Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter Part 03

Bodega? Analysis 04

“We’re at ‘see title 01a’, Baker Bloch. ”

“Which seems to mean in this case the title is ‘It is Happening Again,’ another Twin Peaks reference. Thought I’d help you a little at the start, Hucka Doobie.”

“Thanks. Before we begin on this, we’ve agreed to go back and explain that ‘Pageturner’ is set in Olde Lapara Towne as well, like the present one. But in that case we have a probable scene in its unofficial *underground* represented: Audrey’s Bar in Grassland. Then ‘Duncanfollower’ temporarily displaces us to VHC City, then it’s back to the OLT underground, at least symbolically, for ‘Twisted’, since the sand dunes depicted therein — actually Jockey’s Ridge from North Carolina, the highest dune on the eastern coast of the United States…”

“I’m checking behind you, Hucka Doobie, and see you are correct there.”

“Thanks again, Baker Bloch. The castle partially buried in the sand actually exists there — not a collage element. And it’s suppose to act, in the collage, as a double to the sand dune with the sand castle that also was in Grassland. And now with ‘see title 01a’ and partnered ‘see title 01b,’ we’re back in Olde Lapara Towne, as stated. So this is largely about that city you have just moved these collages from. In the present one we have pictured an *escape*. Olde Lapara Towne spreads out to the left here. A bomb seems to have gone off in its southeast quadrant, perhaps of an atomic nature. What appears to be a fireball — again possibly nuclear in origin — falls from the sky. The left side of ‘see title 01a’ depicts chaos in OLT. The right side, which represents the northern suburbs across the tracks *not* owned by Levi Clownski and Shoshi, is relatively calm, although shed in a strange light. We have Twin Peaks villain Windom Earle returning, and also the smaller exposed Laura in the owl symbol — that’s actually on the left side again. Then more Twin Peaks stuff appears to the right: the Black Lodge where Laura and the Dwarf (Man from Another Place) meet up with main Twin Peaks protagonist, FBI Agent Dale Cooper, yet another member of the Blue Rose team with Earle and Jeffries (Bowie). The dwarf with a different head tattooed on top of his own reappears in ‘see title 01a’ in the picture block above this. Through a speech bubble we understand he utters the perhaps hidden title of the collage: ‘It is Happening Again,’ which refers, in the Twin Peaks universe, to the murder of Laura’s ‘twin cousin’ Maddy Ferguson, who is basically indistinguishable from Laura Palmer except for different colored hair and also the wearing of glasses. Are your hands alright?”

“Yes, Hucka Doobie. Thank you.”

“Then there’s a pink elephant and a ram on a Black Lodge like couch — by that, I mean it seems to have a similar pattern as the floor of the Black Lodge, a distinguishing characteristic. And I believe this image came up accidentally, we’ll say, through a search for ‘Phillip Jeffries’ in Google images. If you would check that please, Baker Bloch, while I continue my spiel, ha ha.”

“Sure thing, Hucka Doobie.”

“The pink elephant represents a parallel, smaller town to Olde Lapara in the Morrison sim. You were thinking about creating an avatar from a freebie pink elephant and then just ran across one — accident again — in Rockabilly Cafe in Morrison and deemed the encounter meaningful. Since then, you understand it was fate to be in the Rockabilly and attached small(er) town for a spell. Wheeler actually went in first [delete 2 sentences].”

“I found it, Hucka Doobie. Phillip Jeffries is also the name of a wall covering company, described on its website as a world leader in this dealing.”

“Good. Did you find the specific image with the couch?”

“Not directly, Hucka Doobie. Sorry.”

“That’s all right. Readers can make similar searches on their own. The point is the couch was there when you searched for transparent images of ‘Phillip Jeffries.’ But why a Ram on the couch? This points again to Genesis’ ‘Lamb’ album (‘Lamb Lies Down on Broadway’), and the simultaneous death of Ram and Lamb in the center of the derivative ‘Tronesis’, your February 2003 synch.”

“Ram equals Lamb, yes.”

“And we should mention that the nuclear explosion thingie to the left taking out a swathe of OLT seemingly is another Phillip Jeffries related image. It’s actually a couple of light fixtures. This reminded you of an explosion, hence the seed of the current collage since you already wrote about an explosion in this same spot in town at the end of part 1 (of the ‘Collagesity 2017 Later’ graphic novel). You can insert that image here… it will help.

