Collagesity 2016 Later 002 (Prelude 02 of 02, June-July)

Collagesity Changes

The Table House is gone for now, and while briefly playing around with reinserting the Toxic Art Gallery holding the “Art 10×10” at that location, I might have now instead settled on the return of Norris Temple to Collagesity. Nice fit.




And I can create a small and round “Table Room” on the top level. I think this is a go…


For the problem of where to display the crucial “Art 10×10”, I’ve also decided tonight to rez the SoSo Gallery in Collagesity, replacing the Bodega Market. Within you can procure a landmark to the entire “10×10” on exhibit in the Edwardston Station Gallery of Cayuga. Although an “illegal” build, the cubic form of the ESG has been there for well over a year now. Problem seemingly solved. SoSo itself contains 1/5th of the “10×10” in the Oblong series from 2006, one of my favorites.




Edwardston Station Gallery, Cayuga


Karoz’s college remains intact through all this. When will new collages be created? Perhaps pretty soon.

Baker Bloch…

… is set to reclaim his old home next to the Rubi Woods. But does he want to?



In other news, Carrcassonnee has proposed to the rest of my virtual family that Real Life Bigfoot and Second Lyfe Collagesity sort of join forces in moving forward. I, of course, find myself asking how this would work, but in a larger picture, ignoring the details for now, it makes perfect sense. Both Bigfoot and Collagesity, at least in its Second Lyfe incarnation, have limited lives, maybe 5-6 years each. Maybe 7-8. Both, as entities unto themselves, are wondering about a next step to solidify their already established value. Bigfoot has seemingly replaced Whitehead Crossing as a woodsy focus for me. I find myself returning to Bigfoot again and again lately, while The Crossing seems to drain me if I visit it in turn. I think I’m drawing energy from the former’s close proximity to civilization and The Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. While still pretty close to me distance-wise, Whitehead X-ing is quite removed from same, and depends more on *alien* energy which has probably retreated. And, after all, Bigfoot and Whitehead Crossing are also intimately tied, it seems, in a kind of alpha-omega relationship concerning this. The former moves close…


… while the latter steps backwards into shadow.

How does it work? Maybe we better just ask Carrcassonnee…


“Hi Jim. Nice night tonight.”

“You may pass.”

“Um, thanks.”


Baker walks up Cannon Street into the meat of Collagesity. He pauses to poke around the newest town structure a bit: the old Norris Temple, which doubles as the town rocket launcher.


In all likelihood, this is at least the *space* in the town where the projected, new collages (Bogota series) will be exhibited. Perhaps not this particular building, but on this spot. And it is here that Collagesity and Bigfoot must unite as well, with cursory explorations in this direction already begun with the appearance of Chester in Old New Town, currently derezzed.

Baker wonders how this could be accomplished. The idea of making a “life size” replica of Bigfoot Swamp and surrounding roads crossed his mind, but he dismissed it as being too literal an interpretation, kind of like the error colleges do when they attempt to exactly recreate their real life campus and buildings on their Second life land. Second Life is not really about replicating what we have in real life, although that has its slot. It is instead mainly about the creation of the *new*, or should be. Collagesity looks little like a town in real life. It’s really a collection of gallery buildings in the main, but each building has a story.

Ah, Baker has finally gotten around to Carrcassonnee’s gazebo, speaking of buildings.


Ah, Baker. Have a seat. You’re here to discuss the merger. Chester will be joining us. Do you want one of his cheese snacks. They’re quite tasty. Thank you Chester.


“What’s with the dog,” Chester responds in a cool, bass voice. “What’s with the numbers?”


That’s Spider, my brother from another mother. The numbers reflect a mystery. The mystery of 2130. Come to think of it, Baker, we never resolved that mystery.




Ummm. Can’t remember. I went into the 2130 corridor with Starbuccanneer Barista, I believe. We saw a picture.


Do you remember the picture? It could be important.


Yes. It was about MessiaenSphere.


This Friday, you will visit your own mama. What will happen?


