Sunklands 2021 Later



E S T A T E:



Greg Ogden (cont… somehow transferred from Paperweight to Paper sim, Soap Lake Park, on rr)
Chef-Inspector Petty (sheriff sta: plasma energy beam followed him through Portal, he is reporting on it)
Officer Jetski (asking dumb questions others already know) 12 OZ MOUSE REFERENCE?
Agent 47 (taking notes; computer jams up because of energy, though)
Agent 23 (ditt0)
Tropp/”Chief” (runs bar at Swamp Pond beside sheriff’s dept.; there w/…)
Stan/Stu Umbriel (and…)
Kolya (how??; they are together at dubious b-day party (whose?) where The Devil was summoned)
The Devil (mentioned)
Wheeler (actual Wheeler figure now, giving froz banana to Stu U., who pisses on wall before/after; changing back into…)
Wendy (at 1st through hair (red — Wendy hamburger style), meets…)
Allen Martin (not seen for a while, resurrected through Soap (Lake) and Suds/Bubbles)
Rick Moranis (seen in Spaceballs movie — same as Skippy Bittman, hah; looking beyond frame)
Mr Babyface (at Soap L watching bodies come up thru sand (?) w/…)
Peter Ladd
Soap Lake bodies (unnamed, 2 in number)
seagulls (announcing more are on way)
I.P. Freely (w/ Peter and Babyface at Soap sushi bar at lake; rings up Kolya at diff bar, in Paper this time — Sacred Yew)
Suds and Bubbles (“rehearsing” at bar w/ imaginary friends, told to go to Soap L. we assume; clean up new bodies)
BROWN BOX (one of imaginary friends)
Trudy Trickster (at same bar, studying Kolya’s head holes, w/…)
Toby Tangerine (inept bartender who was brilliant neurosurgeon)
unnamed proper bartender who is in contrast bad at surgery
Margret Thatch (100 year old customer, likes cornbread milk)
Gail Gordon (died in surgery at hands of proper bartender)
The Lord (Kolya called this — contrast to The Devil invoked at the b-day party he is also at?)

PAPER SOAP  27 05b

Randy (couch potato switching through channels at Mayor‘s House, eventually landing on Attack of the 50 MAN after watching Gray Brown and Kolya at her House on the Hill and Paper Lantern)


Gee Cat (beside missing G of MISSIN, waiting for…)
Greg Ogden (also missing a G, or at least shifted from front to last name; came thru tunnel on rr)
Gregg Oden (his “fiend-ish double, only implied as of now)
Suds and Bubbles (mentioned; “cleaned up/help properly resurrect Greg O.)
Gee Cat 02 (maybe evil double? Also looking for “special Hobo” Greg Ogden to bring him “home” and not to asylum)
Wendy/Wheeler (still in pizza place talking to…)
Allen Martin
Ruby Alien (in Dr. Mouse’s asylum w/) FLASHING PLUG
Ruby Alien Grey Double (bound as opposed to unbound Ruby)
Brut (mysterious dummie that turns up in Chief’s bar, then is outside — what’s he staring at?)
Dr. Mouse (runs Asylum; seems to live in mayor‘s house w/ view of Wheeler’s banana)


Dr. Mouse (lamenting loss of Pooping Pigeons while staring at same on statue)
Peter File (at PP statue w/ Dr. Mouse — may be alter ego? real name Peter instead of Paul?)
Wheeler (out of the banana on break and in the theatre w/…)
Kolya (and…)
Stu Umbriel ((attracted to Wheeler now) and…)
Chief (Tropp; merged w/ Kolya now; glowing b-day hat mirrors plasma)
Luther Martin (becomes transformed Chief, black this time instead of red/Indian) RELATIONSHIP W A. MARTIN?
doorkeeper dummy (“You tell ’em Martin!”)
Chef-inspector Petty (still discussing the Anomaly at the sheriff’s station w…)
Agent 47 (etc.: Agent 23 as well, Officer Jetski still we can presume)
Gee Cat 02 (has now eaten Gee Cat 01 and fully taken his place)
Martha Ram (interested in Aliens; Agent 47 investigates, which takes him to the vet)
Jenny Powers (vet’s assistant; looking for Peter File patient but none there)
Tim Powers (her unseen vet husband; they switch roles every week or two)
Sparkles (web browsing dog there; reads Manga in kin w/ the Agents)
Norris (observer again, observing the Red Room on Sparkles’ laptop)
Pietmond Boy (3rd person waiting at vet room — no lines) RELATIONSHIP W LUTHER MARTIN?
The Musician (now funeral home director, telling Jenny Powers that her husband is not long to this world)
GATHERED AROUND TIM’s GRAVE (w/ now preacher Musician):
Jenny Powers
Allen Martin
Chef-inspector Petty
Agent 23/47
Dr. Mouse
DIAMOND RING in coffin