So you’re just using the same base photo over again. This comes from another blog, actually. We should credit it LINK. In the blog, then, this initial explosion represented escape from Olde Lapara Towne and heading into the high hills looming above it to ultimately meet Tonshi Ashokan, who describes herself later as… well, if you’ll help me out here again Baker and we’ll get back to that.”

“Right. I’ll check.”

“Anyway, the plan in the blog at this time was to leave Olde Lapara Towne after part 1 (of 6) of the graphic novel and never return, perhaps moving the action of the story to this Ratcliff, which didn’t turn out. Or possibly Collagesity or back to VHC City or just another town, period. Away from OLT. But you, through your characters, ended up returning, and then eventually moving down into the underground for more action and adventure (in the second half of the novel). You found reasons to stay.

Now the present collage is about leaving again, but this time for real. ‘It is Happening Again.’ And the novel ends with this same, exact explosion being depicted in the background. Another link there please. LINK”

“Where are we going beyond OLT? we must then ask. At one point it appeared it could be Morrison and this town created around the Rockabilly Cafe there. But Wheeler went in first and got in trouble with the mayor. And then you’ve had more recent encounters, Baker Bloch.”


“But it extends to other towns as well: Ratcliff has its own story to tell as a possible destination of escape. VHC City as well — another place where not Wheeler but *you* got in some hot water. Deep hot water.”

“(It felt as) hot as jalapeno peppers, yeah.”

“And you can’t return there.”

“No,” answers Baker Bloch. “Duncan might. I think that’s the plan for the current novel.”

“Going along with the elements of ‘Pageturner,’ good.”

“But we have to get Paul, the white example, out of this stoner haven Hana Lei.”

“Story for another night. But I think the escape here is encapsulated in Morrison, since you have property there and set up a parallel Twin Peaks Black Lodge on a sky island there, correct?”

“Yes. Supposedly Buster doubles as the dwarf, a role he didn’t relish actually. Mike Anderson.”

“We better end this post and go to another.”

Bodega? Analysis 05

“‘See title 01b’ recreates or re-imagines the *right* side of the parallel ‘see title o1a’. We’re dealing with half the space of the first, or Lapara across the tracks from the actual town again. We are getting more information about this planned escape, basically real in the present, or at the completion of the last novel. The pink elephant returns, but as a different image. (The) Black Lodge reappears but with different characters within — those from the another tv show called ‘Gravity Falls’ that has factored in elsewhere (in my writing). See, for example, The Bill. Or starting with the 3rd diary. Anyway, (the characters) are there and for a reason. Also the Man from Another Place’s face has been exposed for what it really is. And we can say here his face was covered in ‘see title 01a’ with another image from ‘Gravity Falls’: that of main male protagonist Dipper Pines. And Dipper’s twin sister takes the place of Windom Earle in the lower left corner. She stares perhaps longingly at the cute, pink elephant. She wants one!”

“Hucka Doobie, the dwarf character seems to be saying something else in the present collage. Not “It is Happening Again,” but perhaps a resolution, or an answer. I think this is the sky island (next to Morrison) again. Laura Palmer in the sky has moved closer to the scene. This is escape through Morrison.”

“Could be, could be.”

[delete 5 exchanges]

“Are we then ready to move on, Hucka Doobie?”


Bodega? Analysis 06

“We’re skipping over ‘Danny’s Magical Room’ of the present exhibit to go to ‘Detective Drunk.’

Pink elephant again. Holding a book called Truth, seemingly, which could be the same as character Rocky’s recently published novel called ‘Bible Truth’. He’s another Olde Lapara Towne character, based on the raccoon you found in the town’s central hotel. I believe he was the bellhop.”

“More of a receptionist, actually, if I’m remembering correctly.”

“Anyway, he worked at the hotel (Grand Lapara Hotel) and also lived there, apparently in a crawl space. But then you got him a prim and proper house — of sorts: the small mushroom house still present in Collagesity.”


“… but then was destroyed by the same atomic explosion we talked about before? Explain it in your own way, Baker Bloch.”

