Sunklands 2021 Early ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Locations: Omega/Mountain Lake, Omega/Southern, Collagesity, NWES City, Omega/Fisher’s I, Maebaleia/Outer Islands, Sansara/Coastal Towns, Nautilus/General, Teepot, Nautilus/Upper Austra, White Palace, Pickleland, New Babbage, West Virginia, Silent, Waste02



M  A  I  N  L  A  N  D


Jeffrie Phillips (new ruler of Collagesity, maybe by default; dies in sec 6)
Wheeler Wilson (not seen in old Bowie form; advising JP about his new rulership)
David Bowie (on screen w/ red tie like Jeffrey’s; story of Phillip Jeffries revealed by Wheeler)
Bean the Librarian (Jeffrie gets trapped in “window pansies”; head spins round and round)
Danny (still has job as janitor of Fal Mouth Moon until attempted murder of Jeffrey; later gets Woody’s house)
Man About Time (MAT; not chosen as ruler but acting as 2nd fiddle; allies w/ Danny in ways via PLUNGER; takes over in sec 6)
Roger Pine Ridge (seen on Yd Island PFloyd club, before showing up in Collages. in sec 7)
Wildthing/Zado/Bad Kitten (mentioned; new girl of Jeffrey P.; MAT was looking at on interwebs)
Baker Bloch (Jeffrey’s core avatar but original form not around much now — went to White Palace with Hucka D. ; returns in 7?)
April Mae Flowers (in jail; responsible for death of…)
*unnamed dr., but implied he parallels script dr. ala Sunset Blvd.
Officer Raymond Boxboom (interrogator of April Mae)
chimpanzee (in corner of interrogation room; real?)
Ricardo Petty (giraffe person stolen from in “petty crime”; later  in same loc n. of Collagesity (colored cubes) w…)
*Grandpa Herbert Glenn Gold (deceased hubbie of April Mae: in cameo; juggles colored balls)
*unnamed “white” children (ghosts?) w/ dark “monkey” shadows beyond edge of Collagesity
*Alysha (another child standing on same edge but Asian — savior of Collagesity? (withdrew monkey in herself, she says))
Charlene the Punk (w/Jeffrey Phillips sometimes at the Blue Feather; moves back to NWES Cy after his death?)
Dr. Mouse (biking cameo w/…)
Schuman (red eyed shadowy man at Creepy Crabbit gallery; compared to D.Bowie as guiding spirit)
Karoz Blogger (Quito garage — mentioned but not seen –where he got married to…)
Baker Blinker (ditto)
Mercury X. Rising (still in Temple of TILE at labyrinth; still in love w/ his “car”)
Pansy Mouse (at labyrinth; Jeffrey changes into at white center)
Mabel (called by Wheeler about Jeffrey Phillips’ death – then at MAT’s forum)
Carrcassonnee (talking a bit thanks to MAT, if not walking)
Hucka Doobie


Mossman (still runs bamboo bar underneath Starbucanneers?)
Starbucaneer Barista (and old love interest of Baker Bloch)
Karl? Rhoda?
Grassy Knoll?
Tessa? (returns because friends w/ Mabel)
Robert Drake Johns (ditto)
Little Big?


Jeffrey Phillips (exploring M-Perch)
Elsie (called over for a kiss and perhaps that Tenn. thing, but instead gets…)
Wheeler Wilson/Hidi
Man About Time (M-P; gives JP report on dissecting and reassembling…)
Fern Stalin (M-Perch)
Lichen Roosevelt (M-Perch)
Homer Smipson (on stage in his natural habitat)
*Walter “Homer” Westinghouse
Moe (found his true Homeland (or Homerland))
Willy (bar drunk)
Mrs. Appletree (tchr; mother of Felicia Mae)


Jeffrey Phillips
Roger Pine Ridge
Charlene the Punk (wearing hot pink dress this time, like in Picturetown)
Felicia Mae Appletree (daughter of tchr; with Satori tattoo on back)
Walter Homer Westinghouse (implied he would show up again via donuts on stage)
Uncle Zach (dancer)
Kate McCoy (dancer)
Pink Floyd band (Waters led)