Loo (Stu Umbriel’s sister)


A.O./All Orange (at swamp bar: dreamed about…)
*blue haired woman (at center of circle — perfect girl, his *opposite*; called ATROPHIA)
*Jon Deere (rival for her hand, hidden behind stone)
Chief (still bartender at his swamp shack bar, but black now; called Luther Martin by some)
Stu Umbriel (pondering moisture; rolls dehumidifier out in center and then takes leak in back (“Yelloo!!”))
(Bar) Gatekeeper (since derezzed by owner)


Windmill Man (shows up at Dinah’s (renamed from Moes or Mos) talking to Stu)
Stumpy (bartender and also perhaps owner of Dinah’s, rival to swamp bar; gets flooded now and then, thanks to psychic kids)
Fern Stalin (mentioned as having floated into town to take over someone’s mind; whose mind unk. for now; staying at Mouse’s asylum (later in CAVE))
Messenger Featherfloater (brought Fern to town; orig from Brilliant/Mistery islands of Maeb)
Dr. Mouse (only pictured at asylum for now (= Dr. House) with observing Windmill Man)
Kolya (mentioned as being Windmill Man’s roommate at Mouse’s Asylum; Windmill = replacement?)
Hank Graphite (imp meeting at Lost Boys bar; brought…)
Harambe Gorilla (for protection; nature of meeting is still unk. as of now)
BIKER/HEIDI (DIRECTOR; may have died in explosion — *I* accidentally deleted outfit at same time in creating…)
Cyclops Ted 02 (cont of Cyclops Ted 01 from novel 10, in *same bar* (structure))
Biker bartender (unnamed; w/ Heidi?)
Sugar McDermitt (biker outside; guardian; senses something is going to happen (bar explodes))
George (kid at nearby school playground w/… (shows up later at Sandy’s castle))
Billie Jean Kidd (no speaking lines for either of them yet)
Claude Jr. (son of Claude, demolitions expert; one responsible for blowing up bar; hired by Jack/No. 8, son of Sugar McD.)
Cory (one of psychic kids (non-robots) that actually control Paper-Soap from its central school)
Sally? (pictured on seesaw but no lines; actually SANDY now )
unnamed tipsy customer at Stumpy’s bar (no bathrooms, care of psychic kids and their experiments on swamp)


Windmill Man, ripped version (guarding…)
Ruby Alien (… at back room of apparently useless fire station)
Billie Jean Kidd (by Ruby’s side; can’t be seen by Windmill Man)
Ben Bolt (mentioned; wooing…)
Alice Wells (daughter of…)
Jim Wells (doesn’t want to be Ben’s father in law and wants him to get better job than nightguard)
WELLS — IDA B comes up later, along w/ Esmerelda (Ms) Wells in Dinah’s)


Windmill Man (ponders changing from Kolya while starting at pic of Dr. Mouse (=House) in asylum)


Windmill Man (staring at *green* mtns beyond dead end st and pondering green (where he left it))


Axis (changed from…)
Greg Ogden (same, except sans red hair; w…)
Esmerelda WELLS (soothsayer at Dinah’s who tells him to “enter the CAVE”)
Mossman Gene Fade (seen in Cave collage)
Hucka Doobie (orig bee form; ditto…)
Golden Joe (ditto)