“Well, Rocky is a novelist, with first book published called ‘Bible Truth,’ as you said. Then a play based on the book was created at around the same time. But in *my* book it is stated that Rocky is not the true writer of that. Someone else.”

“But Rocky’s book is based on the McCartney song ‘Rocky Raccoon’. From The Beatles Album.”

“From the ‘White Album’, yes,” Baker Bloch clarifies. “And only afterwards did I learn of Rocket Raccoon, who is apparently super famous these days through those action/adventure movies. Kind of like Salad Bar Jack.” Baker smiles.

“Right. Anyway, back to ‘Detective Drunk,’ a detective, a Sherlock Holmes wannabe, wants to inspect the book and attached pink elephant, but his cliche magnifying glass is instead replaced by a martini. He gets drunk instead of solving mysteries.” Hucka Doobie inspects the collage closer. “And there’s, let’s see, several images of Noel Fielding appearing, one where he is The Moon from ‘Mighty Boosh,” another personal favorite of yours. Then several more from his Boosh follow-up, ‘Luxury Comedy’.”


“I must ask: Does he know the Truth? The magnifying glass needed for true inspection has been displaced to (Timmy) Duncan’s face to the left here, creating a faux elephant’s nose. Elephants remember — they store memories away as if in a trunk or dossier. Your Ellie the Elephant, for example, remembers in detail the creation of the parallel Bermingham forest and the moving of the village from (original to doppleganger). ”


“Is (Timmy) an elephant?”

“I don’t know, Hucka Doobie.”

“Anyway, the framing images of ‘Detective Drunk’ are from the ‘Return to Oz’ movie, and, parallel to this, the 2002 synch ‘SID’s 1st Oz’. This would be Dorothy Gale to the left, and enemy or foe Head Nurse Wilson to the right. Another Wilson. And paired with another Wheeler. For example: here LINK. I would venture that Head Nurse Wilson (note: this is actually Witch Mombi, the Oz equivalent of Head Nurse Wilson in the movie) is your Wheeler in a jail cell, checked in power by Dorothy to the left. This may be Baker Blinker, who has gone through her period of complexity and has emerged fresh and pure in an Oz-like place of sanity and peace. Wheeler is still learning this lesson.”


“This is Truth.”


“I think that’s good enough for this one, Baker Bloch, except to say that some of these images reappear in Audrey’s Bar toward the end of the last novel, when Chef/Inspector Petty busts in and demands to know the truth about Renaldo O’Donnell. Another big mystery, and yet to be solved.”

“Another night, as you say. Moving on, Hucka Doobie!”

Bodega? Analysis 07

“I think we may be able to finish this off tonight, Baker Bloch. Good work!”


“How are your hands?”

“Fine. Neck’s getting a little sore, but it’s okay.”

“We are at ‘see title 02,’ comparable to ‘see title 01a’ in that we have an image in the collage uttering the actual title: ‘I’m Old Gregg!’. The image is that of Twin Peaks Agent Dale Cooper, h0wever, and not Noel Fielding’s Old Gregg character from Might Boosh again.”

“Right. It’s Dale Cooper. But the twinned women to the right and left kind of reminded me of Old Gregg.”

“Put a picture of Old Gregg up for all to ogle. ”

“And the red curtains are from the Black Lodge again,” Baker Bloch furthers. “The whole collage, I suppose, could be set in the lodge. 3 parts.”

“A kind of triptych. And more difficult to compose that the others (in this exhibit). You actually had Old Gregg’s head superimposed on one of those similarly colored women at one point.”

“Right. Lots of going back and forth with images and positions for this one, Hucka Doobie. ”

Hucka Doobie studies further. “So Genesis album figures reappear, just like we had in ‘Pageturner’ to begin (the exhibit). They’re — let’s see — split into 3 pairs according to panels this time. We have more explanation of what’s going on, perhaps.”

Baker Bloch looks as well.

“Well, Baker Bloch, we have framing, tall legged red people on either side to begin, man to the right and woman on the left. They are ‘presenters.'”


