Latona Interpretations/Associations 01

(continued from Gila Interpretations/Associations 04)

“Can’t believe I could be starting yet another collage series, Hucka D.: Lis maybe?”

Hucka D.:

We better get crack’n on Latona 00, then. You have McCartney from the Smipsons, you have Lisa V. from the same. McCartney, or who we talk about as Marty, is discussing with Lisa V. the benefits of a vegetarian life. But he is also telling her the secrets of Sgt. Pepper, front to back, hehe. And Quetzalcoatl. Have you read all of Red Collie’s Quetzalcoatl material yet?


Probably not, Hucka D. I think I read all the sunfish related crop circle stuff. There were 8 or 9 crop circles last year that shared that common theme — all related to the orbit of Venus relative to the sun and other planets according to Collie. He’s most likely right. And these are crop circle not created by mankind. So that means an e.t. message. The circles are giving us astronomical information. I’m not sure about the remote creation theory of his. I think they can move forward and backwards in time easier than he supposes. After all we’re talking about higher intelligence.

Hucka D.:

Before you go to England, you should read up about the sunfish circles again. And of course you had your own encounter with a sunfish in Sunfish Kentucky


… via GoogleEarth, yeah. But it was colored orange, like the inverse color of an actual ocean sunfish. No chance finding that in Sunfish, Kentucky, and *before* I knew anything about the sunfish crop circles, I believe. The Kentucky town was examined because of UmapS connections.



“She’s Leaving Home” and “Live and Let Live… Die” mentioned in that episode. “Maybe I’m Amazed” played at the end, with a smashing lentil soup recipe backmasked within.



Hucka D. (peering over my shoulder at the collage picture I just inserted):

The front and back of the Smipsons DVD becomes the front and back of Sgt. Pepper, two in one. I believe this might be seasons 6 and 7 — this front and back. Aren’t they magical, baker b.?


Could be, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

And you know you’ll use the one with McCartney again in a future carrcass. (pause) Let’s move on to Latona 01… we can come back to this one. The rocks are sarsen stones from the Fyfield Downs northeast of Marlborough, arranged in a line by farmers. Lisa sits on the largest one. Lisa will sit on this rock again toward the end of the Latona series, when McCartney also returns with a new body in tow. It is probably Paul and Linda as androgyny. In a way, in a manner. Appropriate that Paul is lecturing about vegetarianism in a cereal field. As Glickman put it, circles are totally benign, and mean no harm to us meat beings. We are meat as well. What if someone else came down and tried to farm *us*?


Hadn’t thought about it that way.

So here’s “New Something”, Hucka D., a play on “New Pietmond” which I had just dismantled before creating the collage. We have superimposed on each other the remains of New Pietmond in Sikkima at the time — foreground — and then a second village I was playing around with in Snow Country, Sansara in the background. Different set of buildings in each at this moment. The background village was in turn dismantled after a couple of days, and New Pietmond of Sikkima became totally extinct in a matter of hours. So this is akin to Gila 04, where we have New Pietmond in all its glory, heights and depths, portrayed — at its peak. It was a great creation, but I couldn’t keep it around.

Hucka D.:

No. Then you have all the other collage elements positioned around the Second Life buildings, foreground and background. You have elements from, let’s see, Gila 00 and Latona 00, the two 00 collages starting each series, and then Gila 05 and 06 as well, the middle of Gila. So that’s Gila 00, then skipping 01 02 03 04, and then Gila 05 and 06 depicted, and then skipping 4 more collages 07 08 09 10 to get us to Latona 00. Very symmetrical culling, then.


Lisa the Vegetarian is found again, riding or sitting inside the visible brain of the whale-monster of Gila 06. She seems to represent the 3rd eye, or the pineal gland in this position. An Avebury stone projects from the top of its head — another pine cone or pineapple symbol.


And then across from it on the other side of the collage is a pineapple itself: your good buddy Spongebob Squarepant’s pineapple shaped home under the sea. Bikini Bottom, I believe. He peers out at the landscape through an open door… he is pineal. The pineapple’s shape is mirrored in the shape of Marge Smipson’s head of the Smipsons DVD in front of it. It is the front and back of the pineapple. The 4d cube atop Patty’s head is another representation of the 3rd eye or pineal gland.

It is squaring the circle.


It’s a 6x6x6 cube with all the edge units hollowed out. I believe the edge units would number 56. The internal cubes number 4x4x4 + 4x4x6. The core of the cube is 64 packed un-hollowed out cubes, surrounded by 96 more un-hollowed out cubes touching the surface. This would make a total of 216 single unit cubes within the overall cube, or 6x6x6. That works!

Hucka D.:

We better head toward Latona 02. What does Lisa V. head toward in the head of the Gila 06 monster? She heads toward the triangle, single point down. This is also the 3rd eye illuminated, but perhaps not in a totally positive way. It is like an eclipse of the sun. To reinforce, we have carried over the two horned crescent moon from Gila 06 as well, above Lisa the V. here. The “BIG” in the Knik’s head below this also acts as reinforcement.

(continued in Latona Interpretations/Associations 02)


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