I should be able to do a lot of constructive work in Bigfoot and specifically Chesterton this weekend. My goal is to set up a working marble track. See preliminary discussion of this in the previous blog post LINK. The summer happening might be coming to a peak. I might even take an afternoon off on Friday (?). Probably not, but I’d like to. Afterwards — you never know — rain might move in once more and put a choke hold on the rest of the summer. But, then again, there’s always the fall and drier October, the least rainy month of the year. I *love* October here in the mountains! But I see Chesterton as more a summer event, perhaps.

Another strong possibility I’d like to talk about is the end of Collagesity, my virtual home for a bit over 2 years now. A long time in Second Life! I’ve put all my land there up for sale just last night except for a 512 bordering the Rubi Woods, although at a higher price tag than what people might instantly jump on. My plan, if this goes through, is to keep the 512 and the premium membership, and that’s it as far as land ownership goes for a little bit. Later on, of course, I’ll have the choice of buying more land or renting or both. It’s just that nothing really has happening in Collagesity since the “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” graphic novel ended in mid March. That’s over 200 dollars right there plopped down for a basically inactive virtual village. The idea is that I can spread out my builds in several locations that I don’t own. The Edwardston Station Gallery holding the Art 10×10 collages already exists in Cayuga. I have a Gloomy Gus set up in Asha. The place I’ve been calling BoB contains several small builds, and there’s a secret skybox in Mystenopolis just up the hill from it created last summer. The armoring of a “bodyguard” for Baker Bloch continues…

I think I’d like to develop BoB now: Birthplace of Bogota. Free up a 50 dollar allowance for toys and such. Focus on *Chesterton*, on Bigfoot. See where the toy/junk happening evolution takes me, since I have such a perfect spot for it now. Perhaps a graphic novel will develop *there* next (!?).


Things to do:

…Take all toys that are going to be used in the event so far to Chesterton in the next several days and store them. I don’t want to store track there overnight, since the dew might start to rust it. But also think of the possibility of a permanent track, or at least what *will* be left behind here during winter months.
…Think more about *Oz* in the center of Chesterton, that needs to be revived. Green golf ball, Greenilochs, etc. Think of publishing the SID’s 1st Oz related interview with Booker T. from 2007 on the Sunklands site that I’ve just been reading. Strange document!
…Think of virtually exploring Chesterton, Indiana (perhaps both of ’em!) for more syncy fun and meaning.
…Dream of a Chesterton related audiovisual synch, perhaps involving 6 Feet Under (Oz?, Bowie? Snow White?)… I love the way the 3rd season started. We’re on episode 5 now of that season; should be finished up with the show in about a month to a month and a 1/2. Remember: Claire Fisher is The Tigers.
…Chesterton/Bigfoot related *collages* for the fall and winter. Bogota series?

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