Astronaut AB (crashed on 1 of Rim Islands; turned “Native” and primitive; thinks she is still on Mars)
Sammie Messenger (returns from Mistery I to scene of crash at same)
Jeffrey Phillips (CValeria; also ex. 108/108/108 on down at Valgate; also HHitch, Dizneyland, Corton (dies there))
Wendy Wilson Wheeler (CV; Valberg (w/Jeffery Phillips; also Corton)
Randolph the Bastard Pirate (CV — “silent film star” w/ Wendy)
One Pink (CV: confused flamingo at CV’s Mexico Flats)
Leila (on Urbino; maybe on fairly nearby Valgate as well)
Stymie (Leila’s wife — seems to be same as Phillip Stretor; fascinated w/Viterbo ruins)
Cpt. Crazy (Half Hitch; =Picard and w/…)
Speck (his lover and only mate/crew)
Sooloo (resident HH homophobic)
Blurmaid (met Jeff Phillips at Dizneyland (island))
Unnamed Rescuer (rescued Astronaut AB from Rim Island and going “native” — same as Orig. Fern, though?)
Carrcassonnee (claimed by AB to be spirit on her Rim island)
Pansy Mouse/Dr. Mouse (Corton)
Ayesha (God looking down on JP at Corton)
Walter Westinghouse (ditto)


Blue Berry Girl/Rules of Rose


Jeffrey Phillips
Fern Stalin
Orig. Fern (sent to rescue Astronaut AB apparently)
Sammy Messenger Featherflight
Jacky Jack
Richie Griffith
Stan Jackson


Astronaut AB (launches in Icarus)
Hidi (in planetarium with AB)
Wheeler (as…)
Baker Blinker


Mick Mouse (takes green ship from Fryburg to Castle Town, following Tessa’s ship)
Philip Strevor (2 of him at Fryburg)


Devil Dave
Baker Bloch
these deposited Tessa on Tyrell Mtn in spaceship, setting down cow in process:
*Fern Stalin
*Lichen Roosevelt
*Wendy Wheeler Wilson
Hidi (dream self of Tessa)


Jeffrey Phillips (tanks; Monkey City resonance; WAR)
Rabbit 02 (“Hold your fire!”)
Speck (mentioned as being there, sees crashed Jenny)
Cpt. Crazy (ditto)
Jeffrey Phillips (calls Wheeler about crashed Jenny)


Greys (dead from crashed ship; names Hector, Lewis, Gerry?)
Spocari (up in ship still?)
Dr. I.C. Insides (ditto?)
Cpt. Crazy (ditto?)
Bendy (ditto?)


Tessa Doom
Devil Dave
Bendy (turned from black to metallic via operation)
Drew “Grumpy” Cleveland (Grandpa Cliffs, former porn star; friends of Mick/Pansy)
Mick Mouse (wishes operation as well — will turn into Pansy; no one can see him)
Fern Stalin (works at terminal cafe)
Lichen Roosevelt
Wendy Wheeler (twin, but which one?)
Barry De Boy (mentioned; heard Pansy from the future; stopped rocking)
Pansy Mouse (mentioned)
Dr. Mouse (mentioned: dr. who operates on Mick)
Hidi (staring out at Grandpa Cliffs)
Jeffrey Phillips (proposes to Wheeler on Grandpa Cliffs across from Castle Town)
Wheeler (=Wendy)
Speck (witness to proposal and possible marriage)
Picard (ditto)
JENNY (new ship arriving at Castle Town; par GUMP)


Barry De Boy
Tronesisia (testing out Castle Town for safety)


Rabbit M4 (Consignment Store, waiting on…)
Rabbit 02 (trying on shoes for the moment)
Jeffrey Phillips (checking out Marwood bots again, including…)
Jimbo/O’Jimbo (contact person for Pot-D or Pan-Z, but just a bot? dead?)
Elsie (kissing booth)
Bimbo/O’Bimbo (performs Oz puppet shows; seems to not be a bot)
Gertrude (mentioned; another distraction for JP)
Charlene the Punk (apparently still owns Spunkys down on the docks)
Fern Stalin (seen in pic w/…)
*Lichen Roosevelt
*Wendy Wilson
Astronaut AB
Drew “Grumpy” Cleveland (tends corndog stand)
Yellow (big flower, orders corndogs w/…)
Catchup (small flower)
Pansy (playing cards w/…)
Certain Death (multiple versions, dig spades, not hearts)
Mick Mouse (here for operation)
Black Dog (drives him there)
Man About Time (at Moe’s, talking to Stumpy, then at Spunkys w/ Charlene)
Stumpy (Moe’s bartender still; apt. and Tiger bar)
Gotham (Moe’s bar, apt, Tiger bar)
Wheeler/Wendy (Tiger bar)
Roger Pine Ridge (Tiger bar)
Baker Bloch (Tiger bar)
Hucka Doobie (Tiger bar)



Barry DeBoy
Suisan (mentioned)
Marsha Pink Krakow (Barry’s mom–mentioned; around)
Best Friend (same as Tik Tok)
Schuman (mentioned)


Astronaut AB
Sep Felton
Jenny Lind? (arrived via her ship?)


