Pine Apple

But it’s *Herbert* that’s not where it should be. Like Frank Herbert, and representing Frank Park. The Saucer belongs to the Frank Park aliens. It is their Forest Home. (pause) Herbert should be miles and miles away in Conecuh County instead, nearer Paul. I don’t think Hucka D. is going to help me with this one. It must relate to Dune’s Pain Box just brought up in a post composed earlier today. Let’s see…

The first Herbert is in Conecuh County but not on the Forest Home topo map, which instead covers part of neighboring Butler County to the northeast. The distance between the Herbert indicated in GNIS in Butler County and the actual Herbert in Conecuh County is about [appears to be about 20] miles.

The wrongly located Herbert appears to be “on” Pineapple Highway, and pineapple came up in one of the more unfunny jokes of The IT Crowd episode we watched last night, which kind of stood out because the show is so funny overall. It concerned pizza with pineapple topping. Could “pineapple”, then, be another clue. I automatically think of SpongeBob SquarePants’ home under the sea, not a forest home but a sea home, and SBSP is sort of an alien, I suppose.

(Is that Master Shake in the background?)

Saucer is also on Pineapple Highway (in reality this time). Odd name for an Alabama highway… don’t think they grow pineapples there.

Hmm, turns out there is an actual town named Pine Apple that this highway leads to from Saucer. Cute… both a Cherry St. and a Banana St. in the handful of town streets.


That’s the only Pine Apple or Pineapple pop. place in the US.,_Alabama

So add this town perhaps to Apricot, Washington as fruit villages of blogg’n significance. Interesting perhaps that one of two noted residents of Pine Apple listed in the wikipedia article is Fred *Cone*, like a pine cone. I think of the many pine cones in Little Witshire, Frank Park here. Fred Cone was a former NFL running back for the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. I also think of Herman Park here for obvious reasons I won’t divulge. I further think of *Cone*cuh County and the actual location of Herbert, Alabama.



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