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Conjunction of Headsville with Bald Prarie in Robertson County, Texas indicates “bald head”. Nearby is White Creek and Heads Creek, just over line to north in Limestone County, but name conj. on map originally made me think this was a White Heads Creek. White Rock is below Headsville.


I believe it relates to the first 2 rocks of the above, recent blog post here. The first picture is of a rock with a bald spot upon it. I think I’ll call this Head Rock now. Headville? The next picture is of a white rock, which I’ll call White Rock, which is near Headsville (and Bald Prarie) in Robertson County, Texas. These rocks of course come from the Whitehead Crossing region.

There is no article in the Texas Alamac for White Rock, Robertson County, unlike for nearby Headsville and Bald Prarie. However, this comprehensive almanac has a listing for a White Rock in Fannin County, which happens to be near a Petty according to the below stats, as White Rock in Robertson County is very near a Petteway (Pett—y + ewa in effect).

White Rock population places in Texas. Notice that White Rock, Robertson County is on a Petteway topo map and White Rock, Fannin County is on a Petty map. This clued me in to their possible association.

Originally *here*, in this Maine location, I thought Whites Head (reverse of “White Heads”, Texas just discussed) was actually *one* word, Whiteshead, only corrected in my mind when I just checked in the GNIS database. There is a causeway of sorts, it seems, between this Whites Head, then, and Nautilus Island, which has come to symbolize Second Life’s Nautilus Island and probably Second Life itself.



But getting back to the White Rocks of Texas, I noticed that the above mentioned White Rock near Petty is actually not in Fannin County but just over the east line in neighboring Lamar, about a mile and a 1/2 from Fannin County. So the GNIS database got this wrong, harkening back to the Herbert error discussed several months ago on this blog. But then in looking at that listing again, it’s interesting to note that a White Rock lies on a Whitewright topo map, and this particular White Rock is just beyond the *west* Fannin County line, in Grayson County in this case, about 4-5 miles in. Besides Whitewright we also have a White Mound near this White Rock, making a type of White Rock – Whitewright – White Mound triangle, with two more interestingly named population places within this established triangle, or Tom Bean and Kentucky Town.

Another perhaps odd thing here: White Rock in Lamar County, unlike the great majority of population places on the topo map involved, is marked with a black dot. So is White Rock in Robertson County. If we make White Rock, Lamar County the retrograde inversion of White Rock, Robertson County merging these two black dots, we find that each lies about 2 1/2 miles from their Petty (Lamar County) and Petteway (Robertson County) and in the same direction.



Retrograde Inversion of White Rock-Petty, Lamar County. You can kind of make an animation by toggling this with this.

There is one other Petty in Texas, in Lynn County on a topo map named New Home. This is also the only other Petty in the US as a whole according to the GNIS database.


From this map of part of Lynn County (lower right corner), we can see that Petty is (or was) near a place called Dune. Grassland exists to the east of Dune in this county still.


The planet Dune became the New Home of Paul Atreides in Frank Herbert’s famous novel Dune, already discussed in connection with another map anomaly involving the name Hebert itself. Should White Rock-Petty be fitted into this overall mythology, still developing then? Or is this, ahem, a petty matter to contemplate.


White Rock in Whitehead Crossing *points*. What is it indicating, if anything?



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