Sunklands 2021 Middle Too



(repeating characters of sections):
Alysha (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Ruby Alien (1, 2, 3, 4, 6)
*Ruby Alien Grey Double (3, 6)
Dr. Mouse (1, 3, 6)
Kolya (1, 2, 4, 5, 6)
Marion Star Harding (1, 4)
George/Rolling Joints (1, 2)
Jon Deere (1, 2)
Hidi (2, 5)
Wendy (2, 4, 5, 6)
Jeffrie Phillips (2, 3, 4, 6)
Charlene the Punk (2, 6)
Billie Jean Kidd (3, 4)
Sally Newgent (2, 3)
Tropp/Opp (“Chief”) (3, 5, 6)
Waldrop (3, 5)
Ronald Howard (3, 5
Mr. Babyface (4, 5)
Peter Ladd (4, 5)
Suds and Bubbles (4, 5, 6)
Greg Ogden (4, 5, 6)
Allen Martin (5, 6
Wheeler (5, 6)
Stu Umbriel (5, 6)
Chef-inspector Petty (5, 6)
Agent 47, etc. (5, 6)
Jonny Blank (1, 3)

S E C T I O N  1


Alysha (on Naut. map (NO Tor pin) w/…)
Lance A. Lott
Ruby Alien (mentioned)
Dr. Mouse (mentioned)


Lance A. Lott (waiting for bro Smokey/Big (Black) Smoke at Southern Cross Airport…)
Big (Black) Smoke (not yet seen)
prejudice white woman sitting near him
Kolya (seen at this airport then mysteriously at other parts of lake, including bar w/…)
Star Fish Bros, aka Rocky Boys (twins *maybe*)
Marion Star Harding (at same airport, has hanger w/ star plane; Kolya/CAN wants ride to Picturetown, CAN)
Arm Guy (Budd’s Jung: tells story of largest arm of Starfish Lake; bottles vs cans, etc.)
Blackbart (troublemaker asking 2 local fisherpeople if they have any coke)
thin and fat fisherpeople aka Luther and Al
Marvin Baggy (Kolya interacts w/ at ranger house of Harmony Hghts.)
Gotham (head inside Salty Bob’s, a youngster hangout in contrast)
Nick Barkley (ditto;)
Jonny Blank (ditto; playing craps w/ fuzzy die with…)
Piston Pete Rodman
Nef R. Titi (mate to Nick; reveals he is only a head to her, causing a vortex to swallow her (MAGGOT BRAIN))
Rolling Joints, The (not seen, but hold concert at Harmony Hghts; talk to…)
Jon Deere (maybe not a God but a Devil; later emerges from john in Budd’s Jungle)
Confused Animesh (an RJ groupie who shows up early to dance)
Jack Pants (oldie DJ at Harmony Hghts; doesn’t get along with young’n Nick Barkley)
Sapphire (troublemaker girl at Southern Cross Airport, w…)
Sapphire’s dad (unnamed)
twin sister to prejudice white woman already seen there (dating or dated Lance A. Lott now)
bearded man (LIBRARIAN) reading octopus book at airport
Heidi “Chuck” Cheese (at Marion’s house w/ cowboy silhouette, where revealed she is director as well as actor)
Scowling Sister (Ginger)
Crying Sister (Mary Anne)
Jer Ronamy (recently deceased star bottleball player; sisters don’t like him)
Hummy the Hummingbird (w/ Jer at cemetery looking at his grave; Beethoven fan)

S E C T I O N  2


Hidi (w/)
Kolya (listening to…)

George (guitarist for Rolling Joints, playing solo in Budd’s Jung)
Jon Deere (comes out of john beside George)


Jon Deere (in Master House, seems to control town from above, like God or a God of some kind)
Kolya (lands at dock w/…)
Hidi (who seems to be the same as or changes into…)
Really Owl (Kolya sees on beach — interested in same shell)
unnamed policeman (turns head away from them)
Sheriff (playcraft guitarist; 4th discarded member of Rolling Joints but still plays along w/them from a distance; similarity with Story Room here from novel 5, then)
Rolling Joints, The (we see actual group now only mentioned before, including George 1st seen at Starfish Lake)
Baker (actual baker (profession) but may be same as Baker Bloch?)
Jeffrie Phillips (meets up with Wendy at apt. 2; has Sheriff ROBOT hands at first)


Blues Bros?
sewing woman?
“Austra Bridge”?