Probably just read this here blog again.


Will you?





What of your old home? Will you reclaim it?


As you know, Baker Blinker plans a bit of a retreat herself, along with Karoz. In fact, let’s say they’re on a retreat. Maybe somewhere near the Kerchal forest. Possibly Nautilus City.


I know the answer but I’m not telling[ presently].


So, yes, I might reclaim the home, if Baker Blinker wishes to turn it over.



And then there’s Dr. Mulholland to deal with now. Another move more toward Real Life from Second Lyfe.


Well that’s true. She seems to accomplish stuff that Baker Blinker couldn’t.


They’re Hidi and Lodi, but you are more a Hidi person. Lodi must retreat back into shadow. That’s another joining. But there’s still the purse involved. Blinks gave the doctor back her purse, which was hers all along.


I suppose that could be true.


The passing of the purse. Waking up. Dr. Mulholland opens her eyes to Mulholland Dr. Open the box.


Yd Island











“Oh Chester, you’re still here.”

“Yeah, cool-i-o man. You here to talk to the man? The man *wo*-man. Have a seat, have a seat.”

“Thanks. How’re you doing today? Weather here is perfect, as usual.”

“Oh it’s hot. Unbearably. Tiger weather,” slithers Chester. “Watch your back dude-i-o. Unusual weather indeed.”

“I better sit over in this other chair, Chester, so Carrcassonnee can see me better.” Baker Bloch sits down. Carrcassonnee stares back at him but doesn’t respond.

“Is Carrcassonnee “on”?”, Baker asks Chester after a moment.

“Oh it’s hot.” Chester replies cryptically.

“Yeah, not so much here. Real life it’s pretty hot. Up there. In, er, heaven.”

“Heaven-*ly*. But moreso… hell. Hellish hell.”

“Is this a statement about…?”

“Yes,” Chester interjects. You must feel sorry instead of mad. Mad weather up there. Us cool-i-o dudes down here are lucky. Luck-*y*.”



I went down to Whitehead Crossing this past Monday but the bugs kept me from taking any photos. They didn’t yank the camera out of my hands but they were still buzzing around my face, threatening to get into my eyes if I didn’t stop waving my hands in front of ’em. As Chester says, it’s kind of hell up here in the summer. No bugs in Second Life. No afternoon thunderstorms to wet things up until the next one rolls around the following day. But I still think Bigfoot may be accessible during the summer — *has* been accessible (so far). That’s a big advantage. And I revisited Con Creek as well on Sunday and enjoyed a rather pleasant tromp to Green Stream and the Korean Channel, just like old days. Visited Damsel Island…

What of Collagesity? In Second Life (or My Second Lyfe), I’ve been hanging out over at Yd Island on the Nautilus continent a bit. I won’t go into detail except to say that it’s kind of piqued my interest about the island mythology again.


And Nautilus in general. Mystenopolis: what’s that all about?






Is this where Bogota will be born?




06/17/16: Faune still there!

Birthplace of Bogota?

Baker Bloch was biking around BoB (Birthplace of Bogota) when he spied what looked to be Dr. Mulholland in the distance, sitting on a bench underneath one of apparently several airport terminals in the metro area. It was a rather shocking spectre…


… until he realized it was instead the original, generic Linden avatar Dr. Mulholland’s physical appearance is based upon, called Amy. Still, it got him thinking: where *is* Dr. Mulholland? He’d find out soon enough. Turns out he/she knows about BoB as well.


Nice site with lots of freebies called Vintage Dreams Village and Freebies Mall, in the Tholfinger sim just north of Jorondip where most of the BoB action has taken place so far. More on all this soon. Baker’s already secured a number of these freebies…


A beggar on the facility. Baker Bloch didn’t have any spare change on him at the time.


Across the street (bricked Highway 14) Blochs comes across a giant pickle he just has to ride.



There are quite a number of Buddha statues in and around BoB, this one in Delchdork.


