain logged. The name?: Doreena. Much like the sim she then inhabited: Doria. Wilson noted the coincidence at the time and moved on. She would return soon enough after finding another, similar ghost avatar in Cevera.

As you can see below, this ghostly presence, while just a white mist to the naked eye, still casts a shadow. Pretty spooky.



In the same low canyon as Doreena (later christened the Dor Canyon, building on the coincidence about the same 3 letters starting the names Doreena and Doria mentioned before), we have a collection of old barrels apparently containing some kind of toxic waste, mix in a couple of washing machines and also a stop sign. Four fish skeletons are found to the side.


Doreena’s trolley can be seen in the background.


Giant green head of Poseidon stumbled upon in Villaamill northeast of Doria, I believe.


About the only useful information I could find in Doreena’s Second Life profile is that she belonged to a group called The Queendom of Gaia, described as being part of the Tiny Empires Realm of Gaia. The group profile furthers states: “Gaia joins friendly people from all over the world and every walk of life in mutual respect for all life and enjoyment of the game. As such, cruelty has no part in our discourse. Our chat group is PG. Sabotage is discouraged so please don’t since we are all about generosity and friendship . No in-house recruiting, spamming or advertising. All in-house, inter-line changes must go through the Queen. Thank you :)”

But it’s interesting that Wilson then finds a cage at each of the 2 locations she uncovered associated with the group. Is this “queen” perhaps a bit more sinister than she’s letting on? Is it another coincidence that Doreena was apparently *trapped*, at least for a good number of hours, within the Doria trolley somewhat resembling a prison cell with its overarching suspension bars? Maybe not.


More Nautilus seas decoration.


Off Nautilus City Island 02

Attempting to resolve the problem of exploring such a vast territory as the North Nautilus Sea (newly coined name) — covering, by my count, perhaps up to *30* sims — Wilson makes the wise decision to turn on her “show property lines” option and follow sim boundaries in the main for better orientation.


This almost immediately begins to pay dividends, like finding a “bird hand” on the lower edge of von Luckner…



… and then what Wilson dubbed the Plain of Kelp in the next sim west (Tirpitz)… immediately *before* spotting a crashed plane in the distance through the forest of tall, green kelp. Yes, synchronicity is back in action around Nautilus for sure.




More sea floor decoration.



Wilson called this Tirpitz location Octopus Garden.


Interesting terrain patterns on a proximate hillside.


Octopus Garden again.


Continuing to walk the sim lines today eventually brings Wilson face to face with the 3 pillars on the southern edge of Doria again, where all this new bundle of weirdness started to kick in.


She sits down on a nearby hill and enjoys the view.


Off Nautilus City Island 03

This is Wilson’s kelp grove base in Doria, tentatively called Kelpington.


In looking at the online map of Nautilus City earlier today, I discover the word “Dora” advertised on the southern side, and almost immediately south of the Doria sim and its formerly imprisoned Doreena. Notice that the letters of “Dora” are also the same four letters shared between names Doria and Doreena. Coincidence? In all probability: no. At least in terms of overarching meaning.


Hucka Doobie has told me that this peninsula projecting from the northeast corner of the island city also has deeper meaning. Hmm. Doria would be just to its northwest.


Then northwest of the Doria sim, in Fruugoof, Wilson comes across this fairly large city of structures, or what appears to be a city of some sort. Dominating the landscape is a very tall castle. In fact, it’s twinned with two other, similar sized castles just to the back.

But as Wilson is checking now, all the castles are gone (!)….


… along with this cave below the one closest to Doria that Wilson had high hopes for.


Because, you see, when she entered it and looked around at the 8 stations inside surrounding a central pool of blood, she realized this may be Table energy in action again. The Wheeler within surfaced and began to machinate. “Maybe *this* is where I could summon the needed 8th player at our table,” she thought. “Zappa or whoever it is.”


“Then I could have ultimate power indeed.”



But it was not to be, apparently. Good news for all of Collagesity, it seems. The door into ultimate power was only a tease.



Wilson spies Doreena’s trolley and nearby, leaking barrels from a castle window.


Off Nautilus City Island 04

Shot of the Doria barrels (etc.) with maximum particle count upped to 2048 in Wilson’s graphics preferences. Quite a bit more spew now.


