Bigfoot Late Mid July 02

Upon returning to Chesterton Monday, Pocket Rock had been overturned. Raccoons? Why, then? No, I think this is [another] message. Pocket Rock could even have a certain, specific power of its own. Is it the same as space explorer Rock Meadows of Whitehead Crossing legend? They’re about the same size. “We see front and back of things?”


Looking down the track track I set up that day, Barbie Head to left, which the toy avatars of the original Bigfoot happening last fall chose to call Brian Head — not Brain Head, which might have been more logical. Now she’s beside the headless, blue Snow White container found on The Island, obviously making two parts of one thing; head and body together now, or at least beside each other. The head even has a blue dress on as a continuation.

Snow White fears wind now, understandably. That’s why she’s tucked tightly underneath the double stair platform, an object which also happens to be from The Island. Another 2-n-1.


The center of Chesterton, or a *second* center beyond the downtown (get to that new rivalry in a minute), are these 3 really cute model houses, an Avon product retailing for at least 25 dollars apiece. I bought all three at the Mythopolis flea market the day before for a mere 5 bucks. The woman who sold them to me said another man bought them for his model railroad layout. I said I was kind of doing the same, but couldn’t explain in detail, since the idea of a toy happening is difficult to grasp for the uninitiated. So when she asked if I had a model train layout too, I just told her I was planning on getting one. I think the purchase was fate, however, since I was looking online just one or two nights before this for, yes, model train buildings. They’re expensive! Hard to get a decent looking one for under 20 dollars. I was very lucky.

Since taking these pictures, I figured out a way to remove the plugs and attached bulbs from the buildings. So when they are returned to Chesterton, they’ll be cordless. I’m just showing these pictures to prefigure a “final” layout.


More new stuff: Winnie the Pooh with a butterfly on his nose standing close to a princess or queen of some kind — I’m not sure from which show or movie. Not “Frozen,” I don’t think, judging from images online. But for here, we can say that this is probably another version of Snow White because of the white outfit involved. She holds a white purse in her lap. The butterfly flutters just above. The butterfly may have just escaped from the purse. Anyhoot, this is connected to Collagesity’s Curse Purse that both Baker Blinker and Dr. Mulholland have possessed at one time, collected from the distant planet of Muff-Birmingham. More on that soon, but here we seem to have a direct bleed-through between Chesterton and Collagesity, perhaps even a portal of some kind.


Closeup of one of the 3 Avon buildings: a church. The mossy rock beside it might simply be refered to as The Rock, around which all else is built. The 4 colors of the Mmmmmm’s to one side seem to refer to TILE, another “religion”. Is this a TILE Church, then, and not a Christian one? Or has the former transplanted the latter?


The new Chesterton center looking south toward the downtown, which may no longer be the downtown.


Looking north, with The Bramble in the background now, which one cannot get through. Impenetrable.


We move south of Chesterton now on Second Road to uncover this day yet another root loop, a stumpier and shorter one this time. I’ll have to make a more detailed map of both Chesterton and Second Road soon. Preliminary examination has the southern part of Second Road below The Bramble divided into about 14 logical segments, with Chesterton occupying the first 4 or 5.


This particular Bigfoot visit also took me to The Island (and beyond) on its northern side for closer examination. I didn’t find any new objects there to add to the Snow White container and the double stairs platform, but I did find this bee posing on a rock while preening itself.


The Cliffs just across Leola Creek from The Island. Quite impressive. Maybe 20-25 feet high and much longer.


The Beach of The Island. Even has bagged sand awaiting distribution. I briefly contemplated taking these 2 sand bags back to Bigfoot Proper or Chesterton but balked after picking one up. Too heavy to lug that distance while hopping across creeks, etc.


I discovered this little rock with a face beneath The Bridge of The Island, or the way back into Bigfoot proper. The bridge into Bigfoot, in essence, since I’m fairly sure The Island is not technically within its boundaries.


On the same day, another object from Bigfoot Proper was moved up to Chesterton, with the thinking being that it could serve as a prop for the developing railroad track loop.


But that plan didn’t quite pan out this day of experimenting, so I added it to the downtown region next to the pressure canner.


Another shot of Pooh and “Snow White” princess.


Head and body reunited, again.


And I also decided to lay this metal butterfly found in the same box as Winnie the Pooh at the Mythopolis flea market directly about the much smaller butterfly on his nose. Together they set me back one dollar. The association is obvious; the butterfly (and attached purse) become central. The metal butterfly also reminds me of a white horse decorating hillsides of Wiltshire and other English counties.


I was unable to finish the full track today, but the idea of running it all the way to Chesterton’s downtown area and back has been scuttled. And I don’t even have enough pieces to complete this shortened version. I’ll have to dig around our junky basement more in coming days — because I *know* the number was greater than the 40 pieces brought in so far. The Bigfoot happening last fall, by itself, contained 47 segments of track, I believe, and I remember at the time that I had a significant additional amount to play around with, if desired.

In connection with this at least temporary loss, a reorganization of our house is most likely in order. Toy gathering and indexing, for example, could easily get out of hand.



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