Sunklands 2022 Early




*flying, apparently sentient KEY (in cage)
Mr. Low/Orange Nova (also in cage nearby)
Chef-inspector Petty (drawn to coke machine; dispenses him an empty bottle but…)
*KEY/prize (… inside?)
Frank Pinocchio (upstairs: saying Oracle can’t be repaired)
Fay Blue (saying it will have to be rebooted to earlier time (before Xmas))#
Blue Rose Thorn (on case again, examining Long I. this time; finds Democrats again in sync with sim name)
Alo Bama (implied through Yes We Can; “beloved” president prior to “despised” Mr. Low/Orange Nova (but are they that diff.?))

Billy Dancer (agent investigating KEY; “kills” Petty and takes his key; replaced when stuck in sand by fellow blue-green skinned Venusian…)
Joey Avatar
WATERMELON (causes chaos again; trap to lure Billy to loose sand place)
Zeke (beside sleeping body of Joey; asked to take the body by “boss”)
*Ozzie O. — inferred (later seen for real in Collagesity library with daughter Lou, then mentioned by Joey’s Pop)
Sykes (swamp tree: actual boss?)

John L. Brown (taunting Joey before the 1st door up)
Agent 47 (in person this time, reading Adam’s book)
Joey’s Pop (she channels him after she drinks coke/turns gay)


Blue Rose Thorn (switches to i. on opposite side of continent, and, strangely Yd (pronounced Wide) as opposed to Long — but just “coincidence” since Yd name is old and comes from diff source than WIDE (Yd=Yard, a map synch)).
*Cat-Witch (also found in Long I. — referenced but not seen)
Rose Mechanoid (dancer at Tyrrells: Blue R Thorn beds down w/ her for the night when she steals his middle name)
*unnamed girl bartender at Tyrrells
Filona (black rollerskater; knows where bristo is with hot molten silver (drink))
Nibble (seems to be with Filona but instead w/…)
Lester Best (actual name of sim (microcosm); just later in front of 02 Records and gets the message)
Tabitha’s Mom (again predicted date/how of death to baby girl, meteor this time)
WATERMELON TRIANGLE (becomes Mom after that– only intact piece left; equals 319)
*Mork (Robin Williams; mentioned in ref to Gilliam’s Fisher King featured in W4N1)

Umbrella Girl (DISPENSING umbrellas unlike double in Perch-Mistletoe)
Debbie Doom (sent in to investigate; gets umbrella to start; now w/…)
Jerry/Greg Ogden (w/ purple hair now; obvious Prince resonance)
Bestie (his best friend and maybe Debbie’s new friend too)
*Tyrrell (implied owner of bar — from Bladerunner movie)

Elisa (lady of night; reading red book)

KEY (found by Debbie and “opened” (good press) purple door with it)
*unnamed old hagg w/ apple (behind the curtain)


*center instead of w. (Long) or e. (Yd (=Wide); no dimension, then; pointlike)
candy sentry (sent away Candy Shop I set up on Crypto sim property w/ full perms)
Mosses (also gone away; packed it up here:)
*Alysha (the oddball because of name; development from similarly red headed Wendy)
Debbie Doom (actually investigating here; replaced “absorbed” Blue Rose Thorn for Pan-Z (Pot-D?))
Dickie Doom (her partner and perhaps fellow agent; meets Deb at Perch-Mistletoe proper next to…)
Umbrella Girl (double in Lorsters Worst, oddly NOT PLANNED)

NAUTILUS/FROG ISLANDS (ind. for now from both Lower Austra to w. and Yd Island to e.):

Dickie Doom
(pizza slice + triangle on box; resonant w/ soft drink machine in novel 3 spied by Mable)
Debbie Doom (meets with Dickie and following on sea monster statue:)
Frog Prince (1/2 man 1/2 frog)
*symbol man (indicated; same as Frog Prince? — perhaps and maybe probably)
Jerry/Greg Ogden (dates Debbie at actual Skillet, but kiss had changed him; in her dream washing hair and found…)
(Greg O. has his appearance after kiss)
*dove (a Prince symbol STUDY; pooped on Jerry’s purple head but it was symbol key)


Baker Bloch
Wheeler Wilson
Eighty Eights
Peter Soso
Prissy (merperson like Peter; mated to him seemingly)
Jennifer Friend (continues reading red book which is Adam’s book in this case (Barely Retired))
Dickie Doom (as Archibald Duke also from novel 13 like Jennifer; limited in words; sees JF’s green-blue eyes)
Allen Yellow (ditto; always wears “frog helmet” now)


Wendy Wilson Wheeler (trapped by pirates?)
*Randoph The Bastard Pirate (implied because he was on same island in novel 25)
Biff Carter as Axis (implied?)