“What is presented or displayed? 3 panels yes. A triptych, red and blue-green being the dominant colors, a clash of Boosh’s Old Gregg and the Black Lodge’s Red Room from Twin Peaks. A clash of comedy and tragedy perhaps. Genesis reappears (as stated). The inspector of ‘Detective Drunk’ comes back in the centre, inspecting the unusually small head of Duke from the Genesis album of the same title. This would be before ‘Invisible Touch’? Please check, Baker Bloch.”


” And then… so the inspector has found something to actually inspect in this one, Baker Bloch. A real mystery with a real truth within. Patty Duke? Patty is another famous twin cousin through her ‘Patty Duke Show’ from the 60’s. Another thing to check there, Baker Bloch.”

“Mounting up!” he playfully complains.

“The central figure Dale Cooper has one hand over his eyes, as if blinded, and another holding a dart that points to, well, sometimes the viewer of this collage I suppose. Like here LINK.

Gregg Oden or Greg Ogden.

“Or here,” Baker Bloch adds. “Although in checking it’s not quite as obvious in this one.”

“Thank you for inserting those pictures. Do you have the further links I requested?”

“Okay, the ‘Patty Duke Show’ is here, and I can’t remember the other thing you requested.”

“Neither can I. Moving on, then. We have the two hands of ‘Twisted’ reappearing in the present collage. They seem to present the duplicate women to the right and left of the central Dale. Front of hand to right; back of hand to left. This is past and present, like Windom Kansas (in the present) replaced Laura Kansas (in the past). This is most likely the action of Bowie in some guise. How powerful is Bowie? He’s possessed poor little Wheeler and sent her to jail (for example). And he wanted Baker Blinker for same. Laura of Twin Peaks is similarly possessed, like with demons. Bowie fought a demon both in Omikron City and, as Little Tonshi Ashokan and perhaps others, in Olde Lapara Towne. That demon’s name there was and still is Astarte, disguised as the name of a Second Life sim (and moth butterfly). You are still running from Astarte. That’s most commonly called Astaroth in Omikron speak, both beginning with “a star”. This is Bowie,” Hucka Doobie reinforces.

“Right. Thanks. I suppose I gave Bowie so much power because he’s the star — or will be the star — of several and perhaps many future (audiovisual synchronicities). Beyond ‘Peewee Big’, and beyond ‘One Pink’ which he’s also in as Philllip Jeffries.”

“Heading to Philadelphia instead of Pittsburg, yes. East not west. But still witches all around. Oz.”

“We should end there, Hucka Doobie?”

Hucka Doobie looks again at ‘see title 02’. “Not quite. The (Baker Bloch hands Hucka Doobie a slip of paper) — thank you — *’We Can’t Dance’* figure feeds not a Lamb here, as in ‘Pageturner’, but seems to stroke the seaweed like hair of the unknown woman looming above him — it. Renaldo McDonnell applies hairspray to her hair in the same panel. It’s unusual hair in that it’s glowing. We can assume it’s the same as the seaweed type hair of Old Gregg, more unusual(ness).”

(note: later we both realize it is representation of Olde Gregg’s glowing manjina as well)


“And then, as I’m looking, even the hand to the extreme left seems to be touching her hair, as if in admiration of its feel and look. But, let’s see, in the right panel, the Renaldo O’Donnell’s hairspray is heading the wrong way — away from the woman’s hair. The attached big hand is forwards instead of backwards (perhaps not admiring so much). Wilson Wheeler Wheeler Wilson again, I would venture. Forwards and backwards. Left and right.”

“What about the dart?” asks Baker Bloch, trying to move the analysis on.

“The dart is pointed at the viewer,” Hucka Doobie repeats. “The viewer could be the same as the woman. You found an Old Gregg avatar in Morrison, along with a Donnie Darko. They may even be lovers created for each other. Maybe tragic lovers. The dart may indicate that the woman is Old Gregg in truth. The other, then, could be Donnie Darko, who appears in the (audiovisual synch) *before* … well not quite before, but in another of your bigger synchs. This weighs in. Bowie knows. Investigate with your investigating feet.”

“Thank you, Hucka Doobie. Good job.”

“Yourself as well.”


Baker Bloch decides to pay a visit to new guy Greg, who is actually, beneath it all, old gal Chroma. He’s heard of a new artwork, a seed it’s been called.

Wall of Jasper, he thinks after teleporting up and looking over at Norum. And Jacob I. trapped within still, the dreamer. That will change soon. Collagesity must prepare.

