Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter Part 02


Looks like some big ta’doin’s going on at Chelsea for the Halloween season, but Baker feels it’s not his place to go down and investigate. He’s for all practical purposes banned from the Sister sim of VHC City, if not physically then psychologically and philosophically, he feels. He allied himself with alter-ego and ancient town vampire Pitch Darkly and is now suffering the consequences. Fellow former VHC City vampire Buster Damm cannot return either, but has less of a desire to do so. Pitch wants to come back; enjoy the alternate reality where his Pitch Black property was not absorbed by the Finely Torn Id and he still has a central place in town and can pick the brain and borrow the ear of Chelsea leader Sikul Himakt about developments in those directions (psychological/ philosophical). But it’s not going to happen. The Diagonal has power still, yes. Rubi and Sister are still definitely sister sims, united by the triple numbers 97/97/97 in past/present/future. All’s Baker and me can do is focus on what we have, what we know. 97/97/97 is no longer present in VHC City. If it *would* return, if the power of the triple numbers and the attached Diagonal were known, then a link could return. But there’s always fiction for it. 🙂

Woody may have discovered or remembered an important detail related to this. Let’s have Baker Bloch tonight quickly change into that character instead of Pitch or something else…

… and send him over to the very center of the Purden sim, with the “show interface” option checked off on the snapshot.

Sentient tree Core-Alena should be here, true, but it’s only Woody tonight. He ponders on the absence, and then notices that he’s at 128/128/127, very close to the theoretical lone triple number of the sim. Or are there maybe even other triple numbers here? It’s worth a check… lemme turn on the sun and have Woody walk around and I’ll get back to ya’ll on this.


First off, Baker-as-Woody finds it more difficult to walk The Diagonal in Purden than Rubi because all the *trees* seem to be exactly the same. In this way, Purden, although containing many more trees than Rubi overall (I think I estimated about 5 times the amount at one time), is a simpler, perhaps more primitive sim. Core-Alena stands out from all this same-ness more than kindred walky talky tree Unch does in his own Linden woods. Back to Woody’s walk…


Okay, Woody can definitely stand at coordinates 127/127/127, and my guess is that this may be the true triple number of the sim. But so close to the center that it’s most likely a practical equivalent. Or centre, as Woody likes to spell it for a reason. He’s thinking of psychologist/philosopher Phillip Jeffries Jeffrie Phillips right now.


He’s heading uphill for a little bit beyond this. Definitely possibilities for another triple number, maybe even several…


But in subsequently walking up to the crest, Woody realizes that’s it’s simply not high enough, and that another triple number wouldn’t be reached in the sim. He gives Purden up for the night and teleports over to Jaffee instead, right on the edge but not within the Purden forest. This is the place where he once lived in an a-frame, as chronicled in “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (Part 6). But now we have two places named “Still” there instead. They’re even marked on the inworld map…


Strange. The word “Still” has now been erased in Jaffee (!). It was just there the other night when Woody joined the rest of the Blackstars at a rehearsal in “Still Dead”. But there is — or *were* — two “Stills”, as mentioned, with “Still Alive” joining “Still Dead” to make a logical yin-yang sky box tandem.

“Still” removed (western edge of Jaffee).



Hmm, a new house on his old land. And this Blackbook person perhaps within, the owner of “Still Dead” Woody talked to just about a week back. He doesn’t desire avatar interaction tonight, however, and decides to teleport elsewhere. Home will do presently. Collagesity, yes. This is indeed home now. And right on the western edge of another, parallel woods. Perfect for him.

Good thing Woody didn’t use remote viewing while there to look within. Bert the Semi-Nudist! (his old love)


“Terry. I’m glad you’re here already.”

“Yup. Mr. R. sent me ahead to set up the place, make sure all the correct drinks are loaded up, (and) so on. We’re playing cards later tonight. On the clock, of course.”

“Of course,” Baker Bloch responds.

“Sorry we don’t quite have our license nailed down in Minoa yet,” the green fire-ickle states.

“Perfectly all right. Just checking to see how things were going.”