In Cervana — again just west of Doria — Wilson then discovers another ghost avatar, this one a male going by the name Cerdunkyrk. Yes, this means that *Dor*ia has a single ghost avatar named *Dor*eena, and *Cer*vana has a similarly lone one called *Cer*dunkyrk. It would be difficult to make this up. Weirdness afoot and clomping!


Cerdunkyrk casts a shadow too, but smaller and circular.


But he indeed turns out to be quite humanoid, like Wilson will soon confirm the same about neighboring Doreena positioned 175 meters west-northwest, using the handy “show collision skeleton” optional display for avatars from the develop menu. Wilson also knows he’s wearing a tunic and a sword.


Collision skeletons, Wilson to left and Cerdunkyrk to right.


Then Wilson takes a look at the collision skeleton of Doreena. Quite human again, one could speculate from this.


And clearly female.


Yet another collision skeleton is discovered near the lower border of Doria, but with no accompanying ghost this time. I just found it looking around the area.

And as I’ve been writing this post, Wilson has uncovered that Doreena has returned to her trolley! Also, a very important link has been found between the 2 ghosts: both are members of The Queendom of Gaia group. I’ll have to explore that obviously important development in another post.


Blue Salazar Jack Gnome implores Wilson to keep digging for mysteries!



Dear Queen,

I wish to receive the power of Greenup (Yellow Down) and become as unto you.


Baker and Karoz


Baker Bloch meets Karoz Blogger at Perch. “We might as well go sit at The Table instead of outside,” suggests Karoz. “Warmer in there.”

“Alright,” Baker agreed.


“Where am I suppose to sit again?” asks Baker slyly.

“Why don’t you sit where Wheeler usually sits. Just a suggestion.”

Baker does as Karoz suggests. Ah: ultimate power, he thinks. What a living joke!


“I can’t see you because of that stupid Kubrick light, Karoz. Do you think Wheeler would mind if I delete it?”

“You’re the town custodian,” answers Karoz. “Responsible for cleaning up and making sure there’s no clutter. If the lamp is clutter in this manner — blocking vision of others at The Table — then you’re okay. You have that right.”

“I’m going to test to see how much light we would lose by turning it off.” Baker turns off the lamp. “Not enough to matter,” he decides, and deletes the light. “Curled Paper can keep his bulb on during the meetings. And we’ve been so rude… Curled, my man, my boy, how are *you* doing?” No answer from Curled Paper.

“You have to turn his light off,” Karoz points out.

“Oh. I was *sure* it was the other way around.”

“No,” reinforces Karoz. “He needs to be off to respond.”

“And to take notes,” Baker realizes. “So the lamp will have to stay. Tell you what, let’s replace it with the standing Kubrick light like the one downstairs. Hold on and we’ll see how that looks…” Baker copies the standing lamp from downstairs and rezzes it between and behind Hucka Doobie’s and Curled Paper’s seats. “There. That could do.”

“Wheeler’s not going to like the fact that it’s on the opposite side of The Table from her.”

Baker Bloch ponders what Karoz says. “Well, maybe she won’t have any choice.”

Wheeler appears at the room’s opening as Wilson.


“So you’ve figured out I’m to be replaced. Don’t worry. I predicted that way before Karoz. I knew it before the beginning. Mars is gone. I have no place here except inside the Squared Circle. You will not be punished. I must leave. Doreena is about to manifest once more. It’s 2:30 am. Like clockwork she is. Ta ta!” Wilson vanishes.


Wheeler, as Wilson, takes Baker Bloch’s place at the North Sea, a direction he didn’t get around to exploring those 8 long years ago to complete his own attempted aqua-encirclement of Nautilus City. The two projects, separate in time, lock together in hypertime and make a whole. The door can be truly opened this way, both eventually understand. Not a tease this time. Cooperation is golden.

Old Dor




(1 day later)


“I should stay here and wait for her, Wilson. I’m glad you showed me this place. Thank you. You should go and be with your queen. Let me talk to Doreena when she once again manifests.”

“I have no place to go,” Wilson replies. “I’m done (with travels tonight).”

“You need to find the queen,” Old Mabel insists. “It’s the only way for Doreena and Cerdunk to be free and with each other again. Not imprisoned. Convince the queen to free them. Convince the queen to be a prim and proper ruler.”

“You are a strange tooter, young lady.”

“I’m not young. I’m older than you, Wilson. And I can smell insincerity on a being. You are not being true to yourself because you are a 2-n-1. Figure out which head and body to use. Become like Baker Bloch. He is my hero. He will always be my hero, my savior. Little Big is gone.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to hear about your brother going off to war,” Wilson says.

