New Pietmond Developments 03

The Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper statues have been deleted from New Pietmond, instead replaced by Otaki Gorge’s similar Goldie and Brash, lying considerably further apart but on the same line as Newton and Jasper before them.


… then Goldie.

And along with Newton/Jasper, the whole Toxic Art Gallery to their side has gone away as well, instead replaced by the Temple of TILE (center structure of first picture above) last seen in Philo, and deleted from there almost 2 months ago by someone claiming the abandoned land it sat upon. Inside we have the old Pietmond labyrinth and also Carcassonne on the upper floor still, who could be considered the 5th and most central of the statues discussed in this post (Newton, Jasper, Brash, Goldie, Carcassonne).*


So to complete this line of thought, SoSo Gallery has been restored as the exhibitor of the Oblong series of my Art 10×10, giving a link within to the whole collection of 100 collages in the Edwardston Station Gallery at another location (I have several “spare” Edwardston Station Galleries in different areas of Second Life mainland now). This saved enough prims to allow me to rezz the Temple of TILE, and also retain spare primage for additional, future projects. Still exciting times in New Pietmond (!), despite the lack of visitors. And the development of the central Kidd Tower continues.



Lordshore sim and Lordshore Bridge.

Orgamast sim, with name similarly just below ground surface. This is floor 1 of the 12 story Kidd Tower.


Floor 2 brings us to maps of Pleiablo (right) and Kalis (left). According to legend the Big E or Big Schwa was found just west of the Pleiabo sim (central picture in the above photo) c2007.

“Hucka D., according to legend, the Big E or Big Schwa was found just west of the Pleiablo sim. Do you remember that?”

“No. Continue.”


“There I am. I was there (!)”

“It was taken to Meddletown, baker b. And studied. And the Korean Channel formed at the same time. The two are one. They did a very similar thing that you’re presently doing in the Kidd Tower: divide the totem into two columns to contain the whole alphabet of A to Z. You have O-Z to the west — bottom to top — and A-L to the east — top to bottom. M and N are separate, for they are MaN, and there is no MaN in the Kidd Tower because it is still a Kidd. Big Boy[ Tower] acts as a bridge between the Kidd Tower and Tower of A. Mann. Tower of A. Mann is the true man of New Pietmond, a Newtown after all.”

“In 20 cases, Hucka D., kids were not allowed to become men and women. 26 dead altogether, including 6 adults and then 2 more: the shooter and his mother. 6 sim maps lie below the street level of New Pietmond.”

“There is a connection, baker b. But there’s more. It’s not just that this represents the Newtown slayings, the voiding. Study more.”

Kalis (Floor 2) and Jharmelion (Floor 3) are also in the same position on the Big E. In fact, Lordshore (Floor 1), Kalis, and Jharmelion form what appears to be a continuous landmass on the west side stacked maps up to this point. But Lordshore, in actuality, in reality, forms the lowest sim of the Big Schwa on the other side of the totem. This illusion might be substantial.


Which brings us to Ichelus again at the street level of New Pietmond, or Floor 4 of the Kidd Tower. Simple Wunderlich’s picture from this sim is straight ahead of Baker Bloch.

New Pietmond Developments 04.


* And perhaps the only 1 of the 5 truly alive.


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