“Mr. R. should be here by the end of the month, first of next month at the latest, Mr. Bloch.”

“Baker, please.”

“Mr. Baker. Mr. B.” Terry emits that cool clicking sound with his mouth again and points. Baker is a bit smitten himself. Such a groovy dude.


“Norum,” Wilson Wheeler says. “This is the place.”

“And there is the man.”

pretty things

“Bucket of nails,” requests Wilson to Terry. “And make it bloody.”

“Ahem,” intercedes Baker Bloch. “Not open yet, Wilson. Sorry.”

“Yeah, sorry,” echoes Terry. He tries to size up his new potential customer, but can’t quite make out what’s the deal-i-o. Baker helps.

“So you’re a man again,” he states to Wilson.

“Yeah. A pretty man. Let me show you. You haven’t seen yet.”

“Just a glimpse at the police station. How’s Burt the Cop doing?”

“Brutus?” replies Wilson. “Prostitute problems as usual. Gaston’s filled with them, even choking on them. Berries. Cherry, Raspberry, Blueberry. Lemon. Yes, Berry is fully intertwined with Gaston. You knew Lemon on Mars didn’t you?”

“I did,” states Baker, thinking back fondly to his stay in futuristic INSCO. “Have you seen her? She ran around with Sugar then, but wasn’t a prostitute (like her) at the time. Circumstances must have changed. Science is getting tough to swallow for many.”

“I’m not sure she’s really a whore there,” says Wilson. “She could be undercover. Brutus hinted at so much. Purple Gang. Burt Lake Band. Crooked.”

“Oden, then,” responds Baker.

“Yeah. Have you seen him?”

“Old Gregg?”


“Maybe a glimpse as well at Morrison. Rockabilly Cafe. But we’re done filming there.” He pauses. “And you haven’t shown me the new face yet.”

Wilson changes.

“That’s way too pretty, man,” Baker offers. “For a man. How about a scar? What do you think Terry?”

“see title 02” again

Chroma was the last to emerge. Gregg, but without the extra “g.” The old Lapara question “Who’s ‘G’?” may have been answered.


trailers and chairs

Earie was walking past the red, blue and yellow chairs positioned in front of the art trailer when he heard Pretty Man snoring. At first he couldn’t tell what the sound was, but then a loud, pig-like grunt firmly indicated to him the presence of another human being. He moved toward the trailer’s dark interior and watched the folded body on the dirty mattress and rugs within heave up and down a minute, sometimes with a twitch. This guy was obviously in deep dreamland. Shame to wake him, Earie thinks, and decides to move onward through Central Park to the Joint Joint, where Jacob I. and Broken Heart Jackie were most likely waiting. But with an even louder grunt, Pretty Man then rolls over on his other side and opens his eyes. “Don’t pull a knife on me, friend. I ain’t dangerous.”

“Sit up, then, and let’s take a look at you,” the pink haired punk commanded. He didn’t have a knife on him currently, but two pistols were tucked in the back of his belt. Pretty Man sat up and started looking all around, as if in a haze. “Art is everywhere,” he then said. “In the sky, in my hands.” He looked at his hands. “In your hair.” He gazed at Earie’s mohawk. “*Especially* in your hair. Where you from, fellow dude?”

Earie had concluded this person was obviously stoned on something. He definitely *wasn’t* going to tell him where he lived in town. So he made up a place. “Butcher shop,” he said. “Upstairs.”

“Ah, Wanesa the Slasher. And I didn’t know her shop had an upstairs… thought they cut that off back in the 30’s.” Pretty Man stared at Earie’s head again. “Your mohawk thinks you’re lying,” he said, and then laid back down on the old mattress in the trailer and started to laugh, face upwards and arms spread. Earie wondered if he could tell just by the tone of his voice or if he’s one of those true psychics. Their services are more expensive than the whores. Sometimes you can get a two for one deal at a discount, but he’s only heard about such things; Earie doesn’t engage with Gaston’s Berry imports if he can help it. And, gandering at Pretty Man’s current pose, this led to the another thought: that this *man* in front of him could be a woman in disguise. He’s never heard of a male psychic. Or a male prostitute, at least around these parts.

