Sunklands 2021 Middle
(VHC City)

Locations: Nautilus/Lower Austra, The Waste, ILLINOIS, Omega, Canada, Corsica/Urqhart, Nautilus/Lower Austra/COLLAGESITY, EVENINGWOOD, Nautilus/SLAASSIDES, Hana Lei, NWES City, Herman Park, VHC CITY, Amazon, New Mexico, ANGEL’S Rest




Ruby Alien (latest incarnation of Ruby)
Summerhill Nova
Amos T. Sandman (her opposite)
Mr. Frost
“Torchboy (*his* opposite; both listen to W(indy))
Douglas Blue Feather/ Sheriff (golfing buddies w/…)
Yellow Purse Kimball
Sugar O’Cotton (alt self of Ruby Alien, red vs. green; stop vs. start)


Kolya (Leemington, then Nightshark or thereabouts, then SW and OWL)
Alysha (No Tor, then Angels Airport; seems to actually be Sally Tennis of Coast Guard (see below))
many dummies at this eastern Lower Austra airport:
*Mother Piper (later in Urqhart and Slaashsides, where reunited with Peter/Cory)
*Father Jonathan Piper
*Peter/Cory (later shows up grown up in Slaashsides)
*Austin (not related)
*Ditch Witch (later seen to be Ginger the hooker (see below))
Turtle (unnamed: maybe “Meanie” or perhaps Jasper)
Tickie (pilot of Lemmington ship; later on phone to various people)
*Jen Saunders (also: SW airport)
*Delta Cedaredge
*Shadow Man
*Chef-inspector Petty
*Denver Doggpyle (answering Jonathan Piper; wife=witch but not Ditch Witch; later seen to have mistress (Gertrude) and his name as Jack, although unsure this is same as Jack the Tripper)
*Ballpark Johnson (urges Kolya to answer green phone still at airport terminal)
*Dub (troublemaker boy at airport)
*Lavosiers (couple, parents of Dub)
*Wanda Raphael
*Wendell Sampson
*Harry/Jerry (in front of NJ Police Dept beside News of the World van)
*Cpt. Margret Coffee (baggage check-in person and pilot w/ Air Canada)
*Ginger (receptionist w/ Air Canada; later shows up in Slaashsides where we understand she got her new face, then Dogoog as hooker)
Baker Bloch (cameo)
Lisa the Vegetarian Smipson (cameo)
Jeffrey Phillips (Nightshark and thereabouts; Southwest)
Hidi (ditto)
2nd smaller turtle, unnamed (ditto)
Marty (Southwest; then near Yelloo w/ RPR and Duncan)
Gee Cat (Southwest > Eveningwood at twinned pool there)
Stan Gunderson (at SW airport — passenger looking for correct flight)
Mae Baleia (SW airport employee)
Hitgal (selling cornogs there)
Dr. Mouse (approaches her, looking for cane; later at clinic at Gorman.. with Ruby Alien)
Marsha “Pink” Krakow
Frankie “Beige” Brown
Tom Banks
Doogie Martin
Baker Bloch
Roger Pine Ridge (w/ Marty and Duncan near Yelloo (Leemington))
Ruby Alien (latest inc of Ruby; w…)
Dr. Mouse (a kindly gentleman now thanks to an operation; trying to find cure for Ruby’s “bug”)
Texarkana Ritter (mentioned)
John Frank Baum Ritter (husband of TR; likewise tries to get Dr. Mouse to turn Rubi Alien in)
Leela (mentioned; Dr. Mouse’s former wife)
Jack the Tripper (maybe same as Jack the witch husband (but not Ginger the “witch”/hooker who lived in the ditch)
All Orange (big boss at Coast Guard, perfect 5, wears orange in that post of his)
Phillip Strevor (underling boss at CG)
Sally Tennis? (Asian spy, double life as Coast Guard lackey; seems to also be double of Alysha)
KC (same as Casey One Hole, apparently; lives in “Fortress” (named by John))
“Robot Gal” (KC’s new girl, replacing…)
Ginger (name only briefly mentioned; hooker but also another type of spy it seems)


