Sunklands 2023 Early
New Mexico N.
New Mexico S.
Sand Springs



*East Lynne 1931 movie setting CHECK
Jeogeot/Midlands (Veyot’s Last Drop and attached gallery)
New Mexico (Shaffer Hotel/”art gallery” downtown Mountainair)
New Mexico (Tintown 01; outside of Madrid)
*Kentucky (mentioned; “original” Tin Town)
Omega Continent/Southern (Woob 01 (“Basement” — resonates with Cable I.’s Basement REVISIT?)
Hana Lei 01 (Woob 02)
Hana Lei 02 (Enterprise Bay: same room = bookstore, boutique, laundromat)
New Mexico (somewhere around Aztec; warrior composite)
New Mexico (2 other “Tintowns”)
Jeogeot/Somoco (Table Room)
Pennsylvania (mentioned: Shakespear Club)
Ontario (mentioned: Swastika)
Nautilus/North (Lemont and Shelley renew vows)
New Mexico (Lordsburg)
New Mexico (Shakespeare (and Tintown 01 within))
Corsica/Yellowmoon (Ant answers phone; it’s “The Devil”)
Omega Continent/Wendy’s location
Omega Continent/Udenfar (Barry X. Vampire location)
Estate/Sand Sim ENZO

Characters by sections FOR STUDY ONLY:

Section 01

Shelley Struthers@
Keith B. (Shelley’s father; or is it Jennifer Lane’s father?)
Biff Carter (“recorder”; speaks directly to camera)
Satchel Girl (holds satchel — inside: letter Baker Bloch reads?)
Satchel Boy
Baker Bloch@ (dons red cap of artist and turns into…)
Barry DeBoy@
Arthur Kill/Lemont Sanford@ (wearing swimming trunks (=underwear), but that’s because his clothes are being washed)
Zane Tar (bartender in Woob 02; won’t serve Arthur because of castle (they know! (military people)))
Clyde 01 (Woob 02 policeman)
Clyde 02 (same policeman? clone?)
*Archie (mentioned by Arthur Kill to Woob 02 military people; will keep them busy investigating)
“Westerners” (Arthur highlights with flashlight in photo on Basement wall; more “military people”)
Wheeler Wilson@ (in clothing boutique but not with 88s; tries to put on lipstick but instead yawns (mtn air))
*twin manikins
Janice (Slaashsides — spots 15 speed biker and knows it is trouble, namely…)
Johnny/Jonathan Cage (serious biker — goes to NM from Slaashsides thru Burro Alley somehow (portal))
Aztec warrior (Lange; a potentially developing new Tintown there — but no Void like the old one? post 0108 (see: 0208))
Hucka Doobie (calls confused Barry DeBoy on…)
Duck (Paul…; Barry needs to get out of Shaffer and Mtnair in general)
Axis/Newt (at Table headed by Baker Bloch and w/ Hucka D. and Wheeler)
Grassy Noll (ditto)
Curled Paper (ditto)
Eighty-eights (ditto)
The Librarian (ditto)
Tin S. Man (ditto)
Marsha “Pink” Krakow (Barry’s Maw, just downstairs, apparently running the “Shaffer”)
Edward Daigle (3rd wheel and, as it turns out, rev. renews vows of Lemont and Shelley)
Spaced Ghost

Section 02:

Barry DeBoy
Hucka Doobie
Duck (mentioned; had to get away from that influence so traveled from Mountainair to Lordsburg)
Ant (answering phone from novel 36 again)
Back (implied on other side of the line (someone turning back on me?))
Johnny/Jonathan Cage (heads to Lordsburg on fast bike)
Cage’s boss (unseen; Buster Damm? Duncan(can)?)
*Elvira, Lester, Luke, Leonard Jay (Leno): Johnny’s family (mentioned)
Hal (Tintown/Shakespeare saloon proprietor)
*Violet Hope (mentioned; actual character?)
*Isadore and Irma Duncan (mentioned)
*Wee Willy (imaginary character invented by Hucka D./Barry; very old instead of 13)
*Busting Lester; Billy Goat Burt (mentioned: Hal’s vigilante friends)
Aztec warrior (entering the Void through the hayloft; 0208 matches 0108 before; may be the same as…)
Nikki (aka Penny or Wanda; Cage’s new girl who rides with him in Shakespeare)
Shelley Struthers (success in sending Baker family back to Nautilus)
*Grant Hill (mentioned)
Lemont Sanford/Arthur Kill (w/Shining shot of Wendy yawning because of mountain air)


Barry DeBoy (sleepwalker — end meets beginning)
Hucka Doobie (ditto)
Barry X. Vampire (wants to start next chp of his book; wants to visit Dead Sea)
Stan Gunderson (his dinner guest neighbor)
*Hot Dog* (pictured)
*Wendy (pictured)
Johnny Cage (mentioned as coming from Slaashsides on Nautilus)
Shelley Struthers (at Fearly now, then Sandman sim)
Keith B. (his beach bungalo she’s staying at)
Edward Daigle (mentioned; Keith’s neighbor (fellow “Confederationalist”); Shelley’s muse for romance novel #5)
Lemont Sanford/Arthur Kill (at Sandman sim; 2nd honeymoon?…)
Duck (referenced thru Shelley’s duck scrubs outfit (wears to keep from burning))
Snaketember (hair stylist Shelley didn’t like there; also seems to be in charge of Sandman)
Cactus Birds (back to Fearly; at least one indicates Shelley is the golden girl they seek)
*Billie Jean Kidd (referenced by birds)
Biff Carter (still recording Shelley at sand sim)
*Winona Ryder (mentioned; Shelley may have her Upside Down eyes; a rider (of bike) as well)
*magic shop owner (unnamed for now — Shelley wants to buy stuff from her)
*tattoo shop owner (shop only mentioned in passing as having a story)
Sandman (owns his own sim; Void again? Shelley met him at the party; makes deal with her there)
Vanilla (bank teller; Sandman has to kiss her for money)
Westerners (same as military people who take over Sandman’s sim)


*Raven and Key cooks (cluster of 4 or 5 all prepping food)
Sandy Hook and Penny Mart (up front waiting for…)
Edward Daigle (mentioned but not seen yet)
Sandman (arrives by boat full of presents, not recognized it seemed, despite party being about him??)
Shelley (anticipated)


D’aigle, Eddy (subs for Edward Daigle in section 03 and beyond?)
Tessa (their cousin; avatar from same creator)
Baker Bloch (back to being himself and not Barry DeBoy?)
Wheeler Wilson (Shelley’s mother)
Marsh Pink Krakow (Barry’s maw; mentioned, though, as being left behind in story like Mountainair NM)
Archie? (symbol of Shelley *Struther’s* father somehow)
Axis Newt (Shelley’s actual father)
Grassy Noll (toy avatar representative at The Table)