Characters by locations FOR STUDY ONLY:


Wheeler Wilson (as…)
Mabel, New (failed creation?)
Roberts (can’t find dummy this is)
Mabel, Old
Salazar Jack Gnome (fresh from digging and filling Kill’s grave, works for firm along w/…)
Harry/Harold the Gnome (carpenter; built Kill’s coffin)
Tessa (hairless again)
Barry DeBoy (young; removes pyramid to go back to D-boy or Dunce-boy)


Franklin (Roberts’ partner)


Gnome 04 (in County Park)

JEOGEOT/Towerville environs:

Arthur Kill (played by Lemont Sanford; character brought back to life by Wheeler)
Newt (formerly Axis-Windmill)
Gnome 05 (tells Newt to go away)


MOA (still in basement of Lebettu Castle, as Newt checked)


Jane Space (auditioning for part in current photo-novel ala novel 15 beginning; Newt trying to bring in new blood)
Aleissa (mother; sitting on couch between them pregnant with Jane herself; she’s also new)
*Blue Ball (appears in Jane’s hand when Alexissa shows up)
Jack (Newt meets in Ontario space station)
Ontario King (mentioned)
Ontario Mayor (mentioned)
Ontario Mayor-King (implied — Jack’s new role in town if he stays the course? 3rd position in middle between Mayor and King)
these Jacks then make cameo (clones):
*Halloween Jack
*Jack Lost
*Uncle Jack (2)
*Wappo Jack
*Joker Jack
(along with Salazar Gnome Jack again)
Ruth (runs coffee stand at plaza…)
Jerry and Gerry (Jack stares at them)
Duck-man/Paul Duck (1st seen on rooftop, then at grocery story in shopping cart and then at car dealership)
John L. Brown
Jupiter (another clone via J name; passes Paul Duck in shopping cart)
Peg (John’s girlfriend who he’s bringing eggs to)
Jake (John/Jim watches videos with)
Martha (seer, although unseen as of now; uses wegee board (among other scrying devices?))
Clyde (uncloned resident — same as Jeogeot’s Clyde?)
Uncle Taum (Ruth’s uncle)
Aunt Mini (Ruth’s aunt)
*John’s car dealership boss (unseen)
Jolie (plant being from Jolie w. of Wendy — appears in Wendy — no story yet)
Mabel, New  (taller version seen in 00340101, John is surprised because her skin color isn’t yellow like Duck said (thus making her his daughter))
Wheeler Wilson (passes thu butterfly/wisps portal with Newt)
Leforest Bresford (staring at this portal with red and blue companions again)
Snowmanster (researching Paul Duck at church)
Snowbob (realizes (or imagines) Duck is himself?)


Wheeler Wilson (still purple clad, observing in Woods with…)
Baker Blinker (replaces Baker Bloch here, who is still asleep apparently; now: director w/ Wheeler as asst.)
Zappa (mentioned; resurrected here? relation to Zapppa seen in novel 22 and others?)
*Bowie (pictured in same collage (Hidalgo 07) as sleeping…)
*Baker Bloch (… *puts* him to sleep in labyrinth)
Tatiana/Tiana  (1st seen waving at duck pic next to forest, then w/…)
Vanessa (her best friend but also her girlfriend, at least at times)
Sugar (green and red dino who runs Sugar’s Shack in Center o’ Woods)
*Mabel (mentioned as making pies, but may be replaced by Sugar now)
Donald (appears naked but then duck costume comes; may live in manor next to Woods; helps Sugar at her shack)
Clyde (mentioned; runs cleaners)
*Duckgirl ( across road from manor (wieerd! just ordered Donald from her a couple of days back))
** maybe change name to Duckwo-man
Bluebird (in White Tree Village, then walks s. (past Vanessa and Tiana’s wagon) to…)
Mistress (in Mattress Tree; apparently “benefactor” of sad Bluebird, along with…)
Venus (also on mattress?)
*note: Mistress is close to Mattress: same # of letters and share all but 2 letters in same place
Newt (back from 2 week vacation — lives in manor w/…)
Eyela (name? also: Mistress and Venus are their *daughters* (not lesbians then, as — speculated))
Benny (their parking valey who turns from hamster to rat — steals Monolith they just stole from someone else apparently)
Servants at manor (all dummies):
*Gregg the Greeter
*Sam the Scrubber
*David the Duster
*Cookie the Cook
*Willie the Watcher
Billy Clock (clockwork boy, dreams a big waterfall in Woods and it appears!)
Wither Tree (in one of his nightmares — tree at exact center of woods/sim : 128/128, just like Core-Alena in Purden)
Zapppa (in graveyard — spotted by Wheeler and BBlinker; digs up…)
Robert Franklin (obviously related to Roberts and Franklin, partners of detective agency seen at very beg of novel)
Ben (changed from grizzly bear to Samsquanch  when met Benny in woods)
MONOLITH (both have one)
Zapppa (differentiates himself from Zappa thru extra p)


SUGAR PEOPLE (meet at center of forest; names?)
Carolin (Tessa and Mabel’s friend from the EOT caves; leaves for NY and isn’t heard from again)
Dumpling (former mate or sumtin to Sugar, may be overweight to make Sugar’s girth)
Barry DeBoy? (grown up again? an artist?)
Arthur Kill?
Jane Space?
Aleissa? (pregnant w/ Jane? unable to wear clothes, like Donald?)
Blue Ball? (“father” of Jane, as Aleissa is Mom)
Clyde (will show up in person; he plays coy?)