“What’s your business, here, partner?” Earie inserted amidst the continued chuckles. He voiced some of his suspicions. “Man whore? Man *psychic*?”

Pretty Man’s laughter petered away, and he dismissed Earie’s guesses with a wave of his hand. He sat up again. He stood up out of the trailer, looking in the direction of Earie’s Yellow House. Does he know already? Earie pondered. He briefly goes around the trailer’s corner and comes back with a cup of coffee, steaming hot somehow. He sits down in the red chair. Earie just stares at him, wondering if he should take a seat as well.

But then Pretty Man pops back up and states, “this isn’t the right chair,” and then looks at his coffee. “And this is not the right drink, pheh.” He spits the beverage he just partook of out on the road beside him. Pretty Man goes around the corner of the trailer again, returning with a beer bottle this time and hops back up in the trailer, leaning against the wall. “The red one is not mine,” he reinforces. “That’s… what’s his name?” Earie gets tingles. He *must* know.

Pretty Man moved to the edge of the trailer again and looked directly into Earie’s face. “Chro-ma,” he pronounced distinctly. “Sit down in your *yellow* chair, and let’s have a talk Earie,” he then said to the stunned punk. “And of course I’ll take my blue one.”



“Uh huh.” More buzzing/squeaking from the floor. “I see.”

“What’s she saying?” asked a slumping Broken Heart from the other couch. He was pretty stoned.

“Hold on a minute.” Tina speaks again in her minute, tinny voice, understandable only to Jacob I. in the room. Perhaps it is because he’s closer to her, however, or just actually paying attention. The lawnmower continues to interact with the tiny being. “Alright, I guess we can do that.” Tina replies. “No, we don’t have the equipment or manpower for that, Tina.” After a small pause, Tina squeaks and buzzes for about 30 seconds more. “You take care as well, friend.” She scoots rapidly across the floor and out the door.

“So… what’s she saying?” queries Broken Heart again while remaining in a slumping position. He didn’t even realized she’d left the scene.

“Jeffrie Phillips, that’s what,” replied a frowning Jacob I. “Centre,” he added.


15 minutes earlier in Gaston’s Central Park, Pretty Man puts on the green ring. Everything changes.

“Over here, punk,” he calls to Earie Chuck after the deed is done. “I made a small detour.”

Um, aloha?

Mr. Babyface stares disgustedly into the heart of Hana Lei from a safe distance, wondering how his nephew could have ended up in such a God awful spot.

“Blow she does indeed,” he answers that whale over thar.

new face

Mr. Babyface attempts to return to his new Collagesity apartment but realizes he set home to Audrey’s Bar instead. So he just asks Terry if he can use his phone to make the call.

“We’ve found them,” he starts for the person on the other end. Twittering; he waits, then seems to answer. “It’s fine. Commode is kind of out in the open.” More twittering from the phone. “Baker Blinker owns the property. She’s the one who set me up.” Another round from the other side. “I haven’t been in the woods yet.” A long bout of twittering, then, “Okay thanks.” After a small click, he hands the receiver back to Terry who puts it underneath the bar somewhere.

“Trouble in paradise?” Terry probes, as bartenders often do.

Mr. Babyface thinks about asking Terry if he perhaps knows the whereabouts of Caucasian Tommy Brade but then decides against it. No need to rouse suspicion so soon. That will come. So he pretends Terry is asking him about his recently rented Kidd Tower abode.

“Nah, the apartment is basically fine. Phone has some static. The bed needs a new mattress. The downstairs renter controls the heat. The stove doesn’t work.”

“But the view, eh, Mr. Babblefarce?” Terry smiles and winks cooly.

“Mr. Babyface,” he corrects. “Yeah. Good view.” He takes a series of puffs from his pipe, contemplating the next move. “When will you get your liquor license?” he then thinks to insert.

“End of October. First of November at the latest. Then Collagesity will be back in business for real. You’ll see. Baker Blinker has filled me in on all the detail-i-o’s.”

