The Chesterton/Bigfoot summer art event is closing in on a peak and possible conclusion with the projected creation of a working marble track tomorrow. Great excitement! The two parts of Chesterton, North and South, seem to be bridged together as much as possible right now through the track. More details tomorrow with photos.

Bigfoot has its own resident *weasel*. Can’t recall seeing one in the wild, but this past Friday I witnessed the creature enter Bigfeet Swamp from The Bramble not once not twice but three times, obviously following a path. And he exited Bigfeet Swamp at the same spot on the first two of the three visits: Mina’s Pool, where he seemed to enjoy a brief splash in the water before heading uphill again. My guess is that he might even make his home in The Bramble, and hunt for frogs, salamanders, and such in the swamp (I don’t think he lives in the swamp). Maybe he was after some particular creature that day. But anyway, I am not alone at Bigfoot! I don’t want to run directly into Mr. Weasel on my walks, but I’m sure he’s aware of my presence by now.

… make sure to take several sizes of marbles to Chesterton so that at least one successful marble run can be accomplished. Right now, the count of the track segments for the race totals 49, I believe, taking it beyond Bigfoot Proper’s 42 1/2 from last fall. Biggest one yet.
… take paper towels so that I can clean off my yellow Adirondack chair imported to Bigfoot Proper this weekend. I’d like to sit there and enjoy the swamp tomorrow for a bit before heading uphill to Chesterton. Maybe I’ll see Mr. Weasel, once more.
… I’ll have to take down the track tomorrow after a projected successful marble run (except for the 12 pieces of permanent track). Rain is more likely tomorrow afternoon than it was on either Fri or Sat. And scattered showers are in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Now is the time…

… study Boos collages again to see how Bigfoot and, especially now, the balance of Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton art events are possibly coded within. I believe they are associated with yang and yin energies respectively. Will new collages also further this association? How about a/v synchs?

Bigfoot Marble Race almost completed!

The Silvers help.

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