Jeffrie Phillips (in bed, dreaming of…)
Vivian Blue Hair (dream version of…)
Sally Nugent (compared to Marilyn of Munsters)
Wendy (upside down in same dream, w/ checkerboard face)
Charlene the Punk (mate to JP; jealous of new gal Sally)


Sally Nugent (at same cemetery as Jer Ronamy before, then stayed at motel previously occupied by Heidi and Marion, w/…)
Jeffrie Phillips
Great Great Great Aunt Selma (mentioned)
Munsters (mentioned; pictured on tombstone; they’re her *family*)
Sally’s immortal parents in hiding (mentioned)
Morticia & Addams Family (pictured on tombstone beyond Munsters)


Jeffrie Phillips
Sally Nugent (now a Morticia double apparently)
Charlene the Punk (mate to JP)
Man About Time (confers w/ JP about Big Inside revelation at Blue Feather about IOWA; still 2nd in command (like Fife))


Danny (still in FMM trailer?)
Nancy (his old girlfriend… will she show up?)
April Mae Flowers (prisoner still? executed?)


Jeffrey Phillips (finds red airport book w/ Anderson County (!), then calls in…)
Alysha (she reads and apparently interprets; later seen against stone wall of well like stone wall in book)
Officer Herbert Brownstone (racist cop)
Officer Taylorsville (not seen; told Brownstone it was a grey not a gay new in town, referring to…)
Ruby Alien (hiding in Fortress that is in 2 places at once w…)
Burt/Brutus/Brut (mentioned; partner to Ruby Alien — same as Duncan A.?)


Jeffrey Phillips (at 300 residence again)
Ruby Alien (in 2 places at once?)

S E C T I O N  3


Darlene/Mrs. M (captured alt Ruby Alien; took her to her own “fortress” (trailer))
Ruby Alien
Zimmy/Mr. Z (both son-in-law and husband to Darlene)
Billie Jean Kidd (formerly Heidi Hunt Ives; imaginary (?) companion for Ruby: “Little Bug”)
Grayling Airport players:
*Hal (baggage checker; looking for Ruby)
*Jill (his “supervisor)
*Burt (conspirator to move Ruby out of airport)
*Otis (ditto)
*Doris Lillly (ditto)
*Thelma Louise Day (ditto)
*Howie Sprague (takes pic of Ruby Alien being sneaked out of airport under observing noses)


Sidechick Corea (selling fish tacos at airport, including to…)
Sally Newgent (now like Wednesday Addams, Morticia’s daughter in show: another morphing)
Jonny Blank (monitoring Ruby’s escape at Grayling — can freeze time with brain)
Corey (his bro now — note extra “e”, resonant with Sidechick COREa)

Wheeler Delaney (sitting at Lost Angel house, perhaps lost herself or at least umimp to/disengaged from plot)
Mother Piper
Cory (mentioned — diff from Corey in that he is all grown up now)
Wheeler (real one this time (Treelor, or True Wheeler), questioning dev of plot, ha)
Baker B. (person (author) she is talking to, uber-Baker)

Tropp/Opp/Campbell Opine (later: Chief; counterpart to Wheeler — seen kissing her (slave)?)
Stacy Wallop (actor playing Sally Newgent)
Katy O’Leary (bit actress, actors slap hands with her for good luck)


Sally Newgent (still Wednesday Addams lookalike, wants to kiss Tropp under mistletoe but it is missing)
Tropp/Opp/Campbell Opine (cap covering ears as attempt to disguise; didn’t work)
turtle (another speaking turtle like with Tickie in previous novel)
(woman in water; “Release the Pooh!” (and allow her to become Wendy, undisguised))
Winnie ther Pooh
(in flashback to novel 1, actual Winnie bear this time)
Space(d) Ghost
pirates (apparently same as Tropp in this section; steal mistletoe, so she takes him prisoner and straps him to wheel)
Mummy Suisan (mentioned; another immortal like Sally N.)


