Post-Rubi 03

“So… a wormhole, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

UFO is Uffcott. Maybe UFON. It’s fun!


Virtual VWX Town is set up in Uffcott.

Hucka D.:

Marriage. Black Lodge and White Lodge. Ray… Away the Ray.


It’s amazing that this crop circle basically ending the 2012 season is still the closest [“legitimate” one] formed to Uffcott down through the years…

Image Simon Brown Copyright 2012

… save for this one, also found in the 1st collage of the Gilatona-Lis series set up in the Power Tower Gowlery of Rubi’s VWX Town, most recently.


The Hackpen Hill crop circle pictured above also appears in Gilatona-Lis, starting in Gila 04. I identify it with a 3rd eye cube of some sort, indigo in symbol.

Currently I’m reading through all the Gilatona-Lis posts on this blog, focusing on the interpretations.

Hucka D.:

Go ahead…


I’m wondering if this Hackpen Hill cube, with its small, hollow interior cubes inverted in respect to the small, hollow exterior cubes, is the same as Mr. Boyce’s cube from The High Octave Story at the end of part 2 of 3, or the middle part? It is indigo at the 7th perspective — sort of explaining my indigo reference above or continuing it.

Hucka D.:



Is this [again] a CORNDOG (?)

216 x 216

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