Wheeler Wilson shows up as well. “Who am I playing tonight?” he quickly starts.


“Okay,” he then says after changing appropriately. “And who are you?”

Baker shows him.

“Ahh, Old Gregg.”

“New Greg, actually. Greg Ogden, not Gregg Oden. And he’s got a fresh piece of art he wants us to see. Don’t expect much. He’s too obsessed with regularity and symmetry to be a successful artist.”

“We better get into character,” suggests Wilson-as-Baker. “What are you looking at?”

“Sh-t,” he says.

Baker sighs. “We better see what he’s up to.”


Gregg Oden glances over at the second redbird he’s seen tonight before entering Audrey’s.

“Ahh, a fellow greenie,” Gregg directs toward Terry in a high, wispy voice. “I just saw you today. Terry the Royal Prince. West Virginia. Don’t remember?”

Not answering, Terry just stares at the strange green man with seaweed hair and pink tutu.

“Would you like to see something?” Gregg then asks. “Then you will be mine and I will be yours, Royal Prince. A Redbird for the Blue Jay.” Gregg pulls up his tutu and shoots a blinding light toward the bartender from beneath.

Baker Bloch should have seen it coming, pheh.

Greg and Gregg

“Interrupted your little party you were planning tonight, did I Baker Bloch? Thought you were going to start the Greg Ogden story without me, did you? You and your fancy town here. I have a town too. Would you like to see?”

Not staring at it, Greg Ogden turned toward Baker Bloch on the couch, who is also looking away. “Which one of us is *real*??” he demands.

“Don’t do that.”

Unseen artwork upstairs (“Hidden Vilage”).


Who are these weirdos downstairs? Mr. Babyface thinks while reloading his pipe with Red Dragon and staring at the latest Sunklands post. He *should* be thinking about how to extract his nephew from the Land of Hana Lei, but his thoughts keep drifting back to the walls of his apartment. Qui Quon here…

… Jharmelion behind. He’s read the rental lease a couple of times now. Paraphrasing, it states that you are to leave the Korean Channel wall maps intact and also not cover the *land* parts with furniture or decorations or risk facing a fine. Water’s okay (minus the sim titles), and why he can get away with repositioning his media player atop the totally liquid Qui Quon. No solid ground atall in that sim. He’s pushing the limit, though, with Jharmelion and the couch he sits upon — right against the shoreline.

Mr. Babyface also wants to trade out this picture of the Lordshore bridge if possible.

The Lordshore wall is 2 floors below him, in that Greg or Gregg’s apartment — whichever. I hope landlord Baker Bloch makes a decision on which Greg or Gregg will survive in Collagesity soon, he thinks. Or perhaps Baker Blinker will make the choice? He’s still unsure of the Bakers’ relationship with each other. Married? Siblings? Unrelated?

He goes upstairs to double-check the maps there for compliance while he’s thinking about it.


Now Mr. Babyface really likes Simple Wunderlich’s snapshot from Ichelus upstairs, depicting its famous volcano. He makes a note to visit soon, perhaps even before he returns to Hana Lei. The picture corresponds with the sim map here as well.

And on the other wall, the totally water Redazillion.

He’s good here; no rules broken that he can tell of.

“I’m Gregg Oden. I live downstairs.”

A startled Mr. Babyface turns around to face his neighbor.

“I like Baileys in a shoe,” he continues. “Do you like Baileys?” Through his panic, Mr. Babyface was thinking this dude looks a lot like Rick James.


Meanwhile, Baker Bloch discovered Terry in a bad place at Audrey’s Bar after he left Gregg Oden’s desire for love unrequited. The Bakers would have to find a new bartender, but probably all for the best, since Rocky Raccoo seemingly won’t be coming to Collagesity after all — staying in Olde Lapara Towne. Baker Bloch uses the bar’s phone to call up Greg Ogden at his father’s place in Farmington.

“Good news, sir. Gregg with the extra ‘g’ won’t be needing the apartment after all.” The man at the other end of the line yelped so loud in joy that Baker had to back the receiver off his ear.

Wanderlust Art Truck

Rocky Racco takes one last look around the park with the Wanderlust Art Truck. Here in Olde Lapara Towne until the end of October. Come see as well!