Justin Dustbin (withdrawing cash outside for…) victim no 2
Beverly Dooright (phone/face broken) victim no 3
Pissy Demwit (acting like a monkey) victim no 4
Sugar McDermitt (acting like an ass) victim no 5
*Innocent Fruit Lad (mentioned; ran away from 4 and 5)
Biker Mann (former inc of Roger Pine Ridge, now separated again, hmm)
John E. Weissmuller III (1st victim of Pigeon Butt Murderer)
Andrea Stoorm (at bar w/ Biker earlier, then Duncan later — apparently the murderer herself)
Officer Spotty John (saying town and continent being run over with animals)
Officer Davis Jefferson (tough cop questioning…)
Shelly Poplolly (hooker/City Gang)
Nancy Pantsy (hooker/Country Girls)
*Black Lake Bunch (mentioned as controlling the Country Girls; identities still unk but Duncan may have been in)
Hot Dog (6th victim of Pigeon Butt Murderer)
Dr. Mouse (at 1st Pooping Pigeon)
Pansy (running Pigeon Poop register, but probably just a mascot; later running Jim’s/Cory’s Bar after PP fails)
*Jasper (littlest mouse between his ears)
*Lemmy (lemming on back, drug pusher)
Wendy (waiter (again); perhaps love interest of Duncan but untouchable)
Duncan A. (unexpected customer “A little help here, Pansy!” (she has no interest in him because he is black))
Mother Piper (emerges from subway, meets her son…)
Cory (last seen at Angels airport with Eckerd and Austin, along with parents)
*Jonathan Piper (mentioned)
Peter (mentioned, but Peter may be same as Cory?)
Blue Dress Woman, jealous of…
Red Dress Woman 01 (and then at the Bristo we also have…)
Red Dress Woman 02 (returned Biker has interest in her?)
Buster Damnn (Duncan talks to on phone outside Cory’s/Jim’s; then Amanda Stoorm at same earlier/later, then Duncan at Burro Alley entrance; when at Bristo w/…)
Ginger (face replacement as well here, like Beverly Dooright)
Mary Ricardo (walking away from all the dopple mess in Burro Alley)
Alysha (sits at beg of Burro Alley, knowing more than she lets on)
*dogg and master; girl in front of Burro Alley diner (2 characters from Real Life Burro Alley in SF, NM)


Hitgal (floating in pool like George before)
Dr. (Paul) Mouse (striking a business deal with greatest creation… (has cane like white Col Sanders))
Pansy Mouse (w/…)
*Lemmy (on back)
*Jasper ? (littlest mouse between ears, between pupils)
Duncan Avocado (shows up to talk to Dr. Mouse about…)
* unk spanked/caned person w/ reddish read (could be Duncan again)
Biker (rides there for some reason — may have more of him here)
Duncan (tracks down Biker there; something to do with his PotD job)
Peter Oesso (mentioned combing the beach and finding Willendorf)


Duncan Avocado (still has his Bemberg apt., w…)
George (Duncan’s ward)
Buster Damm (still lives in southern part of town; keeps in touch w/ fellow Pot-D member Duncan)
Bettie (Buster’s wife; not yet seen)
Snowmanster (still trapped in CB Dylan dresser 1st seen in novel 3)
Clare Nova (mentioned; remains owner of PCH Forest)
Charlie Banana (big banana, can turn into a phone if needed; lives in this forest apparently (central fruit?))
Kodamas (small tree spirits of at least western part of PCH Forest)


Musician, The? (same as Sikul Himakt)
Allen Martin? (back from the dead if so)
Wheeler Original? (same as Vainom Kug, who did not die in Vain)
Summerhill Nova
Orange Nova?


Marty (investigating ROOST peninsula, but a diff one — n-s parallel (w-ierd!))
Woman w/ Golden Eyes (at ruins w/ Marty, declares them ruble)
3d Venus (hidden statue behind Queen Statue near ruins)
John Lemon (mentioned)
Roostre (implied)


Gee Cat (at now unrestricted pools)
Marty (up above merged as “ship” w…; then down in town at firehouse/Penny Lane)
Jeffrey Phillips
Hidi/Wheeler (Bottoms Up, but bottom covered w/ Pink (My Life is OVER))
Duncan Avocado (arcade playing Smipsons game)
Peter Oesso/Axis (same, playing Tron framed by recognizer; doesn’t get clue that Duncan and Marty do)
Buster Damm (Pot-D guide to Duncan)
Bettie (Buster’s wife — mentioned)
George (mentioned; but “illegal” for him to enter Eveningwood)
Roger Pine Ridge (twinned to Marty up until 56th post, when they “conjunct”)
Jerry Lind/Tropp (red complexioned Asian Indian “friend” of Hidi)


Jeffrey Phillips (Santa outfit for now)
Charlene the Punk (talked to)
Lois (mentioned)
Tina Pretzel (mentioned, of Freak Show fame)
Marty (at the Table)
Roger Pine Ridge (mentioned)
Eraserhead Man (mentioned)
Wanda/Angela (with blonde hair combed over one eye)


W (Wendy/Wheeler)
India (=W)
louse (Bracket?)
Jerry Lind (= red complexioned Indian, maybe same as Bracket Jupiter)
Norris (=Harry = another Jerry)
Lisa the Vegetarian Smipson (cameo)
Mario Bros (cameo)


Dinner Girl
Mother Piper (killed at crossroads, par. crosshairs)
Jefferson Thomas (= Bestie apparently)
Wendy/Wheeler (married again (?) to J Phillips)
Snowmanster (mentioned)
Lemon (mentioned)


unk narrator (perhaps Kolya — we see through his/her eyes)
Tom’s wife
magnetic shoe wearing horse
lime colored jogger
Duncan (we see through his eyes again)
Observer (primary thing seen)
Observer’s wife (also seeing into the past like husband)




Bush 01