Sunklands 2022-2023 Winter


Characters by sections FOR STUDY ONLY:


Shelley Struthers 01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Jem 01 02
Baker Bloch 01 03 04 05 06 07
Franklin 01  02
Roberts 01 02
Wheeler Wilson 01 02 04 06
Dr. Mouse? (see: Dr. Back) 01
Hucka Doobie 01 04 05
Grassy Noll 01 02
George/Musician 02 03 05
Wolvie 02 03
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford 02 03 04 05 06
Ant 02 05 06
Nauty 02 03
(Dr.) Back  03 04 05 06
w/India 02 04
Barry DeBoy 02 03 05 06
Sissy 03 04 05
Clifton Mahoney 04 05 06 07
Spongebub 02 04
Spider (Boris the, added in) 04 05 06 07
Red Wood 04 06
Self 04 05 06
Sep Felton 04 05
Halloween Witch (probably Mid-Hazel) 05 06 07
Sarah 04 06
Lucas 06 07
Old Witch (Mid-Hazel probably) 06 07
Carrcassonnee 06 07

*Queen 01 04
TIKI 01 02
DUCK 01 02 04 05
*Armstrong, Aldrin 03 04
CARDS 02 04

Shelley Struthers (pre photo-novel 35):


Shelley Struthers (views Dodgey Cy as if a painting) 01 02 03 04 05 06
Jem (Dodgey Cy) 01 02
John L. Brown (mentioned; not yet seen; provides her DUCK)
MG/Midge (views Dodgey Cy from Blacking)
EXTRAORDINARY (Shelley’s mentioned nature) 01 02
Baker Bloch (me; looks down on Midge, asks her questions about missing file)
Franklin (hiding out in Fordham w…)
Apples (fellow greenie; at Fordham w/…)
Unch (rustles leaves for talk — from Rubi Woods 168 168)
Roberts (looking for Franklin; starts investigative co because of this search)
Albert Johnston (w/ Franklin in Mistletoe/Perch, then Yd I. spying on…)
Darla (part of local Umbrella Club branch there)
Wheeler Wilson (Franklin realizes she is she)
HAT REMOVAL (Albert maybe can’t do it — can’t turn into BBloch)
Dr. Mouse (“treats” Albert by turning him into baby)
Nurse Porcupeople
Map Rat (also patient of Mouse; also rat; member of Gang of Willard)
Dub (boy on couch, but more, much more)
*unidentified black man w/ Dub (but later ____)
Newt (mentioned)
Harry/Jerry (interacting with Jem apparently, but may also be duck walking Shelley (to cover up her extraordinary nature))
Norris/Harry (w/ extra head; takes already cuffed Shelley (Jem?) into custody — puts her in car; takes her up hill to ROOM in Fordham)
*Queen (hardrock group implied thru Harry/Jerry’s “News of the World” van)
MISSING FILE (given to Shelley by Harry/Jerry; takes that and 2nd head into Norris’ police car)
Spider (mentioned; magical dog bought by Roberts earlier; compared to possible gift of Gang of Willard to Franklin)
unnamed Linden (owns Collagesity/Fordham property now; never answers my im about buying land back)
Hucka Doobie (brief appearance; not even long enough for a blog snapshot)
TILE (4 colors in FLOATIES around Grassy/Sassy in center)
TIKI (connected with Dub and his jungle)
Nogin (sick from poisoned alcohol, which may just represent alcohol in gen.)
Bob the bartender (unwittingly dispenses)
Dixon 01 and 02 (behind the dispensing; Sassy appears in their midst but as dream-body)
CLOSE UP; Jem walks beyond 4th wall like DUCK


Shelley Struthers (back at Fordham in “room”, has cottage same color as hair there)
George/Musician (in room w/ her, I assume — dares to stroke hair from behind)
Mr. Babyface (studying Big E/Big Schwa; goes to Xilted on field trip w…)
Greg Ogden (on break from painting war; wants to paint GREEN instead of red)
Peter Ladd (Babyface’s nephew)
Chebisoldier 02
Chebisoldier 03 (Chet; points rifle at only grass on green green Xilted hills)
Pantheria (wants to break curse of outpost)
TIKI (again surfaces as cursed masks and bamboo)
Edward “Eddy” Daigle
Rabbits 01 02 (inferred — created Peter Ladd at Shamon?)
Miss Ouri (mentioned, along w/ her…)
Kactus (doll)
Nauty (mentioned as more positive pincushioned doll)
DUCK (FLOATIES in this case for Jem (plus Eddy), used on Ichelus lava)
Spongebub (w/ Edward Daigle at Blacking)
Wolvie (new guise of Baker Bloch; perhaps disappears in sec 03)
Franklin (seen w/ Shelley in Fordham by Wolvie)
*Snow (unseen Bigfoot researcher who also co-owns Roberts and Franklin Investigators)
EXTRAORDINARY (reinforced that Shelley is so)
Grassy (at Aloha toy event w/…)
Rex Ruddy Red (Mmmmmm w/ present? (equals present?))
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford
Roberts (mentioned — gave Franklin a Gang of Willard for Xmas)
Barry DeBoy (mentioned)
Andy Warhole (mentioned)
*Golden Jim, Marty, The Mann (mentioned as being in Mortons Gully)
Bracket (mentioned; Wolvie asks if he’s with Shelley)
*Hucka Doobie (mentioned; now fully bee-man because of Amagon (Huckabee resonance))
Wheeler Wilson (coming out of box, admits to being Wilson Fox; same as Shelley)
*Back (took over Ant Castle — unseen as of yet, but from Mortons Gap or assoc with that PLACE)Harrison Jett (mentioned; rival castle to Ant’s gone from Fearzom)
Eureka (Ant’s bath mate)