Wheeler Wilson as…
*Wendy (in flashback in Corton, w…)
Jeffrey Phillips (in wedding tux just before his slippery death (oil slick/oily way))

*Stymie (mentioned by Eyela at Sq Rt Cy: Eyela’s former husband — VITERBO)
*Jacob I. (mentioned at same; Eyela’s husband after Jacob — RIM I OFF ROOST PEN)


NEWT at Pieve w/
*glytches (where they were created??)

NAUTILUS/Starfish Lake & Alvarado I.:

Baker Bloch (w…)
Baker Blinker (… making up a strange duo)
*Axis (mentioned, may have to get married to…)
*Wendy/Wheeler (… *again*?)
Erik (same as guy on Delta; cook at M rest.)
Susie (cashier at same; seems inept at least to Erik)
Tom (photographer looking for Eric for $ (thru…)
Jim (mentioned)

FUSION (projected; extension of FUSI & Alvarado I.):

Wendy/Wheeler (over barrel ? (LOOK UP EXPRESSION))
Pirates (perhaps Randolph the Bastard but also others)

NAUTILUS/LOWER AUSTRA/Collagesity-Fordham:

Shelly Struthers (now wearing a cactus shirt and sweater, interacts with peop. in new library, including:)
Pietmond Boy (says he’s from Pietmond which is long gone; may = young Duncan A.)
Osborne Well (reading Necronomicon still, it appears, w/…)
Lou Well (… daughter; doesn’t want to be in this “prison of books”)
*Symbol (just symbol; no Prince around, represents…)
KEY (still; sitting in seat beside Osborne like person, though)
Tronesisia (having vision of Green/Blue — cactus eye?)
Miss Ouri (new librarian; strange thing: Eury use to be ASU librarian and App Coll named for him)
*Kactus (held in arms; library mascot of sorts?)
*Mr. Bean (replaced by Miss Ouri; likely retired)
*town council (mentioned; pass spec coll addition 4-3 in spec meeting immediately below the thing, ha)
Philip Linden (wants to see what’s been written about him in spec coll)
Swanie Rivers (reading room superv., doesn’t like Philip’s coffee mug or attitude)
Agent 47 (reading Dune then Adam book #2)
Biff Carter (in that book, retired Tenn cop, now just private dick)
*McMillan and Wife (mentioned)

Man About Time (investigating library + castle)
Mr. Low (mentioned; brushed MAT’s precious Temple of TILE on way to Rooster’s Pen)

Ted (in Ukr. tent; sees b&w swan =ing Swanie on border of special and ordinary library)
Snowbob (also from tent — emerges to study book tree; remembers mother & father thru CONE)
Snowmanster (mother — in Hole in the Wall w/ bartender Miss Ouri and her Kactus)
*Spongebub (implied — Snowbob’s father)
Wheeler Wilson (dreaming in Blue Feather w/…
Ross C. (custodian of library; catches MAT in spec coll in midst of night)
Nauty (in basement w…)
MOA (part Rainbow Sphere, part tentacles)

Duncan Avocado (in Ukr. tent in library — dead)
Axis/Windmill (taking place of Erik at seat of visiting writer in library)
Jacobia/Scanty (lead singer w/ band w/ Erik there mysteriously)


Baker Bloch
grown Shelley Struthers


Beach Comber (same as, apparently…)
Kolya “Can” Pepi (escapes Miss Ouri w/ help of…)
Nauty (escape to Wild West from Lower Austra, her realm and under her control)
Man About Time
Jeffrey Phillips (MAT talks to him in his head, even though he is no longer “around”)
Miss Ouri
Kactus (creepy — eats plate of provided food; MAT contemplates crushing it)
Wheeler Wilson (differentiates from Miss Ouri thru eyes)