Tropp/Opp/Campbell Opine
Sally Newgent (still with Tropp, staring at dunes at “Mars Base” with…)
Waldrop (=Fife)
Ronald Howard (new direction director; asks opinion of Campbell)
Ruby Alien
Ruby Alien Grey Double (gray instead of green, 49 instead of 61)
Dr. Mouse
Jeffrey Phillips
Ruby Alien


Thatch (in sea in next sim; met Ruby Alien there who was investigating past landmarks)
Ruby Alien (directed to Slaashsides thru Maeb related syncs)
Saffie/Alice/Ginger (not only got new face but hands (at the least — but not knees we know))
Jacksonia Andrews (serves Ruby fav drink for her feet — glacial)

S E C T I O N  4


Prick (young and old versions)
rest of Purple Gang, including…
Frenzied Fred (purple hat wearing bear who replaces Prick as they switch from classical to rock; later becomes stand up comic)


Wonderlady (2 versions: normal and wounded; travels LA Diagonal)
Billie Jean Kidd (seen in section 3 at trailer w/…)
Ruby Alien (on stretcher w…)
Todd A. (triangle man; recognizes Billie’s balancing talent)
Tronesis Bug (warm up act to…)
Certain Death (mentioned but not seen)
Lost Angels (turn on and off, can be many or one)
Frenzied Fred (now a stand up comic not with Purple Bunch)


Mr. Babyface (back in Kidd Tower w…)
Billie Jean Kidd
Peter Ladd (Mr. B’s nephew, like Paul before him; on soap box w/…)
Suds and Bubbles (interpretive dance troup)
Peopleeater (eating stick people)
Big Baby Jane
Stick People (disposable and comic residents of COLLAGESITY 02)
Claudette (golden hued dominatrix whose statue is at center of town)
Biker 02
Biker 01
Marion Star Harding (crashes into Kidd Tower w/…)
Kolya (… who suffers his brain damage there)


Claudette, normal size
Claude (golden robot last seen at AGI on New Island; bro of Claudette?)
Purple and Bear


Kolya (shells again, but doesn’t want to be distracted n0w)
Alysha (over in 765 Village; called over to help (“SOS”)
Ruby Alien (mentioned — still in 765 Village apparently)
Jeffrey Phillips (in house at center of sim nearby Kolya’s, w/…)
Wendy (w/green hair now, seems to turn into or be the same as…)
Gregg Oden (sea monster = Old Gregg in new collage, and in turn same as…)
Greg Ogden (Mr. Normal, colored red instead of green; seen at “Black Lake”)

S E C T I O N  5


Greg Ogden (painting at bodies of water in sim, *becoming* one with the most circular one)


Greg Ogden (cont… somehow transferred from Paperweight to Paper sim, Soap Lake Park, on rr)
Chef-Inspector Petty (sheriff sta: plasma energy beam followed him through Portal, he is reporting on it)
Officer Jetski (asking dumb questions others already know)
Agent 47 (taking notes; computer jams up because of energy, though)
Agent 23 (ditt0)
Tropp/”Chief” (runs bar at Swamp Pond beside sheriff’s dept.; there w/…)
Stan/Stu Umbriel (and…)
Kolya (how??; they are together at dubious b-day party (whose?) where The Devil was summoned)
The Devil (mentioned)

Wheeler (actual Wheeler figure now, giving froz banana to Stu U., who pisses on wall before/after; changing back into…)
Wendy (at 1st through hair, meets…)
Allen Martin (not seen for a while, resurrected through Soap (Lake))

Rick Moranis (seen in Spaceballs movie — same as Skippy Bittman, hah)
Mr Babyface (at Soap L watching bodies come up thru sand (?) w/…)
Peter Ladd
Soap Lake bodies (unnamed, 2 in number)
seagulls (announcing more are on way)
I.P. Freely (w/ Peter and Babyface at sushi bar at lake; rings up Kolya at diff bar — Sacred Yew)
Suds and Bubbles (“rehearsing” at bar w/ imaginary friends, told to go to Soap L. we assume; clean up new bodies)
Box Brown (one of imaginary friends)
Trudy Trickster (at same bar, studying Kolya’s head holes, w/…)
Toby Tangerine (inept bartender who was brilliant neurosurgeon)
unnamed proper bartender who is in contrast bad at surgery
Margret Thatch (100 year old customer, likes cornbread milk)
Gail Gordon (died in surgery at hands of proper bartender)
The Lord (Kolya called this — contrast to The Devil invoked at the b-day party he is also at?)


