… should probably remain on Whitehead Crossing, now that the Land of Purple and Blue — whatever — is closed up, Hucka D. I can keep hiking down Concreek. I feel that rocks are still telling a story there, like Pork Chop Rock recently. Obviously the new batch of leaves under Floaty Tree on The Island. (pause) I’ve got to start chronicling the Whitehead X-ing rocks. It’s time. (pause) Go back to the fairy house across Green Stream before… I mean, while it’s colder. Where is the Land of Reds and Yellows? (pause) Snake Rock — name subject to quick change — is the same as the footstone for the smaller of the two graves, Hucka D. This would be the 6 month old child. Purpleland. The Silver Brook beside it — larger — is the larger of the two proximate graves here of Dogpatch. The Totem represents their merged headstones, then, which are directly aligned with each other. That’s the meaning of The Totem, the primary meaning, unless The Totem and the headstones point to even something beyond themselves. (pause) The Totem, again, is directly pointed to by the BP Bridge, equidistant from the blue can to the north and the purple can to the south. These are probably the graves again, Hucka D., and the bridge represents just that — a bridge or uniter between the two. But the bridge is the same as The Totem, see. (pause) Snake Rock is the footstone of the smaller grave, perhaps even the footstone of both graves since the streams do not lie far apart here. I saw a snake in the same place here today, Hucka D. Maybe the same snake but again maybe only from the same snake litter. Not going back for sure, and this was a cold day up here in the mountains (!) That part is definitely closed off. Silverberg interprets the Dogpatch graves. Hucka?”


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