Sugar House

“See?” encouraged Baker Blinker. “It’s very nice here. I’d recommend turning up your RenderTreeLODFactor under Show Debug Settings in the Advanced Menu to, say, 10 instead of the default 1. That way the trees will fill out better in the woods.”

“Are you allowed to hunt?” the raccoon queried. “Or shoot atall?”

“No. I’m afraid not Mr. Racco.”

He put his paws on the table. “How about pot? Is it legal here?”

“I’m not sure, Mr. Racco.”

“Rocky, please.”

“Rocky,” Baker Blinker complied. “Do you want to sell it or just smoke it?”

“Both,” he replied rapidly. “That was my plan in Lapara. Before The End.”

“I’m sorry about your bar, Rocky. I’m sorry about Terry more.”

“One and the same,” he said softly, looking down. He paused, then, wiping his eyes, raised his head back up and stared intently at Baker Blinker. “I wish to see the body.”

Baker shook her head. “It’s not a good idea.” She thought back to how Baker Bloch removed Terry from the ceiling with a spatula yesterday. It didn’t happen in one piece.

“Alright,” he said with a sigh. “Let’s talk neighbors… citizens.”

“Well, there’s Baker Bloch of course, then Wheeler Wilson…”

“Who I know from Lapara,” Rocky interrupted. “But explain the clowning. Never understood that. Does this have something to do with Levi Clownski (owner of Olde Lapara Towne along with mate Shoshi)?”

“No, (the clowning) predates the family being involved with that town. It stems from VHC City. Something about The Underground there. Something about the story of Clare Nova.”

“I’m all ears,” Rocky said, leaning forward.

Baker Blinker instead suggested they walk up Old Cannon Road to the apartment and talk along the way. Rocky gleaned the truth.

“You don’t know why she’s clowned. Do you?” Baker admitted she was hazy about all that. Rocky shifted in his chair. “Then I want to see this Gregg Oden, the killer.” His tone had become harsher. “Is *Gregg* a clown?”

“No,” states Baker Blinker plainly, taking it all in.

“And you’re sure?”

“Positive.” Rocky shifted back. “And I don’t think it’s wise to go over to Gaston looking the way you do,” Baker Blinker continued. “All raccoon-y. They forbid aliens there.”

“Aliens smaliens,” he huffed. “Let’s go to Gaston. I have all the time in the world to look over your town. I want to see this *old* Gregg. Gregg with the extra ‘g’, pheh.”


“I thought you said he was green.”

“He *was*,” Baker exclaimed.

Sugar House 02

“Are you all right in there Gregg?”

“I’m Gregg Oden,” the green being replies. “I drink Baileys from a shoe.”

He’s all right, Baker Bloch thinks. I’ll have to have a word with Baker Blinker on what she *thought* she saw here. Red instead of green, eh? Greg Ogden is scheduled to arrive back in town tomorrow. Better clear all this confusion up before he gets here.


Mr. Babyface arrives at his apartment entrance after a so so meal of perch at Perch. He had but a small word to his (headless?) garson about the blandness, so small that it passed unnoticed.

Speaking of which…

aim backwards

There he is, Tiny Tina thinks. The miserable sod. Time to get him out of here before it’s too late.

Tina approaches. “Mr. Oden,” she pronounces clearly upwards. “Mr. Gregg Oden.”

Gregg looks down, spots her. “I’m Gregg Oden. I drink…”

“Yes, yes,” Tina interrupts, hands still on hips. “Is that all you have to wear out of here?”

“I have some watercolors. Would you like to see?”

“Can you *wear* watercolors out of here?” Tiny Tina chirps acidly, making Gregg pause. She blows out a minuscule puff of air. “This will have to do, then. Get up. No time to lose.”

“I’m Gregg Oden?” he says while rising off the jail bed.

“That remains to be determined. But we have to get you out of here. If they found out what you *really* were there would be tests after tests. And we don’t want that.”

She sprints across the floor and back to the open door of the cell. Gregg takes steps to follow. “You’ll have to move faster than that, Mr. Oden,” she shouts upwards and forwards while waiting. “Burt’s on a coffee break. He always takes a coffee break at 3:45am sharp. He always returns at 4:00am sharp. So *move*.”

