X-Spot emptying/New Pietmond filling

Most of the New Pietmond exhibits now exist in buildings groundside, or in the town proper. For the record (I think), New Pietmond was originally called SoSo Village when it was laid out directly underneath the outstretched wings of the X-Spot Gallery. Now that it has expanded southward and away from this, a name change to New Pietmond seems in order. I would think there’s still some pride in the name SoSo Village, which in basic terms would be the galleries along Golden Way, starting with SoSo *East* Gallery (note: SoSo West has also returned to New Pietmond). The only exhibits now in the X-Spot are “Jeogeot through Art and Word”, which is, after all, a historic one and not long term — this may well represent the last iteration of this exhibit in its 2 1/2 year run now — and then also we have Julie Takac’s collages still in another wing of that gallery space. The other 2 wings out of 4 have been vacated, with Casey (SoSo West), Rougeau (Cherry and/or Berry) and Kollage Kid (Stairs Gallery and Stairs Gallery Annex) moving groundside, joining my own art in SoSo East, Sink Lair, TILE Tower, and Studio 30. Slipper Gallery currently remains empty.




Another New Pietmond loose end comes in the form of the Rainbowology Center building at the end of Golden Way…


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