Duncan Avocado (walking into Darkfold gallery near Collagesity; =s afterlife)


Axis-Windmill NEWT NOW (runs hot dog stand; having loaded down hot dog in that post)
Mustard Catchup Kid and sis Valencia (playing soccer nearby)
Eyela (Axis Windmill meets at Zero Club, a happening place in town)
We the reader-as-bartender (Tom I believe)… listening in
*NEWT (Eyela called Axis-Windmill this — his true name)
*Stymie (mentioned: Eyela’s former husband — VITERBO)
*Jacob I. (mentioned; Eyela’s husband after Jacob — RIM I OFF ROOST PEN)
Wendy (Eyela changes into to reveal DEM(O) underneath purple tuft of hair at Zero Club — resonates w/DEMOcrat from earlier)
Blue Rose Thorn (jumps out of crashed airplane, becomes flighted…)
Blue Bird (moves away from role play that is Sq Rt Cy after stealing cop car toward Airtol Hill)
Julius Nance (phones up bro again (nearer) Airtol Hill which is his twin which is himself apparently; w (concerned)…)
*Betty (*not* Wanda again)


Man About Time (in Collagesity but thru castle+library also on Rooster’s Pen, looking for…)
Mr. Low (… to give him a piece of his mind)
Osborne Well (dup)
Lou Well (dup)
COKE (dup)
MOA (in both Lower Austra and Rooster’s Pen. at once)


Man About Time
Captain (mentioned; but may be same as Zapppa)
Jon Carson (Zapppa’s traveling mate; discovered Trinidad with him after coming over from NC)
Jennifer (Zapppa’s boss apparently — and lover or lover wannabe)
Kolya Can Pepi (body taken over at Fieldore beach by…)
Mystery Being (ejects 3 before this from Crystal Hill, center of 3 Queendoms)
*Linden (in post title, but unsure if Mystery B. is one — Erik or Erik or Eric(k)a?)
Alysha (mentioned)
Wheeler (same as?…)
Miss Ouri (at The Meadows in Bling then dancing in TSURAI)
Jacobia/Scanty (part of band playing before Ukr. support banner)

NOTE: SW is 3rd Queendom but not seen in current novel
“Annoying ZZ MAT” (also used in novel 31 to get to i. on opposite side of continent)

NAUTILUS/WILD WEST/Retirement Islands:

Venus (3d)
Mistress (behind Venus, stand for Marc and Vic from college in strong way — strange)
*Blue Rose Thorn (mentioned)
Blue Bird (appears from jungle — from PAST which is FUTURE)


Biff Carter (flashback; w/puzzle staring at red door)



Joey Avatar (rescued by BBs from swamp tree (Sykes) and reassigned here to check on…)
Blue-Yellow (character staring at blue yellow sunrise before but now at blue yellow Ukr. flag)
Axis-Windmill (seen in flashback in Cavern which resonates dir with Mystery Cave)
Chuck Cheese/Heidi (ditto: mohawk wearing director)

MAEBALEIA/Cass Cy (flashback):

Biff Carter
Keith B.
Gabby Truth (inn clerk)
Raggy (seen)
Jer Ronamy (mentioned as perhaps having a room there; last seen in Upper Austra SL cemetery with Hummy)
Oakley Annie (mentioned)
Orkly Andy (mentioned)


Rock (in cage)
Paper (speaking to rock and hoping to cover it up in the quarry quickly to shut up dense talk)
Scissors (defender of rock but Rock ends up just smashing her)


Glytches (building in town is home to grid-wide glitch finding game (!))
Queen of Glytches — killed MAGELLAN (same as Wheeler/Queen?)
*Magellan (mentioned)




duo of Insane Focus (mentioned)
*not* gallery owner (mentioned; profile shown)


Greg Ogden-as-Prince (purple hair, runs over and kills in his purple car…)
Alysha/Raspberry Girl (her raspberry berry mushed into the remains of her head)
Blue Bird
*Snowwhite Well (mentioned)
*Dixons (mentioned)
*Aunt Emerald/Maw (mentioned)
Grassy Noll (implied through Grassy Knoll found in center of The Cross (and Lineside) and precise center of *rock* (=boulder))
Morris Well (mentioned)
Lou Well (mentioned)
Inky Man (=Charlie Chaplin silouette)
*boulder (implied rival Buster Keaton who contrastingly used a lot of racial jokes (see: 7 Chances))
Casey One Hole (rendered harmless through exchange of “weapons” w/…)
*John Lemon (implied through mention of “Free as a Bird” and “crazed” beetle).


