Sharieland 01

We now come to what appears to be a fall hiking focus: Sharieland, an area of Herman Park tagged with that label mid-May of this year. Basically speaking, this area consists of the immediate environs of Herman’s Mansion and then the whole valley extending below it to the southwest all the way to Head Lake, a distance of a bit less than 1 mile as the fly crows. All the peaks and ridges immediately rising up from this valley on its sides are also considered part of Sharieland. An initial map of the area where each part is identified with a particular planet, per a palmistry association implied by its central Heart Line or Heart Path, is found at the end of this follow-up May post. This map will most likely be updated and re-created in considerably more detail before October is over.

The meadow pictured below is the site of a newly discovered and very important path, which, after studying palmistry related images online, I’ve decided to call the *true* Heart Line, at the same time transforming the old Heart Line into Head Line. I think.


There’s no doubt in my mind that Sharieland is directly connected to palmistry and its various lines and mounds, but I think the association can be flexed to make, for example, different lines attach to different Herman Park paths. After studying the matter for about 1/2 an hour presently, I’m going to call the new path the *Head* Path and keep the Heart Path as is (as I designated it this past May). The actual *shape* and *relationship* between Head Path and Heart Path more resembles that between *Heart* and *Life* lines of palmistry, as I’m examining the various pictures of hands and lines found in a Google image search on the subject. But keep in mind… well, let’s just leave it at that for now to continue moving the text forward. I’ll have more to say about all that soon enough in future posts here. NOTE: Head, Heart and Life are generally regarded as the 3 major hand lines of palmistry.

So the eastern edge of the meadow below represents the beginning of *Head* Path, which extends itself about a third to a fourth of a mile directly downhill from Herman’s Mansion, and runs in a general northeast direction from this meadow. Despite being situated on a steep slope, the path itself is basically level throughout its course, apparently following the line of an old road. The mansion would lie directly uphill from about its center.


This is a view down from a point on Head Path to Heart Path below, at about this central point of the former. In the middle of the picture one can make out the very interesting arching branch that seems to act as a gateway to the meadow beyond. I believe this particular effect to be fairy induced.


Clash of red berry spotted bramble bush and fern. I think this particular thorn is a barberry variety, perhaps Japanese Barberry. If so, it seems to also be considered an invasive plant, avoided by deer and prone to ticks. Pretty, though. There are a considerable number of these bushes around Head Path, but not so much as to impede progress along it in any way.


Briar choked end of a trail splitting off from Head Path nearer its western terminus. I had a desire today to get to that rock pictured here but it was hard going, not only because of the briars but I also ran into a bit of poison ivy along the way. I made it, however (probably shouldn’t have tried?).


A rockier section of Head Path, in moving toward the center now. Again, this is not any officially recognized Herman Park path, but a traceable trail nonetheless, probably used by both deer and cows on occasion.


There are obvious signs of human activity from the past near the trail, like the remains of a rock wall here. But no humans besides me hang around here any more in all likelihood. It’s just Baker, cows, deer and other wildlife. 🙂 I will say that you can frequently hear the voices and sounds of walkers from a nearby, fairly heavily used path, however — just uphill.


A more impressive tree/bush that sprouts near the center of Head Path. I’m not sure what type it is yet, but the plant appears to be identical to the one found in Yellow Down (last photo from this September post). In my opinion the plant actually defines the center as much as any other object.


I thought I’d include this photo in the blog because of a somewhat interesting illusion caused by a yellow and green plant directly in front of one of the central trees, giving the appearance of a skeleton outfit almost.



Another shot of the fairy arch…


… and nearby fairy rock stacking. There is obviously considerable psychic energy in the area.


Larger, squarish rock of what I’m now perhaps calling Vale of Null or some approximation thereof.


Amazing moss and lichen microcosm found in another valley leading to Heart Lake further down the hill. But the picture didn’t turn out too well. I’ll try again soon.


Nearby pile of rocks with a piece of plastic underneath the topmost one. Trying to take yet another cue from The Woods, I then wrapped this rock up in the plastic underneath it (perfectly covering it) and took it home for further examination. The wife said it gave the appearance of a piece of bread, or a scone-like pastry. Scone Rock is the name, then, since scones are often wrapped in plastic when bought.


On the same day of hiking, I visited Methril in Frank Park and found this end of a projecting log, which looks like a barking or snarling dog, just before hearing a group of wolves or coyotes eerily howling in unison nearby. I high tailed it out of there before dusk proceeded any further!


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