Sunklands 2022 Later


Characters by sections FOR STUDY ONLY:


Roberts (story of her starting the investigative agency)
Norris (“Franklin” before Franklin est. in this here novel)
Franklin (formerly thought to be perhaps..)
*Mabel (… because of the green and all)
DUCK (ducks on shower curtains of boats)
*Martha (mentioned — provided beans for Roberts and Franklin)
Jim (Franklin’s mentioned lover before Roberts, met at DOCKS; same possibly as John L. Brown? (probably not))
*Shelley (under umbrella (may also be Wheeler) but not identified until later; w…)
Darla (Albert’s niece — doesn’t want to join Umbrella group but has no choice?)
Albert (Darla’s prevert uncle, wants to possess her)
Claude (formerly Big Black Smoke; “receiver” for Albert)
*Claude’s boss (mentioned; not seen)
*Pinky (Darla’s father; mentioned)
Lichen Roosevelt (bartending again)
*Philip Strevor
*Zach Black
*The Mann
*Jethro/Bauer (fell over drunk between photos)
*Mower Man (Jacob I.?)
Axis/Newt (advising George, tells him to get rid of punk look for marriage prep)
Heidi Director (mentioned — dead in novel __: NOT George, though)
Duncan A. (mentioned)
Shelley Struthers (implied — bride for Musician)
George Smithson (and)
Debbie Smithson (hanging out with Shelley before Big Day)
Bob Jr. Jr.
Luther and Al (proud fishermen looking down on Bob — he’ll never escape the sea)
Pasty & Melissa
Angie (runs “All Eel“)
Uncle Jiffy (has crabs)
Officer Brendin (spying on Patsy, Melissa, Angie)
Etherea (moves from Moray Docks Town to Ohio w/ cousin…)
Apples (mentioned and then in next post seen w Lois and Darla in “Ohio”)
Wanda (Albert’s inflatable doll)
Jacob I. (mentioned?)


Uncle Albert (saved by…)
Roberts (and…)
Franklin (… trying to do good; gathered together as TILE by…)
Baker Bloch (speaking through Albert)
Wheeler Wilson (speaking through Franklin)
Liz (seen on island but not time for her story yet (see section 05)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer (finding out if George really loves Shelley)
Shelley Struthers (still trauma from almost being blown to pieces in Moray)
Wheeler (Mom — attempting to review Shelley’s past in blog-novels just like Newt did for Musician/George)
Axis/Newt (George’s prospective father-in-law)
SPIDERS (mutated now, with skulls, at least figuratively, for heads)
fisherman (at blown up Moray Docks Town, with vaporized flowers and dreams of love)
Bob Jr. Jr. (still fanticising about Shelley)
Luther and Al (2 fisherman who are still around thanks to their “love”)
Philip Strevor (caught a double)
Umbrella Club (more clones, all bathing suit clad girls)
*Aunt Bernice (leading to…)
Aunt Esther (straight from Sanford and Son, ha (but not my doing) — Lemont Sanford’s actual aunt, and also Shelley’s she realizes — *they* must get married; their union is where Liz comes from)
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford (true love of Shelley probably, have Liz together, same aunt)
Blue Bird
*black cat (either loves Blue Bird or thinks she’s tasty)
*star-man (a sculpture, actually, between 2 more meaningful red and blue ones)
Inky Man (mentioned; twin to Buster Keaton in that he is Chaplin, not as racist?)
The Preacher (into ORACLE like things as well)
*and, er, the others (blue men behind female Laffoon to Arthur Kill in the sim of Laffoon)


Shelley Struthers
Duncan A. (referred to here as General Duncan, a hero of Trojan-Durexian War, but on wrong side)
Sheriff (nephew to…)
Angry Birds/White Bird
Walter and Chuck (2 cops who beat up Shelley because she is femboy, but she only wears mens clothing because they fit better)
Johnny Ubermodel (Shelley’s companion in South of Omega continent)
*Wheeler (mentioned/implied as Shelley’s mother; assoc. with purple bear you can get inside of)
EELS (close to The Void)
Big Boy (conscious statue; associable w/…)
The Void
Arthur Kill (rescues Shelley from The Cross)
Mourning Glory (agent for The Void, Void is Claude’s boss too?)
*Burt (Void maintenance person)
Roberts (still in )
Franklin (Shelley absorbs at Roost castle, but luckily doesn’t inherit a phallus; still all woman)
Norris (almost kills Franklin with helicopter-plane, but only kills himself by swerving a bit to one side or another)
Control (his unseen bosses)
Draken (w/Shelley on Horse I., but Shelley not seen here)
CLYDE (his memories)
(VVVVV in teepee)
Observer (in Roberts’ investigation office w/ Arthur Kill)
SPIDERS (seen in Roberts’ office by Arthur)


Biff Carter
Shelley Struthers
*Axis/Newt (mentioned)
*Wheeler (Shelley’s mom, mentioned)
Musician/George (mentioned)
*Dixons (mentioned)
*Maw (mentioned)
*Snowwhite Well (mentioned)
*Greyscale Kimball (mentioned)
Spider (caged at Tesseract Tavern now, but Shelley assumes by Roberts)
Arthur (in jail instead of Shelley now)
Policeman Clubb (maybe be same as Walter or — from section 02)
*well dressed black man (in 7 Chances and also defunct Morgan town, dancing)
Baker Bloch as Policeman Clubb
Wheeler Wilson as Shelley
Curled Paper (taking notes still?)
BIG RED MACHINE (Shelley reads at Tavern)
Philburt (Biff give him Pill so he can get back on beat to find obsession Shelley)
*Kill van Kull (Arthur’s sophisticated squeaky clean cousin)
Claude (takes Arthur/Kill van Kull’s place in jail)
*Carter and Clubb’s boss (mentioned but not named)
Lichen Roosevelt (played by actress Janet Zzyzx)
Kurt Strawb (apparently director of photonovel 35)
Vampire Chuck (at Pink Floyd bar, originally w/ Lichen but she was at wrong bar)
Fern Stalin (crying because no one wanted to dance w/ her at Floyd club)
Wendy Wilson (dancing with Chuck instead; same as Wheeler but also diff. archetypal red head to pair w/ Lichen (blonde) and Fern (brunette)
Bookie (maybe Fern’s only remaining friend, he allows her to use one his his pages as a kleenex)
Tim Spellwell (contemporary director to Kurt Strawb, less sucessful, doesn’t have way w/ animals)
Ruby Roo (nonspeaking role; she’s back though!)
The Void (top of Sand Springs sim)