unk passenger on Boner NC train, maybe Axis again (?)
Jenny Powers (working full time as vet now, no time to read full paper)
Hatti (witch; runs paper stand near rr tunnel; named for her hat apparently)
Mayor Adom Longnose (mentioned, long time mayor running against…)
Jim Turbine, Plastic Surgeon (on train??)
Stu Umbriel (in jail now for public urination, ha; visited by Hatti who he fancies; Hatti reveals she is man)
Hatti (looking beyond frame)
Fern Stalin (brilliant, knows answers to everything (42); tells this before/after to…; later enters CAVE)
Chef-inspector Petty (investigating Biker Bar and Grilling explosion which kills…)
*Hank Graphite
*Haranbe Gorilla
*Ted Cyclops
*Biker Man (owner)
*Biker Chick/Chuck Cheese/Penn Man > Hidi (who *was* director of novel 28; now *no* direction)
Patrick McDonnelhany ((prisoner like Stu (crime unnamed): head turns into pencil or pen)
Dr. Mouse (at basement of Mayor’s House w/…)
Norris (Harry/Jerry; wants plans to Red Room; hiding on Muff from…)
*Casey 1 Hole (mentioned)
Big Baby (Jane) (mentioned — dropped behind “enemy” lines, sat on…)
Claude Sit-on/Claude Sr.
Claude Jr. (also killed, by kids this time)
Mayor Adom Longnose (turns out to be leader of Yayaland as well, and also the resistance there in a dual role)
Jim Turbine (new mayor of P-S; Plastic Surgeon)
Greg Ogden (“Is that a… banana?”; in reaction to…)
Guy Benjamin (mentioned — steals McCoy and brings him to Dr. Mouse instead of Dr. Diper?)
Rael McCoy (now an Mmmmmmm, at least temporarily thnx to operator Dr. Mouse)


Clockwork Ballerina (woke up in shack on mission)
Norris, George V.
Greg Ogden (changes into…)


Guy Benjamin (part of the Great Rebellion of Misty MO II headed by the head/face…)
Atom (= Lamb = Dan; who seems to be the same, in disguise or deceit, as…) NOSE, like P-S Mayor MAYOR ADOM LONGNOSE
creator-man (artist; seller)
creature-wo-man (buyer; turns into creator by turning into 4 legged creature)
Other Other (friend? enemy? head of Kowloon)
Rael McCoy (one of 4 letters of the 4-n-1 or FOREIGN ONE, who is Atom/creature-man again; yellow: round to straight after kidnapping; straightened out (from perspective of rebels))
Harrison Ford Jett (in cartoon form, guitar switched from left to right hand, ha)


*Allen Yellow (cameo: “Alien, Yellow”)
*Dollie (cameo: obvious resonance with Lamb, esp thru “MO”)
*Piper (cameo: frog)
*Archibald Duke (cameo)
*Norm Bob (cameo: 7610 on forehead of mechanoid)
Harrison Ford Jett (dating… (later looses t-shit and apples — becomes man))
Sally Newgent/Jerry (he knows her as Bluebird, a witch)
Boos (inverted colors, seen over island from Greek village)
Greg Ogden (painter also dating Sally, takes over from Harrison seemingly)
Charlene the Punk (came here w/ Jeffrie Phillips but he turned into Harrison WHY?)


Jennifer M. Friend (already mentioned)


Jacob I. (where he’s originally from — Melancholy Island)
Dollie (cameo, with…)
pirate-cat (Randolph again?)
Roger Pine Ridge (states Lamb (band) is gone from here while smoking doobie)
Paul/Even Whiter Walt (member of Lamb w/ Peter and Mary)
Mr. Babyface
Cyberpaperdoll (former girlfriend of RPR — mentioned)


Guy Benjamin (lost again; contacts…)
Fish Head (still runs secret bar)
Grandpapa (ghost again)
Grandmama (mentioned)
Heart Queen (deflected to upstairs bar, run by…)
Hummie (condensed from “humming Hurley”)
Dr. Diper (fixes up Guy again after talking w/…)
Uncle Jack and Uncle John (mentioned; one killed outside door)
Feng Sei and Qi (mentioned)
Other Other (mentioned; head of Kowloon)
lady in red/Helen (owns their apt. now)
Soupie/Chinese Soup Cook (has imp answers)
Horace (down at dock; Guy says goodbye to)
Rebl (mentioned; parter of *Guyd* with letter *returned*)

M A I N L A N D:


Axis (in his “broken cave”)
Lu Ellen (wife of Axis; mentioned)
Ruby Alien


Jeffrey Phillips (at LOVE statue again on Route 14)
Man About Time (ditto)
Guy Benjamin (mentioned; got stuck in O of LOVE)
Dr. Mouse (mentioned: and: ditto)
Ruby Alien (mentioned as *wife* of Mouse now — interesting)
Claude Sr. (must return to Paper soon: just starting job there?)
Claude Jr. (seen him in Paper-Soap school already, blows up Biker Bar and Grilling)
Dr. Diper (Mouse’s replacement, does operation on Jr. — before Paper-Soap apparently)
Jasper (mentioned: runs sweets bar near Diper)