Kolya (spots…)
Alysha (who appears as a shadow girl first then recedes as same into swamp taking up 1/2 the sim)
unnamed Old Man with candy at swamp shack (turns into monster in protecting candy)
Eyes (in shack — only thing there)
Gray Brown (owns House on the Hill and maybe whole sim along with named nemesis…)
Chuckey (may be same as Kolya, though)
more resurrected bodies like at Soap L. , but maybe not as “healthy” this time
Eyela (same as Leila before; studies Book of Monsters w/ Kolya given to him by Gray Brown)
Waldrop (Mr. Chicken of post title (ode to Don Knotts), and inept dept again — Mayberry already mentioned by G Brown)
Ronald Howard (apparently still directing everything, ho)


Randy (couch potato switching through channels at Mayor’s House, eventually landing on Attack of the 50 MAN after watching Gray Brown and Kolya at her House on the Hill and Paper Lantern)


Kolya (trying out Art Boxes, beg with Attack of the 50 Ft Man)
Fred (then sitting on beam above NYC w/ Kolya, K shows him mustard-less sandwich)
Wanda (K’s wife in this scene, makes him mustard-less sandwich, then revealed to be…)
Hidi (who then gets in the game and tries Art Boxes herself)
Bart/Lisa/Maggie (yellow Smipsons children in middle, yellow like mustard)
King Kong (Hidi poses w/ him, says she’s banana but Kolya not ready to listen)
Abbott Worm (same as Alice’s caterpillar in Wonderland)
Mick Mouse (black mouse mentioned; takes over happy Yellow family of Bart/Lisa/Maggie)

S E C T I O N   6


Gee Cat (beside missing G of MISSIN, waiting for…)
Greg Ogden (also missing a G, or at least shifted from front to last name; came thru tunnel on rr)
Gregg Oden (his “fiend-ish double, only implied as of now)
Suds and Bubbles (mentioned; “cleaned up/help properly ressurect Greg O.)
Gee Cat 02 (maybe evil double? Also looking for “special Hobo” Greg Ogden to bring him “home” and not to asylum)
Wendy/Wheeler (still in pizza place talking to…)
Old Man Allen Martin
Ruby Alien
(in Dr. Mouse’s asylum w/)
Ruby Alien Grey Double
(bound as opposed to unbound Ruby)
Brut (mysterious dummie that turns up in Chief’s bar, then is outside — what’s he staring at?)
Dr. Mouse
(runs Asylum; seems to live in mayor’s house w/ view of Wheeler’s banana)


Alysha (called Pinhead by crude and rude Buildy Bob)
Mick Mouse
Winnie ther Pooh
Calvin Haye
Horace Proper
Buildy Bob
Ruth Plumly (mentioned)
Steamboat Kelly (mentioned)
Pansy Mouse (mentioned)
Walt SIDney (another “The Mann”)
Dr. Mouse
Claude? (same as CP3O if so, but probably not)


Dr. Mouse

Peter File (at PP statue w/ Dr. Mouse — may be alter ego? real name Peter instead of Paul?)
Wheeler (out of the banana on break and in the theatre w/…)
Kolya and…)

Stu Umbriel (and… (attracted to Wheeler now))
Chief (Tropp; merged w/ Kolya now; glowing b-day hat mirrors plasma)
Luther Martin (becomes transformed Chief, black this time instead of red/Indian)
doorkeeper dummy
Chef-inspector Petty (still discussing the Anomaly at the sheriff’s station w…)
Agent 47 (etc.: Agent 23 as well, Officer Jetski still we can presume)
Gee Cat 02 (has now eaten Gee Cat 01 and fully taken his place)
Martha Ram (interested in Aliens; Agent 47 investigates, which takes him to the vet)
Jenny Powers (vet’s assistant; looking for Peter File patient but none there)
Tim Powers (her unseen vet husband; they switch roles every week or two)
Sparkles (web browsing dog there)
Norris (observer again, observing the Red Room on Sparkles’ laptop now)
Pietmond Boy (3rd person waiting at vet room — no lines)
The Musician (now funeral home director, telling Jenny Powers that her husband is not long to this world)


Jeffrie Phillips (dreaming the funeral home stuff)
Charlene the Punk (still by his side)


Stu Umbriel’s twin sister (Lou? Loo?)