Fern Stalin
Ruttitutti (Star Wars R2D2 form)
Lost Robot
*Howard (Minion’s unseen and perhaps imaginary friend)
The Void (= Munchman here)
Sooloo (promoted to cpt. in Liz’s fiction, and also a love interest for Ouhuru)
Pickard (red shirt and not cpt. here; same as…)
Liz (also doubles as…)
*Ohuru, Lt.
Shelly Struthers (trapped in cage near Void by…)
Musician/George (bad!)
Albert (at Pink Think Bar now; creates his play room there for 1st Darla then Shelley)
Biff Carter (w/ Albert now)
snow tiger or abominable snowman (1 of these kills red shirt Pickard/Ted)
Lichen Roosevelt (runs Pink Think bar now, 3rd bar seen in I believe)
Herbert Done (her unseen boss)
Claude (taking classes at Univ of Life in 1000 Cy)
Ms. Crumplebottom (1 of his teachers; teaching birds and bees, etc.)
*Gem (mentioned as Jem by Lichen — Jemilly Johnson to Claude)
*John L. Brown (mentioned by Lichen — James to Claude)
Keith B. (interviewing Liz — we’re still not quite sure why yet)
Darla (at Crisp Sea; Albert switches from her to Shelley for obsession)
Lois (w/ Darla)
3rd girl (purple clad with them)
Carb (Liz’s son; same as George, ha; named after element carbon, but also carburetor, Liz said to him)
*Elizabeth Mahoney (another disguise of Liz, this time as bartender of 1000 Cy, dressed as black horse)
Claude-Fern (ha — twist!)
DUCK (Dirty)
*mailman (delivers manuscript rejection letter to Liz)


Shelley Struthers
George Smithson
Debbie Smithson
Tar and Guit (punk and folk band playing at rebuilt Moray Docks Village)
Tabitha and Mom
Lichen Roosevelt (rescues…)
Liz (… then plays a game of Go w/ her)
Observers (… at the game; won’t let Liz win with her cheating ways)
Fern Stalin (w/ Lichen)
*Lettie Summers (girl with loose shoulder blouse who appears to be same as Debbie Smithson)
Harleyquinn (another type of observer; wants to bash Debbie’s (Shelley’s?) brains in w/ her bat)
Ken Awo (Void car repairman who charges Shelley  for a carburetor as much as a car)
Musician/George (mentioned; Shelly now confuses him w/ George Smithson)
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sandford (maybe can’t rescue Shelley from the Void this time)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer
Wizard Wells (due to be terminated; w/…)
Vineyard (fellow fairy)
Jettison (prison guard)
Magenta (still free fairy (for now))
Roger (Green Grey alien)
Greta van Sustenance
Ruttitutti (spies on/monitors people at air base)
Jack (grey alien, loves smokes more than reports)
Kelli and Lynnette (also spied on by Ruttitutti, which they know)
Old Saint Louie
Cobumblia (skinless Antelope alien)
Johnson (NO johnson; Shuffler green alien)
Petter Cotontail
*Wheeler Wilson (mentioned)
*Johnny Ubermodel (mentioned)
Martell Mandell (=MM; has Harry/Jerry’s file)
Abbey Abdominator (Abs; boss of Martell, a Grey: may also equal…)
Big Boy
Virgil (Abs friend who he meets in Fr.; later w/ (mentioned)…)
Harry/Jerry (1st in file, then real w/ Shelley by his side)
Earnest (taker who takes Harry/Jerry’s money by rolling all ones)
Shirley Stall (HR rep; presented with Harry/Jerry’s stolen file; also brings up MM’s dday discrepancies)
Spider (back in Collagesity collages!)
Elanea (bartender at underwater base)
*Stiggy (mentioned: his bday day)
Nurse Zombie (21121 on her back)


Fern Stalin
Pervimous Rex
Keith B.
Inky McOilwell
Ginger Granite (mentioned in 00350507; girl confident in her volupsiousity)
Lichen Roosevelt
*her fellow “horses”
Blue and Yellow (Minion; caged and going to guts of sim w/Fern and…)
Boatman Niel
Abs Abdominator (also plays sev other roles, like Harry/Jerry; WIZARD)
Shelley Struthers
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford
The Preacher/Dr. Mouse


Albert (to wrap up his story — curtains)
Apples (Albert revisits; to apologize and begin to mend; says he’s seeking help)
Etherea (probably still w/Apples (cousin) since Moray Docks Village has been vaporized for real this time)
*Darla (seen but Albert doesn’t interact w/)
George/Musician: still at alter waiting; hasn’t given up; BUT — did he die at Moray??)
Biff Carter (must wrap up his story?)
NOTE: neither Hucka Doobie or Baker Blinker have appeared in 35, but both were in 34 a bit, esp. BB
NOTE: Carrcassonne is in 1 post of 35; MAY be same as George now, and Liz’ child