I haven’t come across a globe of Second Life like the one pictured below in my explorations, but, then again, I, through my avatars like Baker Bloch, haven’t been traveling through this virtual reality at the rapid pace I use to. Pretty much been stuck in Collagesity for the past 2 years, with small stints in Mystenopolis and Nautilus City. That’s about it.


A mysterious head appears above an equally perplexing house in Nuggy, the sim west of Jorondip. Reminds me of something you might encounter in Twin Peaks’ Black Lodge (note the floor).



Back in Jorondip for this photo.


And up into Gormthoog above Tholtfinger (in turn, above Jorondip) for these last two of the present post.


Bloch sits in a bar beside the tattoo parlor pictured above, wondering where his true place in Second Life is. Does Collagesity still fit the bill? Will my/his virtual family end up just moving to BoB when the collage making starts going again? And where is Dr. Mulholland in all this? Baker Blinker? Karoz? Hucka Doobie? He drinks more beer but is unable to resolve the questions in his mind today.


BoB research,_Mississippi

Quito is an unincorporated community located in Leflore County, Mississippi. Quito is approximately 6 miles (9.7 km) north of Morgan City and 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Itta Bena along Mississippi Highway 7.

It is part of the Greenwood, Mississippi micropolitan area.

The cemetery of Payne Chapel in Quito is one of three locations held to be the burial place of blues musician Robert Johnson.


Quito *looks* like it was named for proximate Mosquito Lake but maybe not. Maybe it is named for the South American capital of Ecuador. The wikipedia article on the village doesn’t provide an answer. We do learn from the article that Alexandria is a variant name of this particular Quito, with the citation as James F. Brieger’s “Hometown Mississippi” published in 1980.

The 3 listed burial sites of legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, all in the same county of LeFlore:

The exact location of his grave is officially unknown; three different markers have been erected at possible sites in church cemeteries burial outside Greenwood.

Research in the 1980s and 1990s strongly suggests Johnson was buried in the graveyard of the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church near Morgan City, Mississippi, not far from Greenwood, in an unmarked grave. A one-ton cenotaph in the shape of an obelisk, listing all of Johnson’s song titles, with a central inscription by Peter Guralnick, was placed at this location in 1990, paid for by Columbia Records and numerous smaller contributions made through the Mt. Zion Memorial Fund.
In 1990, a small marker with the epitaph “Resting in the Blues” was placed in the cemetery of Payne Chapel near Quito, Mississippi, by an Atlanta rock group named the Tombstones, after they saw a photograph in Living Blues magazine of an unmarked spot alleged by one of Johnson’s ex-girlfriends to be Johnson’s burial site.[45]
More recent research by Stephen LaVere (including statements from Rosie Eskridge, the wife of the supposed gravedigger) indicates that the actual grave site is under a big pecan tree in the cemetery of the Little Zion Church, north of Greenwood along Money Road. Through Stephen LaVere, Sony Music has placed a marker at this site, which bears LaVere’s name as well as Johnson’s.

An interviewee in the documentary The Search for Robert Johnson (1991) suggests that owing to poverty and lack of transportation Johnson is most likely to have been buried in a pauper’s grave (or “potter’s field”) very near where he died.


Quito, MS and Quito, TN are both near an Egypt.


Unsure how much to delve into BoB research, the name I’ve coined for the rather sprawling urban landscape of the Nautilus continent just south and west of Mystenopolis, the latter perhaps an “older” (and smaller) community. Baker Bloch has moved several structures into the area already, and, in the same sim (Jorondip), has stumbled upon an old cemetery that may yield further insight into BoB’s past.



Iva Ben Steppedon?

If this is truly BoB, or the “Birthplace of Bogota”, then a possible gallery holding the projected series may form immediately west of the cemetery. Seems pretty much like fate, then — if I can dig up the history stuff. Perhaps research on that Steppedon family is in order. The cemetery parcel is owned by a man named Quito and a group named Doggerland. Quito is the capital of the South American country of Ecuador, the next door neighbor of Bolivia whose capital is Bogota. Likewise this Quito owned parcel could be next door to the parcel where I create the Bogota gallery. Again: seems fate. But we’ll see.

