“Don’t take the ring Laura. Don’t take the ring.”

~ Agent Cooper from the movie Fire Walk with Me, warning Laura Palmer about Black Lodge trickery.

“Hucka D., I think Uffcott may be the place. The Place. It’s a UFO. It’s coded in the name. Remove every other letter, beginning with the first: UFO.

Hucka D.:

Actually that would be UFOT. How about UmapS?


Uffcott is where the 3 Sisters are equidistant. That’s where New Pietmond will be established.

Hucka D.:

Who is Laura? And who opposes deception?


Black Lodge?

Hucka D.:

Laura is now called Windom.


Oh, I figured out something about the 3 sisters… probably related. Marge, Patty, Selma… M(NO)P(QR)S. Did you get that, Hucka?

Hucka D.:

Every third letter kept this time. Marge… Patty… Selma. So…


So that’s 4… 7… 10, like in the Tree of Life equivalent seraphim… sephirot I meant.

Hucka D.:

You are getting closer (!)


And so…

Hucka D.:

And so you search for the 11th, Daat, knowing that Tin S. Man knows. The Kniks. High time for another collage, baker b.




Twin Peaks Theories: The Ring



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