Bigfoot Early Late July 02

These next 5 photos come from an apartment complex just east of Bigfoot, or wedged between it and the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. A picnic table awaits at Leola Creek for future thinking purposes. Can’t wait!


There’s a very elaborate set of stairs leading from the apartments up on the ridge down to the creek and table. A lot of work was put into this!


Gazebo on the east end of the apartment buildings.


Nice view of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape from the fence there.



A new object has entered Bigfoot today: a plastic yellow Adirondack chair formerly located just across Leola Creek. It never crossed my mind that I could easily carry the chair back into Bigfoot Proper until this day. It could replace the metal folding chair as the primary sitting and thinking spot of BP.

A sync connected with this: a second after resizing the below photo to insert in this blog, my wife asked if she could buy a couple of plastic Adirondack chairs from the local Lowes. She hadn’t seen what I was doing, and then even doubted that the yellow chair in my photo was an Adirondack because of the side view, which turned out to be untrue as I checked. I took the obvious psychic conjunction to mean that we were both on the right track. The new chair will fit nicely into Bigfoot Proper! Fate.


So… Chesterton. Went there not once but twice yesterday. Couple of new developments. Chesterton, at least for now, has definitely split into two parts. Let’s call them Chesterton North and Chesterton South for present purposes. Below we have the center of this Chesterton North, with the 3 nice little Avon buildings already discussed before. A merger with animals also recently purchased has occurred. A giraffe poses between two of the three structures, standing taller than each. A large gorilla pulls a King Kong beside it. A pelican, elephant, goose, alligator, emu, horse, hippo, monkey, and lion also roam the village. A bag of marbles awaits opening. An apple infected with worm is also in the display. Is it the apple that poisoned nearby Snow White? I think in one way it has to be. The worm actually drives the apple around. Applecart? (don’t upset?)


Another decision made this day was to make 12 rustier pieces of connected model railroad track *permanent* within Chesterton (North). This has never happened before in one of my toy/junk, um, happenings. I’ve always removed track when the event was over, like with the Fall 2015 Bigfoot one. The track is also exactly symmetrical: 4 straight pieces on each end, centered by 4 curved segment forming a hoop shaped eastern veer and passing between the 3 Avon buildings. Hoop, hmmm…

Northern part:


Southern part with displayed toys to one side (return to them soon):


Looking toward Chesterton North’s center over Wireway 61, which kind of parallels the permanent track.


The Veer.


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