Making a Point 02

I start out with some more Des Blenkinsoop photos that I could use for collage material.

The stacked rocks in front of Rockley Manor looks very similar to the ones I presently have in New Pietmond. Check here for a comparison. Oh and of course it’s called *Rock*ley Manor.


And then Des found some similarly stacked rock thingies in nearby Marlborough, although he doesn’t directly link the 2 in his accompanying text. I’m making the link here.



Now some more Google Earth images from the same general area:

2 men apparently attempting to steal one of the smaller stones of Avebury. Don’t think they’ll get too far.


What appears to be a (clothed/upright) red lion about to enter the Red Lion pub at Avebury. Marking her territory?


Details of the 3 Sisters…







The Ridgeway runs alongside each one, and actually enters the fringe of Marge, while almost skirting the southeast side of Selma. Patty lies further away.

Found another Fuzzer House like earlier in Broad Hinton, this time near a village named Highway (Highway?) about 6 miles west of 3 Sisters.


Nearby, what appears to be a face on a building with one eye erased…


And, greeting me the instant I “teleported” into GoogleEarth tonight, a mystery triangle, again seen from the highway running through Highway. Did it “fuzz” the house? Did it steal the eye?


An overhead shot of Cresent House near Cherhill featured in the Baker Bloch in England exhibit. I was just following the highway down from Highway through Compton Bassett and re-found it… forgot it was in the area, actually.


And then almost across the street is some kind of waste area with another eye (center). Yes it’s staring at *you*. Is *this* Highway’s missing eye?


Crescent House and “eye”.



* quote from the text accompanying the 2nd photo above:

Three years on from SU1968 : Business park, Salisbury Road, Marlborough

The site is much more established, with many businesses and healthy looking bushes.

There are also these pointy things at the entrance. They don’t seem to do anything. Can a point be pointless[?] I guess so.


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