“Hucka D…

… I think the Falmouth collages can be basically divided into 4 parts. There’s the Steptoe Butte animation part that takes up the basement of the gallery — that’s 6 collages if separated from the overall animation — then there’s the collages leading up to Falmouth 25, the first Stonethwaite related one. Then we have Falmouth 25 – Falmouth 43, where Stonethwaite dominates, and I including the surrounding countryside like Greenup Gill and Dock Tarn with this, and then to top it off we have Falmouth 44 through Falmouth 61 now, dealing mainly with Whitehead Crossing. To me, the latter is a brand new type of collage, dealing with local, to me, base images and interacting with the blog mythology more directly. Whitehead Crossing has become a central crossing. Associable, for example, to the crossroads of Clarksville, Mississippi in Coahoma County. The infamous, some say, 61 x 49 crossroads where bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil. Fal Mouth Moon gallery housing the entire set of Falmouth collages on its 7 floors, if we *count* the basement, has been psychically aligned, perhaps, with Williams’ Moon Lake Hotel. Remember when the rocket launcher was located within this building that took VWX Town residents and visitors directly to The Moon?




Hucka D.:

Who is Mr. Dundee?


Owner of the Fal Mouth Moon?

Hucka D.:

Is it his castle?


How does he change collages into paintings?

Hucka D.:

Is that the selling of the soul part?

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