“She seems nice,” offers Mr. Babyface. Ah, yes. *Baker* would know, he realizes. But there’s the other Baker as well. Which is the real power in town? That’s what he has to find out next.

Pretty man Wilson Wheeler walks around the corner and into the bar.

“And what the f-ck are you suppose to be?” he asks the small, pipe smoking figure. Terry keeps grinning and winking.

A Apartment

Greg Ogden sits in his new apartment and enjoys the latest Sunklands post. “Upstairs guy doesn’t have any heat of his own, eh?” He makes a mental note to figure out this Mr. Babyface’s schedule and turn down the thermostat accordingly. Because Greg Ogden is here to cause avoid trouble. If he wasn’t he would have chosen to remain Gregg Oden and stuck with the seaweed hair, even kept the plot line going over in Morrison.

He spent the rest of the afternoon painstakingly arranging the furniture in the apartment to suit his symmetrical needs.


“Sooo. You wanted to see me Carrcassonnee. But you can’t talk without your eye. And Spider is inanimate as well. Hmph. Why am I here, then?”

Spotting it behind a boulder to her right, she used the teleporter again. “And *here*?”

Think Rock


“OMG. SoSo South has been destroyed!”

I, as her user, then realized what had occurred. I’d accidentally linked a teleporter to SoSo South when working on it in the Collagesity skybox the other day. The teleporter happened to be in Carrcassonee’s gazebo when I moved the whole thing back to the ground, which Wheeler Wilson teleported to when trying to reach the skybox from Blue Feather. But in using the teleporter again, everything went haywire, seemingly.

Baker Bloch, posing as Bookworm up in the heart of the SoSo Mall at the time, was called in. He moved all the pieces — which were still linked, thankfully — up to the skybox and went to work. He asked Wheeler to log out to give him room and decrease the likelihood of more wonky things happening. He lowered his graphic options and logged out and back in for the same reason. He searched for and then found the skybox landmark in his inventory. Baker himself headed upward.

In under 10 minutes he had everything about righted. He could check later with a full version of this gallery, which is a Linden build created specifically for the Zindra continent. Baker hadn’t made any significant alterations to the original design. Which was good in this case.

Crisis averted.

But Wheeler had been spooked. She became convinced that Carrcassonnee did the sabotaging, and was trying to communicate with her from “the beyond”, as she put it. “Something is happening,” she finishes.

forward forward forward forward: reverse

Wheeler logs back in and finishes what she was going to do this night: lower the Bermingham portal, sans rock arch, down to Collagesity and complete the emptying of the Muff skybox. Baker logs back in. Wheeler invites him to join her in Collagesity East, where he is able to complete his own story tonight as Bookworm. Wheeler stays logged in just in case more adjustments are needed to the portal.


“I wonder if that’s Richard Petty’s car?” the character asks about Jasper series collage “Wilsonia Driver.”

“Oh my dear, what is that?” exclaims the learned scholar when looking around the corner and spotting the lowered portal, which just appeared out of nowhere in his time. “Do you know sleeping lady? Mrs. Lady??”

He leaves her and wanders into the small greenspace leading to Audrey’s, a second and newer entrance.

“Two redbirds,” he notes. “One inside, one out. The tree seems to mark a boundary.” Learned scholars tend to think aloud when figuring stuff out. Bookworm is certainly no exception to the rule.

“Hmm. Curious, I was just here and didn’t notice that intrusion to the collage.”

In order, he writes down the letters on the plaque the man (me?) holds in the collage: 5×5.


Bookworm goes back to his newly rented apartment and ponders what he’s just seen.


“Well. It’s finally happened, Broken Heart Jackie.”

“Don’t call me that,” Broken Heart the bone cat reprimanded for the umpteenth time about the name Jackie. “And now I really *do* have a broken heart.” She makes a clumsy motion on her chest of two things being ripped apart.

“Last of the grass… weed,” Jacob I. laments. “We’ll have to call up Leaf Erik’s son over in California, Pennsylvania for more — it will take weeks.”

“Months,” Broken Heart extends.

“Years,” Jacob I. finalizes, and then heaves a long sigh. “Darn that Jeffrie Phillips. Darn that stolen Centre.”