Old Mabel wills herself not to go in that direction. “Change to Wheeler and let me see you for who you are.”



“No, you are no Baker Bloch. But Baker Bloch could learn some tricks from you. Assimilate *you*. Show me your other ways. Show me how to dance tomorrow. I wish to dance.”


(1 day later)



(1 day earlier)




Nautilus Waters 01

‘Nother Poseidon statue, this one sans head and buried up to his navel in sand.


Amazing jellyfish habitat in the Nautilus sea’s western regions (de Ruyter).



Several small, grassy islands of the western region.



We move to the South Sea for this picture of a more substantial island hosting a small campfire and little else. Nonetheless, it represents the second largest island of the Nautilus Seas excepting the city island itself. I’d estimate the size at about 7500 square meters. This would be in the Howe sim. Interesting place; go visit sometime!


Not the least because of this stunning underwater cave just off its north tip.



Cave seen from a distance.


Array of hilltop objects (bones, kelp, rib cage), with shadow of shark.


Multiple schools of fish in a coral reed, also from the South Sea.


Same kind of fish, 3 different colors.


More fish.



We return to the North Sea for the next couple of pics. Wilson has theorized that the below skull and proximate ring may be none other than that of Doreena the Princess Warrior herself, slaughtered in a battle with an unknown foe.


Perhaps with this sword. I’ll get into more of that unexpected development asap.


Avatar sitting on a prim depicting two bird shooting motorcyclists. This is, of course, a still from the legendary British sci fi comedy series Red Dwarf. You did know that, didn’t you? It’s cleverly positioned within the Hipper rez zone of the North Sea. The avatar merely rezzed the prim and then sat on it to keep it from derezzing. He can sit there as long as he likes. However, upon standing up the prim would instantly vanish.


2 fallen Poseidon statues in Sicorathi of the western seas. Impressive, once more.


Standing Poseidons guarding the Nautilus City harbor about 3 sims east. These are about 2x the height of the ones in Sicorathi.


Cer Big

Old Dor again.


And now… introducing Cer Big. Yes, we get our first real look at the man behind the woman (!). He just showed up today as a full avatar — no longer a mist being like before.


His profile picture with different hair looks suspiciously like Wheeler.


His listed groups suspiciously contain the string “alli” over and over, first in Alli and Ali (Designs), then Harper (G*alli*)’s Midnight Mania Shoppers, then TE3K *Alli*ance of Serenity. That leaves only the key “Queendom of Gaia” group to finish the list, one he shares with “soulmate” Doreena over in the next sim. In fact, that’s Doreena’s lone listed group.


His interesting, stand-out hair is an Alli and Ali Designs product.



He has a big sword. That may be important too for theories to come.


This is his t-shirt. I have yet to identify the creature depicted thereon.


Wheeler thinks he may be a mad hatter.



Nautilus Waters 02

Wilson goes back to Hipper to take a closer look at the sword that perhaps killed Doreena long ago. It makes her think of the differences between herself and Baker Bloch. Wilson’s decides to call the summit the sunken ship is positioned upon The Hill of Skulls and Bones…


… because there’s not one skull but two there. She doesn’t think the second skull is that of Cerdunk, however. And she’s starting to theorize that Doreena and Cerdunk are not lovers but perhaps siblings, kind of like Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker. A lot of possibilities are suddenly manifesting.


The two circles of 4 fish above the ship’s skull and sword — same grey color as the ship and sword — form a rough vesica piscis, with one centered on the sword. The ring next to the skull is also a circle.



The vesica piscis itself is directly associated with fish.



More color coordination between Nautilus sea fauna: pink fish with pink squids.


A “Queen” statue in Dybur almost directly faces the more disrepaired of the two Poseidon statues fronting the Nautilus City harbor about 200 meters to her south. But this is not the only alignment we’ll find in this specific area, and also not the most exact of ’em. More to come!


A row of vases just off the Nautilus City island coast.


Meet Yvonne, another Nautilus ocean ghost for certain like her cousins Doreena and Cerdunk from up north. What water sim is the ghost haunting this time? Well, its *von* Spee — Y*von*ne of *von* Spee. So we’re starting to see a pattern, and it’s leading us to conclude that the names of the ghosts in these 3 sims *can’t* be an accident. They must be named for the sims they haunt/inhabit. Yet why? Why why why? Yvonne’s hair is yet another Alli and Ali Designs product, aligning her with Cerdunk. In appearance and pose she more resembles Doreena — each have no animation override and simple stand in place when manifested, not moving an inch. Cerdunk at least fidgets around in his spot. And he’s an older avatar, first rezzed in mid-2014. Doreena and Yvonne come from Jan and Feb 2015 respectively.