Bogota gallery? Left or right side, if so?


Moving Forward

(joined in progress)


“… much more to see and do in Collagesity than meets the eye. You aren’t finished here.”

Baker Bloch:

Thanks for that, Carrcassonnee.


You’re welcome. Now. Let’s talk about Bigfoot.

[delete 19 exchanges]

Baker Bloch:

I wondered how the yellow chair got to be there. The old traverse.

Carr. (correcting):

Ford. (pause)

Baker Bloch:

Getting back to Collagesity, we haven’t really resolved the problem of going forward. I don’t know if I can delete the town after over 2 years in.


*Almost* 2 years. We started in July 2014. July 1. Independence Day. Bad film, by the way. Aliens are our friends!

Baker Bloch:

It’s nice to chat with you again, Carrcassonnee. Sorry I haven’t gotten you out into your beloved woods very much.


[It’s] okay. The town’s future is [more important now].

BBloch (looking up the ladder again):

So that’s a secret portal, eh?


We have to find out.



Upon checking the Second Life map as he walked out of Carrcassonnee’s gazebo, Baker saw activity in the northwest corner of the Rubi Woods. Avatars.



I think someone is about to be sectioned!

But during the time I write these words, the incident is apparently over. No sign of the avatars when Baker Bloch teleports over there, although I swear I saw 2 people scurrying across the road just before, using distant vision. Didn’t have time for a snapshot. Is it more Rubi Woods ghosts??

BoB Flaws

The center of Jorondip: a pretty nondescript garage.


In the same sim: tree for a tree (pet). There’s a question of whether an independent gallery (left) personally created by Baker Bloch would serve better than a rental unit for at least the start of the projected Bogota collage series.


Main Street, BoB. Not a heck of a lot here. More than most places in Second Life for certain, but still…


Another possibility for the “Birthplace of Bogota” is VHC City, with VHC standing for Virtual Hotel Chelsea, by far the largest structure in the approximately 2 sim city occupying an eastern location on the Heterocera continent. A good number of galleries already exist in the berg.


And there’s plenty of hideaways for relaxing and taking in the scenes.


In the large underground passages of VHC City, Baker Bloch stumbles upon a hidden stash of nuggy.



A defined sinkhole exists just east of the town, something Baker had missed before. Mark it down as the *second* known sinkhole of Heterocera, with the first being in the aptly named Sikkima sim just below my Collagesity in Minoa. This is an interesting find…


Heterocera is a very picturesque continent.


This snapshot comes from the Corsica continent, specifically the sim of Asha where Baker was pleased to find out he could erect his Gloomy Gus home and perhaps start hanging around the Asha hills again a bit.


I think I snapped this Nautilus map picture at a BoB airport. Notice that what I call Yd Island is instead named the Island of Babylon here (center of map). Not sure why. And also the sea I call The Scorpion is named Star Fish Lake (top of map), obviously for its tentacled appearance.


Bigfoot, Collagesity, Whitehead X-ing, BoB, etc.


I continue to visit Bigfoot at least once a week during the hotter months, sometimes 2x or even 3x. I should go more. No art happening, per se, um, happened this spring/summer there, but the possibilities in the future for that remain strong, centered around either Bigfoot Proper (where my chair and spool table are and where the happening last fall occurred), or the newer region I’ve named, for now, Chester (also known as Second Place or Secondary — probably Second Place). Chesterton? (compliment to Porter on Leola Creek?) I’ve taken lots of pictures, and am very pleased that I can continue going there in the hot weather. The last time I visited — Saturday I believe — saw not one but three snakes, all at the Plateau of Raw Art, however, and not down in Bigfoot. Two were seen in the old high school drainage system. I also ran across a blacksnake on the main path into Bigfoot a couple weeks back, running just south and above the Plateau. And then a smaller snake (garter) was spotted around Bigfeet Swamp itself in April, my first one of the year.