“Or we could go over to Leona Lei’s place in Hilltop. That will require changing into mechanoids. The last time it took us weeks to revert.”

“Years,” Jacob I. emphasizes again. “Sheer hell.” He looks down at his feet and wonders if they are really flesh and blood yet. Then, staring over at Broken Heart’s red and blue glasses, he gets an idea. “But the *sister* could work.”

“Hana? Is she still alive even after her death?”

“It was just a shish kabob skewer.”

“I though it was a ladle,” Broken Heart says. “You know, for dishing out soup and stuff.”

“I know what a lapel is. Did I say lapel? haha. That’s not even emphasized the same.”

“Label,” Broken Heart then says. But she accents the wrong syllable for humor.

“Labelle,” Jacob I. utters. “Patti Labelle!”

“The singer, actor, magician?” perks up Broken Heart, but then remembers the truth. “Man, we’re really baked.”

“Baker!” Jacob I. spouts, seeing the white opening once more. “Cook… Baker. That’s what we were trying to figure out.”

“I’m going to bed.” Broken Heart falls asleep while not even moving an inch from his spot on the couch. Jacob I. leans over and folds her bony hands over her little red broken heart.

“Night night, Jackie,” he ends while slipping into dreamland himself.

spurred on

Jacob I. wakes up in an unfamiliar place. All-time great NBA power forward and recently retired Timmy Duncan looms dead ahead, a ball in front, a ball behind.

Jacob I. does not follow professional sports. He doesn’t know who this gentle giant is. He seems to speak. “Jacob, Jacob, down here.” Jacob I. ponders why a man so large has such a small, feminine voice. Tina recognizes this after he doesn’t look down. “Not Timmy, stoopid. *Me*.” Still no proper response from Jacob I. “Down *here*. It’s Tina.”

Jacob I. finally locates the source of the voice.

“Tina,” he calls down softly, knowing her ears are sensitive to what we would consider normal volume speaking. “It’s very good to see you old friend. But where are we?”

“Behind the wall. Jasper,” her tinny voice shouted up. “It’s the same as marijuana. I’m so small I fell through the cracks. Then I was able to bring you here as well.”

“Am I dreaming?” Jacob I. logically asks.

“Yes. We need to get you through the wall, and quickly. Before you wake up. We’ll have to make a run for it. Get up. Quickly. Follow me.” Tina turns and runs. “Get up quickly and follow me!” she calls back, halfway to the blackness already.

Jacob watches her as if just behind, then wakes up.


“I was left behind,” explains Jacob I. the next morning to an analyzing Broken Heart.

litmus test

Baker decides the 420 on the side of the Bodega Market has to go to make prim room for the rest of the collages in its upstairs gallery. 6 prims saved right there. Silly, stoned hippies, he thinks, but then realizes there’s exactly $2400 lindens in his account currently. 420 anagram. He reverses his former decision and allows the big green sign to stay for now. Is this black curtain across from it indeed a “Wall of Jasper”?

He meets up with an analysis hungry Hucka Doobie in Olde Lapara Towne instead and its duplicate market.


Hmm. 5 days left on the rent here. Another decision looming. 420 I suppose.

Okay, maybe one more week of rent beyond that and everything will be finished over here — transference complete. And also there’s Rocky to think about. As hard as Baker Bloch has been recruiting the anthropomorphic raccoon to come join him in Collagesity these past 2 weeks, it may still not be a done deal. Bookworm now rents his projected apartment at the SoSo Mall, although that’s planned as a stop gap situation until Rocky’s arrival.

Hucka Doobie shows up. “Finish the gallery over in Collagesity. Tell Levi you’re pulling out here. I’ll deal with Rocky. See you over there in, say, about 20 minutes?”

“That will be fine Hucka Doobie.” I rarely disagree with the highly psychic bee person.


20 minutes later…

“Room for growth now, eh Baker?”

Bodega? Analysis 01

“It’s been a while since I — or baker b. — created this one, Hucka Doobie. May be difficult to analyze at this late date.”