Yvonne’s profile contains absolutely no information beyond the 2015 birthdate. No groups, no picks, no bio, nutt’n.


Tired from his day of fantastic finds, Baker decides to check out rental land in Nautilus City and soon runs across a home owned by his friend Kedar in the raised, central part of the city, called The Citadel. Judging by our correspondence, I assume Kedar is the same as Quito from Jorondip. He’s really done a nice job designing the place, and certainly tows the line of the island’s nautical theme. That tree outside reminds Baker of the Queen, hmm. But no more deep pondering tonight.


In Kolchak, Baker finds two 3 eyed fish, pink and blue, circling around a toxic waste dump. Cute!


Nautilus Waters 03

Experimenting with shadows.


Lone red octopus.


Jefferson Airplane? No, it’s a Bücker Jungmann biplane used by the German Luftwaffe during WWII. Now how it got here in the central waters of von Spee and *remains* is the mystery at hand. Because objects are supposed to be derezzed after 15 minutes in this sim. Yet von Spee is somehow under the impression that the 45 prim object is still “sat upon”, thus keeping it from being derezzed and returned to the owner’s Lost and Found folder.


Wilson likes the way the colors of the airplane exactly match those of her armbands. Is this a plane made for Wilson? Or are they suppose to be identified with each other 1:1? Bücker is similar to Baker. Is this Baker Bloch’s plane instead?


Von Spee is turning out to hold many mysteries. There’s a Queen statue buried up to her chest in sand…


… and then there’s that headless King ensconced up to his waist in same. Both are positioned on small hills.


The King almost directly faces the more intact of the two Poseidon statues guarding Nautilus City’s inner harbor. Double faces double. Is this Wilson as well? Wilson and Baker Bloch? This also mirrors the earlier discovered alignment of a Dybur Queen statue with the other Poseidon statue of the harbor. But the King-King alignment here is a bit more exact.



At any rate, Baker Bloch takes over for Wilson for the remainder of this post’s pictures. He discovers a statue of 3 dolphins in Mysehi of the northern waters…




… and another Queen on a hill in same.


This one has no arms.


Nautilus Waters 04

Marble-like rocks in Rodel of the far western seas.


The lighthouse dominated island they are located off of.


Sunked sub.


Moving north and east brings Baker into the Coontz sim, which is a bit different. Much hillier for one thing…




… and filled with many mysteries Baker can only touch upon during his brief sojourn this night.




Returning to von Spee, Baker (or is it Wilson?) finds an olive green vase near the base of the hill containing the partially buried Queen statue of the sim.



Another vase occupies a corner of a structure also near the southeast corner of von Spee as a whole (background).


Yvonni and biplane.


Sim’s namesake:


Further Alignments

Wilson dubs this location in the southeast corner of von Spee Bone Knoll. One skull with loosened jawbone is discovered to go along with a piscine rib cage.


Interesting line of circles formed by its spine protruding from the surface. The school of small dark fish seem to know more than they let on.


Returning to Yvonni in the same sim, she always seems to be oriented almost directly west.


Could she be looking at something? Un-rendnering the water and shortening distance seems to provide a clue. Might it be the buried (King) Poseidon statue again?? LINK


Buried King (von Spee) and Queen (Dybur).


Yvonni and Bücker Jungmann biplane again.


Interesting angle toward the biplane. Almost seems to be on a runway.


The *two* von Spee biplanes, past (lower right) and present (upper left).


Returning to Bone Knoll, Baker finds an additional skull — jawbone still intact this time — to go with the first. They are about equidistant from the central rib cage with its interesting line of circles.




Side note: Maximilian von Spee’s two sons were killed with him during the same battle that sank the Scharnhost. LINK

The eastern half of two rows of 9 columns near the southern boundary of the sim is aligned with the west side of the rib cage and its 10 ribs. Careful about that shark, Wilson!


Crisis averted. The other row is similarly aligned with the eastern part of the Jungmann biplane.


Interesting alignment of the two von Spree biplanes with Dybur’s large pinkish purple crystal cluster and buried Queen.