“Too late,” Tina whispers as loud as she could, peering down from the top of the stairs. “We’ll have to kill him.”

back to

“You know you’ll have to return, Jeffrie Phillips.”

“I know. Blackstars.”

“Garson on the impossible stairs. Leading you nowhere like you were outside.”

“I *was*.”

“Police take turns.”

“Art and crime together,” states a third.


A next logical candidate for deletion on Baker Blinker’s property to make much needed prim room was Carrcassonnee over in the Temple of TILE. But Baker Bloch better confer with his female counterpart before going any further.


He looks over at Collagesity East’s Kidd Tower as a preface.

“6 prims is all you have currently, Baker Blinker. Mr. Babyface rezzed a tiny version of Big E on his upstairs table over there and the wall map he was comparing with at the time vanished before his very eyes. The renters — *your* renters — need more prims to rezz stuff. We have to have a cushion of say… let’s say 20 or so.”

“And Rocky hasn’t even come to town,” ruminates Baker Blinker.

“Nor Greg Ogden, although he should be here tomorrow. We should get that cushion up and running before he arrives.”

“What about Gregg Oden?”

“He’s not going to return, although he’s out of jail. *No one* stays in jail over in Gaston more than a day, it seems. Prison breaks are a given.”

“Hmm. So it will be the more normal looking Greg(g) showing up tomorrow.”

“Appears so. We need to talk about the town in some depth.”

“Yes,” says Baker Blinker with a smile. “I would consider it the best small town in Second Life.”

“Me too,” adds Baker Bloch. “But we’re a bit biased.” He looks toward the opening to his right. “Ahh, the garson with our food.”


I’ll just give a summary of what was decided by the two town owners at this meeting. First, the 420 sign on the side of the Bodega Market had to go — logical choice; 6 prims saved right there.

But scrounge as they did, The Bakers couldn’t find anything else of significance in Collagesity East to delete. Both pairs of eyes then turned back to Carrcassonnne in Blinker’s part of Collagesity North.

“We have no other choice,” Baker Bloch offers, standing in front of the damaged deity. “For now.”

“Sorry old friend,” they said jointly before deleting the likewise 6 prim object.

And then its All Seeing Eye.

A 20 prim cushion exactly now.

sugar houses

“The sugar house on the corner of William Street and Duane Street in lower Manhattan was used as a prison by occupying British forces during the American Revolutionary War,” states old-time cop Ricky Bendicky, originally from East Bennington. “Out of 2,600 prisoners of war captured during the Battle of Fort Washington in November 1776, 1,900 would die in the following months at makeshift prisons. At least 17,500 are estimated to have perished under substandard conditions of such sugar houses and British prison ships over the course of the war, more than double that of casualties from battle.”

“When did it become the police station?” asks rookie cop George Carver Washington, Gaffer George as his fellow officers had started calling him after he accidentally shot himself in the arse last Thursday.

“Built in 1763 by William Rhinelander,” continues Ricky, “the sugar house was a five-story brick warehouse originally storing molasses and sugar next to his own residence. The old warehouse was replaced by the Rhinelander Building, which retained part of the original wall from 1892 to 1968, and received reports of ghostly prisoner sightings. The site is now occupied by the headquarters of the Gaston-Berry Police Department, near which one of the original barred windows was retained.”

“Fascinating,” coos young George. “And how about Utah?”

“Sugar House Prison, previously the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, was a prison in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City founded by territorial governor Brigham Young in 1852. The 180-acre prison housed more than 400 inmates. It was closed in 1951 due to encroaching housing development, and all of its inmates were moved to the new Utah State Prison in Draper. The site is now occupied by the headquarters of the Gaston-Berry Police Department.”

George pauses, then: “And that’s where Hidden Village comes from?”

“Yes,” answers Ricky.

“And Greg Ogden and Gregg Oden?”

“We’ll see.”


Third time’s the charm, as they say. He was up and running considerably quicker this go, right on the heels of Tiny Tina. He would not let her beat him to the dark wall again and send him back to the grass free Joint Joint, awake and cold sober. Jacob I. was going to the other side tonight.

He made it!

But not without losing a valuable friend and ally in the process.