Bartender Girl
baker b. (Baker Bloch (inworld) — as daddy Wannabe, car *shot* in Goldsboro PA)
W./India (Wheeler inworld?)
*Uncle Roy (waiting for Wannabes in nearby Steelton; has dinner fixed for ’em)
*Wanda Wannabe
*Junior and Tommy
Dr. Back (behind shooting out wheels of Wannabe car, specifically through…)
*IMP: Dr. Back may be same as Dr. Mouse from section 01
Bobby Carter (mill boy; hired shooter; kissing cousin of Clyde)
Sam Bee (cpl. sharing a tent with the enemy:)
Barren Monroe (pvt.)
George/Musician (w/…)
Shelley Struthers (at least in her/his dreams — captured still (ropes mentioned); G/M longs for olden days of male and female in correct place)
*Armstrong, Buzz (mentioned)
Nauty (sitting on couch under his name (with GH missing from original))
Marsha “Pink” Krakow (portrait she disappeared into in 34 reappears in unexpected place)
trance club receptionist
Charlie Banana (watches Wolvie get similarly absorbed)
Hucka Doobie (mentioned again: purely bee-man now, reversion complete)
Hatti (strange meshed of Poetry with Sally Newgent from novel –; girl of Banana it seems; “sister” of Shelley)
Liz (mentioned)
Parasol (shows up at Mortons Gap from the sea to the west; =s lobster/crayfish because she’s rock’n (boat ref.))
Keanoob (runs small tequila stand on s. limit of Mortons Gap; with Shelley, then…”
Lucy (wife (but he prefers Shelley now)
Barry Deboy (mentioned and then *shows up* (miraculously!) fishing off dock in Mortons Gap)
*Glenn Gold (transmuted from Gould, as Goldberg becomes Golderg (as in Variations))
Arthur Kill (Shelley and he rendevous on beach on isolated towel, then seen in arcade on n. side of town w/ irksome camper playing Pacman)
*Daigle, Eddy (mentioned)
Sissy (“… just wanted to be included” (in actual Mortons Gap))
RN (camping potter)
*unnamed meditator, also doing it for cash
Ant (mentioned — replaced by Dr. Back)


Sissy Bird Cage
Ted (Tron lookalike; helped get Sissy job at Stilettos)
Broken Doll (falls apart upon Sissy’s viewing)
Blue Bird (playing piano w/ band there)
Blackey 02 (Ted’s shoulder pet)
Clifton Mahoney (playing drums)
pink parrot (bird form of Sissy, in expandable cage)
Moonwriter (author of 5 or 6 books beginning w/Moon; maybe 19th Cen.)
Baker Bloch
Hucka D. (replaced w/…)
Spongebub (warns about Corsica)
Chef-inspector Petty
Officer Glammerpuss
Mrs. Ordinary (see also: EXTRAORDINARY)
Saffie (aka Alice)
Cory Piper (son of…)
Mother Piper (checking in coat; Cory (partner?) thinks she is man at first)
Agent Orangetang (relatable to Agent 23/47 I suppose; tang relatable to Moon astronauts)
Boris the Spider (his unfrozen, small partner who actually checks coat but takes time)
Miss In-depth (mentioned; got away w/ “goodies along with Mrs. Ordinary her partner)
Sarah (large bartender, going “in” with gum; spade tattoo on breast (originally upside-down black heart)
Rosalyn (her thin bartending companion: heart on breast instead of spade)
Shelley Struthers (wrapped up like present, but Xmas lights)
*Armstrong, Buzz, Collins (mentioned; likeness in rocks in wrapped up apt.)
*Queen (rock group directly mentioned this time; Petty and Glammerpuss are both fans)
Chief Wigwam (Glammerpuss’ superior, rival maybe to Petty)
Burt (hauling Moon rocks to the incinerator w/…)
Sep Felton (falls in love w/ Shelley like some others (Arthur, George/Musician, Keanoob, Carter, Albert, etc.)
Marilyn (talks to Sep about Marriage on the Heart Line)
Professor DUCK (only statue (points to name) but Sep implies he is real as well)
Sam the Bartender (talks to Shelley about her night w/ Sep; blames it on Moon)
Wheeler Wilson (back to sewing (that elephant?)
PURPLE CUBE (manifests as she contemplates what to sew beyond red and blue dresses)
Purple Mushroom (appears at her door at same time)
Officer Davis Jefferson (arrests Jackie for not being incinerated with the Moon rocks)
Brutus/Duncan Avocado (mentioned; arch-rival to Davis Jefferso; member of…)
*Purple Bunch/Black Lake Gang
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford (on Mortons Gap beach w/ Shelley; fascinated with Ant Castle)
*gray woman (stares at Shelley in camper)
Clifton Mahoney (in Mortons Gap bristo close to Barry’s home)
Luther (steely eyed cook there (see: earlier)
Barry Deboy (finished fishing on the pier; must return home to Yellowmoon below Ant Castle)
Dr. Back (Shelley turned around in white void location but with eyes in *back* of head)
Red Wood (red spirit w/ Shelley at Stiletttos, location circling back to beginning of sec 05)
*second red spirit underneath pink flowers (prefigures Shelley w/out head; guiloteened)
*other blue spirit (heard but could not rescue Shelley)
Man About Time (head already in basket beneath Shelley as she waits for the blade to drop)
Self/Selves (in Tin Town MO collage to end)