What of Second Life and Collagesity and BoB, the new place I’ve outlined on the Nautilus continent near the “older” village of Mystenopolis? Well, no really tangible development there either, nor on the collage front. Dr. Mulholland is back and training for her next “assignment”, mainly at a BoB spa called [Finland Small]. What is the assignment? Well, I think it is to protect me, baker b., and through me, Baker Bloch, from harm. A new threat has arisen in that direction, replacing the entity known as “Me” or “My” from this spring. A lesser threat, admittedly, one call [Lime Lite]. It is Dr. Mulholland’s job to rise to the challenge and deter the new enemy. I don’t think it will be too difficult. She just needs to tap into more Lemony Goodness, like was summoned via her magic (if cursed) purse before. Dr. Mulholland (and the dealie with the acquired purse) has allowed Baker Blinker to assume her correct role as (background) Queen of Collagesity, and escort of Karoz Blogger. Their permanently joined existence has branched off from the main one we still follow in Collagesity, now attached fairly firmly to BoB and all that entails.

Speculations: Lime Lite (LL) stands, at least partially, for Linden Labs (also LL), which took over the Second Life grid formerly occupied by People of Lemon, who could taste, touch, smell, but had less options for teleportation, flying, and other “superhero” powers avatars take for granted now in that virtual reality. It was more rooted in *our* world (First World), to put it another way. A hidden portal exists between Chester and BoB, allowing entities to move between the two. The portal measures about 3×5 inches for now, but is sure to change in dimension and power in the future.



Collagesity follows BoB, yes, into the future. Dr. Mulholland trains. Dr. Mulholland protects. Lime Lite must be destroyed. Lemony Goodness prevails. It all goes down in the next 8 months. Afterwards: freedom. Use the tension to your advantage. Grow into new responsibilities as a *synchronicity artist*. You know your role. Be kind to those who don’t and aren’t able to understand what you stand for. What you *are*.


What I art?




This is 61?

“That’s enough of the picture anyway, Baker Bloch. You have noticed that part 2 exactly begins at the wall anyway. We have 2 and 3 within my gazebo. First is outside. First is always outside. What is this? Is it Chesterton? No. But it may be Chesterton-like. Do you see a possible hoop?”



I think I do Carrcassonnee. Could it be the Ray Davies figure trapped by the log, with ruby slippered feet extended?


What do you think Chester? It’s your town[ after all].


I, of course, dig it. Dig that picture. 2 and 3, eh? Cool-ie. Cool-i-o. Dig it.


What do you think of it?


Its so cool there’s so much to dig. Cool-ie.

BBloch (adding thoughts):

The log is the 61 wire. I think I, as baker b., originally put the wire through the hoop, and then thought otherwise.

Carr. (speculating as well):

It [ the wire] is a passage of a marble through time. Silver.


Nice dadd-i-o.


Thank you.


It is a woman, plain and simple. Pure. 61.




Wait. The wire *crushes* the hoop if not literally, then figuratively. I tripped over the hoop and broke it while moving in the wire. This is the Fall of Man. Inevitable. Rain comes. Rain *did* come just as the hoop was broken.




Mann’s Choice. Rain. Riddle, Puzzle, Cypher. Point. Point to Line to Sphere. Um, Cube.


49×61. 2989. We better end. Study Lego.



Oz erased from the center of Chesterton. Hoop broken. Event seen as wicked [witch].



Next Steps

I should be able to play around in Bigfoot at least this coming Sunday morning. Go in early; take [railroad] track. See how to set it up for a fuller happening down the road a bit, perhaps in the fall (or a drier period in the summer, even). I’m going to push the envelope with this one. I’m even thinking about getting rid of virtual Collagesity to save a bit of money each month for toy happening related purchases. I have my eye on some model railroad landscaping products already. I might start frequenting local flea markets. It could be — *could* be — that Collagesity’s purpose reached its peak with the creation of the large and important (to me) “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” fictional work. I finished that about 4 months back now and haven’t really done anything much with the virtual berg since then. I’ll have to think long and hard about this one. Perhaps a chat with Carrcassonnee is in order.


