The Zappers live at the terminus of Frank Park’s 4th Way, Hucka. Chuck and possibly a wife. Like Charlie or Chuck Brown. Chuck represents unification of Zircon (Zappers), or the Confederation. He must be an expert on the history of the Confederation. Not the Confederacy, mind you — Confederation. This would be 1784. Like the United States under the Articles of Confederation (pre-Constitution) from 1781 to 1789.

Joel Maser was a cousin but perhaps distant. He was an Aardvark (Amethyst). Chuck’s name was Chuck Laser. You can see a laser but not a maser. Maser’s are out of sight — distant, perhaps.

Chuck picks 2130 as an address. Anagram of meaningless numbers — just the first 4 numbers. He uses these 4 numbers over again. Doesn’t want to identify himself with any particular slice of history, good or bad. Not the holocast (1942 — Final Solution) nor the discovery of America, another anagram (1492). No, he chooses 2130 for the neutrality. And thus he perhaps chooses the *location* 2130 for the same. It is in Frank Park but yet it isn’t. Chuck’s house lies on Gun Stream, perhaps Gunn Stream. Smaller than a cannon. It also becomes known, perhaps as the Zap Gunn Stream, because of the presence of The Zappers.

Perhaps more clues will thus be found in Philip Dick’s book “The Zap Gun”.

The hieroglyphs on the rock outside the house probably tell the story of The Confederation or Zircon. The Confederation’s land tracks to The United States — Cotton is Texas, for example, Olive is Oklahoma and Tin is the OK panhandle. This transfers directly to GNIRPS and Missouri (LINK). Skillet is the pan and also the pan’s handle — Panhandle. I suppose it would also be the Texas Panhandle.

Also related: Gunn, MS/VA. Simpsons related in both cases, specifically “Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Parts 1 and 2)”.

Olive = Oklahoma and Tin = OK Panhandle may be the center but it also spreads out. Eob = Illinois and Monkey City is Chicago if so. Bridee is Michigan or perhaps centered around the 2 St. Joseph rivers whose source lies close to each other. In hyperspace/time these rivers become St. Johns with sources joined. Michigan becomes the St. John’s severed head. Gurr is Indiana or Ohio — both. Antville is Columbus (Cleveland + Cinncinnati?). Then the whole east coast is more ill defined but covered by Middle Gurr with its Scarlet and Uranium states. Sprurel (Spring Squirrel) is New Orleans, perhaps, or the Fla. panhandle extended west to N.O. Vinee is kind of Tennesse. Wurme is kind of Kentucky and Missouri together. Bean is Missouri. Kob is kind of Indiana again. So what is the center? It appears to be Monkey City = Chicago or else Bridgee = St. Johns’ Rivers united. And a second center is Tin-Olive = Oklahoma, with Tin City = the panhandle as a whole. Tinsity is now an important center of Frank/Herman Park mythology as of several years ago. Named for Tin S. Man of Oz fame, but an alternate or variant Tinman who instead works for Alma, not Ozma. Alma is Ozma’s cousin, perhaps distant (like Maser to Laser — see 1st of this post).

2130: What plans were made within? Who is remaking and repairing the 4th Way even as I write these recent posts on the subject?

Is 2130 the headquarters of GNIRPS?


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