“I’ll do the talking now,” requests Hucka Doobie. “First off, this is ‘Pageturner’, created to open the second half of ‘Collagesity 2017 Middle’. You can insert a link there. This collage shows the dominance of ‘Lamb’ in Genesis’ catalog of albums. Peter Gabriel knew it was bigger than all the rest. So did the other members of Genesis who remained after its conception. Everyone knew.”

“‘Lamb’ is part of ‘Tronesis’ now, Hucka Doobie. Is that a good thing to say at this point?”

“Sure. Lamb and Ram die at the same moment at the very center of that audiovisual synchronicity, which dates from, let’s see, 2003. February I believe (Baker nods). That is the opening Tronesisia and Peter SoSo need to work forwards and backwards within the synch respectively. They are responsible for *that* analysis and absorption.”


“‘Pageturner’ represents the creation of a new page in the ‘Collagesity 2017 Later’ graphic novel. It — the post containing it, opens the 2nd half of the novel. You can insert another link there if you wish. Genesis plays in front of Audrey’s Bar, or on the side, the same — well, it’s just below us now, on the first floor of the market. Peter Gabriel — lead singer — is in some sort of costume, or at least wears some kind of mask. He stands between two representations of ‘lesser’ Genesis albums above him: ‘Foxtrot’, left, and ‘Duke’, right. Both will reappear in the end collage of this series. We should talk of a name. All the characters on the side of Audrey’s bar represent Genesis albums. ‘Lamb’ looms, as I’ve said. The name above them reads Genesiso. The extra ‘o’ at the end points to ‘So’, Peter Gabriel’s most famous solo album and the one which brought him fame and fortune on par with the rest of Genesis who remained ‘behind’, as it were.”

“You mentioned a name for the series, Hucka Doobie.”


“Wouldn’t this still be Bogota? I’m unsure.”

“As you realize, this series is a bit different. It was created organically to follow the story generated within the second half of the ‘Collagesity 2017 Middle’ novel. Series before it generated energy on their own, or in tandem with a factual analysis. Not in the case of Bogota. Not (really) since you began composing Collagesity novels starting in November 2015? (Baker nods) Bogota is different.”

“So is this still Bogota?” Baker repeats.

Hucka Doobie puts his round, yellow bee hand to chin. “Let’s get back to that. Returning to ‘Pageturner’, we have Gideon, who is the same as Buster, floating or hovering angelic over ‘The Bible’, which probably is another Gideon — Gideon’s Bible, mentioned in the Beatles’ song ‘Rocky Raccoon.’ Now the whole Buster-Nancy-Danny-Bettie cluster of names and characters comes from the characters of the song. Kind of fleshed out, I suppose.”

“Something like that,” agrees Baker.

“The figure reaching out of the bar with large yellow arm is the ‘Pageturner’ of the title, who has just turned a page of the Bible in front of him. This is Peter Gabriel again, or one — actually two — of his stage characters. The arm belongs to the glopman character. The head-in-flower to another.”

“Actually, Hucka Doobie, I believe they’re called slippermen in the ‘Lamb’ album.”

“Insert a picture and let’s move on.

What are these slippermen, then? They are glopmen, though, yes?”

“I guess so Hucka Doobie. That’s a Mythos idea and Mythos ideas don’t translate well to this blog.”

“Sure they do,” counters Hucka Doobie. “Slippermen (characters; song) come from ‘Lamb’, just as this character emerges from a caricature of a lamb drawn on the side of Audrey’s bar — its front. The arm represents another of its own arms, or legs.”

“Perhaps interesting.”

“The ‘Lamb’ appears to be eating from the hand of another album representation. Their most successful I believe. ‘Invisible Touch’.”

“I’m checking now, Hucka Doobie, and the name of the album that image is from is called ‘We Can’t Dance’, dating from 1991. It is their last album before Phil Collins left the band to pursue his own solo career. And although it is the Genesis album immediately after ‘Invisible Touch’, their highest selling album, the release date is 5 years later. Success breeds creative complacency?”