Sell. I am present in Cayuga still[ on top of the Art 10×10 Building there]. You have places all over the place now.


But it’s *your* village.



Hucka D.:



Howdy Hucka D.!

Hucka D.:

I can be your guide again. Choose me!


If I get rid of Collagesity, what are the consequences?

Hucka D.:

Not much. It will have to go eventually. Like Bigfoot itself. Bigfoot is a nest for you to hatch and grow in a nurtured environment. Then: Middletown. Give up the tier now. You’ll have a larger virtual reality later.


What about[ the projected] Bogota [series]?

Hucka D.:

Bogota goes as Bogota is. Umm…


You don’t know.

Hucka D.:

No. Carrcassonnee might know.


I don’t[ know].


Nobody knows nothing about Bogota.

Carr and Hucka D. (jointly):

No. Not really. (additional muttering here)


*I* know.


David Bowie!



I should be able to do a lot of constructive work in Bigfoot and specifically Chesterton this weekend. My goal is to set up a working marble track. See preliminary discussion of this in the previous blog post LINK. The summer happening might be coming to a peak. I might even take an afternoon off on Friday (?). Probably not, but I’d like to. Afterwards — you never know — rain might move in once more and put a choke hold on the rest of the summer. But, then again, there’s always the fall and drier October, the least rainy month of the year. I *love* October here in the mountains! But I see Chesterton as more a summer event, perhaps.

Another strong possibility I’d like to talk about is the end of Collagesity, my virtual home for a bit over 2 years now. A long time in Second Life! I’ve put all my land there up for sale just last night except for a 512 bordering the Rubi Woods, although at a higher price tag than what people might instantly jump on. My plan, if this goes through, is to keep the 512 and the premium membership, and that’s it as far as land ownership goes for a little bit. Later on, of course, I’ll have the choice of buying more land or renting or both. It’s just that nothing really has happening in Collagesity since the “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” graphic novel ended in mid March. That’s over 200 dollars right there plopped down for a basically inactive virtual village. The idea is that I can spread out my builds in several locations that I don’t own. The Edwardston Station Gallery holding the Art 10×10 collages already exists in Cayuga. I have a Gloomy Gus set up in Asha. The place I’ve been calling BoB contains several small builds, and there’s a secret skybox in Mystenopolis just up the hill from it created last summer. The armoring of a “bodyguard” for Baker Bloch continues…

I think I’d like to develop BoB now: Birthplace of Bogota. Free up a 50 dollar allowance for toys and such. Focus on *Chesterton*, on Bigfoot. See where the toy/junk happening evolution takes me, since I have such a perfect spot for it now. Perhaps a graphic novel will develop *there* next (!?).


Baker Bloch invites Baker Blinker over to help clean up the town in preparation for a land sale…


… but upon entering Rhoda’s Bar he doesn’t think he can go through with it. Not this month.


Collagesity is safe for now.



While both are manifested, Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch decide to head over to Carrcassonnee’s gazebo for a visit. This is part of what transpired there.



Chester, Collagesity will live for another month. I predict another year. What say ye?


Cool-i-o. Dig it.


I wouldn’t expect less. Anything from you Bakers? Do you wish to speak tonight?


I am content. I have a role. Mother, supporter. Nurturer. I do not have to go back into hibernation.


Yeah, sorry about the other night. I suppose it had to be tried.


Dr. Mulholland… um…


Yes, I know. You are still queen…

Carr. (continuing for Baker Bloch):

… and you are still king, Baker Bloch. Congrats. Collagesity lives. GG reinstated on the property it is supposed to be. On.


What next?


Well, Chester. Would you like to explain it to The Bakers?


So cool. Cool-i-o, cool.


Actually I have a question. Who is behind the poltergeist stuff in Chesterton?


Baker Blinker suddenly finds herself outside.


Something is coming.