Dr. No Mouse (made Sally and H. Jack; theatre)
Jeffrey Phillips (theatre; realizes Dr. No Mouse is not Dr. Mouse, hence name)
*Heart Queen (not shown; but maybe will show up later; theatre — STUDY (face intact now))
Owl (polished palace: stares/stairs)
Sandman (aka “Pickle; in polished palace, then to Portal; new *host* to Jeffrey Phillips)
David A.B. (God of Pickleland or sumtin; polished palace and then outside too)
Schumann (guiding Pickleland spirit; plays piano in house on hill)
Lt. Salt (military man; gives Sandman directions to Portal)
Baby Yodo/Dodo/Dada/Yada (“So adorable”)
Inky Woman (hair getting wet in falls but no ink from it)
Goldie and Grayscale (frog-ish goldfish arguing pond vs lake, JLind intervenes)
Jenny Lind (connected to Schumann; hair doesn’t get wet, comes down in Jenny ship, no crash this time)
Samuel and Reggie (sand boys)
Tessa YOUNG (opens book w/ paper butterflies)
Mr. Platinum (*not* her granddad — David A.B. created (he tried so hard)
SALLY (mentioned — not in church; could be Jack’s Sally or other 2 Sally’s of blog)
RN Griselda (observes Jack going thru Portal w/…)
Little Steve Wonderful (also mentioned later to Schumann by Keith B.)
Man About Time (=Pierre Schaeffer (see: Gormania); evil in this realm)
Brunhilde (greeter at the Portal to this realm, feels sorry for Sandman & gives him bike)
Diamond Bunny (diamond brain exterior to body, like David A.B. previously (?))
Dan(n)y (both a plumber with a plunger and a rocket scientist apparently who designed MAT’s time plunger)
Keith B. (lower floor of house on hill, overlooks playing of Schumann and then Weegee bd. (obvious resonance w violin c.)
TOOLS OF TRADE (shared between Danny and Keith B. in post from novel 20 I believe)
Tracy Austin (w/ Keith in attic, then)
Katy Kidd (sees baaad man in static, then is absorbed after mention of 7 and 6/Tracy and Your Mama union)
Jenny (appears in beam in attic; may be same as Jenny Lind but also Jenny/Your Mama — combo?)
Wendy Wilson (same as…)
Sepisexton (freed from hook when Katy Kidd goes into TV snow)
Tessa OLD ( butterfly book again, now at house on hill; says Sandman looking in wrong place for Grandma)
Baby Fang (beside/beneath old Tessa; fits into MAPS MUNSTERS theme)
The GRANDMA (upper level of castle, visited by MAT)
Kickass Boos (paints Sepisexton in cubist style; may still be same as Man About Time)
Shauna (visited Snow Realm and didn’t make it back; left delicious popcorn behind for investigating…)
Officer Mustardgas
Officer Michelle Roundup
Daisy Mae March (maybe leader of Picklesong)
RN Willa (pills for Daisy which she doesn’t want right now when talking to Tessa)
Lou (her visiting sister from Bermingham)
The Barber (gives David/Dave a brain, apparently from Keith B. (or Keith A.?))


Zoidboro (could be preacher in church)
Sally Spark O’ Naut (could be Sally in church)
Lying Widow (yet another Sally, opposite of O’ Naut in Burnt Oak sim of Wastelands)
Herbert Glenn Gold (could Tessa’s granddad be around still?)
Halloween Jack (same as Axis still? Previously w…)
*Santa God
*4th of July Guy


*Sandman may be same as Schuman
*Grandma = Mid Hazel the ancient witch?
*Heart Queen: STUDY posts in past


Jeffrey Phillips (biking past spooky buildings)
Gump/Jenny (both ship and trapped man on ground, probably Jeff Phillips again)
Jenny Lind (in Clay in Clay “Strange Corner of West Virginia”)


Jeffrey Phillips
Baker Bloch (playing piano (2x))
Schuman (spirit)
Hucka Doobie (reading novel 22)


Jeffrey Phillips
Woman Bartender (replaced at Castle…)
*Dr. Nightwing (Dr. Who double; claimed to be dead by Woman Bartender)
Charlene the Punk (past Fern; meet at coffee shop where they 1st met)
Dinksy Dix (leader and drummer of Wee Wonders Jazz Band)
Tor (mentioned; Teepot resident who also has house very near Meaux the mole island (jokingly called Meowx?)