Axis (at Gap w/…)
Wendy (decided to drop off cliff into gap to prevent marriage to either one; in wedding gown)
ALPHA (constricts Wendy like corset (to fit in wedding gown?))
Karoz (back! w/old college chum…)
(Devil) Dave (red still but young now; on some kind of internship to Wendy off coast of Maeb. (castle library=center))
Ron Jeramy (lives? at jagged rocks w/…)
Jem (simulacrum; only way she stands the sleazy liar)
Tar (live in watermill house w/…)
Debbie Doom (visiting bro…)
Dickie Doom (… in Wendy underground, then sees “whole” Wendy off again (w/green-blue eyes), but Dickie himself ends up in Ontario w/Joey; Debbie stays in Wendy until reassigned (see below))
Wheeler Wilson (implied thru Wendy; the “dreamer”)
*ABYSS (mentioned by Karoz, then implied in black portal from Wendy to Ontario gone thru by Wendy)
Joey Avatar (extra letter this time: 1st character encountered in Ontario; kind of dating Dickie and lives beside him in underg.)
Black Bart (in downstairs underg. apt. but in UNK form (Lovecraftian?); same as…)
*Bartholomew Smipson (turns radioactive when blackness scrubbed away)
Jim or James L. Brown (runs juice stand in Ontario)
Dasher/Luke (his drug pusher? (but not taker — didn’t take Dickie’s wallet))
Leforest Bresford (replaces Debbie because she likes bro)
Ted (mentioned — Leforest’s ex who tries to get her agent job thru…)
Big Wig (Pot-D? Pan-Z?)
Trash and Recycling (red and blue sex opposites on her shoulder in can she shot at Center Point)
Snowbob (in LB’s dream?)
Snowmanster (Snowbob’s mother who he doesn’t seem to recognize)
*Kactus (Snowbob may be playing this role for his mother)
John L. Brown (Jim’s twin discovered near end of section 3)
UMBRELLA (3 white and 3 black in center of plaza of Jim/John L. Brown portal)
Baker Bloch (produces almost completed tic tac toe game for Wheeler Wilson)


Dickie teams up with Joey and Leforest to “nab” John twin at CENTER:
Umbrella Girl (because of umbrellas in game room; AND now also in Ontario (black and white in CENTER))


Blue Rose Thorn
Venus (3d)
Mistress (behind Venus, stand for Marc and Vic from college in strong way — strange)

BLUE MTN./Delta Region:

Biff Carter (implied; Mystery Cave *could* have been named Carter Cave, or there’s a resonance)
Erik or Erik’s son (lived in blue yellow tent on Delta)
*Tom (mentioned)
*Stan (mentioned)
*Jim (mentioned)
*Kevin A. C. E. (implied through Delta establishment; represents neighboring Orchard Cy and ACE cities)
*Marcus Fox Smartville? (self character revitalized?)
MONOLITH (a kind of character I suppose)
TRIANGLE (implied through Delta)


*West Helena, Baker St. (Helen St., Art St. , Tennessee St. (Kentucky St.) Anderson St.)



The Blue Fairy is a major character in the 1940 Disney animated feature film, Pinocchio. She is a magical being who, fulfilling Geppetto’s wish, transforms Pinocchio into a living being. With the power to take multiple forms (including a wishing star and a white dove), the Blue Fairy aids Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket throughout their adventures to fulfill the puppet’s goal of becoming a real boy.

Prince’s favorite color was orange

In 2017 Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, said that Prince’s favorite color was orange, and not purple, as had been widely assumed. She also mentioned that Prince often wore all-orange stage outfits, had orange sets for concerts and that his favorite item was his custom-built orange Cloud guitar.[24]