Chesterton Early July 03

Daily visits continue to Chesterton in this kind of slow developing toy/junk happening. Today I bought 2 batches of cheap animal figurines from the local Wal Mart and Dollar Store. Nice stuff for the cost (5 dollars total). 2 tigers were within, although I didn’t plan this twinning with what I’m now calling The Tigers (conjoined construction barrels) just above and west of Chesterton. It’s something that just happened.

The longest wire of Chesterton separates the two tigers and a lion in the below photo. I believe this reinforces the idea of the wire representing the number 61, specifically connected to the famous Highway 61 and the mighty Mississippi River it parallels for the great majority of its north-south length. This is reinforced in several different ways. Check here LINK for an example.

And this is also Oz related. Have we found Oz in the center of Chesterton, as Carrcassonnee suggested we do?


There were also several plastic plants and trees included in the toy packages I bought today.


More of the toys.


Even more.


A very important melding also occurred this day of the Chesterton happening. The bottom of what appears to be a pressure cooker, already present in Chesterton, was reunited with its top coming from Bigfoot Proper down at the swamp, a key element in the happening from last fall and what I deemed an “iron smelting plant” there. More on this soon; it’s kind of, again, one of those mysterious things about the happening, about the swamp and area itself. But with this “marriage”, Chesterton appears to have truly become the dominating center of all of Bigfoot now, supplanting the swamp location.


The 61 “Wireway” passing through the cluster of new toys.


The giraffe’s head is illuminated by the evening sun.


Experiments with washer and nut sliders on the wireway.


Having finished snapping my pictures for the day, I put up my new toys all except for the 2 tigers (lower center), which remain on their rock.


Closeup of the broken First Hoop. It can also be seen at the bottom of the above photo. Wireway 61 doesn’t pass through it currently, but it did in the past and perhaps the future as well.


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