Clifton Mahoney
Sarah (mentioned)
Sep Felton (mentioned; Clifton is waiting for)
Sandman (can turn into…)
DUCK (mentioned in Sandman’s story to…)
Baker Bloch (filling in for father Spaced Ghost on his talk show until he mends up)
Spaced Ghost (mentioned)
Barry Deboy (creator of Adv in Tintown series)
Spider (implied again through collage — he’s *in* the collages still (!))
Hucka Doobie (back to interpreting collages!)
Eyela (in collages too like Spider — “narrow girl”)
Ant (w/Hucka and Barry; receives call from…)
Dr. Back
Shelley Struthers
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford
Halloween Witch/Mid-Hazel (future version of Shelley)
Spocari (Spock from Messiaen Trek — pained face (“loosing it”) when finding God toward end)
Jem (mentioned)
Edward Daigle (mentioned)
Mysti (cat)
Misty (past version of Shelley now)
Septimius Felton (her mate then; diff from Sep Felton in section 04)
George/Musician (mentioned; creation of Shelley formed in PCH Forest now)


Baker Bloch (sometimes as…)
Clifton Mahoney
Roberts (mentioned)
Karoz Blogger
Baker Blinker
Old Mabel
Herbert Gold
Tessa (mentioned as coming to visit Great Uncle Herbert, who she thought was dead)
Uncle Jack (2 of ’em at Red Door Church)
Zoidboro (mentioned; preacher still)
*Spider (mentioned; = Skillet of 12 Oz Mouse)
Carrcassonnee (still not properly functioning but at the castle still)
Wheeler Wilson (w/Baker Bloch just beyond n edge of Topgol — redwood forest w/witch(es))
*Red Wood
Liz (mentioned)
Halloween Witch/Mid-Hazel
Self (seen by Mahoney inside “Mammoth Cave”)
*Philip Strevor (pictured)
*Eraserhead Man (pictured)
*Tin S. Man (pictured)
April Mae Flowers (now: Lovey)
Gardener (body in pool; former lover of AMF)
Paul/blue panther (pulls up to Gothic-Deco w…)
Sepisexton (pointing to house)
Certain Death (playing cards w/ 2 others of his ilk, lays down death card to end)
Arthur Kill (turning his Back on Ant and attached castle; ready to go “home”)
Shelley Struthers (ready too — Somoco?)
Sarah (in collage)
Peter Soso (remade into Soos in collage?)
Barry Deboy (in collage)
Little Big (Dipper — in collage)


Baker Bloch (same now as…)
Clifton “Carbon Glow” Mahoney
Bradley Boyy (Clifton’s apparent son but also apparently something else (never get to see))
*Little Big (mentioned)
Baker Blinker
Tin S. Man
Curled Paper
*Karoz (mentioned)
Shelley Struthers
Old Witch (probably Mid-Hazel)
*Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford (mentioned)
Spider (1st time actually seen in novel 36)


Lucas (same as Little Big?)
Old Mabel? (house all set up)
Mr. Babyface (lives in Kidd Tower in Marstown (studies Big E/Schwa), perhaps w…)
Peter Ladd (nephew; see him play tennis? comedy routine in Marstown?)
Gregg Oden/Greg Ogden (Babyface’s old flame — still together?)
Barry DeBoy (displays Adv in Tintown series there somewhere? castle?))
DUCK (is he still hooked on? (etc.))
Hucka Doobie (still his girlfriend?)
Shelley Struthers (lives in Somoco (but where?)? honeymoon phase over)
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford (ditto)
Newt (husband of Wheeler — *he* lives here?) PROBABLY NOT
Edward Daigle?
Daigle, Eddy?
Ant (story will continue) PROBABLY NOT
Eureka (story of his bath mate will cont.?) PROBABLY NOT

Other cores that could show up but haven’t yet:
*Bracket Jupiter
*Baker Blinker
*Karoz Blogger
*Roger Pine Ridge
*Lockfry (in whatever guise he chooses)

Franklin (her story done?)
Albert (his story done?)

John L. Brown
new Pincushion avatar?