Kolya (at center, paying respects to parents)
Mimosa Lanes (one of parents or symbolic of both of ’em — means: Morganton (derived from Mimos Lane))
A.O./All Orange (visitor to small forest near center of Naut.; sees in CENTER of circle there…)
blue haired women (first Marg, then Vivian Blue Hair, who later is assoc as Atrophia to Paper-Soap experimental swamp; SEE: SALLY NEWGENT BELOW)
*Not* Jon Deer (sourer forest spirit of same woods; mistaken as Jon Deere by A.O.; killed by…)
Kodama (who is same (?) as… (could be different too — unclear in text (on purpose!)))
George Meanie (a lemon being seen briefly once before in recent novel (Leemington) called Lemon by friends)
Grape (Lemon’s girl)
Tomato (Lemon’s trainer)
Pear (ditto)


Harrison Ford Jett
Sally Newgent/Bluebird (new nickname for enigmatic character who 1st appeared (blue haired) in last novel)
Boos (Sally apparently commands them, ugh)


Harrison Ford Jett
Fern Stalin (texted by HFJ, who told him to run from Sally; meet at Boos and reviewed key collages)
Rael McCoy (seen in Power Tower collages w rgb friends)


Mimosa Lanes (in geometric shapes above aviary)
Astronaut AB (wants to be 1st person on Mars but doesn’t know Boos)
Meanie (turtle; mentioned in connection with fresh lemonade, before this guy showed up…)
Lemon (still w/ knife in back)
Pear (companion to Lemon)
eagle (knew Kolya’s name)
Pied Flycatcher and Yellow Crowned Gonolek (2 birds judging Kolya)
Cosmos and Lightsville (2 squirrels judging Kolya)
Alysha (still controller and overwhelmed w/ paperwork)
Hidi (still Kolya’s lover in dreams; changes into…)
Winnie Ther Pooh (collage extra)
Lime (side to side with lemon up and down)
Sandy Struthers (new character; now have her castle set up on Rooster’s penninsula — new home??)


Sandy Struthers (new character; now have her castle set up on Rooster’s penninsula — new home??)
Papa Struthers (mentioned; dead apparently)
George (companion, claims to be her future husband but seems to be just made up by Sandy)
Jacob I. (still there sleeping on prog rock museum bench, ha; Sandy prods awake)
Roost (mentioned; owned castle on beige peak near Sandy’s; apparently never slept, like rust)
The Wells (apparently live in castle next door; same as Jim and Alice (and Ben)?)
Eyela/Leila (lives on 2 rim islands, first off Roost pen. w/ Jacob I., then at Viterbo (moat i.) w/…)
Stymie (Philip Strevor avatar: mentioned)
Broken Heart Jackie (still w/ Jacob I., but this may be the past anyway)
Heart Queen (a broken double to Jackie on a snow colored heart shaped i.)
white lion, white tiger, (supposed) white bear (Polar) (on same i.; emp whiteness of it)
chinchilla (drinking at Heart Queen’s (Mary’s) bar)
Windmill Man (new self image, thus owns castle; Sandy is his daughter?)
Hoppy (neighboring rabbit)
Greg Ogden (runs music venue below castle)
Rolling Joints (mentioned; will return, Greg assures)
Baker Bloch (cameo)
Foxtrot/lady in red/Peninsula Dancer (cameo)
Guy Benjamin (visiting Prog Rock Museum but as usual: lost)
George and Burt (fish catching bears)
Jackie (duck)
Scooter (horse)
Jerimy (“comic” bear)


Kolya (shows…)
Alysha (Glory Holes, then meets…)
Hidi (at Treeorwatoor beach)
Windmill Man (imp new character; replacement for expressionless Kolya? CHALET CONTINENT)


Alysha (Controller, but wanting to dream (about SPACE CUBE) instead of doing job)
Claude (personal assistant? Same as similarly golden robot Claude Sit-on at Paper-Soap? How then?)
Rotating Blue Head (unk. as of yet the importance; resonant with Homer head in Moe’s; HOMR?)
Fern Stalin (mentioned has having floated into Paper-Soap from Maeb’s Brilliant on…)
Messenger Featherfloater
Fern Stalin (again: at Bluefield portal waiting for a he/she)


SCRATCHY (sim closest to chalet region, and resonant with SNOWBALL Canyon sim at the center of it)
ITCHY (implied — mouse to cat Scratcy; resonant with Dr. Mouse)
CASS CY (may be newly imp as well because of prox to Chalet cont. and meeting of East and West)


Harrison Ford Jett (writing to Fern Stalin beside white VW bug at *CC* (Campbell Coast))
Bluebird (mentioned; girlfriend?)