“Maybe. Anyway, all serve ‘Lamb’, no matter their selling status. They feed and nurture ‘Lamb’, even from the future.”

“As well as the past,” Baker clarifies. “‘Foxtrot’ and its ‘Supper’s Ready’ and so on.”

“And that’s now synched with ‘Green Acres’. Pretty bizarre, eh?” Both Hucka Doobie and Baker Bloch smile. “And the woman perched atop the bar — a ‘Lamb’ analyzer. Like Tronesisia and Peter SoSo in a way. Is this Tronesisia?”

“I don’t know,” states Baker Bloch.

“We better move on.”

Bodega? Analysis 02

“Ahh. ‘Duncanfollower’. Another portmanteau like ‘Pageturner.’ Who is the Duncan of the title and why would we be following him? This is Duncan Avocado, now half of Paul with the other half white: Even Whiter Walt. The white half and black half are the two sims of Olde Lapara Towne, joined like different races. But here we have just Duncan (to the left). What does that tell us? That we are in the future here. Woody Allen looks on (at Duncan).”

“We’re talking about Timmy Duncan now, Hucka Doobie.”

“Correct. Woody Allen looks at or toward Timmy Duncan who is kind of glued to the side of the Hotel Chelsea over in VHC City, the place where you were exorcised from.”

“Pitch Darkly was expelled,” clarifies Baker Bloch.

“Whatever. I was too in tandem with yourself.”

“No. You can return. *I* really can’t.”

“Whatever,” emphasizes Hucka Doobie. “‘Woody Allen’ is another composite name, representing your shapeshifting friend Woody Woodmanson but also Old Man Allen Martin, God rest his soul.”

“Dead, yeah. Don’t think he can come back. Heart attack in the underground. Death. Wheeler knew.”

“Yes. Allen Martin is dead. He loved Wheeler, as The Musician did as well. And still does. But they’ve changed sexes? I’m a little confused about all that.”

“So am I!” confesses Baker Bloch.

“Back to Duncan: Woody Allen looks on, which we know is the death of Allen Martin in VHC City’s underground because Woody Woodmanson changes into Allen Martin just before that. You can put another link there if you choose. Woody to Allen. But behind Woody is the purple clad angel Raziel, which brings to mind Rael, the lead character of ‘Lamb’.”


“And then a giant purple rose is also attached to this group of images, referring to Woody Allen’s film ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo,’ famous for breaking the 4th Wall.”

“One of the characters of the film within the film, the namesake ‘Rose’ movie, steps out of the film within the film and just becomes part of the film. It’s like if you stepped out of Second Life, Hucka Doobie, and went back to First Life again.”

“I don’t have a body (any more up there).”

“Then *this* body. You would look strange walking around.”

“I would prefer to borrow someone else’s body. I will be reborn, you know. Charles Nelson Blinkerton is not dead, only resting.”

“Let’s not go down that road tonight, Hucka Doobie. Back to analysis…”

Hucka Doobie turns toward the collage again. “‘Duncanfollower’… Then behind or on the opposite corner of the building Woody stands in front of is a seemingly more maleficent figure with sickly green wings . This is malefic; golden winged Woody is benefic.”

“Jupiter and Saturn again.”

“This is the hiding aspect of, well, yourself as Baker Bloch. And Pitch Darkly as you prefer. This is the side you can’t show in VHC City.”

“Or anywhere, really.”

“I’m not talking about that side (you’re thinking about). I’m talking about The Diagonal, the Triple Number 97, the Pitch Black property, all real things. VHC City, or the powers that be there, don’t want to buy into (that mythology).”

(note: afterwards Hucka Doobie sees he forgot to talk about the Pitch Black structure appearing in this collage and will return to that important aspect later.)

“No, I would assume not.”

“Else things could be different.”

“Yes, I suppose they could.”

“But,” continues Hucka Doobie,” you have The Oracle to aid you. You’ll always have The Oracle. Even after the end of your US of A.”


“The Oracle told you that the man who created the virtual version of the Hotel Chelsea is named Sikul Hamikt. The one presently managing the property is Vainom Kug. That was suppose to be Wheeler, as the former is The Musician, or, what’s he called now?”

“Earie,” states Baker Bloch. “But he was always Earie, I’m assuming.”

“He is also Sikul Hamikt.”

“But only in dreams.”

“Good enough.” Hucka Doobie studies the collage again. “So I think it’s pretty laid out. Duncan Avocado must return to VHC City and head into the hotel, perhaps to the Nancy Room. Room 100 I believe (Baker nods). Maybe The Musician, who is a punk now after all, will follow him. Or take his place.”

“Up in the air, still.”

“We better move on.”

Bodega? Analysis 03

“One more and we’ll end tonight, Baker Bloch. Baker b.”

“Thanks. Okay.”

“We’re at ‘Twisted’. This refers physically to the twisted appearance of David Bowie’s tie in the lower center. But it also represents a twisted, tortured soul. Bowie’s appearance is matched with a cartoon version of Twin Peaks character Windom Earle, not seen in The Return LINK.”

“No. He didn’t make the cut, apparently.”

“But Bowie did, or wanted to anyway. Although not specifically an image of his Twin Peaks’ character Phillip Jeffries, the fact that his suit matches Windom Earle’s is indicative of such.”

“Meaning that this is suppose to represent Phillip Jeffries, because both Windom Earle and Phillip Jeffries served in the FBI on the Blue Rose Project headed by Gordon Cole. That character (Cole) is played by David Lynch in Twin Peaks.”

(note: later Windom Earle went insane and started torturing and killing people; Phillip Jeffries may have done the same, although the show and attached movie leaves this unsettled.)

“Right, Baker Bloch. This is David Bowie. This is Phillip Jeffries. In one. And to the left: Laura Palmer, but with face covered by a symbol of an owl’s head.”

“And a hand,” says Baker, looking on.

“And a hand. Another hand seems to insert Windom Earle into the collage. We must assume this is either the same hand, or the opposite hand of the same 4th Wall being. This is yourself, most likely. Or yourself as baker b. the collagist. Collagesity collagist.”

(note: Hucka Doobie, after reading this post, clarified that these hands represent The Oracle as a whole through a fused Laura and Windom.)


“And there’s a smaller owl representation in the sky, with Laura’s head revealed inside this time. This is the younger Laura, the one in seasons 1 and 2. The older Laura from season 3, The Return, is instead obscured. This is not the same Laura. We find out that at the end of The Return. Twin Peaks symbols abound in both the collages here but most importantly in the current novel. Jacob I. — Jacobi Jacoby, the psychiatrist of Twin Peaks, who is from Hanalei, Hawaii. He wore blue and red lensed glasses. He is associated with a broken heart locket, which he stole half of from (Laura’s boyfriend James). It was suppose to represent her and James, but Jacobi loved Laura too. A number of townspeople loved Laura [delete 2 sentences].”

“I’d say they’re in different spheres.”

“Good enough. Like the 2 Lauras of the collage? Something to ponder, perhaps.” Hucka Doobie pauses. “Anyway, moving on — old and new Laura, exposed and hidden. Like Hidden Village. What do you call that in real life?”

[delete 3 exchanges]

“Right,” says Hucka Doobie. “The missing ‘l’ of Village is clear indication that The Oracle is, um, indicating. And to oppose this: New Lynne. This is kind of Olde Lapara Towne, the setting of (‘Collagesity 2017 Later’). And (‘Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter’) is set in Hidden Village, or started out there. And will continue there, I suppose (Baker nods). Hidden Village is centred by Central Park. This is where Improvio becomes Jeffrie Phillips. This is a reversal of Phillip Jeffries. This is Bowie, once more. Centre. Oracle.”

“We better end soon, Hucka Doobie. Starbucks will be opening in 15 minutes.”

Hucka Doobie scans the collage again. “The sand castle obviously resonates with the one in the Grassland dunes formerly underneath Audrey’s Bar in Olde Lapara Towne, now deleted to make room for, well, these collages we’re analyzing now.”


“But now it’s returned… Collagesity.”

“Thank you, Hucka Doobie. We’ll be talking soon.”